Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Love and Best Wishes xxxxx

No cardage peeps, but I just wanted to wish everyone who has visited me and made me so welcome during my first year in Blogland the most fabulous of fab new years. I hope it is a good year for you all. Thanks to you all for stopping by and leaving me a comment or 2 which always brighten up my day xxxx

Thank you also to everyone for your nice words and supportive e-mails etc following the horrible events of Christmas Eve. They have meant so much to us all and it is nice to know that there are so many nice, caring people out there.

A PS to the drunk driver saga is that basically he has told the police a shed loads of porkies about us, along the lines that we virtually forced him into our house and that Richard, (who really is the most mild mannered, quiet bloke you could find and wouldn't say boo to a goose), kept on at him saying that once the police arrived, he was basically done for (I've cleaned it up for on here but you can use your imagination as to the words he actually used, the potty mouth!!!). This is why he ran away he says.

Is that right? Ohh diddums!!!!.

How a seven stone slip of a girl, a middle aged batty old trout (can't believe I just wrote that about myself!!) and a man who has crippling shyness managed to force this healthy strapping mid 20 year old healthy lad into our house is beyond me.

Must have been my black ninja pjs!!
Ohhh, don't mess with the pink pig when she has those babies on lol xxx

He has also denied telling us that he had been drinking. So that would have been our cat then, cos someone said it and it wasnt me, or Rich or Emma, so that only leaves our Saffy cos Kyla was in bed.

I am sure that the police know we didn't do or say the things he is saying we said but I just think how bloody dare he and I am rather hacked off about it as you can probably tell, cos I just hate liars. At the end of the day, we could have been stroppy with him for basically making a right mess of our garden, but instead we just tried to be kind to him, knowing the predicament he was in.

Well no more Mr Nice Guy matey boy!!!!!

But anyway, I am not wasting any more words and energy on the lying pillock of a toad. I believe in karma and one day it will all come back and bite him on the backside. It will, it sooo will for sure!!!!

There was a first in this house today - no Kyla didn't do as she was told first time, yea Gods, that would be a 'praise Jesus' miracle if ever there was one lol xxx No, my lovely OH got me Photoshop Elements for crimbo and today I did my first digi layout. I feel a teeny weeny bit chuffed with myself even though I know it is nowhere near perfect on lots of levels, and I was really only fiddling about. But at least I got the picture and the elements onto the paper - no mean feat for a techno dumbo thicko dunce like me - doh xxxx

I'm not defecting to digi cos in my heart I am a cardmaker and like to feel the card and pens and ribbons etc, but I have so many fab papers and stuff which are just dying to be used and also I see it as a sort of extension of the creative thing. I wasnt going to put this on here but then I thought that in a few months time it will be nice to compare and see if hopefully I've improved lol xxxx

Your constructive comments would be most appreciated my little chickadees, cos I am just eager to learn xxxx

And so as the year draws to a close, I hope that everyone has the bestest and craftiest new year and I wish you all lots of love and peace. And as a thank you to all the lovelies that follow this blog, watch this space - something nice will be winging its way to one of you in the new year to celebrate my one year of blogging - ohh how marvellous :)))

xxxxx Happy New Year xxxxx

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Truly Awful xx

Yes, that was our Christmas Day. You would not believe the day we had.
This was how it all began.....
This is our front garden after a drunk driver lost control of his car and ploughed into it at 1.30am on Christmas morning.

Richard and I did not hear a thing but Emma whose bedroom is at the back of the house was woken up by the noise, so I don't know how we slept through it quite honestly!!!

Emma and Richard went to see if he was ok - he was, although understandably he was shaken. While we were waiting for the police, Richard invited him in and offered to make him a warm drink. Emma and I were upstairs looking at the mess from our bedroom when we saw the driver running like Forrest Gump up the lane - gone!!! There was no sign of him when the police arrived but they traced the vehicle and went to his house. He wasn't there (surprise surprise!!) but they were told that his sister had gone to collect him from where he was hiding. It took the recovery people over half an hour to get the car out of the hedge.
So this is now the view from our front room.

