Tuesday, 29 July 2008

fabulous ribbons

Here is some of the stuff I did for the new Raspberry Ribbons August kit which is Perfect Paisley. These ribbons are just wonderful and each kit has buttons and embellishments which co-ordinate beautifully.
I don't generally do shaped cards - I leave that up to my good friend Dawnie Pinkie cos she is just the shaped card queen xxxx but I thought I would do something a bit different. My template was a plate and the scallops are just 1" punched circles stuck round the edge. I faux embossed the pink card - ooo 'ark at me lol xx - and went a bit dotty with the old pearly dots.

For the next one, I used some of
this gorgeous paper which I got
from Creative Pastimes (it is a
shimmery coppery colour and I
just love it) and I embossed it with
the Cuttlebug folder. That big
beautiful bloom is from the
fabbytastic Poppicrafts.

The last one is using that beautiful freebie download from Summer which I told you about a few posts back. If you get a sec, pop over to Raspberry Ribbons are have a look what the other DT girls have done with their kits - you will just love them. And I got my new Septemeber kit today and it is STUNNING. I cant wait to have a fiddle with it. TFS xxx
I must say a huge thank you to Zoe for my Wylde Woman award. Thank you soo much my darling. If you haven't checked out Zoes blog then you are missing a treat. This clever little sausage is only 8 but she does the most fabulous work. Plus she runs a challenge with her friend for all the talented dinkies out there in Blogland (Blinkies lol xx) so if you know any little crafty monkeys, tell them to have a look here xx

Sunday, 27 July 2008

There is some yummy and fab blog candy up for grabs peeps from 2 of the nicest bloglies in town!! So go and check out ........ Bev, who is soo flippin talented and she is celebrating almost at 20,00 hits - wow xxxxx and also our Jacqui who is also sooo flippin talented and she is celebrating 10,000 hits xxxx

Here's 2 I did for a couple of challenges this week. The first one is PTW and is based on another of Katharina's fabulous sketches. I used one of my new Alota stamps which arrived this week and I am soooo pleased with them. They stamp up fabulously as well as being just a teeny bit cute lol xxx I coloured this with the Prismas / Sansodor / stumps trio that I seem to be using more and more, even though I am still not sure about them!! The striped paper is PP and the spotty one is from one of Marieka's fabulous downloads. The sentiment is Pink Cat and the ribbons are Poppicrafts and Creative Pastimes.

The next one is for Cute Card Thursday
which this week is challenge 20 - Things That Grow. So I used another Alota stamp cos I thought that apart the flowers which grow, the 2 little bods are friends and friendship ship grows as well!! Once again it was coloured with Prismas etc. The papers are PP and that fabulous pink checked ribbon is from the yummy
Raspberry Ribbons June kit.

I hope that the weather is nice where you are - it is a bit too hot here for me to be honest. But we (I lol xx) shouldn't moan cos it is better than rain!!!

TFS xxx

Friday, 25 July 2008

Wooow look at this!! It's a new award which I got from the fabulous Dawn. I love that picture - yummy colours or what!!! Big thanks to Dawn - she is such a sweetie xxx

It's the Wylde Women award and I though, 'yeah that's me'! Well maybe a few years back when I was just the teeniest bit rock and roll lol xxx and the rules are .

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.2. Link back to this blogsite (http://http://www.tammyvitale.com//) so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.and remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

So .......
Back to Dawn, Terrie, Dawnie, Steph, Han, Bev, Rach, Kath, Nikkie, Leann, Penny, Enfys, Jo, Tracie Jane, Emma , Em, Kathy, Jacqui, Jill, Sue, Beth, Debs, Kerry, Camilla, Sally-Anne, Gayle, Jools and Julie

and from across the pond,
Cindy, Mary Dawn & Sharon.

