Thursday, 26 November 2020

A Little Cutie :)

Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK today.

I'm sharing another card made using the new Special Occasions dies and I've done something a little bit different here.

So you can see the balloon die here. 
It's verso so there's an outside and inside edge and what I did was cut the outside edge from scrap card and used it as a template for the clouds. 

I literally just inked around part of the edge and then moved the die cut and repeated.

Really simple but it's another way to use the dies.

Those little baby feet, awww they're so sweet.

These are the dies and I used the Baby Set. 
The sentiment is included - not sure if you can see it on this pic?

 So that's the card done. 

I'll be back soon with some more cardage but until then, have a lovely day and stay safe xx

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Special Day

Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK today.

I'm sharing a card I made using the brand new Tonic Studios Special Occasions Die sets. These are still on 30 day exclusive over at Create and Craft and they will be available direct from Tonic and other retailers after this.

But it is a bit of inspiration until then.

There are 3 different sets here and I used the Anniversary set. 

You could use this for other occasions though, not just anniversaries, although it's pretty darn tooting good for those.

And this is the sentiment I used - again it's on 30 days at Create and Craft.

I really like the deep red with the gold here. 
It'd be nice for a Ruby Anniversary.

You could use this sentiment for other occasions such as a wedding.

 So that's my card for today and hope you like it.

Now, I have a huge favour to ask you.

I have a giveaway planned for my blog subscribers - I said I'd do this when I got the blog up and running again. But I'm not  sure if the way I used to do this will still work. 

Could somebody, anybody just leave me a comment, even if it says 'test'. If you come here and see one there, then don't worry because I only need one to know that I can do the giveaway like this.  If it doesn't work I'll have to find another way.

Right, that's me for today. 

Take care and stay safe and well. 

Huge hugs xxx

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Pretty Gift Box - Shame About The Pics lol :)

Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK today.

I should say a huge sorry here about the awful pics, because  I found today's make really tricky to photograph.

But here goes.

I'm sharing a card which is a bit more than a card today.  

Because it's actually a box and it opens up.....

.... to reveal your message. 
You could even pop something else in  (chocolates, make up, cash etc etc). 

I made it using the  Tonic Studios Tailored Frames Hexagon and Hexagon Layering die sets.

And these are they. 
They happen to be part of the cyber deal this week and there is 60% off so worth checking out. 

I popped a flower in the middle ...... 

.... as well as a nice sentiment.

I put some ideas together on a YouTube vid for other ways  to  use these frames and you can see here -

You will recognise some of the projects because I've posted them on here. but there's other ideas which I haven't yet shared so there's some new stuff as well.

I've popped my affiliate links below so if you get a sec and want to, you can check them out. It doesn't cost any extra if you decide to buy but I do earn a small commission. 

There's quite a few bargains so it's worth a mooch :)

Right, I'm off for my lunch. I'll be back soon so until then take care and stay safe and well xx

UK and Europe

Cyber Week Deals


Cyber Week Deals 


Monday, 23 November 2020

Snazzy Stencilling

Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK and that you had a nice weekend.

The card I'm sharing today was made a while ago but I realised I hadn't blogged it. 

I cannot remember where I got the stencil from or who it's even by (dope!!) but I do know that I used Dream In Colour ink pads with it if that's any help lol.

I did the black and white border using a black pen - it sets it off nicely :)

The sentiment is from the Hello Beautiful Floral Frame set, from Tonic Studios, as is the actual flower shape (I THINK it's on offer at the mo). 

It has little dashes around the edges so I just went over them with a black pen. 

It's so cute I think.


So that's my Monday cardage and hope you like it. 

I've added my affiliate links below in case you want a mooch. It doesn't cost you any extra to buy but I do earn a small commission if you do.

I'll see you soon but till then take care and stay safe and well xxx

UK and Europe - 

Tonic Studios - Essentials - Hello Beautiful Floral Frame Die Set - 2803E

Nuvo - Diamond Hybrid Ink Pads - Dream In Colour - 84n


Sunday, 22 November 2020

Bee Happy Again :)


Hello lovelies - I'm back with another bright and cheerful card (well it's actually a frame rather than a card).

Firstly, apologies for the awful photos here - I took them when my eyes were bad so there's bits of errant glitter and general crap floating about :(

But it'll give you the general idea!!

So I made 2 frames using the Tonic Studios Hexagon Frame dies and I made one smaller so that it would sit inside the larger one. 

I cut some little hexagon pieces from a mixed media die and stuck them together and put them behind the black frame. You could substitute this with chicken wire or something and I think it would look fab.

The cute little bees are from Tonic Studios magazine issue 12. These are a bit smaller than the showcase bees but they're ever so sweet. 

As they don't have a backing die, I cut them out in black and stuck them straight onto white card. The I cut around them,  cutting off the antennae because it's too fiddly otherwise. 

Then I cut out another bee in glossy black card and stuck it on top. Finally I just added a bit of colour with Nuvo pens.

