Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Papertake Cheatly lol xxx

Ohhh what have I done!!!!

Well the challenge this week over at Papertake Weekly is Black & White + 1. Now you'd think that someone who spends most of her professional life dealing with figures etc would be able to count to 1.

But seemingly I can't.
Cos I realised after I did me card that I'd coloured the grass green.

In my defence, I was so smitten with me new Heidi In The Flowers image that I just HAD to use her cos she is so cute.

Which obviously led to me having one of me moments cos I was merrily colouring away and forgot and used a bit of green for the grass.

Which makes it black and white + 2.

Of course, I couldn't really have used any other colour really, so please forgive me peeps.

Like I said to someone the other day, you can take the blonde out of the hair,
but not out of the girl :(

So here's the big picture, and the scene of the crime.

I coloured Heidi in with PMs but forgot the Glamour Dust - just when you thought it couldn't get worse lol xxx!!

You can get hold of a Heidi for yourself over at Dies To Dies For and check out the offer of the day - it's Magnoliatastic :)))xxx

I did a bit of a funky mix and match with the papers. They are Funky Fairy's gingham and Funky Hand's Salt And Pepper spotty.

I've been on the scrounge round the old cards again and found a bit of me fave ribbon :) The button was from a kit but that's about all I can tell you cos I can't remember which one!!!

You're not surprised are you, considering I couldn't even count to 1 lol xxx

The 'cute' bit on the side (ohh that sounds bad) was a mistake (most bits on the side are!!). I shouldn't have put it on cos it's made the card very unbalanced which I don't like. If I get a sec I will put something on the other side to even it up a bit. Note to Dawny - please re-read the bit in one of your book about the rule of thirds!!!!

Well apart from the cheating, it is a fantastic week over at PTW cos we have 4 brand new designers joining us. They are Sharon, Jill, Debi and Donna.

Sharon is one of the best and is one of my oldest blog buds - that is oldest as in how long I've known her, not in age (sorry Sharon, cos I've just made you sound ancient xxx). When I first started out in the land of Blog, I was just blown away by her style and work and I still am to this day.

Jillis one of the nicest, sweetest girlies ever, she does fab work, and again she's one of the first blog buds I ever had.

Debi is one of my newer blog buds and she is also one of my AFA teamies and her work is amazing.

And Donna is also one of my newer blog buds and her work is also fab and she is a granny and she's funny. So my kind of gal.

I am looking forward to working with all of these talented peeps, I really am. Though after my cheaty bit today, it might not be mutual lol xxx

And of course we still have my other fabulous blog bud as one of our GDT and that is the wonderful Mrs Kath. She'll probably hate me for doing this but I just have to give her a toot .....

fanfare please .....

... cos she's only been invited to participate in the Countdown To World Cardmaking Day which is hosted by Paper Crafts Magazine and Moxie Fab World. How fab is that!! You can read all about it here.

Not only is Kath in there but also Kim (Dellow xxx), Rach (xxx) Andrea and Lucy. Girlies we couldn't wish for anyone better to represent us UK cardies and the work you did is just awesome.

Well that's me done for today, although sadly not in the work department cos there is a stack of it on my desk. So I'd best get on and get it done. Have a great day and hugs to all xxx

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Guess Whose Scheduling Didn't Work lol xxx

Yes, it was mine :(

I was out yesterday afternoon at a party and then we had visitors last night so I scheduled this. Except I Dozy Dawny didn't do it properly so it was a no show. Anyway, we're here now.

So yesterday was Anyone For Anya time and as it was the last challenge of the month, we had a sketch, cos that's what we do.
And it was this one ......

.... here.

I flipped it and this is me card.
Terrible editing once again - sorry peeps!!!

And different colours than I would usually use but I kind of like them and IRL it's neither as wishy washy or as harsh as it looks here. And the colours are a lot nicer than they look here as well.

Ohh not doing very well am I lol xxx

I coloured Anya with my faithful PMs and sprinkled a bit of the loveliness that is Glamour Dust. You can get Anya and the fab PMs from the very lovely Tracy over at Dies To Die For and there's a whole heap of other yummy stuff there as well.

The papers I used are Funky Fairy - gingham and the stripey one is a Dawny P one which I did in 'Paint' to match the pens I'd used. I had to do stripes cos they are quite easy and I'm not that good really at doing anything more complicated :(((o

And there you go.

If you get a sec, nip over and check the blog out cos the team have done some fab work with the old sketch.

I'm on a flyer cos I had to re-do the post due to my dozy ways re making a booboo with the scheduling yesterday.