What a mess!!

He won't be prosecuted for drink driving as he was not there when the police arrived so they are going to find it hard to prove he had been drinking, as he will no doubt say that his sister or someone else had given him booze to calm him AFTER the crash and that is why he was over the linit. The police said that he could even have said it was us as we had offered him a drink (obviously not alcoholic) but he could have said it was, and then it was his word against ours.

So be warned - if you are ever unlucky enough to have this happen, don't offer anyone a drink - it could go against you. Unless they do the cowardly thing and do a runner - in which case they will only get done for failing to report an accident.

We are in the hands of the insurance people now - IF he was insured. It was a new BMW so I am hoping he was. The police are coming back on Monday and no doubt we will find out more then.

But did it end there??? Sadly not.

We got back to bed about 3am -ish and we were up again at 7am when Kyla, who had thankfully slept through it all woke up anxious to see if Santa had been. Well of course he had and he brought her lots of nice things and we had a lovely (if very tired) time opening our prezzies.

About 9ish, Emma went outside and noticed that her coat and boots which had been in her car were strewn up the drive. Would you believe it, at some point between 3am and 7am, some nice person or people (not what I want to call them, I cantell you !!) had come onto our property, ignoring the security lights, and nicked her handbag from her car.

She had inadvertantly left it open as she had been collecting prezzies for Kyla on Christmas Eve and got back about 10.30pm quite tired. In her haste to get them in the house, she had left her bag in the car and had fogotten to lock it. And we had forgotten to re-close our gate after the drunk driver incident. So I guess it was partly our own fault. But what sort of low life would nick from someone on Christmas Day?

Her bank card and credit card had both been used but only to the tune of £30 on each - they had been used to top up a mobile phone. In a way, it was good job the shops were closed as it could have been worse. Forensics have been out and taken away some evidence which they are testing and hopefully we might stand a chance of catching them!!!


But would you believe it - twice in the space of a few hours.

I don't believe the drunk driver realised what effect it would have on our day. None of us really had the energy to enjoy it and had it not have happened, then our gate would have been closed and the thief might not have chanced coming into the garden. No doubt it was the last thing he wanted to happen, but it was his choice to get in his car after he knew he had been drinking.

But anyway, we tried to make the best of it and one little sausage remained thankfully oblivious and despite having a nasty cold, enjoyed herself loads.

Ohh bless her
Please note that the drum kit was NOT from Richard and I. But I have to say that she plays it like a pro!!!! And she is clutching her doctors kit here, which she also loves, so we have taken it it turns to be 'poorly' lol xxx

Anyway, I hope that YOUR day was a lot better than ours - let's face it, it could not have been much worse.

See you soon with some non -Christmas cards. Ohhh thank God for that - I was getting elf, snowman and santa fatigue lol xx

Hugs xxxx

Monday, 22 December 2008

I'm Back xxx

Rather like a bad smell, I have come back lol xxx

This is my card for this week's Papertake Weekly
which is based on one of my sketcheroonies ........

So as per my previous post, today is my youngest's birthday, so happy birthday Emma xxxx I thought I would use the sketch and do her a card from Kyla .

Now there are a couple of rules for doing Emma's cards...

1) no Magnolias - she hates them (strange girl lol xx)

2) It has to be lilac

Soooo this is what I did.

Paper and sentiments are PP, natch cos I just loves it all, and the image is an oldish Sugar Nellies one which I still love loads. Of course, I used my Pro Markers and Glamour Dust to colour and highlight.

Hope ya likeeee xxx

We have been mad busy today. We did a load of food shopping including the rest of the stuff for crimbo dinner (but not the pud). Then we thought as we only had a little bit of family prezzie stuff left to do, we would go and have lunch in Chiquitos - a local Me-he-can, ariba lol xxxx.

So we did, and very nice it was!!!

