Monday, 29 September 2008

PTW (and a bit more yellow xx)

No, I haven't gone doolally pippers (well no more than usual lol xx) and got me PTW weeks mixed up. I thought that I would carry on the yellow theme this week and do another card for Steph to use for her appeal. So I've used Katharina's awesomely fabulous sketch but stayed with the yellow colourway - et voila xxxx

The image is from my lovely new Magnolias Fall set - Giggling Tilda, she is sooo sweet - and the beautisimous ribbons are from Poppicrafts (have you checked out the DT call yet my luvveerlies??? No?? Well, mosey on over and have a look here). The fab and gorge paper is PP and the sentiment is Woodware.

Right, I am off to administer some TLC to my youngest who has a rotten cold - on top of shingles, poor kid. So she wants some of her mammas home made vegetable soup cos it is the only thing she says that will make her better. So the baguettes are in the oven warming up and in 5 minutes or so, she will be a happy bunny. Well happier lol xxxx

See you manana xxxxx

Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Poppicrafts Design Team xxx

This is just a quick post to let you know that my lovely friend Mich at Poppicrafts is looking to put together a new design team.

This is copied from the Poppicrafts blog -

I am in the process of putting together a design team at Poppicrafts of which there are a couple of places available. If you think this may be of interest to you, please leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can pop over and have a peek, alternatively, you can of course mail me some photos of your work at The closing date will be 5th October and the design team members will be announced on the 10th October. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Well I have had a fab weekend and I can tell you that I have a smile as big as the moon.

Can you guess why????

Well, might it be something to do with the new team???

So if you want to be part of this fab new team (and let's face it, who wouldn't), then pop over to the Poppicrafts blog and have a nosey.

I'll be back tomorra with some cardage so until then, tarrra xxxxx

Friday, 26 September 2008

What A Strumpet xx

She's a strumpet but she is still cute, despite the very poor lighting and absolutely dreadful photo lolxx Sorry peeps - I hope you can see it ok!!!

I've had this stamp for years and I love it - it just makes me laugh. I was stamping some images for 2 of my fave bloglies - you know who you are girlies - and I dug this one out cos I thought they might like it. And I thought I would use it for this week's CCT challenge #29, which is Lots of Sparkle Yoy can't see very well from the photo but there are some little red blingie jewels on there, and she has the most fabulous sparkly undies which match her shoes and belt.
So there ya go.

His Lordship has returned - Allelujah, I don't have to feed those ruddy birds again - and so I'm off to see if he wants any dinner after his horrendous journey back.

The stamp btw is Stamps Happen Inc - Dolly Mammas (coloured with PMs, as is my way now), and the ribbon was from Hobbycraft. All bling from Creative Pastimes and the uber sparkly fab glittery stuff is Glamour Dust. Oh I am a creature of habit lol xxx
TFS xxx

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Awards + Tags + Slap xxx

Firstly, I have to apologise yet again for being late posting these awards and tags. Ohh you know what it's like. New stuff (stamps and goodies) arrives and you just have to have a fiddle and then you forget, then you remember but you are at work and can't do owt about it!!

I am a dippy trout at times.

Or as Emma would say, you can take the blonde out of the hair, but not out of the girl. I do wonder sometimes how I managed to give birth to such a smart Alex!!!


I got 2 more awards. It was a few days ago but thank you soo much lovely blog buddies for thinking of me. I am always thrilled to get them and I appreciate so much that you thought about me xxx
So without further ado ...

From the lovely Jilli xxx

From the lovely Marlou, Dawn and Jilli - yes, she gave me 2, the little beauty that she is lolx

Thanks girls - I love your blogs and if my witterings and ramblings make you smile, then that is a bonus. Mwwwahh to you all xxxxxxx

I was also tagged as well by my fellow nutter Debs and also by my SBS Sister Barbara

Here's the rules ...

1. Link your tagger and list the rules on your blog 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog some random, some weird. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs 4. Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I did this not so long ago, but here 's some more ....