You didnt miss much cos it was mainly a load of drivvle about us going to party later on. But we went and we had a fab time so that was it lolxxx

Have the fabbiest of days and I'll see ya tomorrow cos it's PTW time and I have some FABULOUS news to share. Ohh I am so excited I cannot tell you.

Hugs to all xxxx

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lotsa Pics & A Trio Of Challenges :)

I realised that I haven't done too many challenges for a couple of weeks cos time has run away with me. So today I managed to find a couple of crafty hours and I've done a couple of cards.

The first card is for 2 challenges - Just Magnolia which is a colour combi challenge, namely pink, grey and optional black. Well say no more, cos they are just my kind of colours :)

I combined this with the really lovely sketch by Heather over at Truly Scrumptious ....

... and this is what I did.

Tilda was coloured with the old PMs - they've had a little rest and now it's back to work for them!!! And there's a bit of Glamour Dust sprinkled about as well. I used Classic Circle Nestabiliities for the image base.

You can get them as well as Pro Markers and Miss Tilda and her pals over at Dies To Die For. And there is a fab offer on for the new PM colours (which, shock horror, I haven't yet got, so I for one have got to investigate this one lolxxx)

I punched the flowers (they were being lippy lol xxx) and used buttons and Craftwork Cards Card Candy for the middles.

All the papers are Pink Petticoat - Mini Little Big Dots, Stripes, and the grey with teeny black dots is black dots from Bloomin Doodles which was then over printed with a silver solid.

Is it my eyes or is this pic a bit fuzzy ????

Ahh that's better.

Here's the arty farty angle shot which doesn't show the dimensions too well but there is some there cos I don't really like 'flat'.

So that's the first card.

And here's the second.

I just LOVE this image - she is so sweet and she's all kitted out in her Christmas clothes. She is Milly on her Reindeer and she is one of the gorgeous Christmas stamps by the fabbytastic Janet at Pink Gem.

Not only is she available, but there are some new stamps on sale today so nip over and check it all out cos they are FAB :)

So this is the card I did using the gorge sketch over at Sketch And Stash which has been done by Tanja. I coloured Milly with PMs and I also did the snow thing again with some Flower Soft. I think it looks fab - just like crunchy snow :)

The red checked papers is a download from Mad About Cards and the ribbon is a bit which I found in my ribbon box and I added 3 bells which really 'tinkle' I THINK I got them from Creative Pastimes but I wouldn't swear to it.

And that's me card.

No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get the photo editing right when I use red and green. If anyone else has had this prob and knows how to resolve it, please please pretty please tell me how to fix it, cos it drives me mad.

Well I am off cos it's SCD and XF tonight. Now I have to say that Joe Calzaghe did show signs of getting better in the group dance last night so maybe there's hope. But now I saw Ricky Whittle dance, well he is for sure going to win. Not only is he gorgeous, but he is just a brilliant dancer. And shock of the week is old Tuffers cos he was quite good I thought.

So I'm off for a nice glass of something white and nicely chilled - no not lemonade!!! Kyla has been to a party today and she's just going to bed, Emma is off out to a pary tonight so it's just me and the tricky one, who is now fully recovered from his fall, and thank you for all your nice comments re that xxx

Just like Arnie, I'll be back ............ tomorrow, cos (and I really can't believe how this week has flown), it's time for another Anyone For Anya challenge.

Have a fab Saturday night and hugs to all xxx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Papertake Picfest and Festive Pics :)x

Imagine some nice Christmas music playing in the backgound as you read this - yes we are all seasonal here at chez piggy wiggy.

It's Tuesday, so that means it's time for another Papertake Weekly challenge, and this week it's a sketch.

It's this one here .......

I got to play with the new Wild Rose Studio Christmas CD and I thought I'd use it for this weeks Papertake Weekly cos it is just uber FABBYTASTIC!!!!! You can see here for more info, and all papers, images and sentiments in this post are from the CD :)

There's loads and loads on there and all have co-ordinating papers so you can be sure it all matches. Plus there's papers and images which you can colour yourself, and Dulcie has even included a decoupage sheet for all the images. There's coloured and uncoloured in various sizes - you will absolutely be spoiled for choice.

I was, so I ended up doing 2 cards.

And I was obviously in the festive spirit and feeling kind cos I gave the good old bad boys the night off as well, cos eveything I used was all pre-coloured.
Honestly, it could not be easier to make your cards.

So this is the first card I did. How sweet is that mouse!!!!

And do you like the snow?

