Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh My Life I'm Late ........

... cos my puter has been playing silly beggars - grrrr!

Anyway, it's time for another Willow Sketchie Challenge - where does the time go - and this week it's FABULOUS peeps.

So this is the gorge sketch by the very lovely Heidi.

And our twist this week?

Over to Fairy Sharon who says .....
Instead of using a download or stamps for your image..I want you to use a picture, it can be of a family member, pet, food, baby..flower..or if your not sure of that try cutting an image from a magazine.

There is oodles of scope for this so just let your creative spirit run free :))x

So I decided to challenge myself even more and dust off the Bind It All that has been sat on my shelf for ages and has never been used. And I made a little album for Emma to keep her holiday piccies in. I would love to use this as a scrapbook page cos I love this layout, so thank you Heidi xxxx

And here it is.
The papers are Wild Rose Studio - very delish xxx

And of course, there is my favourite little poppet on the front, bless her.

Now I told you yesterday that I got something from Tracey at Dies To Die For that was utterly fabulous. And you probably guessed that it was another Martha Stewart border punch to add to my collection.

I am just loving this punch. It scallops and embosses and you get the prettiest edge with it. If I wasn't late getting this on here, I would probably rattle on about it for ages, so be thankful I'm late peeps, .... be very thankful.

But it is gorge and all I will say is that it was love at first sight!!

The blooms were a RAK and the buttons are Poppicrafts. That beautiful ribbon was in the other parcel that came from the US and I cannot tell you how lovely it is. I keep looking for ways to use it cos it is so nice.

So that's my take on our challenge.
Pop over and see what the other girlies have done and why not have a go yourself :)xx

Hopefully see you tomorrow if this ruddy computer behaves itself!!

Huggiest of hugs xxxxx

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another New Challenge & A Sneakie Peekie xxx

Well it's new for me cos this is my first card for it.

It's the Stamp With Fun challenge and this week the challenge is based on a sketch by my blog bud, the awesomely talented Bev.

I have to just say that I was a bit late taking this pic and by the time I got round to doing it the light was really poor, so the colours don't show as nicely as they really are.

But anyway, here's my take on Bev's beautiful sketch.

The image is Stampasarus - I treated meself to one or three yesterday when I was in Creative Pastimes (Barb, if you are reading this, I hope you are better soon xxxx).

As per usual, I coloured it with the old PM bad boys and did the Glamour Dust thingie - you know how it is lol xxx

And the MSBP was used, not once, not twice but three times!!! It now has company - a rival perhaps - but more of that in a sec. The punched papers are PP and the stripey green and grey one is a 'Dawny P's been fiddling with Paint on the 'puter' one!!

The ribbon is from a past Raspberry Ribbons kit - this pic does not do it justice cos it is just so very pretty. The button was a randomer I found lurking furtively at the bottom of my button box.

I am not really a decoupage fan but I couldn't help adding some dimension to the the image, which you can hopefully see a bit better here.

Now tomorrow is Willow Sketchie time and I can tell you that it is a fabulous challenge, so don't forget to check it out.

In the meantime, here are a couple of them there sneakie peekies ....

Who's that lil pumpkin?
And what's that border punch?

All will be revealed in the morrow xxx

Today, there was knock on the door and there was Mr Postie with 2 parcels for me. One was from a very wonderful pal of mine who will remain nameless (but she knows who she is and she knows how eternally grateful I am to her for the trouble she goes to xxxx), who sent me a box chock full of goodies all the way from the good ol' US of A. There were spools and spools of beautiful ribbons and so fab were they that I just had to use one of them for the challenge tomorrow.

So that was one parcel.

The other parcel came from the very lovely and wonderful Tracey at Dies To Die For and it contained something which nearly made me weep with joy!!! You can see a bit of it in the sneak peek pics and all I'll say for now is you better watch out MSBP in my punch drawer, cos you DO have a rival lol xxx

How very sad that I am now talking to it!!

But it has been giving me the run around off and on since Christmas - fickle thing, just cos I over-work it!!.

Right, I'm off to read a bit more of me book, but before I go, I just have to share this with you. I saw THIS on YouTube and it made me chuckle. And there's a bit of Kaiser Chiefs thrown in as well, so it's all good :)

Mind you, it would have been the best laxative I'd ever had if I'd actually been there.

