Friday, 29 January 2010

Floral Piggy (plus a little plea) xx

It's all a bit hazy here today!!
I've been playing with Photoshop again - only because I was a bit late with this weeks Just Magnolia challenge card - I only managed to make it last night - and there was not a scrap of light for the old camera. Ohh dear, there were shadows and all sorts on me pics. So I covered it all up with a bit of fog :)

Anyway, we got there eventually.

So it's Friday which is Tilda-tastic, cos of course it's Just Magnolia day. There is a gorgeous challenge this week - Hearts & Flowers - and if you want a feast for sore eyes, nip over and check out the cardage girlies. I all but drooled over me keyboard!!!

The DT of course are the best in the business at using flowers etc in their work, and sadly I am the class dunce cos I just don't really know what to do with them!!

Bless 'em for putting up with me lol xxx

So this is what I did.
I coloured Tilda with me PMs - no Glamour Dust there but there is a MSBP. You can get your mitts on one of these babies (and a whole heap of PMS) from the fab Tracy at Dies To Die For.

The papers are all so pretty and I used Pink Petticoat's Dotty Scallops and Wild Rose Studio's pink gingham from the ever so awesome Spring CD.

Keep your eyes peeled on all the Wild Rose website as well btw, cos there's some seriously GORGEOUS new stuff coming out soon. I know cos I've seen it :)

I drew meself a couple of hearts and added a flower and a tuille bow. I got the flowers from my local floristry warehouse but I have to say that the sponsor this week at Just Magnolia is Wild Orchid Crafts and they do the most beautiful flowers - Mulberry flowers, paper roses and all sorts of stuff. They are worth a visit for sure.

I just had a flashback when I typed that btw - paper roses.

Who remembers Marie Osmond singing it (Paper Woses as she called it)? Ooohh you must be nearly as old as moi lol!!! Now if I'd have had my way, she would have been my sister in law cos my first love was Donny as the poor souls who have been visiting here for a while will know !!!

His loss peeps ;)

And here's a few more paper woses - hand tied by my own trotters (you can probably tell!!) I stuck a few pearly things in and a curly bit of twine (looks like a pig's tail, which can't be bad!!)

And that's it done.
LOADS of mist on this one cos there were card joins and shadows everywhere. It looks a bit spooky and I probably over did the mist. You never know, one day you may visit here and actually see a decently edited pic.

I'd say 'and pigs might fly' but under the circumstances .............

Now before I go, I'll explain the 'little plea' bit of my title today. My good friend and fellow teamie over at the AFA blog, Renata, sent me an e-mail to ask if I would put this on my blog. When I read it it made me cry - you probably will as well.

She asked me to correct the English but I haven't as this has come from her heart so that is how it's staying. If you can help her in any way, please contact her. So the last word today goes to Renata.

Have a fab day peeps and see you soon. Right, tissues out ...

Dear blogfriends,

I know you all love to make cards so what's better than to do something we realy enjoy and make at the same time a little boy happy in the most difficult time of his young life? Daan is 4 jaar and has a brain tumor which is sadly enough incurable. More and more body functions fail such as his legs can't carry him anymore. At the moment he gets radiation because his parents and the doctors will make his life as easy as possible and ofcourse no one will loose hope! I think it is heartbreaking and I'm so sad that I can't do enything to help him! That's why I aks you girls to make him a funny card so he has something good to look forward to and I think it will help his parents and two (little) sisters as well. I also want to ask you to keep him in your prayers or send a little positive energy and thoughts to him, because you never know! Do you want to join in this small gesture, please send an e-mail to so I can send you the address you can send the card to. I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Renata xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hold That Thought!!!!!!

No. it isn't me jumping out of a box lol xxx
Although come to think if it, there is a resemblance :(

No, this is the image I decided to use for this week's Papertake Weekly.

She / he (ooohh I wasn't going to look too closely!!) is the High Hopes Party Hippo and I think this image is just awesome!! You could use it for male or female cards I think and this is one image I will use again.

I used the good old bad boys - no bling or punches though (shock horror!!) and I quite like the result :)

You can get the image and a mahoosive range of PMs from the wonderful Tracy over at Dies To Die For.

So our challenge this week is a sketch .....

