Friday, 30 November 2012

A Bit On The Fussy Side!!!

Hi there sweet peeps and hope you are all OK today :)

I had another fiddle last night with my new stash from the NEC and came up with  ……

 Picture 004 copy 

…. this bad boy!!

It’s a bit on the fussy side for me but I quite like it and I think it works because of the colours.  I like the red because it isn't too bright. I know someone who will like it so I will send it to them for Chrimbly :)

I used some of the proddies I’d used on yesterday’s card, mainly cos I haven’t yet put them away (lazy mare), but also cos I quite like ‘em!! So what I did was cover a chipboard ring with some spotty paper which I got from Anna Marie Designs, inked the edges and then arranged some natural green moss around it.

Then I arranged some punched holly leaves  made with the Super Duper  Holly Punch (Sir Stampalot), added a few rolled roses and then some branches punched out of  kraft card using Martha Stewart BRANCH Craft Punch M230367 (Simon Says Stamp).

I wanted it to look a bit ‘twiggy’.

Picture 007 copy

A few gems and a sentiment and we’re all done!!!
It didn't take long at all to be honest – rolling the roses took the most time. And it doesn’t use too much paper / card either.



Picture 005 copy

If you didn't want to stick the finished wreath onto a card blank you could tie a bit of string onto and hang it up I guess.

Picture 006 copy

So that’s the card for today.

Well girls Dishy Dave didn't disappoint last night did he (and that is fantastic alliteration there by Miss Piggy, if I do say so meself!!).

Now, I’m not saying that I am a perve or anything but if you really really wanted a replay of the shower scene (and we are not talking Bobby Ewing / Dallas here), you could go over to Youtube for another look. I would put it on here but it might offend because there is a bit of bare buttock-age on display!!!! Nothing full frontal  of course so why you have to declare your age on Youtube is beyond me.  Every year we have heaving breasticles and bikinis in the shower – think Myleene, Katie Price, Helen Flanagan etc etc)  and the camera seems to linger for quite a long time on certain bits, if you get my drift. But the merest hint of bare male ass and it’s a different kettle of fish!!

As Dec would say, verr verr sexist!!

Anyway it certainly put a smile on my face fo sho. That man (Dishy Dave btw, not Dinky Dec) has buns of steel and a six pack not unlike my own. OK I lied about that last bit but I did have a four pack once when I was thin and fit.

Ohh how times have changed!!!

Anyway, my fave bit last night was Charlie talking to her dink. I bet that shocked you didn't it cos you probably thought I was going to say something else there (that was my second fave bit). The delight on her face was fab cos I really felt for her the other night when she was so close to her child but hadn’t known. She’s nowt like Janine is she!!! Note to self – she is an ACTRESS!!!!

Right I better go.

We are out for our tea tonight with Emma, Tim and the horrors in between washing the curtains/ cushions/anything that doesn’t move etc all ready for Christmas. Have a fab evening and see you soon as soon.

Hugs to all xxx


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wass Goin’ On ‘Ere!!!!!


Picture 006 copy

Hi there loveliest of peeps and hope you are all OK on this rather nice Autumnal day today :)

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we are in for more rain next week, boooo hisssssss.

Ok today I have a card to share which  I made with some stuff I got recently at the NEC. It’s not at all like my usual stuff but I have to say that I do kind of like it.

I got some natural type bits and bobs from Anna Marie Designs ….

Picture 001 copy

… and made this card up which is quite similar to the one that she had on display which I fell in love with.

I’ve done it a little bit differently as I used a kraft card base but the layout and some of the products used are the same, so a shameless bit of casing here!!!

I used Shabby Flowers, natural green moss and  natural jute. Other stuff I used is a Cheery Lynn  Francesca Border die which I got from Lili of The Valley but you can also get them from Jan at Sir Stampalot. And a Super Duper  Holly Punch which I also got from Sir Stampalot

Picture 004 copy

I made a rolled rose out of some red Bazzill to sit on the top cos I love red with kraft card :)

Picture 005 copy

I’ve been at the ink on the edges again!!!

Picture 002 copy


Picture 003 copy

As I got a big bag of stuff from there, you can be sure that there will be more stuff like this on here before to long!!!!

I do like natural type stuff even though I am not always sure what to do with it (you don't have to answer that one lol). So I will have to have a fiddle and see what I come up with, It’s nice to try something new isn't it – stops you getting into a crafty rut.

