Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Loads of Cards Pus A HUGE Bargain!!

Hello lovelies and hope you had a fabulous Christmas and that you are safe and well. 

It was a funny old do this year wasn't it but needs must, and I hope you still managed to have a lovely break.

I had a few days off but I'm back into the swing of things now and I thought I'd kick off by sharing a LOT of cards I made using the Tonic Studios - Layering Frame Collection. This collection has 64% off at the mo as part of the Wednes-Die deals and you can get all dies in the set for £15.74. 

I'll link at the end as usual so you can have a mooch if you're interested.

The one above could easily be used for an Easter card and it opens up to reveal your message  ....

... like this.

This is the set here .....

... and these are some other cards I made using them. 
Hope you like :)

The sentiments are all from the Layering Frame Collective Sentiment set but that is sold out - booooo. 

However there is another one available which has loads of possibilities and it's this one here .....

This is the Sweet & Simple Collection and I like this because you can lump a few of them together to make your own sentiments, like A Little Something To Say Thanks. 

I also like the Take Care sentiment on here - so appropriate for these awful times.

My affiliate links are below - it won't cost you any extra if you buy but I will get a small commission.

Right I better be off. 
Take care and stay safe and well out there. 

Huggiest of socially distant hugs xxx

My affiliate links - 

Tonic Studios - Layering Frame Collection

Sweet & Simple Sentiments Stamp Set

All Wednes-Die Deals


Sunday, 20 December 2020

A Bit of Sunshine :)

Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK today.

I thought I'd try and bring a bit of sunshine - and God knows we could all do with some at the moment!!

So it's only a card but it's bright and cheery.
I made this using the new Tonic Studios Perfect Petals dies and this one is the Daisy set. 

The sweet background is cut from the Luxurious Lace  Designer Choice and I just added a bit of faux stitching

And of course, there has to be a little gingham bow lol.

 So that's it all done.
The dies set will be available from retailers in just under 30 days but you can get it from Create and Craft if you can't wait.

Take care and please stay safe and well.
Lots of love, Dawny xxxx

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Pretty Peony :)

Hello lovelies and hope you are all safe and well.

Here's a pretty little peony card which I made using a brand new set of dies from Tonic Studios. 

These are the Perfect Petals set and this one is Peony. 

Dead easy to put together and they're quite a size - nice and bold to make a statement on your cards and projects. 

Which  means you don't have to add a lot else :)

I used plain white copier paper for this - it moulds really well and we've all got some of it somewhere haven't we.

And I just dabbed a bit of glitter over the petals to add a bit of sparkle.

Sometimes I just cannot help myself lol!!

 Apols for the fuzzy pic here. I don't know what happened!!

So that's me all done for today. 
These dies are available at the mo over at Create and Craft and they'll be on sale via retailers before too long.

Take care and stay safe and well and lots of love to all xx

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Such A Sweet Gift Box


Hello lovelies. 

I'm back to share a cute little gift box which I made using the new Tonic Studios Designer Choice and this month it's the Exquisite Censer Gift Box Die Set. 

It looks like it might be a bit of a tricky boy to put together but it's really not. I've done a  detailed step by step tutorial with full colour pictures to show you how I made the box above and also the basic construction. 

If you don't want to use the detailed dies, you can just used your patterned paper like I did for this one here - .

My affiliate link for the box is 

Right that's me off - I'll be back soon with some more cardage but till then, stay safe and well. 

Scary times these, especially on the run up to Christmas. 
Hugs xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

The Bee Word :)


Hello lovelies - hope you are all OK today xx 
The cold is still dragging on but I'm hoping that it's now peaked. I'm not pleasant to be around at the mo - sniff sniff.

So I've got another 'bee' card to share today -  I just love them.

Once again I used the Tonic Studios Bees Knees Scribble Die set, but for this one I just used a little bit of the frame. 
So this is the set and you'll see that there are little bees either side of the frame. 

I just snipped them out, stuck them onto some white card and coloured them in. Then I sprinkled some glitter over the middle bit, just to break the colour up.

Fabulous sentiment.

I really liked the kraft card on this one. 
It always looks nice with a strong colour.

Oooops, stray glitter alert!! 
I could have sworn that it wasn't there when I took the the pics!! There's always one or two little grain of the stuff that lie in wait. 

I love the stuff but it sticks to everywhere. 

I remember at one of the shows I was demoing at, that a lady came up to me and commented that I'd got glitter all over me. It was, she said, (and I quote), 'even in your moustache'.

I was almost quite lost for words really.  

Right, me and my hairy face are off to do a bit of prepping.

Take care, have a fab day and I'll see you soon with some more cardage.

Stay safe and well xx

Monday, 7 December 2020

A Brand New Kit - Ivory, Pink & Green Should Definitely Be Seen!!


Hello my lovely crafties and hope you are all OK and keeping safe and well. 

I've got a rotten cold at the mo so I've been a bit AWOL these last few days. It is just a cold and nothing more sinister than that, but blimey, it makes you so paranoid the first time you cough or sneeze!!

So it's time for a brand new Tonic Studios kit and we are up to #39 now.  And I have to say that this one is super pretty and right up my street.