Thank you to you all cos you always stop by and leave a comment for me which truly brightens my day loads xxx. And sorry if you checked over here and found nowt - its cos this took me a while linking y'all up so you might have checked before I hit the big post -it-now button xxxx

Finally, I'd also just like to welcome Tracy to Blogland. She's been through the mill just a bit and I hope she finds inner peace and some sunshine in her life again. You are amongst friends here chicken xxxxx


Thursday, 24 July 2008

I am sooo lucky xx

I am soo lucky and very honoured to have been given another 2 fantastic awards - woooooeeeee. This first one is from the very lovely Jill and Jo - thank you both so much girlies. You are both such lovely people and I'm so chuffed that you have chosen to give this to me xxx I was lucky enough to get this award a few days ago as well so I have already passed it on to my fab 5.

The next award is from the very wonderful
Caroline and I am so pleased to be part of
her DT for the wonderful RaspberryRibbons.
Thank you so much for this Caroline - it is really
lovely that you thought of us all xxxx I think
I am supposed to pass this on to another 7 so
I hope it is ok if I just hang fire for a wee while
before I name my soooper 7

And finally, you really MUST check this out cos there is THE most fabulous blog candy / giveaway prize over at Funky Hand Thoughts to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Anice has been so generous, and you only have to leave a comment before Thursday 31st July to be in with a shout. Good luck peeps.

TFS and I will hopefully have some cardage to post tomorrow. To be honest, I treated myself to a ScorePal and a Cropodile Big Bite (slap slap, naughty Dawny!!) so I have been having a bit of a fiddle de dee!! Like ya do xxxxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

How Fab xx

Look what I got from 3 of my favourite bloglies xx I have to say a huge thank you to Kathy and Bev and Sue. This is fabulous because they are all so completely talented and I feel so honoured that they thought of me. If you have never been to pay them a visit, you don't know what you have been missing, truly, and you will find so much inspiration xxxx

The rules of getting this are -

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Quite simple really it is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.

So now I have to choose my 5. And they are (drum roll.....................)

Sharon (US)
Debs (top girl and a fellow nutter lolx)

Of course, I could add 20 more to this list as I have made so many blog buddies (bluddies doesn't sound quite right lol xx) since starting this crazy blog thing.

And while I am in thanking mode, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Kath and Penny, both who gave me words of encouragement when I was so very discouraged and very nearly gave up. Big hugs to you both - I so appreciated it xxxxxx

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Candle Tutorial

Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments about the candle on the last post. I've had a couple of e-mails asking me how I did it so I thought I would take the plunge a do a quick tutorial (and also cos I can't find the link I used which showed ME how to do it lol xx). Bear with me peeps cos this is the first one I did, so it might not be 100% but I hope you will get the basic idea .

Here goes .....

What you need is a
heat gun, your stamp, some white tissue
paper, some greaseproof paper, some loo
roll or kitchen roll and the colouring
medium of your choice. Oh and of course, a candle!!

Stamp the image onto the tissue paper. If it has a rough side and a shiny side, I stamp onto the rough side. Then fold the loo paper or kitchen paper into a wad and put it
underneath the image. This will help to soak up any liquid and stop it seeping
back onto the image

Colour it in. I have used watercolours here and you can see on the loo paper where the water went through the tissue paper, but was just soaked up.

Cut out the image. You dont have to
be too neat - just leave a bit of a border.
You don't even have to wait until it is dry,
but be a bit careful that it doesn't tear if you do this while it is still wet.

Put the cut image onto the candle where you want it to go. If it starts to slip off and won't stay put, dampen the back of the image on either side and it should help. It isn't very hygienic I suppose, but if you lick your finger and dab the tissue paper, that works really well!!

Wrap a band of greaseproof paper around the candle (taking care not to move your image) and grab hold of it at the back. You need to make sure that the greaseproof paper is smooth and flat over the image with no bumps, crinkles or gaps. Then go over the image with your heat gun in exactly the same way as you would if you were heat embossing. You will notice that the image will start to darken - as it does when you are heat embossing - and once it has changed colour all over, it is done. It doesn't take very long at all. The idea is that the top layer of wax will melt, the tissue will sink into it and become permanent.