I used white Flowersoft which was part of my prize from Simon Says Stamp - it really does look like crispy white snow. I didn't give the Glamour Dust a rest though so there's a bit of that sprinked about as well.

I was inspired to dig out my Cuttlebug snowflake cos Mrs Kath used one for her PTW card this week - see here cos it's brill. And that got a dousing in Flowersoft as well.

You should see the cat lol xx

You can see the gorgeous paper a bit better here - too cute for words.

So that's the first card.

Lilac, a sweet girlie with prezzies and some more Flowersoft ....

... and here's the second card.

The ribbon was from the Paper Mill Shop

Ooops I've over- done the lighting a bit here - dope!!!
But I hope you likee.

If you get a sec, check out PTW cos there's some cracking work on there, as always, and next week we have some wonderful news which I'm dying the share but I can't until then - oooohhhh!!!!!

I'm off to do the 'nursey' bit cos poor Richard fell off a ladder today whilst picking apples from off of our trees. He hurt his arm and his stomach and there's a big red mark on his head as well, poor lad.

He will of course milk it for all it's worth so although I feel sorry for him now, no doubt by the end of the week, I will be wanting to put the ladder somewhere the sun does not shine lol xxx

Have the fabbiest of nights and hugs to all xxxx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Strictly Disappointing, Wonder Kid and A Bit of Anya Too :)

But in reverse order lol xxx
I hope everyone is having a fab Sunday :)x

Over at Anyone For Anya this week, our challenge is Funky Flowers. You can use home made or bought flowers or even flowery paper - it is up to you.

And there is a fabulous sentiments set up for grabs which has been sponsored by the loveliness that is Tracy at Dies To Die For. And there are lots of awesome team cards as well for you to feat yer eyes on.

I decided to use another image from my Miss Anya Dressy sets which of course you can get at DTDF

So this is what I did.

I thought I'd use this colour combi because it is so fresh and clean looking, and also a bit unusual. But I do love putting different colours together and as long as there aren't too many and they have a similar 'hue', it usually will work quite nicely.

I coloured this little Miss in with the old PMs and I got the Glamour Dust out again after it's rest. There isn't a lot on here - just enough to give a little sparkle :)

My funky flowers are punched and the centres are from Craftwork Cards

The papers are Pink Petticoat, but I made the soft lime colour up in Paint, printed it out then ran it through the printer again and over-printed the PP dotty paper on the top so it matched the little spotty band and ribbons on the image.

The sentiment is from a Woodware set.

And there's the old card with some nice dimension.
Hope you likee???

We decided yesterday to go and have a wander up Moel Famau which is a moutain near here. Well it's officially not a mountain (as the Welsh peeps will know, cos mountain is mynydd - how educational am I lol xx). It's listed as a marilyn (as opposed to a munro - seriously!!) and it's just over 18,000 feet high. And we decided to take Kyla and see how she got on. That kid and her little legs walked every step up to the top and was carried only for a short distance and whenever she saw a dog near by.

As we set off, the weather was cloudy but dry but about half way up it started to rain - that fine drizzly stuff that wets you straight through. When we got to the top for our picnic it was a bit disappointing because it was quite misty so we didn't have the usual stunning viww. But we all enjoyed it and I think for 3.5 she did really well, bless her.

Talking of disappointing, 2 words.

Joe Calzaghe.

I have been looking forward to seeing him trip the light fantastic for weeks and it just didn't happen. I don't know what I expected really cos he wasn't ever going to be John Travolta was he, and I've seen wet lettuces with more ooomph. NOT that I would ever say any of this to his face (which is still rather gorgeous I think !!!).

Maybe it's because I really truly cannot abide the blonde bit he is dancing with (too many affairs with other people's men for my liking - allegedly!!) and maybe it's because I assumed that being light on yer feet would sort of come in handy and he would be half decent.

But it wasn't at all good really was it?

Oh well, I'm sure we can rely on Tuffers to liven it all up next week, and Rickie Whittle is supposed to be awesome (well he was in that Mambo!!). So we'll just have to wait until then I guess. And maybe Joe will be better next time - we live in hope.

Right, I am off to pick up some head pins and get some stuff to make a chilli for dinner cos that is what his Lordship wants. Emma and Kyla have gone to Blackpool to see the lights so it's just the 2 of us. R has never had one of those huge sugar dummies so they are bringing him one back - he won't have a tooth left in his head if he eats it lol xxx

Have the most fabbiest of Sundays xxxx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Double Spookytastic Picfest :)

Try saying that when you've had a few lol xxx

It's trick or treat time but I hope that you think it's a treat cos I've lots of pics for this card. This lil devil is Max and he is one of the fabulous Pink Gem Designs images which have been created by the sweetness that is Janet - you can see more of Max here.