But enjoy, and I'll see ya tomorrow xxxxx

Monday, 27 April 2009

Papertake Tilda xxx

I'm back to the pink and green again, and this time there's spots and stripes as well, cos that's our challenge this week over at Papertake Weekly. I think this is a fab challenge cos I do love me spots and stripes.

So I have used pink spots, pink stripes, green spots and green stripes lol xxx The papers are Wild Rose Studio Spring CD and PP - I did a mix and match cos they are my 2 faves.

Tilda is coloured with PMs as you would expect from this predictable pink piggy (and a bit of fantastic alliteration chucked in as well :)

BUT ..............

Not a single blingy bit of Glamour Dust to be seen. Oh the shock!!

So not so predictable after all perhaps ;)o

I thought I would be a bit different and use a bit of Glossy Accents to make her shoes look like welly boots. It was one of those things I wished I'd never started (rather like the diets - note the plural there!!)

I have kept the bottle upright, as it tells you to, and I have cleaned the nozzle every time I have used it - which isn't that often to be fair- but it took so long to come out and I had to keep stabbing it with a pin, and even then it just dripped out. So poor Tilda's boots aren't as smooth as they might be.

Any tips peeps for unclogging the flamin' bottle woudl be gratefully received. Otherwise I am gonna have to buy me a new bottle - grrr!!

Meanwhile, back at the challenge, you'll note that there is a bit of sparkle here and it is courtesy of the old Stickles cos I wanted the middle of the flowers to be raised.
Ooops, I slipped a bit with the old doodling - I swear I wasn't drunk when I did this!! The beautiful blooms are from the one and only Poppicrafts and the pearly brad is a Making Memories one which I got from Hobbycraft. The ribbon is from my local florists warehouse.

The flowers look a bit wonky here but I promise you that it is the camera - I'd tell you if it wasn't lol xxx

Well it is the final of HK tonight - don't care who wins cos I like them both. But it means no more MPW for a while - sigh!!! My evenings will not be the same without him, but at least we can get back to eating 'normal' food again cos I think I've been getting a bit carried away with the cooking malarky.

As a result, I dare not get on the scales at the mo - it isn't exactly a public weighbridge job, I know that, but it's all relative and I feel like a right old bloater. I have muffin tops (not the chocolate chip type sadly) when I wear my jeans, which quite frankly is really not a good look.

So I guess it's back to Slimmers World for me soon - cry cry!!

In just a few more days .....

Have a fab evening and don't forget to pop over and have a look at the other DT girlies wonderful work

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Penny Black Saturday Challenge ... On Sunday xxxx

Aww, I do love these Penny Black hedgies :)x

This image was part of my fabbie prezzie from my lovely blog bud, the one and only Kath. So I thought I'd use it for this week's Penny Black Saturday challenge which is 'Anything Goes'

I based the layout of this card on one of the awesomely talented Julies' designs - hope that's OK Julie xxxx I coloured the image with PMs and there is just a teeny smidgen of Glamour Dust!!

The papers are all from Summer's Bubblegum & Liquorice set - thank you Summer xx

That pretty ribbon is from Poppicrafts and I punched the flower (EK Success) and the tab (Stampin' Up). And I seem to have gone a bit eyelet mad here for some reason!!!

Not a doodle in sight but a bit of dimension, and there you have it.

Well I have had a bit of a lazy-ish day today as Emma cooked Sunday lunch for us which was a nice treat. I sat outside in the glorious sunshine and played with Kyla on her new swing thing - she calls it her park, bless her. Then this evening, I saw her pottering around the garden with Richard and she was lugging the watering can with her, so I went out and asked her what she was doing. 'We're making wet flowers' she told me!!!!

So there's the weekend gone, and here's to a wonderful week. It's a bit of a quick post tonight cos I'm in and out watching HK - only one more night to go, sob sob!!!I'll be back tomorrow for another Papertake Weekly.

Huggiest of hugs xxxxx

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Tilda In Pink & Green xxx

I got these stamps when I was at the NEC a few weeks ago and this is their first inking!! I actually got them from Mr Magnolia himself - very sweet man, don't know what his name was though, but I just kept on stalking him.

Poor thing :(

This is my first card for the new Just Magnolia challenge . As there are quite a few of my blog buds on the DT, I just wanted to give them my support - not that they need it cos this is one popular challenge for sure.

This week the challenge is Pink & Green.
Well say no more, cos it is one of my very fave ever colour combis.