Carefully remove the tissue paper et voila - it is done and ready for you to tart up with ribbons and embellishments etc.

Please excuse the 5 o'clock shadow on this last one btw. In fact please excuse all the dreadful photographs, as always. David Bailey has nothing to fear from me, but I hope you can get the jist of how easy peasy it is to do. If you had alphabet stamps, you could put the recipient's name on - there's loads of potential I think.

BTW I have never burned one that I made so I don't know what happens when the candle gets down to image level ....

TFS xxx

PS please excuse also the big gaps in between each picture. I don't know how to get rid of them sorry, I did try. But my blog thingy is playing up at the mo and I don't want to tinker too much xx

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Over at Penny Black Saturday Challenge this week, the challenge is to use a PB stamp with snow on it. Well by a stroke of good fortune, one of the only 2 PB stamps I have HAS snow on it, so I was able to do another of their challeneges ;-) I combined it with a Sketch Saturday challenge so it's a 2 in 1 lol xxx I used my Prismas with Sansodor for this and I am getting a bit better at using them and I am starting to quite like the results.

I have also posted a candle I did
for a
workshop for Creative
Pastimes in Ellesmere Port last
weekend. We did
Christmas cards and we had
a hoot. One of the regulars
on the workshop is a man and he went home with his beard covered in gold glitter!!! Anyway, as I used the same stamp, I thought I would share it with you. Please excuse the wonky photography tonight. No, I havent been at the Pimms again, I just didn't straighten it up properly and as my camera needs recharging I did it in a bit of a rush before the batteries went. How very rock and roll!!!!

Papers are all PP and the ribbons and buttons are Poppicrafts

TFS xxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm on a roll peeps!!! Here are another 2 for a couple more fabulous challenges. The first one is my first go at the Penny Black Saturday Challenge. I don't actually have many Penny Black stamps (maybe 2) but while sorting out the mess that is my craft room, I found some stickers which I forgot I had ( I also found Lord Lucan and Shergar in there as well lol xxx) I am quite ashamed about the amount of stuff I have bought and never used. Anyway, this week's challenge was based on a lovely sketch and this is my interpretation of it. The papers are PP, the ribbon is Poppicrafts and the bloom is from Crafts U Love. Not sure where I got the stickers from now as it was sooo long ago!! I'll go and ask Lord Lucan lol xxx

The second card is also based on a sketch
and it is the 2 Sketches 4 You
challenge, based on the very talented
Laura's sketch 4. The ribbon is from Poppicrafts and the papers are from a freebie download from a
blog I found quite by accident but
there are loads of wonderful things on
there. Check it out here. Summer is
hugely talented and this blog is full of
freebie digi scrapper downloads etc.
Well worth popping over there.
Thank you for your generosity Summer xx

TFS xx

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Here are a couple of cards for some challenges. This first one is for 2 challenges - the Sarah Kay weekly challenge which is based on a fabulous sketch and the Spoonful of Sugar challenge 8, which is 'one for the girls'.The papers are PP and the buttons and blooms are Poppicrafts. The ribbons are from my stash.

The second one is for
Cute Card Thursday challenge 18, which is 'animals only, no people'.
I thought I would use a new download which I got from here.The papers are
again PP, the ribbon is Poppicrafts and the buttons are from my stash.

TFS xx

3 Things xx

Firstly, I would like to say a great big thank you to Beth for giving me this - thanks chicken, I really do appreciate it xxx Now I have to pass it to 3 more bloglies. This is always a toughie cos there are soooo many fab blogs out there. Sooooo I will pass this onto ....

Kath - cos she is just such a nice, kind person xxx Gayle - cos she has been a bit down and I hope this will cheer her up xxx and Jill - to say a big thank you for the lovely rak she sent me. Fabulous xx
And finally to say hi to all my new sistahs in SBS 21. Check out the SBS blog cos it is a great way to meet new bloglies and you might even want to join lol xxx

Blog Candy Alert

Andrea has THE most fabulous blog candy up for grabs. Just pop over to her blog HERE and check it out xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It isn't often that I get really REALLY riled but there are some things that I just cannot tolerate. And cruelty to children and animals is right up there at the top, and I make no apologies.
I was just off to do the rounds when I came across this on Kaths blog. She saw it on Sams.

