Saturday, 29 March 2008

Hope everyone is well peeps. Had a real cardy day today and even did the PTW challenge IN TIME and did my first cute card Thursday challenge at the same time (same card for both lol xx) !!!! Hope you enjoy this little lot xx

Woodware Wedding set stamped onto vellum and a touch of Glamour Dust. Nestabiltes to mat and layer using silver and pearlised card and the die cut hearts are from the Cuttlebug heart set for kids!! I love those funky shapes - far too good for kids if you ask me lol xx White organza ribbon is from my stash. I hope the lady I did these for likes them.

This is my card for our card club challenge next week (Saughall ladies, if you are looking, skip this bit lol xx). Our challenge this month was inspired by Michelle @ Poppicraft's challenge a few weeks back but with a twist - this was 4-3-2-1 so 4 brads, 3 blooms, 2 pieces of ribbon and 1 square. Other than that, you could use whatever you want -haaaaa!!! Brads, ribbons and blooms are from the wonderful Poppicrafts and the paper is Pink Petticoat. The square is Nestabilites with a bit of lilac glitter. I can't help myself with the glitter folks - I LOVE the stuff. You should see our cat sometimes cos she sits by me and gets covered with the stuff - fabby tabby she is lol xx

OK this is not my usual style but I was cutting out some small white flowers with my Cricut for one of the cards for card club and I was about the throw the negative bit away when I thought how nice it was - almost like lace. It inspired me to do this. The paper is Pink Petticoat, the lace is from Hobbycraft (I think!!) with a bit of black narrow ribbon tied with it, the brads are actually giant brass paper fasteners from Staples and the black dots in between the cut out flower shapes are peel offs.

Ahh I saved my fave till last. This is my card for the PTW challenge. The stamp is Maggie Dressing Up from Funky Kits - I love that stamp. And have you noticed how much better my stamping is getting, cos it was pretty awful not that long ago!! This is thanks to my absolutely lovely friend who I won't name but she will know who she is - she has helped me loads so thank you chicken - love ya loads and you are a star xxxxx The papers are Pink Petticoat with a bit of Dawny doodles ie the fake stitching. I added a bit of Glamour Dust (yes again, I know, can't help it lolxx) and pink liquid pearls for her necklace which I got from Creative Pastimes in Ellesmere Port. The ribbon is from my stash.

Friday, 28 March 2008

I just had to share these pics of Kyla with you - cutie little sausage she is lol xx

Cheeky monkey dressing up in her Aunty Nicola's scarf. Don't you just wish they could stay like that for ever!!

Hunting for Easter eggs. The Easter bunny had been very busy in our garden

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Fabbistastic Award

Wow - this is a bit good.

I feel very honoured to receive this one, and by 2 lovely blog buddies as well!! It's an Arte Y Pico Award - Art & More, and I got this from Tracie Jane at and also all the way from America from Zee at I am very very flattered ladies - especially as your own stuff is so gorgeous, so a huge thank you to you both xxxxxx

There are 5 rules attached to this and they are -

1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) To show these rules.

So now the hard bit - how do I pick 5 of you lovely peeps to pass this on to. It is just soooo difficult but I thought I would give it to people whose blogs I have just discovered and whose work I really admire and they are ......ta dahhhhhhh

Julie at

Penny at

Fabrizio at

Emma at

Enfys at

Thank you once again to the 2 lovely ladies for giving this to me and also to the 5 I have passed it on to for their inspriation xxxx

Friday, 21 March 2008

Before I say anything here, I must apologise to the lovely Katty. I got a pif from her and duly photographed it. Then trying to be tidy, put all the lovely goodies away in their proper place. Then what did I do??? Only went and deleted the photo without saving it on here first. If I hadn't put them tidy, I could have done another photo but now they are mixed up with the rest of my stash. So I am truly sorry Katty, but the goodies were just wonderful. So there is some yummy pif blog candy going here for the first 3 comments. And Katty, I'll send you something nice as well hunny xxx

I have been a bit naughty this week and treated myself to some Nestabilities. How fabbiedoodles are they? I got them yesterday and then realised that I hadn't ordered the spacer plate so that I could use them on my Big Shot. Well panic set in cos I just wanted to have a play with them, like NOW lol xx. I rang a shop that sells loads of Sissix stuff and they had a plate that was suitable so I set off to pick it up. Well they were supposed to close at 4.30pm but I got lost on the way (I hadn't been there before and yes, it was yet another blonde moment!!). I still was not there at 4.15pm so I rang them to tell them and bless them, they waited for me. How nice was that. So a big thank you to the lovely ladies at The Craft Bug in Chirk, near Wrexham xx. And to Ruth for your help and advice xx.

