Saturday, 31 January 2009

Blog Candy, Sneak Peeks and a Willow Sketchie xxx

Ohh there's a lot going on here - it's a post in 3 parts so best get comfy lol xxx

OK, sneaky peakies first.
I was a bit more sneaky yesterday cos you couldn't really see the image, just my fave punch in the world :))x

This is another card for this month's Tutti Fruity Raspberry Ribbons kit. This time I used the pink organza and the gorgeous floral satin ribbons, along with the sweetest lil Sugar Nellie image, from Funky Kits. I won't even tell you what I coloured her with lol xxx The pretty papers are PP and I double printed them - see Liz's tutorial here.

In this month's ribbon kit, you get some little fruity charms and I also used a couple of them.

You can see them better here.

And now for a challenge - the Willow Sketchie Challenge
And it was a challenge, but thanks Sharon cos I really enjoyed this.

So this is the sketch.
But Sharon don't make it that easy girls, oh no!!

So, you have to follow the sketch natch, but also you have to put 2 hand drawn shapes out of patterned paper on and you had to use at least 1 Willow Design item.

And if that wasn't enough, you had to make a keepsake.
Phew lol xxx

Well as luck would have it, this lil fairy flew into my stamp collection today all the way from Willow, and I could not resist using her.

And this is what I made.

The papers are Willow Design, except the crown and the bow, which I drew onto PP paper. I thought I had better tell you what they were cos I have said it before and I'll very likely say it again, by I won't be giving Picasso any sleepless nights with my drawing ability.

The ribbon is from my stash, the little pink pearly dots were from Creative Pastimes, and that beautiful butterfly lace was a prezzie from my lovely blog buddy Dawn xxx. It was one of the things in the parcel she sent me yesterday and was the only thing that put a smile on my fizzog all day!! How gorgeous it is, and even nicer IRL

So we've done the sketch, and we've used the right stuff and we've drawn (badly) 2 things, so what about the keepsake bit?

Well it isn't a card, it's lil box, and one with dividers.

I thought Kyla could use it to keep her array of hair bobbles, ribbons, clips, slides etc in. I got the template for it from The Cutting Cafe and it is really easy to do. I will use it again for sure and it will come in handy for Easter.


BLOG CANDY bit is now at the top xx

Friday, 30 January 2009

Tie A Yellow Ribbon xxx

Hope you have all had a better day than me!!!
But more of that in a sec ....
Firstly, here is the card I sneaky peekied yesterday.

Yep, it is one of my new Penny Black stamps (coloured with the usual bad boys!!). This is another of my cards for the new Raspberry Ribbons Tutti Fruity kit. I thought that fabby yellow checked ribbon went so well with the paper. Mind you I can't remember where I got the paper from cos it was a freebie, sorry. I can remember where I got the black and white striped paper from cos it is one of my faves - PP of course!! The sentiment is from the Lollie download from pc Crafter

I love the sentiment!!

And as it's nearly Easter (ish!!), I thought I'd do a pop up Easter card. The cute bunny is from the Woodware Easter Bunnies set and this is similar to one of the cards we are going to be doing on the next Creative Pastimes workshop. Again the spotty fab papers are PP and the PMs were dragged out - no rest for the wicked there!!! These cards are easy peasy to do and they fold flat for posting - fabulous!!

Aren't those colours just gorge? I love this combi although I do only tend to use it at this time of year.

And a sneaky peaky for tomorrow - wooo, what is that?
Could it be a MSBP perhaps?
All will be revealed tomorra xx

Talking of tomorra, Jan at Creative Pastimes is having a mahoosive sale - there are bargains galore peeps, so if you are not doing owt between 9.30am and 11.30am, get yerslef to Capenhurst Village Hall - just around the corner from the shop. If you need details, you can either e-mail me or ring the shop on 0151 347 9444 and one of the very fab and lovely girlies there will help you :)x

Now, back to the crappiness that has been today.

Well the workout did not get done and I am not amused quite frankly. You know what happened at Crimbly re the drunked sod who decided to go stock car racing through our hedge at 1.30am (if you are new to the pig sty, or you missed it, you can check it out here ). Well, the gardners came to start the repair work yesterday. I had been told that the damaged bit of the hedge could be replaced with an established one and although it would cost mega moulah, as the drunk's insurers were coughing up, the cost was not really an issue for me.