  1. I love jelly sweets, like the fruit ones that nannas gets for Christmas
  2. I don't like hypocrits or people with over-sized egos
  3. I cant eat pudding with a teaspoon - it has to be a big spoon to match the size of my gob
  4. My mum and I both had the same dream on the same night once - that is truly weird
  5. I cannot abide cruelty to kids or animals and hate prejudice of any sort
  6. I dont like tea or coffee (not sure if I said that last time!!)
  7. I am really short sighted (Dawny McGoo lol xxx)

To finish, and to prove point no 7, an incident that happened to me today. We are shortly leaving our current office and we are having a mass clear up. There were some files on the floor that we needed sorting out and one of the files had a hand written tag attached which said 'Miss Pamela Reed'. Well I racked my brains trying to remember who this client was and could not think, so I called Massa Ray and asked him if he could recall who Miss Pamela Reed was. He said that he had never heard of her and sat there scratching his head trying to remember. After about a minute, he shook his head and said that she was almost certainly not one of out clients as he had never heard of her. So why do we have her papers I asked him. What papers he says. Those papers there I say, look, her name is on that tag. He of 20/20 vision takes a look and starts chortling. Cos what it actually said was Misc Papers Keep.

St Dunstans for me then !!!!!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Brand New Fabbytastic Stamp

Guess what arrived here today??? Only my new
Sugar Nellies Home Grown Santa stamps from Funky Kits!!
I only ordered them yesterday as well!! So I thought I would put them to good use and do a challenge - like ya do lol xxx

This is my card for this week's Ismaki challenge which is based on a sketch. The papers are Funky Hands Funky Little Christmas and that red paper I found in my 12 x 12 box which shouldn't have been there (see previous post lol xx). The ribbons are Raspberry Ribbons and a tiny bit I found in the bottom of my ribbon stash. The green has not showed up at all well here and it actually looks a lot nicer in real life.

Finally here is a quick peek at another gorgeous ribbon from the new Raspberry Ribbons kit which I think Caroline has named after me.

It's called Fat 'n' Funky lol xxx

The papers are PP and also Funky Fairy's Blue Christmas. I really like this kit - there are some gorgeous papers in there. The image is from the new Woodware Christmas Ribbon Tree set. I am going to be using this set on the next Creative Pastimes workshop cos it is juts so yummy - I love it.

And finally, some sad news ......

The pink hair is gone - I am now just brown.

Well not just any old brown, oh no!! Velvet brown if you please!!!

By L'Oreal, cos I'm worth it lol xxx

My badger- like roots were practically down to my ears and I couldn't wait to get an appointment, so for the first time in **** years (actually, the first time ever in my entire life) I got me a home dye your hair, hands, towel and bath kit. And Emma put it on for me using an old pastry brush. Well it wasnt old but it's sadly now gone to pastry brush heaven , but it's gone with the most amazing tan!!!. She has done a great job as well and we both like it, but I am missing my lovely pink highlights.

They may well return. A bit like me tomorrow xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A Quick PS (and a freebie) ....

I've found a file with that yummy yellow paper if anyone needs any for this challenge peeps, cos I guess it not a colour we have lots of.
It was a freebie from a mag so I think I'm OK passing it on, and after all, it is for a very good cause at the end of the day.
All ya gotta do is either leave a comment here and I'll bob over to your blog and get your e-mail and send it to you. Or you can e-mail me and I'll sent it to you.
Have a nice day and see you later xxxx

Monday, 22 September 2008

Yummy Yellow and Something Extra Nice xx

It's time for another Papertake Weekly fab challenge !!!
Where do the weeks go????
This week, not only is it a nice challenge, but it is for a worth while cause as well.I've copied this directly from PTW as it has all the details ...

This weeks challenge is a charity one! Quick Cards made easy magazine are trying to break the record for the worlds biggest handmade card, for BBC Children in Need.You're able to use any products/materials you like but the finished card needs to be

The preferred size for the card is a standard A6 (approx 4x6 in). All cards will be put together to form a giant Pudsey Bear card!We'd love to help support this charity and I'd like to ask everyone who joins in with this weeks challenge if they would kindly, like to send their cards in!?Of course you don't have to and you can join in in the usual way but it would be lovely for PTW to be able to send off some cards to add to the total!