But as we speak, Richard is still stuffed (he is such a greedy boy) and I am still feeling drained from the piddly tiddly glass of vino blanco I had. Why is it that one teeny tiny glass can make you sooooo sleepy if you drink it in the afternoon?

So we have done most of the wrapping - that is the royal 'we' by the way lol xxx The food is mostly done and there is just the stuffing and mince pies to make. One last trip to Sainos tomorra and that is it!!


And it was Kyla's nativity tonight, although I didn't go cos it's mine and Richard's turn tomorrow. My aunt and Emma and Nikkie went tonight and I was soo jealous. I am keeping my fingers crossed cos Kyla is starting to get a nasty cold and is not 100%, poor dink. I will be devastated if she is too poorly tomorrow and can't do it, but I guess it is one of those things. But even so, I might cry with disappointment.

I may well be back before the big day with some cardage but if I am not, or you aren't, have the most FAB Christmas and New Year. Thank you for all your lovely comments throughout the year - they have meant so much to me and I appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by xxxx

Here's to a fabulous and crafty 2009 peeps :))

Loads of love and hugs xxxxxx

And There's More xx

As promised, here are the other fabulous cards I got for my birthday and which the flippin postie was late bringing (bet he will still want a tip though lol xxx)

I cannot believe how many gorgeous cards I got - I took them all down this morning to make room for Emmas and I am still gobsmacked xxxx

From Steph (and thank you chick for the you know what as well xxx)

From Dawn (along with some fab images, thank you chick xxx)

From Teen (along with a gorgeous calender, thanks chick xxx)

And I said this was an e-card but it wasn't cos it arrived here all the way from bonny Scotland. Thanks Gayle darlin - I know you were in agony making this cos of your poor hand xxx)

From Rita (and also an awesome Zutter corner punch which I have used loads already, so a huge thank you for that Reet xxxxx )

So that's it.

I know I keep saying how lucky I am, but I really do think that and I am keeping them all safe and will treasure them all forever.

I will deffo be back later cos it's Monday and that can only mean one thing.... yes its Papertake Weekly time.

See you later xxxxx

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Someone Else's Birthday and Thank You xx

It is indeed!!!
It's my eldest daughter's birthday today, so happy birthday Nikkie xx
And this is the card I made for her
I thought I would use it for Cute Card Thursday's challenge which is a great one this week cos it is an open challenge.
I think this image is ever so cute :))

Papers and sentiments are PP - can't stop using that gorge green - and Tilda has been coloured with PMs. I've used my new nesties which I got yesterday and I just love them, as well as the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder. Ribbons are Poppicrafts.

This next one is the card I've done as my thank you card for my birthday presents. There are a few en route to some lovely people as we speak, but I thought I would put this one on here as a thank you to everyone who left me such lovely messages, so this is also for those fab peeps as well xxxx

The image is one of the new Sugar Nellies Leanne Ellis designs which I got from the fabulous Funky Kits. Same paper, punch and PMs - oh I am a creature of habit lol xxx

And not only with my cards, it would seem!!!

I said at the top that it's my eldest's birthday today. Well on Monday, it is my youngest's!! I obviously had the same bad planning as my folks lol xx
All 3 of us are in the same week, which is a bit strange, not to mention flippin expensive just before Christmas. Both my girls were born on a Saturday, one at 2.15pm and the other at 3.25pm. I came out of hospital on Christmas Eve with both of them as well.

Talk about deja vu!!!

Kyla has said she might like to go and see Santa tomorrow at Sycamore Garden Centre. She knows he isn't the real one as he is a bit busy right now, and knows this one will take her messages back to the real one. She said she is not sitting on his knee (quite right!!) and that if she doesn't want to talk to him, will I ask him to bring her some sweets for Christmas!!! Oh bless, it is the only thing she has asked for. Not that she doesn't have sweets, she does, but she doesn't have loads. But we feel mean every time she says it. Poor little mite bashed her face on Friday at nursery, cos she tripped over a cushion and fell into a wall. So she has a bruise on her head and a very sore bottom lip where her teeth went into it - ouch.