So, the new posts are in, and they told me yesterday that the hedges would be delivered today and that they pretty much had to go in straight away. So, the gardeners arrived bright and early and before long, there was a knock at the door. 'Can you come outside cos I need to talk to you', says one of the gardeners. I of course am still in me pjs cos I am waiting to do a bit of blubber shaking with my new best friend Camilla, so I have to go and get dressed. So I go out and there is the delivery man from the nursey holding what can only be described as a bunch of twigs with the odd leaf on. Nothing like the established hedge I had been led to believe - they had just sent bare root plants.

Well to say that I was not happy is an understament, and in true Basil Faulty mode I told them that there was no way that I was accepting them (I might have said it a bit more forcefully that that and I might have even swore). Honestly, I could have put those hedges where the sun don't shine!!!

So after standing outside arguing for over half an hour in what felt like Baltic conditions, he went away. The gardeners were just bewildered cos I must have turned into some kind of ranting she devil. They said they knew I would not be happy with them as soon as they saw them, and they were not really what they had asked for.

So now we are practically back to square one and the whole thing is a mess. I just keep thinking how much more do we have to suffer cos this moron chose to drink and drive. And to put the top hat on it, I am coming down with a nasty cold again, no doubt cos I was outside for ages instead of jiving and mambo-ing in the warrm - grrrrr.

There was one nice thing today though - I received a gorgeous card and parcel from the sweetness that is Dawn and it really cheered me up. Thank you so much for that darlin - you are such a love and it was really kind of you mmmwwwaaahh and hugs xxxx
So I am off to sit by the fire with a nice warm drink and my fleecy dressing gown (I call it my cosy lolxx) and snuggle up to the Tricky-meister and watch the telly.

I shall return tomorra with some more paper stuff.
Have the most fabby weekend peeps xxxxx

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tutti Fruity xxx

No, not me!!
It's the new fab Raspberry Ribbons kit and it is one of my faves I have to say.

I so 'heart' checked ribbon.

There are some crackers in this month's kit - really fresh colours that are perfect for this time of year - check it out peeps cos it is yummy xxx

I used one of the new Leanne Ellis stamps from Funky Kits, coloured with..... yes, you know what, and highlighted with a bit of the beautiful bling that is Glamour Dust!!! The papers are PP and a Nancy Kubo design (So Sweet) from Prima Hybrid. I've had this set for ages so I don't know if it is still available, but it is rather gorge :))

If I keep up with the diet, maybe I'll be a skinny as
she is (in my dreams lol xx)!!

I thought I'd do something a bit different here, so .......

..... here's a sneaky peeky of tomorrow's card :))

As Rolph would say, can you tell what it is yet? Show ya the rest tommorra if I survive the next workout sesh.

I have to say that I survived the first one. Did the shock waves of me bounding 'gracefully' round the living room reach you? Did you feel the force? Kath, did yer paint brush slip love?

Anyway, I thought I'd start off with the Camilla dance one. So I drew the curtains, front and back, cos God forbid the postie would come up the path and see this - it could give him post traumatic stress and I could be sued. And in the absence of a trackie, I wore my pj bottoms and a t shirt, trying to look like Sporty Spice (sadly it was probably more like old spice!!) and off we went.

Have you ever done one of these home workout things? Is it me or does everyone feel like the biggest numpty on the planet? I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was looking, and I knew I had lost the plot completely when I sent the cat out of the room ( she was looking at me in a very strange way - if I didn't know better, I'd think she was smirking!!)

but ....

after 5 minutes or so, I sort of went out of numpty mode and I actually enjoyed it. It must have looked hysterical cos I was all over the place, but afterwards, I felt holier than thou all day :)) So I am up for another go tomorrow.

I'm off for a herbal tea and to watch the Aussie Open. See you manana with some more cardy offerings xxxx

Tags & Awards xx

I've been tagged by the lovely Pauline, Beth and Sue.

This one's a bit different. What you need to do is ....

Go to Pictures on your PC, select the 6th album and the 6th picture, upload it to your blog and explain what it's about, then select 5 people to do the same

So this is the little madam.

My eldest came over to see us and she is into scarves and hats etc. Well Kyla, wanted to wear her scarf but it was quite a long one, so Nikkie wrapped it round her head. She looked so cute that I just had to take a pic of her sweet little face. I was mucking about with some photo editing software and darkened the edges to hide the fact that she was wearing her pjs, and this is the result. I have put the unedited pic on my blog before so you may have already seen it (yawn yawn, ohh just indulge the granny lol xxx).