For each different person who sends a card (or cards!) to me (to send on from PTW!) I will make a donation of 25p!If you'd like to join in with this, please send them to me:Stephanie Mayne, 20 Mant Road, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0EH, UK
I will add a list of names as and when (and if lol!) I receive cards!

Alternatively, if you would like to send the card(s) and/or a donation directly to Quick Cards you can send them here: Quick Cards Big Card, Origin Publishing, 9th Floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol, BS1 3BN. Please make any cheques payable to BBC Children in Need appeal.

Now isn't that just fabulous. And so generous of Steph - thank you chicken xxx I cant wait to see everyones creations and you never know, they might even end up on the telly xx

That gorgeous little chickadee was a RAK from Jill xxx, the spotty paper is PP and the square paper is a freebie download - sorry I cant remember where from but if I do, I'll let ya knows!!! Buttons are Poppicrafts and the ribbon is from my stash.

Happy crafting and have a wonderful evening xxxx

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Saturday Sketchers Meets Raspberry Ribbons xx

Here's my card for this weeks Sketch Saturday Challenge.
This weeks sketch is pretty fabulous I have to say, and one I will use again.

I am so loving my new Fall Tildas - thanks Marlene xxx - coloured with Pro Markers natch, and I thought that this time I would use some of the new Raspberry Ribbons kit which is just fabulous. The lighting is not great in this picture and you cannot really tell that the wide ribbon across the centre is the most gorgeous deep plum colour. Honestly, I drooled when I saw it xx

That big beautiful chipboard flower is included in this kit and I covered it with PP Mini Little Big Dots.

The other paper is also PP and the MSBP got an airing as well - just for a change!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and that the weather is as nice for you as it is here. I am a bit sad though cos Richard is away this week (work - he leaves in about an hour) and won't be back until Friday. The only other time he has been away was in 2003 when he had to go to Le Francais for 3 days, so I will miss the old sod and can't wait for him to come back, even though he hasn't actually left yet !!!

I am off to M & S now for some comfort food to get me through the next few days so enjoy the rest of the weekend xxxxx

Friday, 19 September 2008

Well Mannered Hedgies (and also Pink Pigs) xx

Here is my card for this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge #15

This week, well what a fabbie challenge, cos it is to
decorate the inside of your card.
So I used one of the few PB stamps I have and also one of the on loan from Jan kids which as it happened matched my hedgie stamp perfectly!! It’s coloured with you –know-whats lol xxx and the paper is Funky Hands Funky Little Christmas – I am so loving that holly paper and I can see it being a regular on this years cards – when I eventually get around to doing them. The ribbon is Poppicrafts.

This image is courtesy of Jan (thank you xx) and verry cute it is.

And now for some thank yous. This gorgeous card and bundle were sent to me by Jilli. Thank you so much hun for the images and the beautiful card - you are very kind xxxx My photo does not do it justice as I cannot quite get the lighting right at the mo.

And this gorgeous card and bundle were sent to me by Jill. Thank you so much hun for these images and card and you are also very kind xxxx. Once again I apologise for not getting the lighting right Aren't I lucky!!

I have loads of images now to sit and colour to my hearts content.

Which I may well do after X Factor.

Have a great Saturday xxxx

Guess Who Is Back????

At last!!!

Her building work is done, her craft room is ready and now she is back.

Of course I am talking about the very talented and also very lovely Mich (Miss Poppicrafts).

And her first post for ages didn't disappoint.
Check it all out here

Some of you may not know that this lovely girl was the reason I started blogging cos her stuff just inspired me to start a blog of my own. So it's her fault that you have to put up with my inane (or should that be insane - it's only an S away after all lol xx) ramblings and cardage!!

Mich, I am so glad you are back darlin - Blogland just wasn't the same without you.

Hope you are all having a fabulous evening. Me and my hot chocolate are just off to bed for a quick shufty through my Beautiful Cards mag which arrived today, along with 3 parcels of goodies about which I will tell all tomorrow (intrigue intrigue). In my wynciette pj's, fluffy dressing gown, bed socks and 3 inches of heavy duty anti wrinkle cream, I look every inch the sex kitten.

NOT lol xx

Poor Richard!!

