Wednesday 25 February 2009

Roses On Paper xxx

I am so into masking at the mo xxx

I put these 3 Magnolia stamps together as an experiment - just mucking about - but I sort of liked it so I thought I'd use it for the Roses On Paper Challenge, which is love and friendship

Actually, there are 4 stamps here cos the sentiment is Magnolia as well - who can't count?????

Before I do the credits etc, tell me, which of these pics do you think looks best? I can't make up my mind......

This one is quite bright and possibly a little garish

This one is less garish but looks a bit washed out maybe.

Ohh I don't know - can't quite decide. I would really appreciate your opinions xxxxx

Anyhoos, the papers are a mixture of PP and Willow, the blue ribbon is a past Raspberry Ribbons kit, and the pretty pink bloom is Poppicrafts with a punched dot :)). Also, the Pro Markers / Glamour Dust duo had a bit of a say in it as well!!

My usual MSBP is having a bit of a diva strop today and I am hoping it is nothing serious cos I will be truly devastated if that goes on the blink!! So I used it's mate so it could have a day off. Fingers crossed it is feeling better in the morning.

Well it is a short post tonight - no inane drivvle you'll be pleased to hear, cos I'm having a very rare day where I'm not feeling 100% and I'm not feeling very chatty, so I'm offski.

Hopefully I will be back on form tomorrow and maybe have another card to share.

Have a fab night peeps.

Biggest hugs xxxxxx

Monday 23 February 2009

Papertake Weekly and Cute Kitty xxx

How sweet is this lil fella!!

Well he may be a girlie kitty cat but I reckon not - there is a glint of mischief in his eyes.

It was love at first sight, cos I fell for him as soon as I saw him, and thought I'd use him for my Papertake Weekly card - it's a Dawny sketch this week and the girls have once again come up trumps with their interpretation. Pop over and check them out cos they are so gorgeous.

So here's the sketch I did.

I thought I'd do a simple-ish one this week - sometimes it's nice to let the image do the talking (ha, thats rich coming from gabbalot Phillips here - chance would be a fine thing for the poor image to get a word in edgeways lol xx)

And here's what I did with it. I just heart this colour combi so much - tis one of my faves.

The fabulous image is from Wild Rose Studio and you can probably guess what's coming!! Ay, the bad boys put in an appearance. But just for a change, I paper pieced the washing. No probs re the boxers (another reason I think it's a boy cat - God I'm sharp as a tack, me!!), but with hindsight I'm not sure why I used spotty paper for the other clothes when you can hardly see the spots - doh!!!! Now what was that about being sharp lol xxxx

The black and white paper is Prima Hybrid and that beautiful red spotty ribbon is Poppicrafts. The sentiment is a stamp I've had for ages but I can't remember from whence the little sausage came - apols.

Not often I really like one of my cards, but I do quite like this.

Well what do I know re Dancing On Ice!!! Nowt, that's what!!!

I didn't see that coming with Jess. You could have smacked me in the face with a kipper quite frankly!!! It must be really hard for the ones that can actually skate (ie Jess) when they are in the skate off and ones that really can't (ie Colleen) go through. I think I'd be a bit peeved actually.

But I was sad to see the gorgeousness that is Fred go out - he is a bit of eye candy, even though he only looks about 10!!! But at least Kath's boy is still in.

Well that's me for now. It's a veritable soap fest tonight so I will more than likely be glued to Corrie and Easties, jimmie jams on, glass of vino in one hand and remote control in the other.

And don't forget, it's pancake day tomorra - so another reason why the diet will go for a burton. I'm afraid I've been the laziest wifee possible cos I bought ready made batter from Marksies, and here I am seemingly with no shame whatsoever, telling you all.

Now, what's it to be girls, sugar and lemon or maple syrup???

Do let me know wontcha and have a fab night xxxxx

Sunday 22 February 2009

No 3 - Fabulous Maggie xxx

I so love this image xxx

It is one of my all time fave Sugar Nellie stamps
And would you believe it, but this is the third post today!!
Holy moley, I will be wearing out the Blogland welcome mat xxx

But I did have the most peaceful and quiet afternoon, even if my Aunty didnt (she loves it really :)
So I made hay while the sun shone. Well I made cards while the sun didn't shine, but that don't sound quite right somehow lol xx

I did this one for the Sugar Bowl challenge which is to use one piece of patterned paper only. Well as you know, I do love me papers and I thought this would give me a real headache, but I realised that the layout from the previous card would be perfect as that only uses one.