So my 5 lovelies are -

And I got this award from the very lovely Sharon and Sheena - thank you for this chickeroonies. I've not got this and it is so lovely xxx

And this one was from Suzanne - thank you darlin xxx

And finally, this one from the sweet sweet lady that is the lovely Jacqui - thank you for thinking of me xxxx

The rules of this award are

A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep, and B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

OK - here goes

1 - I am fairly intelligent but I am a really dippy trout at times.

2 - I hate cutlery being put in the drawers the wrong way round - same with coat hangers

3 - I believe in life after death, although I've never seen a ghost - well, not knowingly

4 - I truly believe in karma - what comes around goes around

5 - I love fish finger and mushy pea butties - but not now cos I am on the diet

6 - I have a really warped sense of humour

7 - I cannot abide rudeness, cruelty or prejudice

8 - I hate letting people down and find it hard to say no

9 - I suffered with an eating disorder in my late teens

10 - I am very competitive when playing Scrabble (saddo!!) and hate losing :((

I find it sooooo hard to choose who to pass these awards on to cos there are so many fab people in Blogland and I would hate to leave anyone out. Sooo, I am going to pass these on to everyone who is kind enough to visit me. If you haven't got any of them, bag 'em now girls, sent with my love xxx If you do bag the last one, let me know so I can come and have a read cos I am such a nosey boot (that would have been my number 11!!)

I will be back shortly with some cardage ...... xxxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ohh I'm Late xxxx

Cos it was Papertake Weekly YESTERDAY lol xxx
But things are a tad hectic here at ma maison right now :((
Mon dieu!!!

But anyhoos, here is my card which you will have seen if you have mosied (think that's how you spell it but it don't look right) over to PTW. This week our challenge was based on the Dawny sketchie above. I did this card for one of Kyla's little friend's birthdays

The papers are PP, and the stamp is a Penny Black Stamp coloured with my old mates the Pro Marker boys!! Buttons and those yummy scrummylicious ribbons are from the very fabulous Poppicrafts.

I'm afraid I've made a right cods of the colouring here - I went over the lines round the red bow and tried to do a cover up job with the white gel pen. Ohh errr - silly billy, what a mess.

No doubt Kyla's little friend could do better herself!!
I just noticed that the geeraffe is looking right at the mess - ohh give the game away, why dontcha!!
Here ya go - have another peek lol xxx You'll notice that I've kept the messy bit as far away and as blurry as poss lol xxx

Well it has been all go here - work is really busy right now cos it is the end of the tax year, as Moira Stewart keeps reminding us from her cupboard. Plus I have been preparing the cards for the next Creative Pastimes workshop. So I have been up to me bits ever so slightly.

In fact, I've been a ........

But it hasn't been all bad. Richard and I went out for dinner on Saturday night and I still lost another pound of lardage!! So my grand loss in the first week is 4lbs of blubber.

But I want more, oh hell yes!!!

So tonight I have been and bought 2 DVDs - the fitness types natch. One is Davinas and the other is Camilla from Strictly Come Dancing's dancey one. So I reckon that one will be great for aerobics and the other great for toning. I'm hoping it won't take me long to get back into it cos I am really ashamed to say that not that long ago, I was a size 8 and very fit, cos I used to play tennis 2 or 3 times a week, plus 2 or 3 spinning classes.

Where did it all go wrong??

Too many choccie biccies and cakes and sitting on my lardy a** watching Jeremy Kyle no doubt have turned me into Daisy Golightly. Anyone remember her from Candid Camera????

But that's all gonna change now cos I feel that I am on a mission. So now I will do my workouts whilst watching the Jez meister - et voila!! I keep watching that prog in the vain hope that one day I will see someone on there will a full set of teeth!!

So peeps, if you feel minor tremors near you about 10am on a weekday morning, fear not, it will only be me doing me exercises - boom boom shake da room lol xxx

Now I know Kath mentioned it on Sunday night, but did you all see Todd Carty on Dancing On Ice? I tell you peeps, I nearly choked. If you missed it, watch this - it is hysterical!!