Had a real cardy day today and this is what I have done. As always, please excuse the dreadful photography. Any tips on how to photograph your cards would be really appreciated peeps, cos everyone elses always look brilliant. -

For my nephew James - he loves Liverpool and I thought the turtle download from PP was just perfect for him. The sentiments are mine done on the computer

Spot the Nestabilites!!! PP papers and the ribbons, white paper flower and big diamond brad are from the fabulous Poppicrafts. The lilac flowers are from Creative Pastimes in Ellesmere Port (great shop and well worth a visit - the girls are soooo helpful, there is all sorts of wonderful things in there and they really care about their customers!!!!!) This photo does not do those beautiful flowers justice.
For my Aunty Jean and Uncle Ed - I had a go at the frame card from PTW challenge last week (I'm always behind lol xx) and I did a box to put it on. A great big thank you to Jo K for the instructions for the paper bow xxx . Papers, flowers and Totally Ewe download from PP, ribbons from Poppicrafts and liquid pearls to finish off. The blooms and brad on the paper bow are also Poppicrafts

And another - this one is for my Mother in law. PP papers. ribbons from Inspirations, stamps are Fresh New Day and the cutey little chick is from my local garden centre - I couldn't resist sitting him on the frame.

And a box to put it in with a matching paper bow. Brad and blooms from Poppicrafts. I did this one after the pink one and this one is much better - got the hang of it now. Still not as neat as Jo's though so better keep practicing

Friday, 14 March 2008

The weather has been pretty rotten for a lot of people but we seem to have got away very lightly in comparison. I hope everyone out there has not been too badly effected and that everybody is ok xx.

Some of you might know that we breed birds of prey here so it was a relief this week when we had our first egg of the year. Things will get pretty hectic for Richard soon so this is the calm before the storm. I will post some pictures of the new chicks once theyare hatched but until then, here are some chicks of the PP variety!!

This one is using 2 new things that I got this week. The cute little lamb is from the new mini download out today from PP - Just For Ewe. The brads and that gorgeous pretty pink ribbon are from the new Poppicraft spring kit - it is a really good buy and worth checking out on the website cos it's full of ribbons, brads, buttons etc and all beautifully co-ordinated.

Monday, 10 March 2008

I've been tagged ..... by the lovely Julie xxx

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Just starting out at a brand new company doing a job I had never done before - very scary. A good friend started the company and we are still going 10 years on. It's financial services though - nothing at all to do with crafts unfortunately :-(
What were you doing 1 year ago?
Same as above only 9 years down the line lolxx
Name your five favourite snacks
Marks & Spencer Cornish Cruncher Cheese, Rich Tea biscuits, Kellogs Special K (red berries only - don't like the others), Haribo Sour Mix - just thinking about them makes my mouth water!!! and a good old fashioned bacon butty - it has to be on very fresh white bread with just a smidging of butter (not margerine yuk) and no sauce whatsoever.
Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Give up work and spend all day doing crafty type things, go on loads of holidays, hire a chef -preferably Jean Christophe Nouvelli - so that he could cook me yummy dinners every day, buy a bigger house with lots and lots of land so I could build gorgeous houses on the land for my family and treat myself to an Aston Martin
Name five things you like doing
Having a facial, making cards, playing with my grandaughter Kyla, walking in the country and checking out all the fab blogs xx
Name your five favourite toys
My Cricut machine, my computer, my magi-mix ( saddo!!!). my hair straightners and my corkscrew xxx
Ohh wow. This is so nice - another nice award. I feel very very privileged yet again, and a big thank you to Pink Angel Tracie for awarding me this. I don't suppose I can send this one back but I love looking at your stuff Tracie xx

OK - cos I am new to this as I have only been going for just over a month, I don't know that many of you lovely bloggers out there. So I hope it is OK to do what I am about to do :-) I will send this one out now to ten lovely peeps that I know and save the other 10 to give to new people that I come across as my blogging journey continues. I will keep count and won't cheat lol xxx

I guess that some of my 10 have this already but here goes -

One of my best blog buddies who I just love - All Pink Girl Dawnie - cos she really does make my day and she is so awesomely talented, very very kind and she just makes me laugh soooooo much -luv ya Dawnie girl xxx xxx
The wonderful Terrie B whose work I have admired for ages and now she visits my blog and says such lovely things about my stuff - thank you xxx