Et voila lol xxx

Now, just to be different (perish the thought!!), I thought I'd give myself more of a challenge and NOT use any PP paper. I am ashamed to admit this, but I have boxes and boxes of the most beautfiul 12 x 12 paper which I cannot bear to put the scissors near, so I decided I would stop being so utterley ridiculous and use some of that.

Sad thing is, that I found a little piece that I had obviously used before in a previous moment of wild abandon, so I decided to use that bit - but I don't know what it is of where I got it from cos it's been so long since I went in those boxes.

I had a teeny scrap left so I paper pieced her hat and bag - so they match natch, cos they must!!! Of course, the PMs and Glamour Dust were still brought out. Well, when I say brought out, they never really get put away!!

Funny that :))))

The gorgous ribbons are Poppicrafts.

And isn't the pin fab!!!

The lovely and talented Penny, who isn't blogging at the mo, made it and I absolutely love it. I thought the colours would be perfect for this card. Penny if you are reading this chick, I hope all is well with you and I for one cannot wait for you to start up again cos you are such an inspiration and I miss your fabulous work, truly.

So this is the last card for today.

I have just been watching Dancing On Ice and I'm just waiting for the results.
Ohh I yell ya, Ray Quinn is awesome - how fantastic was he!!!! And wasn't Ruth Henshall horrible to Roxy, who I cannot stand (but I do love Dan, before Kath wallops me!!!). I may not like the girl but at least I know her name. I thought it was really poor of Ruthie - she is obviously picking up nasty bits from Jason, the crabby old boot!!!!. Back to the West End for you love if you can't be a bit nicer I say!!!!

Loved Jessica and Pavel, although I am reminded of his skanky grey undies every time I look at him, poor lad!!! I do wish I wasn't cos it does sort of detract from his awesome skating. He has such a sweet face though. And I loved Zoe as well - espesh the music. There is something about Mamma Mia that just makes you want to get up and dance - or is that just me!!!. I think tonight it might be Colleen and Donal who are in the skate off, but we'll see.

So that is it for this evening peeps. I'll be back tomorra for Papertake Weekly, but till then, have the most fabulous of evenings.

Huggiest of hugs xxxxx

Pink & Grey - How Gorge xxxx

I'm back!!!

And how sweet are these cutie lil sausages xxx

They are the inspiration over at the Colour Create Challenge this week, which is pink and grey. Not that I thought you wouldn't have guessed lol xxx You can also do cute and cuddly, but I just went for the cute bit :))

I love this challenge cos I am just dotty about colour, so this is right up my street. And I will be doing this challenge again, that is a certainty lol xxx

So I used another one of my new Tildas.
Awww they are sweet. My kids do not like them at all - in fact, Emma goes further than that. But I loves the little darlins xxx No accounting for taste is there!!

So the paper is PP and of course, you know the rest. The flower was punched (it was giving me lip lol xxx) and the teeny pink pearls are from Creative Pastimes. You will also probably recognise the sketch cos it is one of my faves.

In fact, it will be appearing again shortly ..... maybe later today, cos I really am on a roll at the mo.

I've tried to go all arty farty with me camera - well when I say camera, I mean with the photo editing. I thought I'd mask the edges a little - just for the sheer hell of it. Make it a bit more windswept and interesting, as Billy Big Yin would say.

Well I could well be back later cos Richard is cleaning the aviaries (totally gross, there aren't enough Marigolds in the world to persuade me to do that). Emma and Kyla are visiting my aunty and uncle. Sorry AJ if you are reading this, cos your Sunday peace and quiet has probably been shattered, but mine however is just fantastic !!!!!!!)

If I don't return, I'll see you tomorrow for another Papertake Weekly - it might be a sketchie-poo, you never know xxxx

High Hopes and So Pretty xxxx

We're back with the lilac again lol xxx
And also 5 of my fave cardy making things.

You can probably guess what's coming .....