... this one.
Not like me to use round elements but a change is a good as a rest!!

And this is the old cardio.

I used my very fave ribbon which I got from my wonderful pal in the jolly old US of A xxxx
I don't think I will never ever tire of using it or looking at it :)

The papers are a mixture of Pink Petticoat's FAB Fairy Dots and Funky Fairy Gingham. The sentiment which you can just about see is one I use quite a bit, but I don't know where it came from!!!

And an arty farty angle to finish.

Just a quick post today peeps cos I am literally up to me bits in it here with work and other stuff. But I just had to share this with you.

Kyla came into our bedroom the other morning and spied a pair of shoes I'd worn the night before but hadn't yet put away (tut tut!!). Well the child is totally obsessed with shoes so off came her slippers and on went my shoes. She calls them clippy cloppies and off she went to the bathroom in them cos there is a stone floor in there and they make loads of noise (**%$**&!!)

She eventually came back to our room and said 'Grandma, I really love these clippy cloppies'. 'That's good', I tell her, 'so do I'. She then says 'Grandma, when you die, can I have these shoes please? So I had a little snigger then said very solemnly that she could. There was a little pause and then she said 'Grandma, when are you going to die?'

Waaaaahhhh, we roared laughing!!!
You couldn't make then up could you. There is never a dull moment with her!!!

So on that note, I'll love you and leave you. Have a great day and see you soon and if you get a sec, don't forget to check out the challenge - there's a fab prize up for grabs plus some awesome cardage to share.

Hugs to all xxx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My 'Heart' Work

Ohh I really must stop doing that - it's awful and it's too early in the morning but sometimes I just cant help meself lol xxx

Anyway it's all about this weeks Anyone For Anya cos we have a heart shaped theme and our challenge is Heart 4 Heart's Sake (not much better is it really!!) So we want to see something heart included. The girlies have worked wonders with this challenge so nip over and check out the awesome cardage peeps.

We've also got a brand new DT member and she is the one and only Julie - we are so thrilled that she has joined us cos her work is just brilliant :)

So enough from old waffle chops here - this is what I did.

I used this fab image - she's Sassy Suzi and she's available from the wonderful Tracy over at Dies To Die For. You can see her here :)

She was coloured and blinged with my dynamic duo of PMs and Glamour Dust :))x

Now for the paper!!!
Well the dope has struck yet again - although to be fair I have had a good run the last few weeks. But I decided to use the gorgeous Pretty Doodles from Pink Petticoat because a) it's just the prettiest, and b) it has hearts included in the design.

So what did I go and do?

Cover up the hearts on the DP with the image!!!
I amaze myself at times!!!!

But just to prove they are there, here's a bit where you can see them!!

And I did put a couple of heart buttons on as well.
These are so pretty but I have not the first clue where I got them cos I've had them for ages!!!

The ribbons is very like me - wide and spotty!!
I got this from Poppicrafts and I love it xxx

Here's me funny angle pic.

Now before you all think I've gone all arty farty with Photoshop, I haven't (I'm not that clever!!!) The reason why it looks like it's sitting in a bath of dry ice is cos you could see all the card that I'd stood it on to take the pic. So drastic measures were called for. I tried to remove the background but as the base card is white, it didn't work too well.

Never mind.
One of these days I WILL take a course on how to use it and then I might have better pics on here!!!

I'm a bit delicate this morning cos we were out last night.
It was my Aunties 70th birthday party and there were about 40 girls in full party mode. We had a whale of a time!!! I love going out with Richard, of course I do, but going out with the girls is just the best laugh!!! So I'm not hanging about too long here. R and I are out for lunch later on (or maybe dinner - we haven't decided yet) so I'm going to have to wake meself up a bit.

I've got a bit of cardy stuff to do first and then I'll be filling me face again. Now I realise that you've heard it all before but the lardage is in serious overdrive at the mo so tomorrow it's back to the fat club regime for moi!!

This time next year .........

Yes, I will probably still be a porker.