But on the plus side, I make a briliant burglar deterant cos if one got in, he would take one look and his screams of terror would alert every policeman within a 50 mile radius.

So if you hear anything tonight, you'll know what's happened lol xxxx

See ya manana xxxxxx

Thursday, 18 September 2008

CCT with Lemon & Lilac

This is my card for CCT which this week is Food.
Well what a fabulous challenge I thought. Right up my street lol xxx This Hanglar image was a RAK from the very lovely Nikkie (thank you chicken xxx). The button and blooms are Poppicrafts and that beautiful ribbon is from the Raspberry Ribbons Lilac kit. The papers are PP and Dinky Dots and the sentiment is Woodware.

I don't know if it's just me but I had a right job getting this on here tonight - blogger needs a really good slappo. Has anyone else had probs? Or is it just me cos I am pink pig do ya think? A pink paranoid pig!!! What fantastic alliteration that is!!!!

Now talking of pink, the fabulous Summer Driggs has got a new freebie kit out which has oodles of pink. It is her Awareness kit - you can see it here. She has designed it to pay tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month and to all the people who have had it, who currently have it, and to those of us who are loved ones to cancer victims. It has pink ribbons and buttons and the most gorgeous papers. I know lots of you bloglies make cards for charity and this kit is just perfect.

Now don't worry, I'm not going all maudlin again - I'm too full of egg and chips for that!!! But both my maternal grandparents died of cancer, as did my mum, so I really did appreciate that this lovely lady thought about this. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Thank you Summer - you are truly an amazing woman.

Have a great evening lovelies, and may the force be with you xxxxx

Just the one ....

This is my card for this week's Sarah Kay Challenge
week 11,
which is a Trio of Papers

I love this image and it is the first time I have actually used it, but very probably not the last. For some reason, and I'm guessing it's the beret, I think it has a French feeling about it.
The 3 papers I used are by Printworks Collection - or so it says on the label - and I bought them years ago at a craft fair and didn't use them until earlier this year when I needed some blue and green paper. I coloured it with PMs and the old MSBP has been dragged out again. Yeahhhhhhh xx That gorgeous velvet ribbon is from my stash but I'm not sure where I got it from.

There may be another post if I get done what I need to get done. But if not, have a brill day and I hope the sun is shining for you like it is here cos it is a gorgeous warm Autumn day here in Chester xxxx

PS, that misty thing is still there but I promise you that this house and me have been choccie biscuit free zones today. Now before you think I have gone all virtuous and good, the reason for this is that I ate them all yesterday so there are none left for me to scoff - oh what a porker.

Just call me Fat Pie Phillips lol xxx

And I did wipe the lens so maybe it is something to do with the camera, like that depth of field malarky that I hear photographers talking about and about which I nod in a knowing fashion when they tell me about it, but which in reality I have not the first clue about. And F stops, what on God's green earth is an F stop????

Answers on a postcard peeerrlease xxxxx

Fabulous Awards xx

I am a lucky sausage!!! I got 2 fabulous awards.

This is from Marcea - I just found her beautiful blog and she has some yum stuff on there, plus she is a very nice lady as well (and she gets my weird sense of humour!!!)
Thank you hunny xxxx

And this is from 2 of my best bluddies (blog buddies) and they are
both bluddy fabulous as well lol xxxx

So thank you Kath and Jacqui.

I have the most enormous respect of them both because a) they are awesomely talented and b) they are 2 of the nicest people you could meet. Not that we have met of course,
but maybe one day we will.
Now I have to pass this on to 5 of you lovelies. Oh this is just really difficult cos there are so many nice people out there whose blogs just make my day and I cannot pick 5. So although this is going to sound like a right old cop out, (it's not, but how's a girl to choose??) I am going to award this to everyone who takes time out of their busy days to pay me a visit. Thank you peeps, I really truly appreciate it and these are for YOU (yes, you lol xxx)

Be back shortly with another post ......