Yes, they are all here. PP papers, Poppicrafts ribbon, Pro Markers, Glamour Dust and my fabbytastic MSBP!! I am nothing if not predictable, but I just love love LOVE them all lol xxx

This is my card for the High Hopes Guest DT call.
Sadly, I don't have a single High Hopes stamp to my name, so I used a couple of Magnolias - the rules say that's ok :))

I did the sentiment on the 'puter and mounted it onto 2 ickle nestie ovals

And I added a bit of glitter to the silver swirly paper

You can hopfully see it a bit better here.

So that's my card.

I will be back later cos I am just finishing another one off - ooohh I am on a roll today, but it's Sunday, so I thought 'why not'!!!

I'm not inflicting any more ramblings on you right now - I was mortifed when I saw the length of drivvle last night (soz about that!!). Hopefully. if nowt else, it will have helped some of you get to sleep lol xxxxx

See ya shortly lovely peeps xxxxxx

Saturday 21 February 2009

Pretty Pastels xxx

I just love this image
And this is my card for this weeks Secret Crafter challenge, which is a gorgeous sketch by my good blog bud Jill xxx

The image is Sugar Nellie Daisy from Funky Kits - so very sweet. I coloured her with the PMs and used a bit of Glamour Dust just to give it a bit of sparkle, and the papers are PP. I really love the sketch and will use it again, I'm sure.

I double layered the image using Nesties. Ohhh there are some fab ones coming out and they have gone straight on my 'I-want,-nay-must-have' list. Possibly the NEC????? Fingers crossed.

And here's another one - it's not for a challenge, but I thought I'd share.

This one is for a very special blog bud of mine, the lovely and awesomely talented Dawn. It was her birthday last week and silly moi wasn't organised in time so I am late, major slaps!!!. So this is for you chick, and it is on it's way to you, along with mahoosive apologies for being a crap friend, and a little something which I will put on here after you've got it xxxxx
These are 2 of my new Tilda stamps - just gorgeous

The papers are PP and the ribbons are the wonderful Poppicrafts. The sentiment was a freebie from a card mag and the little pearls were from Creative Pastimes

I just stamped the flower onto the back of the card, coloured it a little with PMs and highlighted with the usual sparkly stuff.

And another view here lol xxxx

Well what a funny few days.
After an all but sleepless night on Thursday, I went to the dentist to get my filling replaced. I needn't have worried cos she fixed it straight away and without the need for an injection (ohhhh thank you God xxx). Mind you, she still charged me £71!! I nearly wept, but I was just glad to get it done. My dentist is also someone I used to play tennis with in my 'fit' days and I know her quite well. She knows I am just a bag of nerves at the mere mention of the 'D' word. So over the years she has built up my confidence, and I was going along fairly happily.

But then the dreaded hygienist struck.

OMG - is it just me or is it just really brutal the way they manhandle yer gob??? I tell you, she is a lovely lady but put that teeth cleaning thingie in her hand and she morphs into the terminator. So it put me off going. My dentist on the other hand is so gentle and as a favour, she is going to do me scale and polishes, bless her heart.

And they are now doing beauty treatments there as well, including botox!!! So I am having a complimentary manicure next time I go and I am also having a free consultation with the botox doctor!!! But if it hurts, then she can do one, cos I'd rather have lines that pain lol xxx I'll keep you posted. But Marlene darlin, if we meet again at the NEC, you might not recognise me chick, cos I could end up looking like Bo Derek instead of Bo Diddley - fabulous!!!!

After the trauma of the dentist, Nikkie and I went for lunch, except it was after 4pm so it was late lunch , early dinner - not sure what you call it really. It has been ages since we did that and it was nice just to have time to chat and catch up. Obv the diet went out of window AGAIN (hang head in utter shame!!) Then we did a bit of retail therapy and just happened to end up in M&S where we bought nice yummy and fairly healthy food. But the diet went for a burton yet again cos we shared a bag (v small) of jelly babies on the way home - but they don't count if you eat them in the car while you are moving!!!

And I've been very very verry bad today cos this afternoon we took Kyla to Parkgate which will mean diddly squat to most of you. But it is a village on the Wirral Peninsula and is very popular with tourists, and also people who live fairly near. The beach there is actually grass and if you look across the estuary, you can almost see my Mum's old house :)))) During high tides, the water comes right up to the sea wall and people come from all over to see it, along with the bird life it brings with it.