And on that note, I'm off to have the last bit of grub of the day - a piece of Weightwatchers brown bread with a level teaspoon of Tiptree marmalade - fabulous.

I really know how to live don't I!!

And finally, I'm really sorry but I've been a badger - bad blogger lolxx - and I've also had some super smashing great awards which I have been slap dash at getting on here - sorry lovely chicksters, I'll sort that real soon.

Huggles xxxx

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Another Penny Black But Still No MSBP

This is just a quickie xxx
As I was soooooo later with last week's Penny Black Saturday Challenge, I thought I'd do this week's good and early. This week it's 'Frame It'.

I coloured with PMs - you knew that!! and the frame is from Craftwork Cards. The paper is PP, natch and the ribbon and button are from my stash. The blooms are Prima and Poppicrafts

I am on a flyer tonight cos we are off out, so have a great evening one and all and I will be back manana
Hugs xxxx

Friday, 23 January 2009

A Martha Stewart Border Punch Free Zone xxx

Yes, tis true - shock horror.
But I couldn't quite do without me PMs
However, 1 out of 2 isn't bad I suppose!!

I have been a bit naughty this week.

Kath, you know when I told you that I was on a no-more-stash-for-a-month drive?

Well, I lied lol xxx

Not on porpoise natch, but I saw some Penny Black stamps and they just seem to be saying, nay yelling 'buy me, buy me, buy me now' lol xx

So I did.

And this is one of them and I just think it is sooooo sweet. I love poppies, especially when they are growing wild in fields.

And just in the nick of time, I have done this for this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge and this week the PBSC girls are asking us to get dotty. Well no need to ask me twice cos a) I am a bit dotty - you probably noticed!! and b) I just love dotty spotty fab things. So this is my almost too late, but better late than never, offering!! The papers are PP of course, the sentiment is an Anita' stamp and the gorgeous red spotty scrummylicious ribbon is from Poppicrafts.

About turn lol xxx

I thought I'd tart up the edges a bit and make it a bit more windswept and interesting, as Billy Connolly would say!!

Now I noticed the other day that I have passed the 30k hittage mark, and it is also my bloggiversary this month - the pink pig sty is just over a year old. I can't remember the exact date - doh - but it is January for deffo. Sooo I reckon I better get some blog candy sorted in the next few days.

But no birthday cake cos we are still on the diets :(((
Well when I say 'still' it's only been since Monday lol xx but so far so good. I know you are not meant to weigh yourselves more than once a week. Or that is what the fat club leader told me when I went last year, but we cannot help oursleves, cos we're a pair of fat saddos!!. Tricky Dicky has lost 5lb so far and I have lost 2lb. That just isn't fair is it, but if that's the way the cookie crumbles (weight watchers of course), then I will just have to live with it, or do better next week!!

Must try harder Dawny!!

So that's me done for tonight. But before I go, I just wanted to share this with you. Not sure if you've seen it or not, but it is the new T Mobile ad and it is just completely brilliant. It's on YouTube and if I've done the link right, you can see it here, but if not, go to You Tube and do a search on it.

See ya tomorra peps xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Little Cutie xxx

This is Penelope - she's ever so sweet xx

This is my first card for a Pollycrafts Challenge, and when I saw that it was flowers and ribbons, well, how could I not have a go!!! So I used the lovely Penelope (from Pollycrafts) and coloured her with PMs (yawn yawn!!). I decoupaged the daisy for a bit of dimension - you can just about see it.

The ribbons are from the very wonderful Poppicrafts and the not so wonderful (cos it is a completely disorganised jumble) Dawny's stash. Ohhh disaster, cos I used the last bit of that fabby gingham, and I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it it from, sob sob. The papers are all PP and the flowers are teeny tiny punched ones - hope they still count!!

I keep moving back to the gorgeous pink / pale green / black colour combo, being the creature of habit that I am. Sorry, it must be like Groundhog Day when you come and visit here lol xxxx. And talking of which, can you guess what else I used? Ay, it's there alright. But quite honestly I don't know why I bothered cos you can hardly see it.

What a waste of time that was lol xxxx

Here's the arty shot again!!!

You can see the daisy better here, and also you can now see what I mean about Martha Stewart's finest wasting it's time turning up on this card, cos even in close up - and you couldn't get much nearer really without it being shoved up yer nostrils - you can still hardly see it.