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cattitude and Lots of 2 in 1s xx

Yes, you are not seeing things. It is indeed a PB stamp which my friend Jan from Creative Pastimes has kindly asked me to look after while she is on holiday, and cos she felt sorry for me being a PB pauper (ahhh, it IS a shame xx). Well how could you refuse this little face - awww so sweet. And big thanks Jan - I really appreciate it xxx
It's a bit dark this (must be the camera lol xx) so I might try and re-load it later (soz xx)
This is for 2 challenges. Firstly, CCT challenge #27 - Cats & Dogs. I only realised after I had finished this that actually I had already done a cat card this week which I guess would have qualified. But I had so much fun doing this one, so what the heck!!! It's also my card for Spoonful of Sugar, challenge #17 - Christmas is Coming. I sort of based it on the Sarak Kay sketch which I used last week and which is gorgeous. The papers are Funky Hands Funky Little Christmas - ab fab and bargainous @ £3.49 - and the ribbon (which hasn't shown up very well cos there are green spots on it), is another ab fab, Poppicrafts. Now despite a lady on the last workshop I did saying that she didn't think red and acid green went together, I really like that combi. Tell me peeps, whaddya think? Go on, be honest....
This next one is a 2 in 1 but not the usual way round ie 1 card = 2 challenges.
This is 1 challenge = 2 cards. Why, I hear you ask?
Or maybe I didn't hear you ask, but I'll tell you anyway xx.
It's cos I heart cats and I heart CCT lol xxx
Oh and I am just loving these box type easy peasy pop up cards at the mo
This fella sure has major cattitide and I love this image. He is another 'on loan' PB boy from Jan as is that oh so true sentiment - LOVE it xx That gorgeous brown spotty paper is from Dinky Dots and the ribbon is a scrappy bit from the very depths of my ribbon hoard.

As per the last card, this is also another 2 cards for 1 challenge thingy, cos I got this Whiff of Joy stamp lastweek and I just couldn't wait to have a go, mainly cos I am really in Pro Marker heaven at the mo. I found the red spotty paper in my 12 x 12 paper box, even though it is actually A4 (bad filing on my part) and the grey harlequin paper is PP. The ribbons and jewel brads are Poppicrafts and the 'stamped-onto- paper-and-just-stuck-on-to-hide-the-appalling- bloody-job-I-made-of-trying-to-stamp-directly-onto-the-card' sentiment is Woodware.

I just noticed that there is a bit of a misty thing going on in the left hand bottom corner. Maybe it is a misty thing or maybe it is grease from the chocolate biscuit I was scoffing whilst taking the pics - ohh major slap, you little fattie!! Little pickers wear bigger knickers!!!

Here's a close up of that beautiful image.

Now you have a nice day, wontcha y'all xxxxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


This is my card for this weeks 2S4U and it's
Kazan's Sketch #9.
It is the most gorgeous sketch. I really love it and will use this
again and again, I'm sure.

I coloured with Pro Markers (yes again, oooh they are gorgeous xx), the paper is PP and the ribbons were from my stash - I think I might have got one of them from Crab Apple Crafts. The sentiments are Woodware.

It's also my card for this week's Tilda Challenge #39 which is Chocolate Delight and the idea is to use the picture below as inspiration.

Pink and chocolate? Now you're talking!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

PTW and The Huggiest of Hugs xxxx

Hasn't this week gone fast? Or is it me!!!
It's time for another Papertake Weekly challenge, which this week is based on one of the very talented Katharina's fabulous sketches. And fabulous it is!!!
The stamp is a brand new one which I got from Stamposaurus after seeing it on the lovliest of lovlies Leann's blog. I have to say that Jayne is very nice, very helpful and most importantly, she gets the goods to you quick!! Thank you Jayne for your speedy service cos there is nothing worse than buying a stamp and then having to wait weeks for it to arrive when you are itching to have a fiddle.
I coloured it with Pro Markers and added a bit of Glamour Dust. Well... you know I like me bit of sparkle lol xxx The papers are PP natch, and the ribbon is Poppicrafts
And just when you thought I'd forgotten all about it, the MSBP is back - wooohooo xxx
Don't forget to pop over and have a look at the rest of the team's fabbytastic creations - they are all a bit wowwza xxx
Finally, I have to say the hugest of thanks yous for all your lovely kind words yesterday. I am not normally given to wallowing as you know. It was a blip and it was a rare thing which won't happen very often. All is well at the pig sty again but I just want you to know that I really appreciated all your support - it helped more than you will know.
Have a great evening xxxxx

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Power Cuts, Cats and Sadness xx

It's been a funny old day. More of that in a sec, but first, here's card I did for 2 challenges.