Ohhh did anyone see the Strictly Come Dancing Final? How FANTASTIC was Tom & Camilla's show dance!! This has been the best series so far and Saturday nights won't be the same without it. The Beeb haven't got a lot right lately, but this has been awesome.

Well I am off to get me wyncyettes on. I have a new pair of black cotton pjs ready for Christmas eve, a bit like a t-shirt and leggings. I think they will probably make me look a bit like a ninja but I don't greatly care. And if, after a couple of Baileys, I feel like re-hashing my tai chi moves, then they will come in handy and I will at least look the part lol xxx

I would post photographic evidence but there might be people out there of a nervous disposition!! The effect could be quite catastrophic and I can't be held responsible lol xxxx

I will be back tomorrow cos I have had some more cards which thanks to the 'fantastic' postal service, have arrived late despite being posted well in time. And there maybe even be another challenge card!!!

Have a fab Saturday night xxxxx

And The Winner Is ........

It's Lyndsey Marie, so chick, if you e-mail me your addy, I'll get the goodies off to ya after Christmas
Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to leave a comment and link up.
I will be back later with a card, or maybe even 2 xxxx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wasn't I Lucky :)))))

As promised, here is the SP on yesterday. Grab a drinkie, pull up a chair and get comfy cos there is loads to see

It all started off well and I opened my presents with a little helper in tow who seemed to think that it was all for her!!!


It was all for ME :)))

Oh I could not believe what gorgeous things I got. Richard got me shed loads of craft vouchers. Creative Pastimes here I come, cutting a swathe through the throngs all the way to the Pro Marker stand, crying 'outta my way goddamnit, can you not see I am a woman on a mission?'.

He also got me a Cricut Design Studio, plus some CDs.


I got some beautiful gold and crystal earrings and a necklace from Nicola and the most delish DKNY handbag from Emma. Naughty girls for spending so much on me but they are both soooo drool-worthy and I just love them xxxx

And look what else I got from my lovely friends..

From Mrs Kath, one of my bestest ever blog buds - did I tell you she is Cardmaker of the Year ? Dead proud of her I am xxxx And she just about sums up one of my fave sayings - it's nice to be important but it is important to be nice. I have to say that Emma spied this and I think she might have designs on it, but ohhh no, hands off cos it's mine mine mine lol xxxx

From my friend Jacquie - she got these cos that pink is the same colour that my hair was not so long ago :)))

From my lovely friend Jan who loves pigs as much as me- check out that funky corkscrew!! Oh and there is a little something to practise using it on as well, slurp slurp!!

From the totally lovely and very sweet Mich, without whom there would be no pink pig sty

and from the lovely Jill, one of the nicest, sweetest girls in Blogland

So once Emma and Kyla had gone, Richard lit our stove and I made us a special brekkie - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast with a nice glass of bucks fizz - well it was a special occasion. It was so nice to sit there eating our grub watching the logs burning. Simple pleasures and all that.

Now I did find it all very emotional
but kept my blubbing in check - until my aunty (Mum's sister) came round
and look what she had made ...

It is the most beautiful star book and she has filled it full of photos of me as a baby, my mum, my beloved grandparents, my girls and Kyla and finally a nice pic of me and Richard. Well it just finished me off. What a lovely thing to do. She must have spent hours making it and as I always think that your time is the most precious thing you can give someone, I was just thrilled with it and it is just priceless to me and I will treasure it for ever.

So. blubbing over, I settled down to open my cards. I only put the handmade ones here but there are loads of others. Oh I am soooo lucky :)))
From Kath (CMOTY xxx), Jill and Mich

From Muriel, Jackie & Jane & Jacquie

From Pam & Jane, Aunty Mary and Jan

From Rach, Mary and Cath

From Dawn and Adele

From Barb - the pic at the top is the inside and the bottom one is the front. You may not be able to see it from my photo but it opens up to say 1958.
What a marvellous vintage that was lol and what a clever card Barb.
I just love those pink pigsxxx

And I also got 2 e-cards

From Liz and Gayle

So, all in all, and as that old wrinkly Brucie would say, 'didn't I do well???' Mind you , he would also probably say 'who are you calling wrinkly, you old bat?'