Well Dishy Dave is still in the jungle but ohh it was a close call last night. Instead,  OK Ya Hugo went. I think both of them were a bit gutted to be in the bottom two but you pays yer money, you takes yer chance and all that.  I am so into Corrie as well at the mo – poor Tyrone. What a good story line this is and I am on tenterhooks every time evil Kirsty comes on the screen, waiting for her to blow a gasket!!! Where’s it going to end? Ohh fo sho in tears for someone, but I wonder who??????

I am pleased to report that we are now officially a leaf free zone as his Lordship has finished the leaf picking up job at last. He is now power hosing anything that doesn't move so I am not sitting still for too long in case he starts on me! He still cannot play tennis cos of his  foot and so he is quite frankly bored out of his skull!!! So he is out in the garden doing any jobs he can find, bless him until he is back at work on 17th December.

Talking of work, some of us aren't so lucky to be off so I better get back to it. I’ll see you soon as soon – maybe tomorrow if I manage to make something else tonight. I’m trying to make a start on my Christmas cards a bit earlier this year so that there isn't the usual last minute panic or even worse, I have to actually BUY some (shock horror!!). 

Have the fabbiest of days and huggiest of hugs to all xxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Birthday Blues :)


Hi there lovely peeps and hope you are all OK today xxx

Yayyy, finally it has stopped raining and there is a nice blue sky instead of the horrible grey mucky one that we’ve had for the last week or so. Rich is still on leaf patrol, bless him, but at least today they aren't quite as soggy and he has managed to clear the front garden For how long though is anybody's guess cos there are still leaves on the tress and they have to go somewhere when they fall off !!!

So it’s that time of the week when we head across the water and catch up with our friends over at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge and this week we have an

Anything  Goes

theme so it’s time to let rip with your creativity thingies!!!

This week we are showcasing Martha Stewart products . If you have them we would love to see them but it's not compulsory to use them if you want to join in :-)

As always, our lovely Heidi is giving away a fabulous …

… for one lucky winner to spend …

…right here (lucky girlie!!)

So ….

Picture 001 copy

… this is what I did.

Again, like me, the layout is fairly simple!!!
There’s no colouring involved so it’s super quick to put together, which we like of course :)


    Picture 004 copy 

I've used  a Martha Stewart DECO FAN Shells Punch Around The Page and started out with a 6x6 blue card base. I punched along the bottom edge and then put a piece of 6x6 white card inside and glued it down. Then I cut another of piece of 6x6 card and trimmed about 1/2” off of the bottom edge, punched that and stuck it down on top of the card. Finally I punched a strip of blue card, trimmed it to 6” long, wrapped some ribbon round it and stuck that down onto the front of the card.

Picture 005 copy

The bloom was made using a set of Magnolia Doily Flower dies  and a Martha Stewart BRANCH Craft Punch.
Then I made a rolled rose to sit in the centre and added a bit of glitter and a gem.


Picture 006 copy

The frame was made using a Memory Box TIFFANY FRAME Craft DIE  - isn’t it pretty - and I printed the sentiment onto SAFMAT Self-Adhesive Printing Film and put it in the centre of the frame.

Picture 002 copy


 Picture 003 copy

And that’s it.

Well girls, we live to drool another day cos the delish that is Dishy Dave is still in – I have a sneaky feeling that he will win it!! I was a bit sad to see old Rosie go because she is a loud, bossy, jolly hockey sticks sort of gal I know but I quite like her. She tells it how it is and she comes across as basically a good person as well. She wasn't so lady like when she was doing the bottom burp thing with Limahl thought was she!! I laughed so much that I nearly peed my draws!!

Not sure who will go tonight – maybe Hugo or Eric? We’ll see.

Right I have to go because I have to don my Santa hat and reply to the letters that Kyla sent to him on behalf  of her and Thea. Kyla is still a bit scared of him because she is frightened of anybody who is dressed up if she doesn't know them. Last year Em had trouble getting her to sleep because she was so afraid he was coming into the house. Poor little sausage :(  I’m not sure where she thought he would leave her toys!!!! She isn't so scared that she won't do a list as long as your arm for him with what she wants on it though!! 