I used this weeks Sketch Saturday (sketch #16) and combined it with this weeks PBSC which is A Mans Card - No Blue (those circles are green btw even though, I grant you, they look a bit on the blue side lol xx). As I am still a PB pauper, I have used a sticker I found a few weeks ago and stuck it onto acetate. Due to bad lighting - well it can't possibly be the photographer can it lol xx, you can really see it here but in real life it is hardly visible at all. The papers are 2 of Summer's Boy Oh Boy collection. Thank you chicken, they are gorgeous xx The little animal brads are Poppicrafts, as is the ribbon. Aren't those brads tigger-tastic!!!! I have to be honest and say that I am not overly happy with this card, but I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that it would be for better and for worse and that I wouldn't not put something on just because I didn't like it. So it's warts and all I'm afraid lol xxx

Well like I said, it's been a funny old day. And not funny ha-ha to be honest. We have been without electric for hours today and I tell you, you don't half take it for granted that you can just go and put the kettle on or have a shower. And try explaining to a 2 1/2 year old that she can't watch Lazy Town because the telly doesn't work, although from our point of view, that bit was a definite plus cos I can live my whole life without ever hearing 'oopsh, shumone's in trouble' again.!!!!!! Yeah, big boy, it'll be you if you say that one more time!!!!

The supply came back on eventually but then my internet connection had to be sorted - it goes all doo lally and moody when it's supply is abruptly removed and sulks for hours lol xx Anyway we are back to normal. I shouldn't moan really cos in the great scheme of things it is nothing more than a very minor inconvenience and there are lots of people coping with far worse.

But I think the main reason it has all been a bit weird is that on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning 5 years ago today, my lovely Mum died. Now I don't know why it is, but this anniversary has affected me far more than the others, even the first one. Not sure why that should be but yesterday was particularly bad for me. Maybe cos I am just getting over the lergy and am probably still a bit low. And maybe cos there is a lot of sadness in Blogland at the moment.

I only really got into the card thing after she died and as she was one of the most wonderfully gifted and artistic people I know, I guess I feel a bit cheated that a) we never got to share this hobby - she would have been awesome, and b) she never got a handmade card from me, apart from when I was little, and milk bottle tops and bits of string and glitter don't really count, although I 'm sure those were priceless to her and she loved them as only a mother could!!! I also feel deeply saddened that she never got to meet Kyla . Not sure if I have told you this before, but Kyla was born on her birthday. I do think it's lovely that this child who has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives should share her birthday - I think that's just sooo nice.

Those of you who know me know I don't do maudlin and whingy stuff - not usually, and even then, not for long. So that's that I guess. So before you all grow beards, which are, quite frankly, NOT attractive on women, (and I'm guessing that not many men will be reading this, as there are not that many in Cardy -de la- Blogland and one of the few that are, a certain Mr T Holz, already has one and he wouldnt be reading this anyway and if he was, Kath would slap me!!!!), I'll say night night. I'm off now for a nice chilled glass of vino, Sauvignon Blanc and nicely chilled. I'll drink a little toast to my mum and to all the mums out there, my good self included, and I'll leave you with this thought ....

The best place to live if you like wine is Germany. Why? Cos if you ask for dry white wine, you get three lol!!!

Tararrr xxxx

Friday, 12 September 2008

Sarah Kay

This is my card for this weeks Sarah Kay Weekly Challenge, which this week is based on a gorgeous sketch. I did debate whether to get the old MS punch out but then decided I would give it a rest and just made a scalloped edge out of punched
circles - like ya do lol xxxx

At the risk of repeating myself, I am just loving my Pro Markers and I am wondering how I ever managed without them now. The paper here is PP (Little Fleurs, I so love that collection) and the ribbon and pearly bits are from Creative Pastimes in Ellesmere Port.