I made the sentiment on my pc - this was done before the showcase dies came out so you could always use that one if you have it.

Right, that's me done for today. I've popped the affiliate links to the frames below - I'm ever so sorry but I couldn't find them on the US website.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Bright and Cheery

Hello lovelies and wooohooo, it's the weekend at last.

So I thought I'd show you another bright and cheery card I made using the newest set of showcase dies ....

... these here. 
It's the same set that I used for the bee card yesterday but this time I used one of the 4 flowers and I went with the daffodil.

Wouldn't this be a nice set if your were making cards for Marie Curie - I only just thought of that!!

So firstly I made my background by just taking a piece of watercolour card, dropping some of the ink from some Nuvo Aqua Flow pens, spritzing it so that the colours ran and leaving it to dry. 

Once it was dry, I cut out a piece to go across my card. I added a narrow strip of black card and a lace border in black, cut from the Luxurious Lace die set.

For the daff,  I cut out the backing piece in white and the main design in back and glued them together.

I used alcohol pens to colour in some detail but them I cut another flower from the leftover watercolour card and paper pieced the other areas. I wanted the add a bit of texture as these parts would be raised higher as the card is thicker. 

You can't really see it here but IRL you can.

Then I just stuck the flower onto the card. 
I love that the colours really pop here.

And there we are, all done. 
I've added my affiliate links below and I'll see you soon.
 Till then, take care and please stay safe and well and enjoy your weekend xxx

UK and Europe


Friday, 20 November 2020

Bee Happy :)


Hello lovelies and hope you are all OK today. 
It's pretty miserable here today so I hope this card brings  a bit of sunshine to you.

It's very bright, I'll give you that lol.

But I love bees and they are so on trend at the moment, so when I saw the new Tonic Studios Showcase set #3, I knew I had to use the gorgeous bee die to make something, and this is what I did.

These are the dies you get in the set.
 So the main focus dies are actually flowers. You get 4 different ones and they come to you in a wallet and on a magnetic sheet which I think is really useful because I struggle with storage to be honest.

They're not verso dies but each element comes with a backing die so that you can put a layer behind your die cut if you want. 

It saves all that fussy cutting - I am so rubbish at cutting out!!

So here, I die cut the main bee in black and then the backing in white and stuck them together, then just added a bit of colour and some glitter. 

Could not be easier.

There are also 4 different de-bossed sentiments and a backing die for them as well.

And of course, it's perfect for a bit of gingham ribbonage!!
Sometimes, it just has to be done lol.

So that's the card and I hope your eyes are intact after the brightness here lol. 

I've listed my affiliate links below so you can have a little nosey if you want.

I'll be back soon but until then, please stay safe and well. 
Hopefully before long we will all get through this and in one piece. 

Lots of love and hugs xx

UK and Europe

Spring Floral Showcase Set


Spring Floral Showcase Set

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Do Us A Favour :)

Hello lovelies and hope you are all safe and well.

I'm sharing a sweet little gift box today which I made using this die set -

... which is the Tonic Studios Flourishing Floral Favour Box.

Super easy to put together and as it's a verso set, you can use both the inside and outside edge dies either together or by themselves.

The bag at the bottom of the post has just used a bit of paper I found  in my rootie-tootie box lol. So you can use up the papers you've been  'saving for best'. 

Yes, we all do it don't we 😂

There's quite a few bee dies around at the mo and the honeycomb die in the set would look lovely with a little bee on it, especially in this colour combi.

I held the bag together with a black brad on this bag (you can just about see it) but I tied it with some string ...

... on this one here.

I've put together a full step by step tutorial with easy to follow photographs and if you want a mooch, it is here and I've added my affiliate links below in case you want a nosey.

Righty-o, that's me for today.  

See you soon and stay safe and well and healthy xxx

UK and Europe -

Tonic Studios - Flourishing Floral Favour Box - 3501E



Wednesday, 18 November 2020

It's a BOGOF Kind of a Day lol

Hello lovelies and hope this finds you all well.

So the cards I'm sharing today use the Summer Fun set of dies from Tonic Studios. This is a set that makes staggered stage cards but you can use the elements on your other cards. 

I shared the home sweet home picture frame I made using the set a few days ago and if you missed it, you can see it here.

At the moment, the sets are on 30 day exclusive over at Create and Craft but they will be available after 7th December from Tonic and retailers.

The staggered stage cards fold completely flat for posting which is a definite plus isn't it.

On this one I used the caravan as the focal point. 
I love the little door that opens and the window and awning.

Super sweet :)

Here's another staggered stage card I made with this set....

... and this would be great for a retirement or enjoy your holiday card.

 The grass is made from the outer edge of the bunting die. 
It's a bit chunky I've decided and next time I'll use the picket fence I think.

So they're the cards and I hope you liked them.
 I'll see you soon with some more makes but until then, take care and stay safe and well xxx