Sometimes I worry about myself lol xxx
Maybe I am just addicted to that lil old piece of metal and have to sneakily stick it on whether it's needed or not. And it's not in this case, I know that.

But sadly, I did it anyway!!!

I'll be back tomorrow and I'll do me best to actually make a card without the punch. You never know, I may even leave the PM's alone as well. What do ya think?

No, me neither lol xxx

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

In Honour Of Our American Friends

Another post - twice in one day!!!

Like many people I have been glued to the telly today. This is such an important and historic thing that has happened and I found it all quite emotional, especially the final prayer. How much nicer this world would be if we all lived by those words.

There are quite a few US blogs that I visit, and I have got to 'know' quite a few lovely American people, and one lovely lady, Mary Dawn who visits here regularly, left me a comment on my last post which really struck a chord. She said .......

'i love what you said about my new president! i just realized that when i tell my kids "yes, you CAN be anything you want to be" that i can MEAN IT! i'm so proud and so hopeful'

And I thought, yes, that is sooo true. And how far have we come, cos being an old fart, I remember those images of burning crosses and I remember the evil that was apartheid. But in the great scheme of things, I am not that much of an old fart and it wasn't that long ago really. But maybe we can now all sleep a little easier, even though it's pie in the sky to think that this one man holds all the answers.

But you never know .....

I could not send a card to all my American friends to say congratulations, so I thought I would do one for you all. Except it isnt a card, it's a digi LO, but it is sent with love.

This is LO no 3 and slowly I think I am starting to twig . The papers and elements are from the Freedom kit by the beautiful person that is Summer Driggs. I have even added text to this one - that's a first lol xxx. Still not perfect, but I feel as if I am making progress.

And that is what today has been all about.

Hugs and love xxxx

Sweetie Pie & Historic Day xxx

LOVE these hearts xxx
This is one of the cards I did for the next Making Hand Made Cards launch - the new e-kit, which is coming out soon, is called Sweetie Pie.

It is really sweet, I have to say, and there are loads of colours included. This one is made using the more traditional Valentine colours, and the hearts and sentiments are included in the kit.

I cut some of the hearts out and stuck them onto a strip of acetate, then raised the whole thing up on foam pads. I doodled dots round the outside using a white gel pen to match the gorgeous spotty ribbon which I got from the ever so fabulous Poppicrafts.

You can maybe see better from the skew wifty angle here lol xx

I am posting early today cos I have been glued to the telly and I am just waiting for the Inauguration of President Obama. There are events that have happened in my lifetime which have massive historical interest, such as the deaths of Kennedy and Diana, a new millenium, and now this.

I really believe that this man can bring hope to us all, and not just to the American people. He has such charisma and is one of the most skillful communicators I think I have ever heard.

The Reverend Martyn Luther King had a dream.
Maybe today we are all seeing that dream beginning to come true.

Awesome xxxx

Monday, 19 January 2009

Better Shape Up xxx

Well girls, another week has gone by and it's time for another fab Papertake Weekly Challenge.

This week it's all about shapin' up lol xxx
The challenge is to use 3 shapes on your card or layout, and if you get really stuck, you can count your card base as one of your shapes.

So starting with a square card blank, I used one of the fabulous lil Denny Dragons from Pink Gem, coloured him with PMs, used my oval nesties, made a rectangle background with the PMs and Glamour Dust as per my earlier post. The buttons are from my stash, as are the ribbons. The sentiment is a Do Crafts stamp which I got from the sooper sale at the weekend.

Now I have to say that as I mentioned yesterday, my camera is mucking about at the mo and is not liking the green and pink for some reason cos IRL it looks a lot nicer than it does on here, so sorry peeps for the rubbish photos :((

Speaking of shaping up, today is the first day of yet another one of my diets.

I did go to Slimmers World last year and I did lose almost a stone of lardage and I noticed when I got my book out to check the 'rules' that I registered on 8th January, so it's just over a year ago since the last dietary episode. I am determined to lose the weight again and I have found that this diet is less painful than others cos there are loads of things to eat and you are never hungry.

I am kicking myself for being a greedy gannet with all things biscuity and cakey cos if I hadn't, I would not have put some of it back on, cry cry. I'm not at the stage where I look like I need a good iron when I've got me kit off, (you know, the Shar Pei puppy look lol xxx) but if I don't do something now, then it's Morphy Richards here I come lol xxx

Have a great night chickadees and enjoy the footie if like Richard and Emma you are glued to the telly (making me miss Corrie incidentally, cos they wanted to watch the build up!!).