Now I am probably not selling this place to you up to now, but hang on a sec....

It is also quite famous for its shrimps and ice cream. The most delicious, gorgeous proper ice cream. And that's not all - there is the most awesome fish and chip shop that does the best fish and chips in the world - I kid you not. So we had to partake, of course. It would have been rude not to lol xxx We sat on the sea wall and ate them - it is practically the law to do that there - I would not dream of doing that anywhere else but there, it seems so right. It sounds kind of chavvy-tastic but it isnt. We didn't have the ice cream today so it wasn't a total disaster- too chilly -but the fish and chips were fab and lil Kyla tucked in and really enjoyed hers, plastic fork and all!!!!.

So although we had a nice afternoon, it has been yet another bad diet day - I really have to knuckle down cos at this rate, I am never going to lose the lardage and I will be destined to be a waddler for the rest of my life. Is that what you want Dawny P, to be a weeble waddler? ( inner voice that bit lol xxx) Then cut it out girl!!!!!

Maybe the botox doc does a bit of liposuction on the quiet. I could book myself in for a bit of that as well then the fat bits could just get hoovered away (puke, bluh!!!). Then I could eat what I like, go and get hoovered and then eat what I like, go and get hoovered, and on and on. It would be like Groundhog day - but for real hogs lol xxxxx Fantastic!!!

Ohh before I depart, did anyone see Biggins doing his Danny Zucho impression on the comic relief dancing thing??? I almost wet myself laughing - it was his dodgy wig that got me!! Sooo funny, bless him. He was supposed to be dancing but it was more like a ruddy stroll !! He looked like he was stalking Nikky Whatsername!!! I LOVE Biggins - I just want to cuddle him (and an added bonus is that he would make me look thin as well!!)

And on that note, I will say tara!! Have a fab Saturday evening and I will be back tomorra with some cardy stuff cos R is watching a film and I am going to have to go back to my card room cos I don't wanna watch it. So I will be forced to make a few more cards :)))

It's a tough, rotten, horrible job but someone has to do it lol xxx.

Huggety hugs xxxx.

Thursday 19 February 2009

Willow Sketchie Challenge

Ohh really dreadful pictures once agan - sorry chicks xxxx

It's time for our second Willow Sketchie Challenge and this week, the sketch has been set by the crafty goat girl herself, the lovely Heidi. It's a fabulous sketch so nip over and have a butchers :))

As always, there is a twist, and this time it is to use stitching and buttons
So this is what I did.

That cute lil stamp and all the papers are Willow and I did a bit of Cuttlebugging to add a bit of interest. Trust me, IRL the colours are not as dreary and wishy washy as they seem to be here!!! I'm telling ya, I am turning into Donald Pleasance!!! It must be my eyes lol xxx

I added a bit of Glamour Dust in the recesses of the embossed bit, and also over the stamp, which was not coloured at all. I just stamped it straight onto pale pink paper.

Ohh and shock horror - is that a peel off lurking in the corner???
I'm afraid it is. I do think they have a place although I am not a big fan, so you won't see many of them here. But I thought it looked ok - nice and neat and tucked away.

Here's the stitching - fake natch, cos I cannot sew. Well I can a bit, but I can't be bothered dragging the machine out from the complete mess that is under my stairs. I've got one of those lil dinky ones but I have never used it and I think it only does one stitch. But slap slap and shame on me for not trying it - lazy mare!!!!

I love those teeny tiny heart buttons. I cannot remember where I got them from cos I 've had them ages and I just know there were loads in the packet and they are pink and pretty lol xxx.

So mosey over and have a look at the sketch. I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

I had a misap this morning. I was eating me Weigh Watchers toast when I realised that one of my fillings had vanished. It was there this morning when I got up, I'm sure, but I dont remember it coming out and I wasn't aware of it when I was eating. So I must have swallowed it without realising!! The earliest I could get an app is tomorrow afternoon, so now I'm eating and drinking verry carefully in case I get toothache - I soooo hate toothache!!

Be back later hopefully with another offering of the cardy type, but till then, have the most fabuslous of days xxxxxx

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Pink Elephants, Grey Cats & A Sneaky Peekie xx

How sweet!!