So this is me card :)x

I used a masking technique with 2 Tilda stamps and coloured her with my fab PMs (I do still sooo love them and will be demo-ing them at Port Sunlight very soon!!) and then added my usual sprinkling of Glamour Dust.

The pink papers are from the Wild Rose Studios Spring CD and the green are PP . And the old MSBP got yet another airing, although I have to say that it has been acting up again today. I know I over-work the poor thing but I wish it wouldn't muck about cos my heart misses a beat when it goes off on one!!!

I added a line of sparkle to the border as well, even though from this angle it does look a bit like a snail has crawled across it lol xxx

I got this ribbon from a local floristry warehouse. It's just so pretty.

So there ya go.

I did start another card for this challenge which I may or may not get finished today, so I may be back later on. But for now, I am going to love you and leave you cos we put up a new swing /slide thing this morning for Miss Kyla and she is having such a good time on it that I want to get back out there and watch her (sad old Granny that I am xx). Then it's off to Next and then I better get to Sainos or we will not eat this evening.

So if I am not back later, have the fabbiest of Saturday eves.

Hugs xxxxx

Friday, 24 April 2009

Pink 'n' Black 'n' 2 Fab Friends xxxx

This takes me back a bit, getting all glammed up, ready for a night on the town!!! Mind you, it was quite a few years back now, but at least I can still remeber them lol xx!

I am slowly getting back into the Blogland swing of things, and I thought I'd do a couple of challenges. I have to say that the old mojo is not playing ball at the mo, the beggar, but I refuse to panic or give in.

The pink piggy will not be beaten!!!

This is my card for this week's Colour Create challenge, which is black, white and pink. Well I didn't need to be told twice cos I love this colour combi - you may have noticed!!! I also love this LO as well, cos I have used it so many times. But being mojo-erly challenged like I am at the mo, I needed all the help I could get lol xx

So I thought I'd use this stamp cos it is just soooo girlie and suited the challeneg so well and apart from that, I just love it. It's the Best Friends stamp from the very wonderful Dulcie at Wild Rose Studios and you can check it out here.

I know I've said it before but these stamps don't half stamp up nicely. Clear and crisp and no feathering at all - marvellous!!

So the good girlies were coloured with the bad boys (PMs!!) and I added some Glamour Dust, cos it's what I always do!!

I used it for the sequins on their dresses - very glam!!

And I also used it on the brads which were from Poppicrafts - I think they look pretty cool with a bit of bling!! The pink ribbon is also Poppicrafts - fab stuff - and the black and white bit is literally the last bit from my stash. The little black dots are peel offs (gasps of horror, ohhhh no !!!) which I had to use in the absence of any little black beads. I so need to get my lardy butt to the shops and get more more more!!!!

The old faithful MSBP came out to play. I have had probs with this little beggar when I have been trying to punch very thin paper. But I found that if you use 2 sheets of thin paper together, it works really well.

On the subject of MSBPs, keep your eyes peeled over at Dies To Die For cos Tracy is expecting some more of these babies verrrry soon.

I have to say a huge thank you to Jenny for giving me this award as well. Thank you chick - it is fabulous and I love it.

OK, you remember I told you that Kyla has dveleoped a bit of thing for the Wizard of Oz (or the Vizabee Foz as she calls it!!!).

Well, she wanted a dress like Glinda (or Cinder, as she calls her!!). So her Aunty Nikkie said she would make her one. So off we went to Hobbycraft, and we found some material and she made her one yesterday,. We then went to Claire's Accessories and got her a wand and a crown.

One very happy little girl.

Please excuse the pics here - I was messing about with them in Photoshop and clearly I don't know what I am doing with it - still have me 'L' plates on lol !!

And also, please excuse Kyla's messy hair - she literally had just got back from nursery and she is always a bit on the rammy side (well, I think she must have had a good day if she is a bit mucky!!)

But I could bite chunks out of those pudgy little arms - awwww!!!

While we were in Hobbycraft, we found some red sequinned material and it just seemed perfect for ..... yes, you can probably guess lol xx

So I nicked a pair of her pink plazzie ones from her dressing up box and got me hot glue gun out and also some red ribbon. And before you could say 'there's no place like home', she had her very own pair of .... ....

ruby slippers!!
Jimmy Choo, eat yer heart out!!!

Sadly, it means that we will have to watch that sodding film even more now cos she wants to wear her new stuff.

We didn't think this through, did we!!!