And there was more .....

My boss came round early evening and brought me a bottle of something rather fab and also some M&S vouchers.

But it didn't end there. I had told my girls that I didn't want a big fuss, and bless them they kept it all nice and calm for which I am ever so grateful.

But they did get me a cake and unfortunately we ate it before I took a pic lol xx But I can tell you it was a ginormous gadunga Mr Kipling French Fancy - in pink, natch. OMG how fabulous. It serves 12 apparently, although seemingly not in this house lol xxxx

Then the girls decided to give me my surprise prez. They said they had scoured the length and breadth of all the shops around here looking for the ultimate old lady gift.
And this is what they got ......

Ohhh yes, a pair of nanna slippers.

Who needs designer handbags and jewellry when you have these babies!!!

I could have slapped the pair of them if I hadn't been laughing so much. I apologise here and now if anyone has these actual slippers cos I don't mean any offence and I'm not laughing (much, snigger snigger) BUT I have to say they are real old gal boots ie not so much one foot in the grave, but both feet and up to the knees in it!!! I bet even my gran would not have gone near them.

But in a strange sort of way, they are ever so slightly fab and loaded with funkity funk dontcha think??


Surely not.

But I will keep them and treasure them, and you never know, one day .........

But just not yet eh!!!

On a serious note, I really do have to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and most sincerley for all the cards, giftage, best wishes and nice words. I could not have asked for a nicer or more perfect day. I had no idea when I started this crazy blog thing just 10 months ago, that I would meet so many lovely warm, kind and generous people and I feel blessed to have made so many friends.

Loads of hugs

Monday, 15 December 2008

What a Day xxxx

More of that in a sec, but first, here's a card I actually MADE lol xxxx

This is the first card I have made since I was unwell - maybe almost 2 weeks!!!

Shock horror!!!!

Over at Papertake Weekly, its Monochrome Madness this week.
I am still having a bit of a thing for Liz at PP's pale green washed solid delish paper, so I decided to do lovely lime. And as I was awol from last week's PTW due to a snotty conk, high temperature and a cough that made me sound so much like a sealion, I was expecting someone to chuck me a fish, I thought I'd use my last sketch as a LO.

Papers are PP, the image is Pollycrafts coloured with PMs and I can't remember where I got that sentiment from, sorry!!
Well I am getting on a bit now lol xxxx

So what's been happening today???

Well, I've had a marvellous day. I have been quite overwhelmed at the number of cards I got and by how many people stopped by to wish me well. I've had so many lovely messages and it has made my day truly quite special. I'll be back tomorrow with the full SP and some pics when I've sorted them out, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your good wishes.

It aint that bad now I've got here I suppose.

See you tomorrow xxxx

Sunday, 14 December 2008

One More Day ......

It's been a funny old day.

I got up this morning and had a sudden realisation that this would be the last time I woke up as a 40 something. How bizarre - and also how sad!!!!! Now I don't mean it's sad that I won't be 40 something anymore, although it will. I mean how sad that I thought that!!!!

Anyway, I have decided the embrace the whole 50 thing . Well, when I say embrace, what I really mean is that I am going to just get me big girl knickers on and deal with it. Failing that, I am going to do what Liz at PP says I should do when asked how old I am and just lie lol xxxx

So today we went out for lunch, just the 5 of us, and very nice it was too.