Maybe I should get some of those Alli tablet things form Boots. Do you think they'd work if you carried on eating the same lol xxx That said, I ain't paying nearly £50 for a month's supply. I mean, just think of all the chocolate, cakes and biscuits that could buy lol xxxx

Have a fab week and see you soon lovely peeps.
Hugs to all xxxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Not Like Me lol xx

Hi peeps and happy Friday xxx

The weekend is nearly here so it can only be good :)
And of course, it's time for another wonderful challenge over at Just Magnolia. This week it is the turn of the very lovely Jay Jay to provide us with a sketch to work with and it's this one ......

.... here!!
And what a great sketch, so hugest of thanks to Jay Jay xx
If you get a sec, nip over and check out the challenge - there's some awesome cardage from the very talented DT girlies as always :)

Their work just blows me away.

Anyway, this is what I did with the sketch.

Now the title of the post is 'not like me' and you've probably gathered that I am talking about the colours. For some reason, I don't tend to use creams and browns, but I thought I'd try something different. Love that tangerine, I really do :)

Some things never change though cos I've still used the PMs.

The paper is truly beautiful and it was a prezzie from Tracy at Dies To Die For but I forgot to ask her which one it was. It's the most subtle of cream with a white pattern which my fabulous photography hasn't picked up too well, but it is just gorgeous.

The good old MSBP is there and that zingy fabby spotty grosgrain ribbon is from Poppicrafts. Check out the gorgeous limited edition ribbon buckets - they are soooo sweet!!

The blooms are a mixture of Hero Arts (from Simon Says Stamp) and Prima (from Dies To Die For) and I just added a teeny gold brad to keep them all together.

I wish I could do flowers like the rest of the DT girls!!!

And here's the funny old angle shot which I do seem to like!!!
And that's the old card done peeps xxx

I'm on a bit of a flyer today (again) cos I have shed loads to do but not shed loads of hours in which to do it!! Wouldn't it be great if we could literally buy time!! I tell you, I would be flippin bankrupt if you could lol xx

But the more I get done today, the more crafty time I can have over the weekend.


So have a great day and see you soon and huggiest of hugs to all xxxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pretty Pink Sweetie :)

Hi peeps and hope that everyone is ok xxx

Well I am as late as late getting this on here thanks to the truly awful light at the old pig sty right now. It has taken me forever to sort these pics and I'm still not happy with them, although I do quite like the card.

Anyway, it's Tuesday so time for another Papertake Weekly challenge and I must confess that this is one of my faves cos it is

Pretty Pink Papertake.

Well I don't need to be asked twice where pink is concerned!!

So here's my pink creation.

I had another 'Hanglar' moment - I just love these images. And I coloured this sweetie with me old faithfuls and gave her a fair old bit of bling :) I also gave her a bit of dimension and 3D'd bits of the image - make it a bit more interesting doesn't it!!

If you are after some PMs of your very own, don't forget that Tracy at Dies To Die For has the most fabby range of them :)

Ohh dreadful editing again cos it's all grainy.

But I got these gorgeous papers recently and I know I'm supposed to be trying to use up all me 12 x 12 papers, but I could not resist. Now if you are after gorgeous pink paper, then there is only one place to go and that's Pink Petticoat. Liz's 'pretty' pink shade is my absolute fave. These papers are Dotty Scallops and Pin Stripes and very verrry lovely they are methinks :)

There's a bit of a sneaky MSBP in there as well!!!

So here's the finished card.

The wonderful PTW girlies have, as always, made some delish cardage to share so if you get a sec, nip and have a look. There's also a nice prize up for grabs as well :)

I'm on a bit of a flyer here cos I have gazillions of cards to do this week for this, that and the other which I will tell you about some day soon, so I better get to it.

I'm just going to catch up with Emmerdale and Eastenders first, courtesy of Sky + Don't know about you but I am beginning not to give a flying fig who murdered Archie - don't they drag it out!!!! I did hear on the grapevine that someone else is due to peg it soon (duh duh duh duh duh - not sure if that's the right amount of duhs, but I am just improvising lol xxx).

I'll be back soon if not sooner, but till then, have a fab evening and hugs to all xxx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fab Colour and An Image You Might Not Have Wanted !!!

Hi peeps - hope everyone is having a nice weekend xxx
They go so flippin quick though dont they!!!

Anyhoos, it's Sunday so that means that it's time for another challenge over at Anyone For Anya. We've a colour challenge for you this week and it's

Black & White + 1

I have to admit that I like using black and white cos it looks so striking, and the DT cards this week will bear that out - they are totally FAB!!!