Let's just hope she doesn't want to be a munchkin or the 'cowaby lion'!!!

I hopefully will be back later cos I am in the middle of a card for new challenge, so see you then. Have the most fabulous of Fridays xxxxx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Back Again, And I'm Gutted ...

I'll tell ya why in a sec xx
But first, it's time for another Papertake Weekly

This week it's one of my sketches - a simple one with lots of scope I thought.

And not only that, but it has been sponsored by the very wonderful Katharina - Whiff Of Joy - and the lucky girlie gets to pick a stamp of their own choice. What a great prize, and thank you Katharina xxxx

Do bob over and check out the DT work cos as always, those awesome girlies have made some absolute stunners.

So this is my version with all the usual suspects.

The gorgeous image and sentiment are from the CC Designs My Rubber Ducky set which you can get from the wonderful Dies To Die For. It is just the sweetest - I love it. And of course, I coloured it in with the old PM bad boys and then sprinkled a bit of Glamour Dust over for good measure. The paper is PP Really Big Dots and the card blank is from Craftwork Cards .

Guess which punch I used!!!! Yes, the MSBP which seems to be back to normal after it's diva strop lol xxx The yummy ribbon is from my stash - not much of it left now so I am on the mooch for some more.

Some dimension, a bit of doodling et voila xxxx

Well like I said, I am gutted. I only went and fell asleep during HK - can you believe that!!!

I can't, sob sob!!!

I must have been so pooped after my mad few weeks that I zonked out. I got as far as the celebs making dishes for his fabulousness from their childhoods (which was quite touching I thought), and the next thing I knew, the news was on, my specs were skew wifty, the hair was like a Mohican on a very bad day and there was that little tell tale line of dry slobber on the side of my face.

Ruddy well attractive - not!!!

Thank God I hadn't got the sex kitten pjs as well, that's all I can say, cos I would have looked a flamin' treat.

So I have had no Marco fix tonight and have not a clue what has happened, post snooze. So if anyone knows pleeeeeeeeze share!!!

The dentist wasn't so bad but I have to admit that for most of the afternoon, I looked like I'd had a stroke, or so my eldest kept telling me. I had that fat lip feeling where it feels like your mouth is moving in opposite directions when you are speaking. My kids thought it was funny, the sods!!!

Before I go, I will have to share this with you.

Today, I discovered Twinnings Swiss Chocolate drink.

The idea is that you add it to hot milk to make a hot choc drink but I can tell you that if you put a few scoops of plain ice cream into your smoothie maker or blender, add some cold milk and then chuck in a few spoonfuls of the choc mix, you get the most delish choc milk shake EVER. Probably not the most healthy, but what the heck!!!!

The diet is going well then Miss Piggy?????

Honestly, if you try it you will be hooked.

On that yummy note, I'll see you soon lovely peeps. Have a fab evening and huggiest of hugs xxxxx

Thank You to ........

Jacqui and Suzanne for giving me this award.

I think it is just fab and I love it xxxx so big hugs to you both xxxx
I must apologise again (ohhh I am starting to sound like that ruddy Jody from HK lol and thank the Lord he has now gone) for taking forever to get this on here.

Things are a little calmer at the old pig sty now so I am hoping to get back into the swing of all things bloggy. So thank you to everyone who has coninued to visit me and leave me such wonderful comments despite me being the worse blogger in the world. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it xxxxxx

Now, I have to warn you that the next bit has the phoaaarrr factor (well to me at any rate lol xx)

I just have to say a mahoosive thank you to ITV for last night's Hells Kitchen.

Why, do I hear you ask?

Well not only was there Marco to swoon over, but they also gave us JCN who is even more drop dead gorge. I sat there with me glass of vino, happy as a (pink) pig in muck I can tell ya. And judging by the look on the faces of all the girlies in the kitchen, I was not alone.

So feast yer eyes girls and pray tell which one floats your boat lol xxx

The great White.....

The great JC....

And not only that, but these boys can cook as well.
Do ya reckon they are any good at housework cos if so, they probably come close to the perfect man (even though I know, that is an oxymoron!!!)

Although I have to say that despite having a very good imagination, I just cannot picture MPW donning a pinny and dashing round with the Pledge and the Dyson somehow!!!

I will be back for deffo later cos it is Papertake Weekly, but now I have to phone the dentist cos that filling that came out and was replaced a few weeks ago came out again yesterday. Can they not just super-glue it in place??????