I don't know how many of you have birthdays at this time of year but I can tell you it's rotten. Richard always used to take me out to dinner but we invariably got caught up in some office party or the likes. A few years ago, we went to a really nice but fairly rural pub only to find ourselves in the middle of a bunch of the strangest peeps I ever met!!! They probably thought the same about is lol xxx They were all in competition to see who could be the loudest and impress Mr Boss Man, who very clearly loved being Mr Boss Man – ohhh you could soooo tell that he was loving the fawning and forelock tugging of his staff (he probably referred to them as his ‘subordinates’). The top hat of this was that in the middle of dinner, they did their bran tub thing and started dishing out prezzies, accompanied by extra extra loud cheering and guffawing lol xxxx

The following year, we went to a VERY posh hotel near here and ended up being the only 2 in the restaurant. It was probably a combination of the extortionate prices and the fact that there was a corporate murder mystery thing going on in another room and this was where the action was at. I spent all evening trying to cover up my cleavage from the obviously bored waiter who had nowt better to do than peer down my top trying to look at my bazoomas!!!! Ohh naughty pervy rudey waiter. You could not make it up. We gave up after that one!!!

Now we aren’t a pair of miserable old bah humbug sort of sods (yet lol xx) who begrudge anyone else a larff. Indeed those of you who know me, can vouch for the fact that I can be the life and soul when I want to be. But when it’s ya birthday and ya lovely fella takes you out for some tasty grub and fine wine, I’d rather not have the hokey cokey, YMCA and the ruddy Macarena at 80 decibels in the background.

Now 3 rather fab things.

I went into Creative Pastimes on Saturday (Happy Birthday Billy xx) and came face to face with a vision of wonderfullness that made me want to whoop out loud with joy. For Jan has only gone and got a Pro Marker stand and now sells them in every fab colour you can think of - as singles!!

Woooooooo hoooooooo!!

I can hear Michael Winner telling me to 'calm down dear, it's only a pen'!!! Ha, what does he know cos OMG they are just drool worthy.

And the second fab thing?
Look what my lovely kind and wonderful friend Jacqui gave me.

The rules are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others.. You shall link the one you got it from, and also the ones you give it to:) And let them know. And there is more... You have to write down five things you are addicted to.
Well that would be -
My family, espesh our Kyla
Cheddar Cheese
Jelly sweets
MyPro Markers and MSBP - is that 2??
The whole card making thingie

Thank you soo much Jacquie - I can say hand on heart that you are one of the most sweetest, nicest and kindest people in Blogland - not to mention one of the most talented as well and I just love and am in awe of your work xxxxxx
As it's Chrimbly soon, I'm going to pass this on to everyone who visits and reads my inane drivvle and takes the time and trouble to leave me such lovely comments. If you havent got this, consider it yours with my love and best wishes xxxx

I did say that there were 3 fab things, so the third?

Well guess who has only gone and won Simply Cards & Papercraft Cardmaker of The Year?

only Mrs Kath.

I know most people know but if you haven't yet seen it, check it out here.

Well done Kath. You know I love everything you do and I am so chuffed for you - you do so flippin deserve it xxxx

This is my last post before I am THAT age, but I will be back manana for sure with the one and only card I made this week following my lergiest of lergies.

Normal service is to be resumed soon.
Huggles and love xxxxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Birthday Candy and Huge Thanks

Remember me???

Ohh it feels like I haven't blogged for ages.

So, first things first.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave the craft sale a toot xxxx We had a really good day - there were between 50 and 70 people there. I knew it would be a long shot putting it on the blog as we are all over the country but there was at least 1 lady there who had read about it in Blogland (and not on my blog) so it did work. Eloise was thrilled it went so well and was really grateful. We sold quite a bit of stuff but it barely put a dent in it all. So there may be another one in the new year.