The challenge over at The Pink Elephant this week is All That Glitters.
Well, I don't need to be told twice to get the bling out - you may have noticed lol xxx
So this is what I did.

The gorgeous kitty cat image is from the wonderful Wild Rose and the papers are PP, except the greeny blue spotty paper I used for the blooms, which is a paper from Summer's new download. The pink bit in the centre of the blooms are from the fabidoodles Poppicrafts and the teeny silver card candy in the centre is from Craftwork Cards

You can see them better here darlins xxx

Not sure if you can see here but there are teeny tiny lil blingy stones in the centre. And it has all been dusted with my fave Glamour Dust :)) xx

Now I have to say that I am not totally enamoured with this because I think I used one too many colours on the image. I don't like to use more than 3 or 4 base colours on my cards and this has more than that. But I got a new PM - turquoise - and I was dying to use it, and I got Summers new download today, which I was also dying to use, and I thought they went well together, which they do.

But there is still summat not right.

However you know me - I'll put it on here regardless, cos we can't get it right every time. And I can look back in months to come and see what a plonker I've been. I was having a similar conversation with Terrie B today about this. We all do it don't we - that is we make a card and we think it's nice, then tomorrow we look again and think it's awful Or is that just me!!!!! Oh please say it isn't lol xxxx

I look back at some of the first things I did and to be honest, I am mortified on several counts. Mortifed cos they are basically a load of crappo, and mortifed cos I actually liked them at the time lol xxxx. And not just when I started out either, cos there is one card I have put on here which I look back on and I actually cringe - to the point where I actually laughed in a derisory manner at my own card!!!! I think I had someone elses eyes in that day. Either that or I'd been crafting after too much vino and still had me beer goggles on lol xxxx Of course, I'm not gonna tell you which one it - cos I'm far too ashamed :((

Well I have the pjs on, the heavy duty wrinkle filler awaits, along with the trowel to slap it liberally on with. I just have to make my hot choc (Options as per the diet, so no Ovaltine at the mo - sob sob cos I love it). Then I'm going to finish the last few pages of my book. I realise that you are all probably jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle, so I am sorry for rubbing it in!!!

I'll leave you luvverley peeps with a little peekie at my card for the Willow Sketchie challenge tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow xxxxxx

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Compare & Contrast aka PMs v Watercolours....

Well the scheduled thingy didn't work ...... cos I mucked the time up.
But never mind!! You would have all fainted had I got it right lol xxx

So, following on from yesterday, I decided to do a like for like card using my PMs and also using my watercolour pencils. I thought I would do this for this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge, and this week it is a fabulous sketch by Nat - love it xxxx

Here's both cards. See if you can tell which was coloured which..

I think you can tell that the bottom one was done with the PMs cos the colours are more vibrant. But I have to say that there is something soooo relaxing about using the watercolours - I had forgotten just how much. That said, I still prefer the PMs.

What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

The papers are Prima Hybrid and PP, the ribbon and buttons are from my stash and the brads are Poppicrafts. I also used my MSBP and a Cuttlebug folder which I inked over with Stayzon.

Well I haven't long been back and I had a great day at the NEC. I saw lots of fab things and met lots of fab people. Unfortunately I didn't see the God of all things inky and crafty, a certain Mr T Holtz. I had decided that if I saw him, I was going to go and touch him, or stroke his hair - just so I could tell Kath that I had lol xxxx I also didn't see the God of all things flamboyant and fabulous, the very gorge Mr LLB (phwoarr) cos he was only there yesterday (cry cry). BUT I did see his new range and rather nice it is too. But I'd rather have seen him lol xxxx

I have also mucked up the diet good and proper cos I had pie and chips (classy bird) for lunch and I am guessing that they were not the low fat variety - doh!!!! Not only that, I had a mahoosive choc chip muffin for brekkie with a drink of hot choc - yummy!! Such a greedy girl!!

I ought to feel bad, but heyyy I dont :)) But come tomorrow when I get on the scales, I am guessing it will come back to haunt me - every last sweet gorgeous mouthwatering crumb :((

Right then, I'm off to do me Willow Sketchie challenge card - my team mate Heidi has done the most fab sketch and I'm dying to have a play. I may well be back tomorra with some cardy offering.