Unlike my editing - ooohhh errrr!!!!

Anyway, I went with pistachio and although I'm not really a green person, I do like this shade and I love using my Soft Lime PM - tis one of my faves and any excuse etc etc :)x

And this image - Dahlia - is also one of my fave TGF images.
Uber cute me thinks!!!!!

So natch, I used me good old bad boy pens BUT not a single speck of bling anywhere - I must be ill lol !!!

Don't forget that if you want to get your mitts on an awesome range of PMs and TGF stamps chicks, you need look no further than the very wonderful Tracey at Dies To Die For.

These pretty white flowers were from Heidi at Simon Says Stamp and the buttons and twine were from the piggy stash!!!

The papers are a mish mash again.
There's a bit of Doodlebug and Pinecone Press - Mint - you can see it here but I am pretty sure I got it from Dawn Bibby.

And there is a little square of gingham which I've had for soooo long that I cannot remember anything about it (sorry!!)

The ribbon is one of my faves and I got it from my local floristry warehouse. The colour is just so pretty and I've used it loads.

It ties nice as well :)

So that's the card - with a little bit of dimension for good measure!!!

We had a really busy day yesterday and I think we wore poor Kyla out!!!
We started off at the zoo and I have to say that this time of year is a great time to go. Admittedly some of the animals are not out due to the cold weather, but you don't get the crowds and you can really get to see things your might miss when it's warmer and a lot busier.

The cold weather did not seem to put the Mandrills off and a rather frisky male decided to do what comes naturally right in front of us. I waited for Kyla to ask an embarrasing question, but she didn't (thank you Lord!!). She was more concerned that they hadn't used toilet paper - I think I put that very tastefully, don't you lol!!

Then we had one of those magic moments. A Mandrill youngster was watching us and he came right up to the glass. I bent down and put my hand on the glass and he put his hand over mine on the other side of the glass. Kyla then did the same and he put his hand over hers as well. Brilliant.

And when we went to see the Orangutans, a nosey female came right up the window and just stared at us. She didnt flinch when I went close up and our faces were literally no more than an inch or so apart. Of course had there not have been any glass, old wimpo here would not have been quite so brave - Attenborough I am NOT and I'd be the first one out of there!! But there is something quite special about looking right into their eyes and vice versa, and it's also quite sad as well. Makes you think!!!

Then we ended up at one of those adventure playground warehouses and Kyla had a good old play. She asked (nay, harrangued) Nikkie and Richard to go on the big slide with her and fair play to them, they went. But nasty / boring / lardy butted old Grandma sat with her hot chocolate and watched. I don't think I could have beared it if I'd got stuck up there and had to get an army of 4 year olds to push me down.

Oohh imagine the embarrasment and shame!!

I'll leave you with that picture in your heads peeps (sorry!!!) and be on my merry way. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon.

Hugs to all xxxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Feelin' Blue & Just Magnolia Too x

No not me cos we got our oil - wooohooooo!!
To celebrate the end of our hyperthermia, I've been going round the house in tee shirt (short sleeved) and thin trousers. It is just wonderful to be warm again :)

No I meant the blue card.
I made it during the oil crisis (pink pig sty, not middle east!!) so maybe there is a subliminal message somewhere!!

And as it's Friday, it's time for another fabbydoodles challenge over at Just Magnolia and this week it's time to say

thank you.

As always, the fabulous DT have done some beautiful work so do nip over and check it out. And we have a wonderful sponsor as well for it is none other than our very own Mrs Whimsy.

Yes it's our fabby Denise xxx

I love this Tilda and I coloured her with me old PMs but no Glamour Dust.

Instead, I used my new Atyou Spica pen which I got from Tracy at Dies To Die For. It gives the most beautiful and subtle pearly sparkle. I don't think you can see it properly on here but I did her socks with it and I went over the outline as well.

The papers were from a pack I got ages ago - no label sorry, so I don't knhow where they were form or what they are. I am sooo trying to use up the mountain of 12 x 12s that I have collected over the years.

And I do mean moutain peeps.

Of course I just had to do it!!!
I had to put a MSBP on there somewhere. And the ribbon is a bit of organza I had in my stash.