Also, some of you gorge blog buds that are in touch via e-mail know that for a while now I have been trying to set up another card club and have been looking around for a suitable venue.

Well..... ta dahhhhhhh and woohooooo

At last we have premises, we have advertising going on and we are ready to rock and roll in October. I am sooo excited about this, I can't tell you. If the new members are half as nice as my Saughall ladies (I just loves em to bits xx) then I will be over the moon. And I'm sure they will be cos I reckon that people who make cards are among the nicest on the planet.

Finally, the snotty grotty lergy thing seems to be beggaring off - obviously knew it wasn't welcome here at chez Dawny - and I almost feel back to normal (well as normal as I will ever be lol xxx ) Thank you for all your get well wishes - I so appreciated your kindness, lovely peeps xxxx

Have the most fantabulous of days and maybe there will be another post later if I get me work done xxxxxxx

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Right Pair!!!!!

No I'm not talking about the cards!!!! My flippin cold has now developed into an achey, snotty nosed (wayyyy TMI - sorry) sore throat of a cold, and to top it all, my Emma has got shingles!!!!
Anyway ....

This one is actually for someone - can't say who - but it is also for the Spoonful of Sugar challenge which this week is based on one of Nikkie's fabulous sketches. I loved doing this one I have to say and I am so getting into using my Pro Markers that I rather think my watercolours and Prismas are a thing of the past??? I NEVER thought I would say that, but I just love them. The papers are PP and the ribbons are the completely gorgeous Raspberry Ribbons. The blooms are Poppicrafts and the bling is from
Creative Pastimes in Ellesmere Port. Hi girls xxxx

Now if you read my post earlier in the week, you will know that I made a card for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge,which this week is One For The Girls, and only realised once I had made it that I hadn't actually used a Penny Black image!!! Sadly, this is true lol xxx Now I don't actually have many PB stamps, and the ones I have are either for Christmas or Easter. So I was just about to have a diva strop cos I can't go and buy any just now due to a) just buying the Pro Markers and b) being the wrong side of pay day (cry cry). Then I remembered my lovely blog bug Jill had sent me some PB images - thanks chicken xxx - so I used one of them !! Paper is again PB, the ribbon is from Hobbycraft andf the little sentiment is from ScrapNFonts - Frilly Words. Pearly stuff is from Creative Pasimes in Ellesmere Port. And that punched border???? Well this is my new Fiskars Threading Water punch which I got here but which sadly are out of stock at the mo (another cry cry lol xxx)

TFS and hope you all have a nice, sniff free day - unlike me :( xxxx


Just wanted to say to all our friends from the US that I am thinking of you today, especially if you lost anyone on that awful day. Is it just me or can we no longer see a plane in the sky without remembering???
God bless America and God bless us all xxxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Follow me, follow you ... ah haaaaa xx

Ok I changed the words a bit lol xxx
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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Papertake Weekly

Over at Papertake Weekly, the challenge this week is Autumn Haze. So this week we'd like to see some autumn themed cards - autumn stamps, autumn colours or anything you associate with autumn! Here's mine, and don't forget to nip over and check out the other girlies fabulous stuff xx

I know Tilda is holding a star, but for some reason (maybe cos I am a bit puddled at the mo lolxx) it just reminded me of a sparkler on bonfire night, which is ever so autumn me thinks. I coloured her with my new Pro Markers (ooh such fabulousness and I am hearting them loads lol xx). The papers I used were from a freebie download from my fab friend, the sweetness that is Kirsty Wiseman - Squishy Pumpkin (that's the download, not Kirsty lol xxx). Thanks darl xxxx The bloom and ribbon is from another fab friend, the mighty Mich at Poppicrafts - ohh it won't be long before we get to see some of her delish creations cos she is almost ready to craft again - yahhhhhhhooooo xxx. If you are new to this blogging malarky thingy, Mich hasn't been able to craft for a wee while cos she has been having building work etc done. But not for much longer. Keep an eye out on her fab blog or have a nosey at her work over at Liz's PP Inspirations. Awesome xxx
Well that's me done today. The dizzy stuff is still lurking like a bad smell around me but it's more of a whiff now rather than a huge pong!!! But as one door closes etc wouldn't you just know it, up pops the beginnings of a cold and sore throat. Would you Adam and Eve it peeps!! I think I am just about ready for the knackers yard at the mo.
Maybe it's just a case of old fartitus lol xxxx
Must just say as well, did anyone watch the Joanna Lumley prog on Sunday about her going to see the Northern Lights. OMG how fantastic was that and how ab fab is she - I just love her!!! I soooo want to see them and one day, hopefully, we will go. If anyone out there has been and has any tips, please let me know (hugs hugs xx)
Night me darlings xxxx