If you click on the link, it will take you to a site and there is a video on there which is pretty horrible to say the least so I will warn you that if you are likely to get upset, please dont watch it. But just take it from me that it is shocking. I only managed to watch 10 seconds then I had to turn it off - I know I will have nightmares about it for weeks.

I never realised that Mars were involved in such dreadful cruelty - and all in the name of chocolate - why??????

I am only putting this on here cos there is a petition on that site which, if you feel like me, you will probably want to sign, and I'm guessing that like me, you were not aware that Mars were involved in this sort of thing. I will never buy or eat anything that has come from them again. Sam's reasons for posting was that if it saves just one animals life, then it will have been worth it.

Something nicer tomorrow but I had to put this on cos I am so angry and upset. And thanks to Kath and Sam for highlighting this. TFS xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I am sooo chuffed and I just sooo had to share xx

Well I never!!!!

Look at this - it's meeeeee (not Hettie obviously, even if my bum is as big as hers!!)

I was a finalist in the PP Lots of Dots comp. As I never win anything, including raffles lol xxx, I was gobsmacked but utterly thrilled. So I have to say a great big thank you to Liz , not only for choosing my card, but also for taking such smashing photos xxx

And congratulations and well done to Sarah and Stephanie who were the winners. And to all the other finalists, as Brucie would say, 'didnt we do well' lol xx If you havent already done so, check them all out HERE

Here's a close up. Papers and image
are the fab PP. Ribbons are the fab
Poppicrafts and there is a bit of Glamour
Dust sprinkled about for good measure.
The flower is from the Cricut
George and Basic Shapes cartridge.

TFS xxx

Monday, 7 July 2008


Just a quickie peeps to tell you about an e-bay shop I found which sells Prisma Pencils really reasonably. I could have got a set of 72 for what I paid for my 24 - booo hoooo sob sob lol xxx

They also sells paper stumps for blending for £2.25 for 6 whic is totally bargain - ous!!! These pencils seem to be getting very popular with the us bloggers and stampers so if you are looking to get some or you need add ons, it might be worth trying HERE before you go elsewhere.

TFS xx

Sunday, 6 July 2008

So it's all over - the tennis that is!!!
What a brilliant final it was too. And
as it went on for sooooo long, I only
managed to fit in one card today.

But I did combine 2 challenges, so it
wasn't too bad. This one is based on a sketch from Friday Sketchers sketch 9. I also combined it with the Spoonful of Sugar challenge 6 which was to use circles on your card. Mine are on the paper which is from the Funky Meets Shabby Chic download (Funky Fairy). The ribbons are Poppicrafts and there is also a bit of glitter here and there. I have gone back to my tried and trusted watercolour pencils - like me they are cheap and cheerful lol xx I am perservering with the Prismas and I am starting to get results that I feel happier with.

For added detail, I decoupaged the flower. The sharp eyed bloglies will notice my happy accident which was not at all happy!!!
The second flower managed to get itself underneath some paper I was trimming and I managed to chop off some petals.
Whether this was a direct result of too many Pimms this afternoon (we were trying to recreate the SW19 atmosphere in our lounge lol xx) I wouldn't like to say!!
I'll leave it up to you to decide.

But hey, it's given it a bit of added interest!!