I was thrilled not so long ago to be asked to be a Guest Designer for Janet and this is my first card for her. I love this image and how perfect for Halloween is he, all kitted out and ready to go.

As always he has been coloured with the good old bad boys but one again there is not a speck of bling here.

I thought this card would be perfect for Cute Card Thursday which this week is Hidden Treasure (I'll explain in a sec) and also for Stamp With Fun which is a lovely sketch

So this is the old card.

Spot my attempt at spooky writing cos I dragged the text box 'down' to give it a touch of the twightlight zone!!!!

Now I did say that the challenge over at CCT was Hidden Treasures .......

... so here's what I did.

The front part of the card lifts up to reveal who has had off with the treats.

And I can reveal .....

... that it was Spot The Dog :)

You can maybe see what I mean a bit better here.
Not sure about those brads now I see it here.

The paper is the new Pink Petticoat Spooky Doodles - it is a brilliant range of papers and images!!!!

And I 'ad libbed' a bit with the spiders (I remembered just in time that spiders have 8 legs and not 6 as per my card last year - doh!!!!)

And that's it - held shut for this pic courtesy of a little bit of Bluetack :)
Hope you likee!!!

I'm giving it to my great nephew for Halloween. We always dress the kids up and subject my poor aunty and uncle to an hour of trick or treating!!!!

I'm on a bit of a flyer tonight cos thanks to a wonderful friend across the pond, who shall remain nameless (but she knows who she is and I love her dearly for all her help xxx), I have just taken delivery of a fabbydoodles new Cricut cartridge and I so wanna play with it. I am also going to plug in my Cricut Design Studio which l've only had since Christmas and never used (shame on me and sorry Richard!!!) so that's my evening planned.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, whatever your plans are and see ya soon xxxxx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

PaperFAKE Weekly :)

Yes we're 'Faking It' over at PTW.

This sweetie lil sausage isn't a fake though. She is one of my new Miss Anya Dressy set. And the good news is that they are now in stock over at Dies To Die For and trust me peeps, they are even nicer when you get yer actual mitts on them :).

Also, keep your eyes peeled on the website cos Tracy has some awesome offers on at the mo.

Anyway, our challenge this week is to fake something your card. It could be stitching, flowers, ribbons, anything you want. And the team have done some stunning work as always so do nip and have a nosey.

Plus we have 3 brand new guest designers this week and one of them is none other than my spiritual cyber twin, Mrs Kath :)

So this is me card.

I don't know if you can tell from this pic but I've 3D'd her hat, skirt and collar. She was, as usual, coloured with my fabulous bad boys BUT there is not a single speck of glitter on here. Nor is there a border punch.

I must be ill or maybe there is a full moon lol xxx

But can you spot the 'fake' on here?

Well natch the stitching is drawn on cos I always do that!!! But there's something else not 'real' as well.

Yes, the button and thread are both made out of card!!!

The papers are both Pink Petticoat and the sentiment is from a Woodware set.

Due to the crappo angle I took this pic at, you can't really see the dimension but there is some there.

And that's it.
Don't forget to check out the rest of the cards chicks cos they are all so fab.

Ahhh it was so sad to hear about Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing didn't do it for me, I didn't have the time of my life watching it and you could have stuck Baby anywhere you liked as far as I was concerned.

But that scene from Ghost gets me every time.

Probably cos I used to be a potter - and I am still a bit potty as those of you who have met me will confirm. But sadly, the male potter I knew was a weasly little sod with more than a hint of Bobby Orange about him.

And to be honest, if he had sidled up behind me while I was on the wheel, I would have run a sodding mile.

And on that rather unsavoury note, I am off to bed, even though it isn't THAT late. But we did have a very very late night last night cos we stayed up to watch the US Open. We decided to have Pimms and strawberries and cream just for a bit of a laugh. And of course, it went to 5 sets, so that was more Pimms to keep us going - that stuff is so more-ish. I didn't want to get up this morning and I have not got out of 2nd gear all day, so the old batteries need re-charging.