Ohh before I go, does anyone know a good website that gives hints and tips for beginners for making jewellery please pretty please. There were loads of beautiful beads and stuff last time I went to the NEC and I am so dying to get me some stuff and have a go. But I've never done it before and I just want to see what's involved before I blow the kids inheritance on anything.

That's it - over and out for now xxxxxxx

Monday 16 February 2009

Fancy A Cupcake? xx

Especially one with crunchy icing on the top?

Ooops I forgot - I am on a diet and I can't - doh!!!!! Although it didnt seem to stop me scoffing a mahoosive cherry scone complete with a good dollop of Anchor butter about 2 hours ago. Willpower, where have you gone??????

But anyway, I can have the next best thing, cos over at Papertake Weekly this week, we have been sponsored by The Cutting Cafe, and there is a fab prize up for grabs, cos YOU get to choose any three downloads, plus the download that we all used this week, which is 'It's All About Cupcakes'. And these cupcakes are all calorie free - woohoooo lol xxxx

Apols here and now for the utter rubbish pics. What the chuff is up with my flippin camera lately???? Well it cannot possibly be me.

Can it?

So the challenge is to create a matching set. I have a couple of things from TCC and they are all so easy peasy to follow. So I thought I would use my Greeting Card folder template - you can see it here. And this is what I made.

The papers are all from PPs fabulous new download, Sweet Sundaes. It is sweet, and not just for Sundays either lol xxx

I used my beloved MSBP - yet again. Cos I lubs it xxx

And I used my beloved PMs again. Cos I lubs them an' all lol xxx

I found some buttons and bit of ribbon in my stash and they went on for good measure.

This is the inside.
It comfortably holds 6 A5 sized cards on one side and the envelopes on the other. I think it's a nice thing to make as a gift for someone.

These are the cards inside.
Except that they aren't really cards, they are a single piece of card with a little mini card on the front.

So you can write your message .....

.. in here.

Whaddya think?

Well it has been all go here. I've been a really bad blogger and have hardly visited anyone, so I am really sorry, I will catch up soon. But I have been doing the nurse thing, cos Emma is still under the weather and then poor Kyla had a sickness bug yesterday so she was poorly all day. She is back on form today and is issuing orders from her sick bed like Lady Docker lol xxx

So I missed the NEC. But all is not lost cos I am going tomorrow instead - hurray!!!

If all goes to plan and I can get it to work, I am going to do the scheduled post thing and so it should appear on here as I am wandering about looking at the latest fab stuff with which to bankrupt us with.

If it all goes to pot and it doesn't work, then I will post it when I get home.

But if ya want a sneeky peek, then here you go .....

I have been saying for ages now that one of these days that I am going to do a 'compare and contrast' card, ie doing the same card but using my PMs on one and my poor old sad and forgotten watercolour pencils on the other.

Well I have done it. So nip over manana and take a look xxx

Until then, have the most fabulous day.

Huggles xxxxx

Saturday 14 February 2009


Edited - Ta daaaaaahhhhhhh, we have a winner

The winner is


So if you could e-mail your addy chick, I will get the goodies off to ya next week xxx

I must say that before anyone tells me I really am doolally pip, or dozy (I am lol xx) or that I cannot count cos Jackie isn't no 71 in thelist on this post, I moved the bit about the blog candy from the original post if you recall and there were 24 lovelies that had left comments on that post which couldn't be moved across. Or rather maybe they could but I didn't know how to do it - dohhhh!! So I thought it was only fair that those peeps were included. Hope this makes sense me darlins.

See ya later with some cardy stuff, and well done to Jackie.

Hugs xxxx

****This will stay on the top until Feb 14th.****

Fancy getting your mitts on this lot???

To celebrate my one year bloggiversary, there is ......

HOTP card shapes template
Pack of American Crafts Mini Marks Rub-Ons
2 x flowery topper packs
4 Sweet Dreams metal charms
an 18 piece pack of Dawn Bibby card candy
a Willow Design stamp - ickle bunny Wilbur (uber cute)

and, cos I like a laugh (you might have noticed), I thought you might like a smirk as well lol xx

So I've also included from the new Trimcrafts Smirk range -

A Love & Friendship stamp set (12 different stamps)
A set of funky Bradz (super cool they are)
A pack of glitter rub ons
A pack of Love & Friendship glitter tags
a 6x6 pack of Designer paper.