It's packed with loads of yumminess so if you get a sec, please check out my YouTube video. I'll go through what's in the kit, then I'll  show you some cards I made with the kit and finally I'll do a tutorial on how I put together one of the card. 

You can find it here -

I did a bit of snippety snipping with one of the die cuts to make this one - you don't always have to use all of the die do you.

And I paper pieced the flowers with a bit of card from the kit before adding some glitter to the centre bit of the flower.

The sentiment is one of the stamps in the kit. There is something in there for most occasions, even weddings - I kid you not.

I've put my affiliate links below to the full kit and also to the individual items in the kit. Not everybody wants to subscribe or to get the whole lot so if there's something that takes your fancy, you can find it below.  

It's worth a little look. 

So that's me for today. 
Take care and  stay safe and well and I will see you soon. 

Huggiest of hugs xxx

Here are my affiliate links to the products.


Tonic Studios UK Kit #39  


Craft Perfect - 10 Card Blanks & Envelopes - Ivory White - A2 - 



Tonic Studios UK Kit #39 


Craft Perfect - 10 Card Blanks & Envelopes - Ivory White - A2

- 8.5"x11" 


Thursday, 3 December 2020

A Useful Little Number!!


Hello lovelies.
No card today but I wanted to share a brand new sticky pick up embellishment tool which has been released today by Tonic Studios.

So you know when you're doing this .....

... and you can't pick things up? 
Or you're trying to paper piece, that sort of thing? 

Well this handy little gadget will save the day when you need to pick up and stick down. 

You can use it with sequins, confetti, gems etc etc. 
Even micro beads. because it has a silicone tip so it's flexible, and a nice pointed end to pick up even the smallest things.  

And if you get a bit of glue on it, you can just wipe it clean and leave to dry and it will be as good as new. It won't mark your cardstock either as it leaves no residue. 

I think it's awesome.

So I thought I'd share it and if you want to have a little mooch, I've added my affiliate link below.

Have a lovely day and I'll be back tomorrow with a bit of cardage.

Stay safe and well and hugs to all xx

Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Tool

Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Tool

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

The Bees Knees :)


Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK .

It's a quick post today and the card I'm sharing was made using a brand spanking new Tonic Studios release. 

This is one of the Scribble dies. 
There are 4 in total - and this is the Bees Knees Floral Scribble set. 

They're available at Create and Craft at the mo but will be on general sale soon.

So what I did was cut out the design in black card and the matting layer in white and stuck them together.

Then I just coloured in various areas with Nuvo markers and added a bit of glitter here and there.

Dead easy and a bit quicker than paper piecing.

I love the bright colours here - really cheery and we could all do with that at the mo couldn't we lol. 

And the little bees are soooo cute.

So that's my card for today and I hope you like it.
Sending love and hugs to everybody and hoping you are all safe and well xxx

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

What's White and a Bit Sparkly?

Hello lovelies - I've been a bit of a slacker for a couple of days. Well I haven't really, I've just had a lot of work on my desk which I needed to focus on. 

But I hope you are all safe and well.

So the card I'm sharing today was made using the new Tonic Studios Special Occasions dies which are available over at Create and Craft or if you want to hang on, you'll be able to get them from Tonic or other retailers from 4th December, so not long now.

I've added my affiliate links at the bottom so if this is something you'd like,  you can always nip over and leave your email address so you can be notified when they will ship.

For this card, I used just the largest outside edge die to create the card base, and the centre sentiment bit from the die set. 

You may have noticed that it's a bit sparkly!! 
Well that's because I added quite a bit of bling to it in the form of glitter. 

Just to give you the heads up, Tonic have a huge sale on at the mo for all things sparkly and shiny - loads of serious bargains to be had. And again, my affiliate links to that bit on the websites are below - honestly it's worth a peek!!

I went around the edge of the frame with a glue pen. 
The tip of the glue pen is perfect for this and you get a nice straight edge. 

The glitter strips are just strips of double sided tape laid over the card, the backing tape removed and the glitter sprinkled on. 

I think glitter card can be expensive so why not make your own!!

Finally I just went around the edge of the framed bit with some Nuvo Drops.

So there's the card and I hope you like it. 
You could easily change up the colours and it'd give you a completely different look. 

Right, I better get back to my shed. 
Not sure if I told you this but since I am now retired and officially a layabout, I've treated myself to a crafty space in the form of a summer house. 

Well that's what the sales bods called it. 
I call it my shed. 

If I ever get it tidy, I'll take pics and share!!

Take care and please stay safe and well. I think there's light at the end of the Covid tunnel for us all so we just have to hang on in there.

Huggiest of hugs xx

Tonic Studios UK Special Occasion Layer Frame - Birthday - 3892E

Tonic UK Glitter Deals

Tonic Studios UK Large Flat Tip Glue Pen

Tonic Studios UK 6mm Double Sided Tape

Tonic Studios UK Nuvo Drops

Tonic USA Glitter Deals

Tonic Studios USA Large Flat Tip Glue Pen

Tonic Studios USA 6mm Double Sided Tape

Tonic Studios USA Nuvo Drops