A little bit of bling, a dodgy angle and there you have it :)

Well like I said, we got our oil.
This was the day after Richard went and bought 50 litres from them. It cost us nearly £40 - we had to buy the containers as well, AND pay £3 for the privilege of using our debit card. But we were desperate, and so were lots of others peeps as well.

You could possibly be forgiven if you wondered if they weren't being truthful with us when they said they didn't know when they would deliver. Had they have told us they were coming the following day, then we would not have bought the extra.

Naughty naughty me thinks!!

Well onwards and upwards and all that.
Emma is going to London today - she is going to see Hairspray tonight. I am sooo jealous, but not as jealous as I would have been if Michael Ball was still in it!!!

But it means that we get to have Kyla all to ourselves this weekend and as they are moving out at the end of March - I cannot even think about it right now - we are making the most of it. We don't quite know what we are going to do yet cos it is all dependant on the good old weather. But I'm sure we'll have a bit of a laugh whatever we do.

On that note, have the best day - the weekends starts here, woohoooo!!!!
I'll be back soon as soon no doubt, with another loads of waffle and a card to share as well.

Hugs to all xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back In The Pink lol x

Yes, after the red run I was having, the pink is back!!!
And just in time for another Papertake Weekly challenge which this week is being sponsored by Kraftin Kimmie - check it all out here peeps.

This little cutie arrived at the sty recently and I just couldn't wait to use her. She is Miss Rosalie With Roses - you can get her without the blooms as well - and she is one of the new CC Designs images which you can now get your mitts on from Tracy at Dies To Die For.

You can see them both here :)

And it's time for another sketch ....

... and it's this one here ....

And this is what I did with it.

I coloured Miss Rosalie with the usual PMs and Glamour Dust duo. I also did the usual fabulous job with Photoshop (not!!) so there is more glare on here than soft Joe - whoever he is (possibly Gail Pratts new hubby in Corrie!!)

Ooops, I must have been going uphill when I stamped the sentiment lol xxx

The ribbon and button were from my stash and the sweet flower was from Simon Says Stamp.

The papers were from Dies To Die For and I did the MSBP thing (again!!) with the edges on the image

So that's the old card peeps.

I'm typing this with hands that are practially frozen and a very attractive shade of blue cos we are very short on oil so we are being mean as muck with the heating.

Ohh it's awful.

We only have about 3 days worth left - if we use it normally - and they can't deliver any more until probably next week - grrr!! We ordered last week and we were told 'a few days' which to be fair, it usually is, but this time it didn't happen. So we rang again yesterday and they said it would be with us in, yes you guessed, 'a few days'.

Now I am not the most patient soul on the planet. And when I am cold, I am decidedly tetchy, so I asked them to tell me the truth instead of giving me the crock of you know what that they were giving us (how vile of me, I know, but needs must!!). The truth is that they are currently working on deliveries from 29th December.

Why oh why oh why do they not tell you this in the first place!!!
If we'd known, we would not have turned the gaff into a tropical paradise like we did at the weekend.

Never mind - maybe all this shivering will shake the flab off me (I wish!!)

On a nicer note, Kyla had a fab party on Sunday. There were 2 parties on at the same time so it was wall to wall kids and VERY noisy but they all had a good time. And I bumped into someone I worked with nearly 20 years ago - small world!!!

My aunt got her an ironing board, a kettle and a toaster for her kitchen. She got the kitchen last year but she plays with it all the time. So we are being treated to lots of tea and toast and she's ironing my tea towels!!

She calls them her ironing frame and toast box!!!!
She will be a domestic goddess by the time she is 5!!!

Speaking of which, I better go and get the washing out of the machine.
Have a fab day and if you get a sec, nip over and check out what the fab and awesomely talented PTW girlies have done.

See you soon and hugs to all xxx

Monday, 11 January 2010

That's Charming !!!

EDITED - I messed up the scheduling thing again - doh!!! - and this should have gone out on Sunday 10th. I would normally re-do but it's my first day back at work today and I've run out of time, soz chicksters. So can you all pretend that you are reading this yesterday please pretty please :) I know I am a dope!!!

Hi peeps and I hope that everyone is managing to stay warm (did I say that last time lol !!!)