Back tomorra with some more cardage and hopefully better quality pics cos quite frankly, these tonight are awful (hangs head in shame!!).

Huggles xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Piggy Is Drunk xxxxx

You thought I meant me didn't you, naughty bloglies -
you know me too well lol xxxx

I just love this image and I thought I would use it for this weeks Cute Card Thursday challenge, which is 'have a giggle'

Well I do like a giggle, and I do love pigs and this makes me smile everytime I look at it, so I thought it would be perfect. I know she's called Porridge but I changed her name to Esmerelda - a friend of mine had 2 Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs and they were called Quasi and Esmerelda and I think they are the coolest names, so I nicked it from her!!

The image is a Sugar Nellies image from Funky Kits and the papers are PP (Milk Chocolate Dots and then I ran the paper through again using a pretty pink solid). It's coloured with PMs just for a change and the ribbon and three little stone things are from my stash. I did the sentiment on the puter and that's pretty much it.

Here comes the angle .......

Now I have to say that my camera is playing me up something rotten (as is the mouse on my PC). I don't know what is up with it so these aren't awesome and I may end up re-taking them in natural light tomorra and see if it makes a difference.

While we are on the subject of giggling - well we were at the beginning of the post before I went off at a tangent about cameras and mice. But anyway, our Kyla has been been on top form today and I thought I would share this cos it really made me giggle xx

She has 2 buggies for her dollies and she had one doll in each of them and was pushing both buggies round, taking them for a walk (like little girls do). Well I think I may have mentioned this to you before but all her dolls are called 'Baby'. So Emma asks her as she is 'walking' them round, what their names are, just to see if this has changed. So Kyla tells her, pointing to one of them, 'this one is Baby Haydn (Haydn is my niece's baby and we all call him Baby Haydn), and then she points to the other one and says 'and this one is Baby Jesus'

We just collapsed - you could not make it up!! I wouldn't mind but both dolls are dressed in pink!! I'm sure the Lord won't mind though :))

I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who tooted our sale. Considering the short notice and the fact that our marketing and advertising campaign was basically non existant and it was mainly word of mouth, we didn't do too badly. We STILL haven't sold it all and we may well have one final sale in a few months.

I said I would do the random number thingie and I did and it picked number 5
which is Diane W so can you e-mail me your snail mail addy please chick and I'll get a little something nice off to ya to say thanks.

Well that's me done for today.
I'll be back manana cos it's Papertake Weekly time again - corrrr, don't it come round quick!!
Have a great evening y'all xxxx

Friday, 16 January 2009


But at my age, I'm not Nicholas (think about it lol xxx)

Anyway, just a quickie to let you know that we are having one more craft sale tomorrow at Saughall Methodist Church from 1pm - 3pm.

If you missed the post that gave you all the gen, you can see it here.

Eloise has decided that she is going to go and live in Spain with her Dad so it all has to go, therefore there will be some real bargainous goodies to be had.

Could I ask a HUGE favour please and ask anyone that reads this to maybe give it a toot on their blog, just to spread the word, cos we know it's short notice and our marketing has gone a bit awry this time, but obviously we'd like as many as possible to go. I would be awfully grateful, and gazillions of thank yous xxx & {{{hugs}}}}.

In fact, if you leave me a comment to let me know you've done the toot, I'll do the random number picker thingie and send something nice to the lucky winner for their trouble.

See ya later when I get me card photographed and mahoosive thank yous once againxxxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Bedtime Story xxxx

This made me titter, nay guffaw :))

I would like to say here and now that what you see at the end might be a pink piggy, but it bears no resemblance to me at all lol xxx
Thanks for this Jan xxx

OK, are you sitting comfortably?
Then I'll begin (that will mean diddly squat to the under 40s btw lol xx)

The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs went out to dinner one night. The waiter came and took their drink order. 'I would like a Sprite,' said the first little piggy.'I would like a Coke,' said the second little piggy. 'I want beer, lots and lots of beer,' said the third little piggy.

The drinks were brought out and the waiter took their orders for dinner. 'I want a nice big steak,' said the first piggy. 'I would like the salad plate,' said the second piggy. 'I want beer, lots and lots of beer,' said the third little piggy.