Michelle at Poppicrafts for not only supplying the best embellishments going (and now the sweetest cutest stamps) but for being responsible for me starting the blog in the first place - its' true - and she is such a sweetie. Oh and her stuff is just fabbie as well xxxx

Cheryl who is Michelles mum cos apart from loving the natural world like I do, and being such a lovely lady, she takes the most wonderful photos which are so gorgeous, and she always leaves me nice comments which I really appreciate xxxx

Marieke whose work never fails to make me smile - it's like looking at the sunshine and her use of colour is just stunning xxxx

Liz at Pink Petticoat cos she makes my day every time I check out her website and there is another fabulous download. And she is very nice with it xxxx

And the lovely Leann - I just love and admire her creations - she's so clever xxxx

Rachelle cos her drawings are just tooo sweet for words - what a talent xxxx

Melissa at Pink cat Studios cos her stamps are and anyone who loves animals is just fabbitastic in my book xxxx

The lovely Katty cos like Leann her creations are just stunning xxxx

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Have you seen the fabbietastic new chick downloads from Pink Petticoat? Totally gorgeous as ever, and such good value, and I just love love love them. What do ya think peeps? xxx

All PP papers, some ribbon and a bit of glamour dust

PP papers again, a bit of ric rac and glamour dust, naturellement lol xx and check out the little ribbon brads cos they are just the sweetest ever. They were part of my prize from the lovely Michelle at Poppicrafts - a great big thank you Mich cos everything you sent is just wonderful and you are very kind mmmmwwwwahhhh xxx

PIF Time

Yes folks, it's time for a pif :-) Here is my bag of lovely goodies I got from Tracie Pink Angel. Thank you Tracie - I've no doubt it will appear on here very shortly, and I love the colours xxx Ok the next three lovely peeps to leave a comment get some lovely goodies from my stash xxx

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Easter Bonnets

It was our monthly card club meeting last night and each month we have a little challenge. The challenge for this month was to create an Easter Bonnet with the hat template provided. There were no restrictions on colour and they didn't HAVE to have an Easter theme. There was an Easter egg for the one we liked best and we asked our ladies not to put their names on them before we had a chance to have a good look, to make it fair.

Well, were we impressed!!! As there were so many gorgeous cards, we had to ask our wonderful Dorothy to nip out and get another egg cos we just couldn't choose - thank you Dorothy. You look after us all and you're so lovely!!! Just take a look at these - they are in no particular order. I hope my dreadful photography does them justice cos they are all wonderful, and our ladies would love to hear your comments peeps xx

Glenys Salmon - what pretty spring colours, and the most gorgeous trim. I love it.
Jane Mallon - I love the way she's punched the bottom of this hat and used pale blue card underneath, and what pretty colours -it's fabbie!!
Dawn Pemberton - this was our winner cos it's just too cute for words ...
...and she decorated the back. Check out that funky chicken lol xxx A fantastic card Dawn xx
Sandra Davies - I love the colours that she has used cos they are not typical spring colours, but it works so well, and aren't the 2 little bunnies just fabbie. What a hat!!

Margaret Reade - this was our runner up. Those colours, and all that quilling work!!! We loved it cos it's so pretty and beautifully made
Pam Mallon - Lilac and pink, with a touch of silver - how lovely. And I love the fact that she has raised those tiny flowersto give this card dimension,
Kath Edwards - what stunning paper!! It's just so Spring - ey!!! I think the flower embellishement is perfect and what a lovely hat - I'd wear it !!
Katherine Pook - just look at those gorgeous lemon colours - how pretty is that!! I forgot to take a photo of the inside of this (sorry K) but Kath has used all 4 sides of the card and this was so nearly our runner up because of that
Jean Sirett (my Aunty Jean xx) - I love the fact that she hasn't stuck to typical Spring colours and I think that dusky pink goes really well with the black and white. And what a gorgeous embellishment
Guess who didn't put her name on this - so I can't give credit :-( I did say they didn't have to so perhaps this lady is shy. She should be very proud cos it's a gorgeous card and I love the fact that she has stuck it onto the card rather than leaving it upright. Those pretty pastel colours and all those Easter eggs.... yummy
Thank you to all our Saughall ladies who took part in this challenge. As always, they are gorgeous and we couldn't find a nicer group of ladies if we tried. I'm so glad we've got you all xxxxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Well what can I say!!! It's an honour and a privilege to get this award from the lovely Terrie. Thank you so much Terrie and I'm glad I make your day cos you make mine every time I look at your beautiful cards lol xxxx