See you later xxxxxxx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Here's Winnie xxx

Here she is - she's Walter's girlie xxxx
Walter, if you remember, is the cute lil Willow owl boy.

Lots of you loved him (well, you couldn't not!!) and you wanted him to have a wifee or girlfriend, so Sharon waved her wand and weaved her magic, and here she is.

And she is called Winnie :))
She's the new Willow download and you can see more of her here.

We have used her for this weeks Willow Sketchie Challenge and this week it's my turn to do the honours, so this is my sketch ......

Of course, we have to have our little twist just to make it really interesting!!

So this week the twist is ....

Flippin Fab.

You have the option to either flip or twist one or more of the elements of the sketch or, in honour of Winnie, add something pink or girlie. You can do either one or both!! So it's easy peasy if you want it to be, or you could challenge yourself a little more if you are up for it!!

And here is my card.

I chose to turn mine sideways and instead of the text, I used a Poppicrafts flower or 2 - both pink and girlie I thought!!

The papers are Wild Rose Studio's Spring CD and one of Marieka's Black & White collection papers. I've had that downlaod for ages now and I've lost the link to Marieka but will try and find it.

I added a couple of bees to keep Winnie company and also some pearls cos they are girlie as well. I have had the bees for ages so I don't know where they came from originally, but they are quite sweet, and you could easily make some yourself with a bit of wire, some vellum and card.

Here's the flowers.
The ribbon is from my stash and the card candy is from Craftwork Cards.

Here's the funny angle bit lol xxx

I have to confess that this was nearly a disaster today, cos I got up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and panicked when I realised it wasn't. So this card has to be the quickest one I ever made!!!
Dopey mare lol xxxx

Well I hope that you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the gorge weather we had. Sadly it's gone for the time being and yesterday we had heavy thunder storms. Kyla was quiet intrigued by them. Nursery is off this week so Nikkie has been looking after her whilst Em has been at work.

She made the mistake of bringing the Wizard of Oz DVD for her to watch and Kyla is just completely smitten. She now has to have her hair like Dorothy (God help us!!) and we have been up and down the ruddy yellow brick road so many times now that I know my way with my eyes shut now. I am also on first name terms with the Wizard lol xxxx

We also know all the songs and keep singing them, which isn't so good. Come to think of it, maybe that explains the thunder storms!! Anyway, the crunch came when Nik got up in the night to spend a penny and realised that she was singing one of the songs practically in her sleep. I keep whistling them and Richard is going up the wall with it all lol xx

So we have banned it for a while. We are now watching Mary Poppins, so no doubt we will all be feeding the birds 2d a bag and flying kites in a supercallerfragilistic (etc) sort of way soon!!

Cor blimey Mary Poppins!!

On that note, I'm off for a spoonful of sugar!!!!

But before I go, I have to say that Marco looked very fetching last night - a sort of cross between Lawrence of Arabia and a Ninja turtle which nobody else could possibly pull of.

But he did, and damned attractive is all I will say!!!

Laters and hugs lovely peeps xxxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday Bunny Hugs xxx

Happy Easter from me and the bun xxxx
I hope everyone has had a great few days - we've certainly had some fabulous weather!!

It's time now for another Papertake Weekly challenge - doesn't the week fly by!!! This week it is one of my faves cos it is Perfect Pastels - how gorgeous!!

So here's me card.

The sweet little bunny is PP Spring Wishes download and the papers are all from the beautiful Wild Rose Studio Spring CD which I am soooo loving at the mo. And they were perfect for this challenge :)

The fab ribbon and pearly bits were from Creative Pastimes in Ellesmere Port, and I did the sentiment on the old puter!!

Dimension and doodles - I just can't help meself lol xxx
So pop over and have a look at the other girlies fab cards - they are all so lovely.

And what ever
you do, don't miss next week cos there is going to be a Whiff of Joy about cos the wonderful Katharina is going to be sponsoring us :))xx

Have a great night peeps and don't forget that Hell's Kitchen starts tonight. I'm only watching cos I think Marco is a bit of alright (in a caveman sort of way - but what a man lol xxxx). I'm so glad Gordon potty mouth Ramsey isn't doing it now - big meanie!!!.

Ohhh, I think this is gonna take over where Dancing on Ice left off.

Watch this space....

Huggiest of Easter hugs and see ya soon if not sooner xxxxxx