TFS xxx

Friday, 4 July 2008

This is just a quickie cos I am just in the middle of finishing my cards for next Saturday's Christmas card workshop - ho ho ho lol xxx

Fisrtly, I have set up a feed link on here, and I have also disabled that annoying word verification thingie that used to drive me absolutely up the wall trying to decipher the letters - I bet it did the same to you!!!!!. Well I never realised that you could actually shut the damn thing off, but you can, so I have lol xxx And this was all thanks to the lovely Kath who explained to l'il old thicko here what to do. So big hugs to Kath xxxx

Kath has something on her blog which I think is absolutely wonderful - and it is a lovely way to use up any cards you don't want to help her friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer to raise money for her local Maggie's Centre. Check out the details HERE

Thanks a whole heap you lovely fantabulous bloglies mmmwwwaaahhhh xxxx

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Here are some of the cards I did with the latest Raspberry Ribbons
kits, lime and turquoise - what beautiful colours. You can check out the other fabulous DT cards
HERE. The first one is using a stamp
which I got a while back from Mich at Poppicrafts. The stamp is only £2.99 - what value!!!!! And it is lovely and stamps up so nicely. This is Daisy with a cake but there are others there so it is worth checking them out.
The papers are all PP, naturally!!!

This next
one is very similar to one I did a few posts
back and uses the most
gorgeous stamp from Sally Anns
Stamp Boutique. I think the
lemon ribbon in the
kits is fab for when you dont
know what the baby is.
The next one is using a
PP download, Home Sweet Home.
I always seem to struggle with
new home cards so this was a
godsend for me. I love the pink and turquoise
combination as well - quite pretty.

And finally,
I saw this
doodle bird on Jo Kill's
fabulous blog and I just HAD to have it.
You can check these Tigerfrog downloads out HERE

TFS xx

Wimbledon and Blog Candy

Right firstly, the lovely Steph has some fab and yummy blog candy to celebrate her 20000 hits - wowwwwww!!! So pop over to her blog and check it out. A bonus is that as well as the lovely blog candy, she does the most beautiful cards so lots of eye candy as well. No wonder she has just had a double page in one of the mags - go Steph xxxx

Now Wimbledon!! Well I dont know if it was because you all kept your fingers crossed but we had the most glorious sunshine - I got sunburnt on my arms - ouch lol xxx We had a fantastic day and saw Nadal and Safin. I gave you all duff gen cos our seats were right behind the umpire and just to the left so everytime the cameras were on Nadal or Safin during the change rounds, we were on the telly!!! We saw David Mellor in the Pimms bar and literally bumped into Serena Williams' mum. Then as we were walking back to get the train, I side- stepped a very immaculate and tall man and I looked round at him and it was Peter Jones from Dragons Den!!! I wasnt brave enough to speak to him though.

High points were sitting sipping Pimms and eating my strawberries and cream in the sunshine and watching Nadal and low points were leaving our hotel to come home only to discover we had one very flat tyre and there was a docking great nail through one of the others!!!! Oh well - we survived.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

We're back!!!! More about SW19 in the next post, but first things first. Look what was waiting for me when I logged on today lol xxx And from 4 different bloglies (new word I made up ie bloggers and lovelies) wow that is just sooo cool xxx I am really chuffed to get this so huge big thank yous to the following for giving me this cos I so do appeciate it lol xxx.

Terrie, whose fabulous work has inspired so many of us and she is just one of the nicest, kindest people out there xxx

Tracie, who also does the most wonderful work and who has her own challenge page now for Penny Black stamps - for those of you who have any of these gorgeous stamps, check it out cos you will just LOVE it xx

Debby who also does some gorgeous stuff, including the most wonderful LOs
And finally to Wheezie who hasn't been blogging for too long but who also has some lovely stuff. Check out all of these blogs peeps cos you will be so inspired by their fab work. Now the rules of this award are -

(1) The winner can put the logo on hers or his blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those blogs on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

I've done 1, 2 and 4 so now for 3 -this is sooo hard as there are soooo many fab blogs out there, but I am going to give it to the following bloglies who I have never given awards to but whose work is just sooo fabulous. So I am going to give this to the following people -

Beth, Sharon, Sally, Nikkie, Gayle, Jools and finally Mary Dawn. Well done to you all and if anyone is reading this who is new to this blogging malarky and who hasn't got an award, then it is also for you as well xxxx. Now I am off to do number 5. Have a fab day and more later ...... xx