Monday, 8 September 2008

Don't look down, lots of sorries and a couple of challenges lol xxxx

Firstly, thank you for your nice e-mails checking if I was still on the planet!!! I am, just about lol xxx. I’ve been a bit under the weather, well quite a bit under the weather to be honest. I get these dizzy spells and they can make me feel really nauseous, and looking down makes it a lot worse. So it wasn’t a good time to make cards as you can imagine. I have tablets from the Dr which alleviate it a little but the down side is that they knock me off my feet and I go into zombie mode. Friday was pretty much like that. Then I had a workshop on Saturday which was quite hard going for me but must have been a hoot for the ladies on it, as I can pretty much bet it is the first time they have been taught by someone doing a fabulous impression of a dressage horse lol xxx

And secondly, HUGE apols, as because of this I have been a very bad blogger and haven’t visited anyone for a while so I promise that this week I will try and catch up with everyone. I’ve missed all the fantastic creations and can’t wait to see what you have all been up to xxx

I will also answer the lovely e-mails I have had as well – I really appreciated that you were thinking of me and hope you didn’t think I was a rudey not answering straight away, as I always like to do this and those of you in regular contact with me will know that I generally reply the same day. It’s just one of my pet hates cos I think it’s a bit rude not replying, so I am really sorry for the delay xxxx

Anyway, enough waffle. I am a bit better now and managed to make a couple of cards yesterday. I have been a bit naughty and treated myself to a set of Pro Markers (well I needed cheerign up lol xx). Oh and how fabulous they are. I’m still not proficient though and will be calling upon my lovely blog buds for tips and hints (Jacquie and Rach stand by for an e-mail xxx)
This first one is for CCT which is Pretty In Pink. The image was a RAK from Nikkie xxxx, the paper is PP and the ribbons and blooms are a mixture of Prima, Poppicrafts and and that old faithful, DS (Dawny's stash lol xx). I used Pro Markers to colour in. Whaddya think ????
This is for Dutch Dare Challenge 13 which was to use buttons on your card. OK, I only used 1 but it is a button nonetheless xxxx I coloured in with Pro Markers.
I'll also have to confess to a bit of a blonde moment here cos I did this for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge - One For The Girls and only realised when I did it that I hadn't used a Penny Black image!!! See, I told you I wasn't right. It MUST be the tablets lol xx

I'm stretching it a bit here with this one cos it is for a Spoonful Of Sugar, which this week is 'Anything But A Card'. Weeeeeellll, it is a card of sorts, BUT it's a bit different cos it is one of them there standy uppy things which I so love doing at the mo. So I think it might just qualify. I used Prisma Pencils to colour, the stamp is by the awesomely talented Rachelle xxx and the little owls stamped on the background which you can just about see are a mixture of stamps from Just Johanna at Odd Bird Planet. Which considering the week I've had, is very apt lol xxx

TFS xxxx

Monday, 1 September 2008

Papertake Weekly

Hi peeps.
Here is my card for this weeks Papertake Weekly challenge, which this week is based on one of Katharina's awesomely fabulous sketches.
The image and flowery paper is from Eline's Babies 3 - how sweet xx
The lime gingham paper is from the bottom of my rooty tooty box so not sure where I got it or where it was from, sorry xx The little tag is from PP Tiny Tags and the ribbon is a random bit from my ribbon box.
Pop over and have a look at what the other DT gorgeous girlies have done - they are fabulous, AND there is also a fantastic Whiff Of Joy stamp up for grabs as this week's prize.
A fab sketch and a fab prize - what more could we want.
Thank you Katharina for both xxx
Have a fab evening xxxx