I have to say sorry for being a bad bad blogger and for being awol but I got home on Saturday after the sale and within an hour I started to feel ill - really properly ill. I ended up going to bed and have only really been up and about properly today. I tell you, I would not wish this on anyone and I reckon it was flu. Richard had it and I suspect that poor Emma will be next as she has the sore throat and aching that it starts with. Ohh dear!!!!! I think this has lurked in my system for months though as I have not been 100% for a good while now. I

Ok, some of you know this next bit. This coming Monday, I have 'one of those' birthdays - ohh I can barely say it but it is half a century - I am vain enough to care that I am becoming an old fart!!!!!. Shallow I know, but I am really feeling old farty at the mo as well, cry cry xx.
Now I know that the alternative is worse and considering that my sis died aged 46 I should not moan. But I am moaning. Well not so much moaning but wailing like a banshee to be truthful.!!!! I am sooo not looking forward to it, and will be dragged there on Monday kicking and screaming and fighting it every inch of the goddam way.


I thought a bit of birthday candy was in order and I thought I would do a little mixture of stuff.

So here's what's on offer ....

Completely gorge new Sarah Kay stamp - fab for Valentine's Day xxxx

A pack of Anna Griffin papers - 12 sheets of paper and 12 sheets of cardstock (English Garden Palette)

800 Papermania brads in a neat little caddy, a pack of 5 3D Crystal Neon Lacquer Pens and a really arty stamp.

Plus a £10 Poppicrafts Gift Voucher to top it all off. :))))

How does that sound?

So all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment here and mention my blog candy on your blog and that lovelies, is that!!! I will do a random generator thingie to pick a winner on 20th December and this is open to everyone and not just UK bloglies. I will arrange for the candy to be shipped after Christmas Day so it won't get lost in our wonderful postal system lol xx and I'll leave a shortened version of this post at the top until 20th.

As it's been so flippin long since I made a card, I'm just off for a blog hop which will hopefully give me a bit of much needed inspiration. I've really missed seeing everyone's stuff but I haven't had the energy to take to top of me pens let alone colour anything with them. It's a shame!!!!.
Have a great evening and hugs to all xxxxxx

Monday, 1 December 2008

Ready, Steady, Craft and a Triple Deckeroonie of a PRIZExx

What I wouldn't give to have legs like this instead of the 3x2s that I got :((

This week's Papertake Weekly is a fab Steph recipe ...

1 ribbon

2 rectangles


3 small, round embellishments (zooms, eyelets, brads, buttons, gems etc!)

So this is my version. The stamp is by the very lovely Toodles And Binks (as are the zooms), and I coloured it with me Pro Markers - just for a change. The DP is gorgeous Funky Hand Salt and Pepper - love it - and the ribbon is Poppicrafts.

Not only is this a fab recipe, but there are

3 fab prizes

up for grabs so mosey over and check it out :))) x


This next bit is just to let you know about something that is happening here on Saturday.
I know not many of you will be able to come, but if you live fairly close, it might be worth your while.

Basically what has happened is that a young girl was selling some new craft stuff at a local car boot sale that my friend went to. My friend asked this girl if she had any more and she said she had loads. Her mum had suffered from agoraphobia and had been into making cards and spent a lot of her time (and money) ordering stuff from QVC.

Sadly the girl’s mum died just over a year ago and this poor kid has been trying to sort it. We went to see it and help sort it all out for her cos she is not into crafting and doesn't know what half the stuff is, let alone how much she should ask for it. There is just so much stuff and an awful lot of it had not even been opened. To give you an idea, there is over £10ks worth, I kid you not.

So this Saturday, there is going to be a sale at Saughall Methodist Church Hall from 12 – 2 and it all must go, so it is going to be silly prices, ie generally at least half price for most of the stuff.

This is NEW stuff girls, not second hand and there is everything you could imagine there, including items which would make nice presents. So if you are not too far away, I really think you would find it worth your while to come over.

If anyone wants direction, please let me know -

Also, could I ask a HUGE favour and ask as many of you to spread the word if you can, cos there will be people who read your blogs that don't visit here and they just might live close enought to come or may know someone who is.

I really want to help this kid cos it brought it home to me what would happen to my stash when I go to the great craft workshop in the sky. I would hate anyone to take advantage of my kids and just want to make sure that the same doesn't happen to this girl.

Thank you so much for reading this and for any links you put up - I really appreciate it