So I hope this little lot will find a nice home. I also treated meself to a set of the Smirk stuff as well and it is just the sweetest., Have a look on the Trimcrafts website cos they have proper photos, not crappo ones like mine lol xxx

So all you have to do if you fancy getting your mitts on it is to leave me a comment, link me up and put a blog candy toot to here on your blog. I'll run it until Feb 14th and pick a winner using the random number thing.

Also, if the winner is one of the followers of this blog, as an extra thank you for putting up with my insane ramblings, there will be something extra added - but I'm not telling you what it is, cos that's between me and the winner lol xxx It is nice though :))

Thursday 12 February 2009

A Pic Fest For Cute Card Thursday xx

Ahhh, aren't they sweet xx

It was my last week as GD over at Cute Card Thursday and I would just like to say a huge thank you to the girls for having me xx

'scuse the dreadful lighting here but I could not get it to look right.
IRL the colours are much softer.

The challenge this week is Music & Dance, so musical instruments, song titles etc etc, I chose song titles. The card above is Kiss (by Prince and also the wrinkly old goat that is Tom Jones. Sorry if you are a fan, but I cannot abide him!!)

The Sarah Kay image which is one of my faves was coloured and highlighted with the dynamic duo that are my PMs and Glamour Dust lol xxx The papers are a mixed bunch - PP, Nitwits and Willow. I had some left over from the Frilly Milly card I did recently and thought I'd use them here seeing as I luvs em so much :))x
Ohhh the lighting is horrible here - it makes this look garish, sorry.
I may re-take this cos it is so awful. But I put the pic in so you can see the flower a bit better. Bet you wish I hadn't bothered lol xxx.

I made the flower by drawing lines on a piece of card with 2 PMs - use the chiselled end - and then I punched out the shape usign an EK Success Retro punch. I got the idea from Sharon and you can see it all here.

And there's a bit of funkyity faux stitching as well. Try saying that when you've had a few lol xxx

As it was my last week at CCT, I thought I would do 2 cards - this is the one that is over at the blog. Now I will warn you , you are about to enter the 'cringe' zone.

He's a cutie lil fella.

So this is the second card, and the song?
I Will Always Love You (Whitney and the big guns that are Dolly P).

As you can see, I 'adapted' the title slightly to fit the fabulous stamp which is from Whimsystamps, hence the cringe. I know it is a bit corny, but hey ho lol xxx Considering my unmitigating disaster yesterday, the fact that it meets the challenge is nowt short of a miracle lol xxx

The papers are from PP and from the Boy Oh Boy collection by the awesomely talented Summer Driggs, and the blooms are from my beloved Poppicrafts xx Mich has some beautiful stuff in right now including some of the prettiest spring ribbon and blooms ever. Check it out peeps xxx

Is anybody going to the trade show at the NEC over the weekend btw? I am going on Sunday so if you are going to be there and fancy saying howdy to moi (or the piggish pink one as Leann calls me lol xxx) let me know!!

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen is going to be there, and I do have a bit of a thing for him actually. It's the tousled hair I think. And he is so well dressed. And he is a bit posh which I sort of like :)) I have sort of met him before. Well, when I say I have met him, he was at the NEC the last time I went to the trade show there. I went with a friend of mine who insisted on referring to him as Roddy lol xxx

Anyway, I was too shy to go and say hello. My friend was not too shy and she went to see him and she took a book of mine with her (the book wot he wrote, natch) and he signed it for me - how fabulous. He insisted she went and got me so I could go and say hello but I had ran off, dragging her wheelie trolley behind me as fast as my little legs would take me and I refused to go and meet him.

So when I say I sort of met him, I didn't really meet him, but I did stand within a few feet of him. When I told my eldest, she laughed and said she had sort of met George Clooney. Well when she said she had met him, there was a cardboard cut out of him in the local video shop and she had stood by it.

I don't know where she gets her wit from!!!!

And on that note, I'm off for a reasonably early night. Emma is unwell so I am on 'monitor' duty re Kyla tonight and will need to get up with her in the morning and get her ready for nursery.

Have a fab evening chicks