This is a very quick post today as it is a certain little lady's 4th birthday and we have quite a bit on!! It's Sunday so that means it's time for another challenge over at Anyone for Anya and this week, our challenge is 'That's Charming'.

As always, I coloured Miss Anya with PMs and added a sprinkling of Glamour Dust to her petticoat :)

And as always, I had probs editing the pics!!!
So a million squillion shades of red here :(
I came across this heart shaped cutter, so I thought I'd use it as the image I used is one from the new the Miss Anya Love set.

You can get these as well as your PMs from the wonderful Tracey at Dies To Die For.

This is the card, which I have to say I am not at all happy with.

The papers are a real mish mash and to be honest, once again I haven't got a clue where they came from cos they were literally in a box that I was about to chuck out. I found quite a few sheets of red based papers and decided to use a couple of them here.

The black and white checked paper is, I'm pretty sure, a Nancy Kubo paper which I got from Prima - can't find the link for that, sorry!!!

The heart shape in the corner was made using an old Sissix paddle punch and I just blinged it up a bit.

That gorgeous heart charm was from Dies To Die For and I covered a big red brad with a scrap of the black and white paper. For the life of me I cannot image what I was thinking about cos it looks awful, but you know me, warts and all on here lol xxx

And I just had to use a bit of me very fave ribbon on there!!

So that is me done.
We are off to Kyla's party and I have the Headex ready for when we get back (well there are 16 kids going). Have a fab day - yours will no doubt be a lot quieter than mine lol xx and I'll see you very soon.

Hugs to all xxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Mina's Perfect Pleats

Hi peeps :)
I hope that everyone is managing to stay warm - jeez it is COLD here.

It's Friday - where has the week gone!! - and that means it's time for another fabbydoodles Just Magnolia challenge. This week, it is our special monthly challenge sponsored by Simon Says Stamp (fab prize) and the sweetness and loveliness that is Mina Pink Puds has done a brilliant tutorial for you.

Our challenge is paper pleating and if you've not had a go, nip and check out the
tutorial - this technique is such FUN, I kid you not!!!

So this is what I did.

I used the usual PMs and Glamour Dust of course. The usual 'fab' photo editing has changed the red on practically every pic so it looks different on each one - not sure what I do but I wish I could flippin sort it out lol xxx

Of all the pics, this one is the one that is most accurate :)

The gorgeous papers are Doodlebug's Ladybug Picnic which you can get from our Tracy at Dies To Die For and the black and white tartan-ey one is from Funky Hand and is one of the Salt and Pepper collection.

I thought, just for a change, I'd use one of my MS punches as well lol !!!

Now I realised AFTER I'd done my card that as gorge as the black and white paper is, it doesn't show the pleats off very well!!! You can only just about see them here!! But if you nip over to the challenge, you can see the rest of the DT girlies beautiful cards and you can see the effect much better.

I am such a dope sometimes!!!

The ribbon and twine, were from the local floristry warehouse and the button was in the good old stash box!!!

And here's the dodgy angle pic, for good measure.

There's something about black, white and red that I just love. It has to be one of my fave colour combis I think.

Well I hope that you are all managing to stay warm. Richard was on nights last night and when he got home this morning at 6.30am, he said that it was minus 8!!! But this is nowt compared to Scotland where it was apparently minus 20 last night. That's Arctic conditions. So if you are from Scotland, as my fab blog bud Kath is (xxx and hugs to her), stay extra warm peeps xxx.

Richard and I went for a lovely long walk yesterday - we must be madder than a box of frogs, I know. I bet I look gorge in me green wellies, every inch the sex goddess (retired!!) but I don't care really - as long as I don't fall over. Although Richard did point out that there is lots of padding if I do!! How nice of him!!!

But the walk was nice and the lanes and fields do look pretty. We saw quite a bit of wildlife as well, including and up close and personal encounter with a fox!!! We are both outdoor types and there is nowt like a good walk in the snow to blow away the cobwebs lol xx My old dad used to say that we need a really good cold spell to kill of the germs, and I think he was right.

Well I better go and have me lunch and then possibly make a couple more cards, including Kyla's birthday card for Sunday. Have a warm and crafty day peeps and see you soon. Hugs to all xxx