The meals were brought out and a while later the waiter approached the table and asked if the piggies would like any dessert. 'I want a banana split,' said the first piggy. 'I want a cheesecake,' said the second piggy.
'I want beer, lots and lots of beer,' exclaimed the third little piggy. '

Pardon me for asking,' said the waiter to the third little piggy,' But why have you only ordered beer all evening?'

The third piggy says - 'Well, somebody has to go 'Wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

The pic that was sent to me is animated and it sort of shakes and laughs - it reminds me of a cross between Dick Emery doing his vicar, and Edward Heath - sorry but I don't know how to bring it over so that it will do it here (see, I told you I was a thicko lol xx)

Hope it made you smile, and have a great night.

Back tommora with some cardage xxxx

PS, thank you to everyone who took the trouble to either leave me a comment or e-mail me with help re my digi issues. I do appreciate it and I am going to have another go and re-do the pic and hopefully get it right this time xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Digi-ri-doo xxx

or digi-ri-don't (as we say when Rolph gets his instrument out lol xxx).

But I am so starting to love the old digi, more and more and I think it could become quite addictive, if only cos you can do the creating, but with no mess - other than the biscuit crumbs over the keyboard which I really do need for sustainance cos it takes me sooo flippin long and I'm in here for hours lolxx

But I said I'd keep showing you the fruits of my labour, and hopefully they will get better as I go on.

So this is my second attempt ....

Now, I know that the pic isn't quite in the frame.

And I know that I seem to have st---ret-ch---ed the scalloped bits - one is called an overlay and one isn't and I don't know what the difference is (any clues would be ever so welcome). I should be re-sizing I think but I can't seem to do it right - thicko trout pout freaky fool that I am - dohhh!!!

And I know that the quote probably doesn't completely go with the pic (even though she does take my breath away at times just by looking at her sweet little face, which you can't really see here).

BUT ..... I do kinda like it.

I really do like that gorgeous blue gauzey paper, and I LOVE that photo of the little minx. And there is something about the whole thing that appeals to me - not sure what but possibly cos I do love the pic so much.

It may be because I had an idea in my head when I started it and it sort of ended up how I thought it would, which gave me a sense of achievement.

But now I find that I cannot wait to do the next one.

I'd love any tips and hints anyone might have cos I really do want to learn this. And I hope that the next one I do will be better again - practise makes perfect as they say.

The paper and elements are all courtesy of the awesomely talented Summer Driggs. Thank you Summer - I just love your stuff xxxx

Have a great night peeps. I'm off now to find another book to read cos I finished 'Fern' last night and I have to have a read before I go to sleep!!!

Byzeebys xxxx

Monday, 12 January 2009

Fairy Best Friends xxx

Aren't they just soooo sweet !!

It's time for another sketch challenge over at Papertake Weekly and here it is :))

And this is my interpretation.
I seem to be in pink mode again at the mo and I do love pink and black together. Well to be honest, I love pink with everything lol xxx

The papers are a mixture of PP and Marieke's black and white collection and the stamp is another fabbie from Willow Designs - cute or what!!!! I coloured it with Pro Markers (no !!!!) and the sentiment is one I did on the computer - the 'for ever' bit that is, cos the 'friends' sentiment is part of the stamp - I'm not that clever :(

I put a couple of sparkly diamonds on their crowns for good measure which I got from Creative Pastimes (hi girls xxx) - well they are very special fairies after all lol xx.
Here's the skew -wifty shot again - I am loving it xxxx

This weeks challenge has been sponsored by Whimsy Stamps. There is a fab prize up for grabs plus a special discount, so go and check it out peeps.

Fabulous xxx

Talking of which, did you see Dancing On Ice last night?

Oooohhh poor Graham Le Saux, cos I quite like him. I felt slightly sick though at the slow-mo shot of him hitting the ice, gob first - ouch!! And poor Mark Fowler ie Todd whatshisname. Bless him, he could barely stand upright. But fair play to him for having a go cos it must take guts.

But my fave was Ray Quinn, lil Anthony from Brookie, and X Factor one trick pony (Sharon O's words, not mine lol xx). BUT I do wish I wouldn't think of Eddie Munster every time I look at him !!!

But what a routine.

Have a fab night chicks and don't forget to check out the special offer over at Challenge HQ ;)

Hugs xxx