Have a fab night and hugs to all xxxxx

PS - it was sad too about the culinary genius that was Keith Floyd. But can you imagine the party that is going on 'up there' right now -fantastic!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Something Different

Well it is a bit different for me, cos it isn't my usual 6x6 card.
It's actually 2 of them stuck together and trimmed to make a card that is this shape -

I tell you peeps, it isn't easy to photograph - or maybe that's just me lol xxxx
We did this type of card at card club on Monday so I thought I'd use it for our Anyone For Anya challenge which this week is Pink & White + 1. So as you could use any other colour, I went for my fave pale pistachio!!!

And I just had to use my new Dahlia stamp which I got this week from the fabulous Dies To Die For. How sweet is she!!!! I coloured her with the usual pens and blingy stuff. The papers are Pink Petticoat (spotty) and the ginghams are Funky Fairy.

The sentiment is from a Woodware set - sorry I cannot remember which one :(

The button is from my stash box and the ribbon is from a local warehouse. I coloured the string with the PMs so that it matched the green on the flower in Dahlia's hair.

This is what it looks like all fastened up. Nip over and check out the blog peeps cos there is a lovely stamp up for grabs this week and some fabulous cards by the team for you to feast yer eyes on :)xxx

Did anybody see......

The Happy Mondays last night on that Ghosthunting prog with Yvette Fielding? Now I know the language was a bit fruity to say the least but I tell you, it was hysterical. For a start. I only have to look at Bez and I smile. But watching him and the others having their melons twisted by 'whoever or whatever' was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

If you missed it and it ever gets repeated, you have to watch it. Be warned, as I say they are a bit Anglo-Saxon with their choice of wordage but even so .....

My lot think the whole prog is a big set up and maybe they are right but I cannot make up my mind to be honest. Possibly there is a bit of crew jiggery pokery but maybe not all of it is.

I'm quite a logical person (no, I am really!!) and I think that if out of all the gazillions of ghost stories you hear, if only one of them is genuine then it must be true. I've lived in a house where all sorts of things went on and the bathroom was very scary. I didn't know until much later that somebody actually died in there. Ohhh-errrrr!!!

And Emma is convinced that in this house, she saw somebody standing looking out of the window on two seperate occasions. One was late one night as she was coming up the lane home. She thought it was either me or Richard but we were both fast asleep ( as she was driving, she was totally sober). And one was in the day time when she drove past on her way to work from dropping Kyla off at nursery. I was in my office and nowhere near the window - not even in that room.

No expanation for either incident.

Anyway, before I scare meself silly - cos I such a wimp re these things - I am off to do some work. I hope that you all have a fab Sunday and that you get to enjoy the lovely weather we are supposed to be having until mid week.

Take care and hugs to all xxxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Paperlate Weekly :(o

Ohh I am sooo late getting this on here. What a palaver!!! Between power cuts, kids and work, I tell you peeps I had a complete nightmare yesterday.

Anyway it's done now.

So this lil cutie is having her first airing and she is Susanne, one of the new Boefje stamps which are now available at Dies To Die For (there's loads of other new stuff in as well).

Check out the rest of the range here, and if someone could tell me how to pronounce Boefje, I'd be ever so grateful (I thought it might be something like Buffy, but I'm probably wrong lol xxx)

But however you say it she is verrry sweet I think. I used her for our challenge over at Papertake Weekly which this week is a sketch .......

... this one here.
Nice and straightforward and simple - just like me :)

But I think there's a lot of scope with this one which isn't immediately obvious and I have to say that this is one I'll use again and again.

And this is what I did with it.

Unlike most of the work I put on here, this is actually for someone (you probably could tell that and you probably worked out that it's for Erin lol!!)

You also probably worked out that she's been coloured and sprinkled with PMs and Glamour Dust as well.

I got the white satin ribbon at The Paper Mill Shop and it was £3.99 for 22 metres. We used it for card club on Monday and there is still loads left.

Most of the papers are PP, but I don't know where the pink gingham is from, sorry peeps. And there's the SU scalloped punch back again, which I got from the lovely Mandy :)

I used some American Crafts Thickers (Hobbycrap, I THINK) and gave them the bling treatment. As there wasn't enough space to put the dot on the 'I', I used a little pink gem instead.

The teeniest bit of dimension and it's done.

There is a great prize up for grabs this week and some totally fab DT cards, as always, so nip over and have a nosey when you get a sec :)

And have a great day. I am just waiting for the farmer to come and sort our septic tank out (soz to anyone who happens to be eating!!) and there is a heap of stuff to do for work so that's my day sorted!!! I am living the dream today for sure lol xxx

I might get chance later tonight to have a bit of a crafty half hour, but we'll see. I could seriously do with a few more hours in the day at the mo!!

See ya soon xxxx