I am hoping that Thea isn't scared so that I can get to take her to Lapland  – purely for selfish reasons of course lol!! . I’ve waited all my life to do this and sod’s law that I end up with a Kyla kid that hates his guts!! Well she doesn’t hate him but she won’t go near him!! So Thea is my last chance really, heeheeeee!!!

Right I best dash because I have shed loads to do today. I’ll be back tomoz with a card that is very VERY different so I’ll say tarra and see you then.

Enjoy your day and huggiest of hugs to all xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I Rather Like This!!!!!!


Hi there sweet peeps and I hope that you are all OK today :)

Here in Chester we have had some pretty horrific weather and one part of the village has been closed off,  but it’s nothing compared to the poor folk in St Asaph which is just down the A55 from here. A lot of them have had to be evacuated because of the flood water. So far, we are OK but I feel for the poor people who have been affected.  I do hate moaning about the rain when half the world is dying from lack of water, but it’s been quite bad and is getting a lot of people down I think.

So I hope that you are safe and dry wherever you are today.

It’s time to nip over and see what's happening over at Papertake Weekly and as it’s the last one of the month, it’s sketchie time and this month …

… it’s this bad boy here, sketch #74.

But of course now we have a free for all so you can use whichever PTW sketch you want. There is a tab at the top of the challenge blog with them all on which I hope you will find useful :)

So what did I do then?

 Picture 001 copy   

Here we are, and I have to say that this really is one of the easy peasiest Chrimbly cards ever.

The papers are Do Crafts Tulip and that tree was made using  ….


….. this die set.

I picked it up at the NEC and this is the first time I’ve used it but it won’t be the last because I LOVES it.

Each layer of the tree is a separate die and you just build it up  - simples!!!

Picture 007 copy

I’m not sure if you can see it better  from this pic?

Picture 005 copy

The lacy borders are made using one of the Cheery Lynn border dies that I got from Lili of The Valley – notice the edges are inked again!!!

The snowflakes were done with a Martha Stewart ARCTIC SNOWFLAKE Craft Punch M283007 which I got from Simon Says Stamp and I added a bit of glitter and topped it with those fab sequin things that I got from Purple Butterfly Crafts (I think they may be Papermania but don’t quote me, and I am too goddam idle to go back down the stairs to look at the pack, soz peeps!!).

Picture 002 copy

A yummy bow made with some 15mm Red No 15 Microdot Ribbon and some natural button twine – both are from The Ribbon Girl.

Picture 003 copy

So there’s me card all done.

Ohh we had a FAB time on Saturday over at Lili of The Valley

The shop is looking so pretty and it’s always nice to see the actual cards on display – it’s wall to wall inspiration :) There were so many lovely crafters there and a huge thank you to all the nice ladies (and not forgetting Brian ) who came to my class in the morning and the demo in the afternoon.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

And of course there was the on line FB party which so many of you came over for – it was a great success and I for one cannot wait for the next one.

And last but by no means least  there were the awesome mince pies and chocolate yule log (verrrry chocolatee and yummy). Keep your eyes peeled for the next event and make a date in your diary because these days are ab fab!!!

It seems to have stopped raining here and I can hear Richard outside trying to gather up the piles of soggy leaves that are all over the place. Personally I would leave them where they are (lazy mare that I am) but it upsets him, bless him, so he is out there on a mission!!!

He will be in for his dinner soon. Roast pork and roast spuds tonight  (yes the diet seems to be on the back burner at the mo). And it isn't just any old pork,  oh no!! This is slow cooked pork belly in cider sauce, rubbed with fragrant herbs and garlic and and slow cooked for 5 hours for a melt in the mouth tenderness. Yes it’s Marks & Spencer's finest – the sort you bung in the oven and 45 minutes later it’s all done. Ditto the spuds. See, I told you I was a lazy madam!!!

Mind you, getting it was a bit of an ordeal. 

I flew over on Sunday afternoon (not literally – we aren’t that posh lol!!) and grabbed a bag full of yummy stuff and left the store 10 minutes before closing only to find that the doors didn't want to open and there was an alarm going off. Doh, wake up Dawny P!!!!!! Enter Mr Security Man who asked me if it was my bag that had set it off. No I don't think so I say. Have you  got any meat in that bag he asks. Yes I say. Well that will be it he says. Apparently the scanners weren't deactivating the tags on the meat and this seemed to have been happening all day – not that the other shoppers who were giving me funny looks knew that (oh the shame of it!!).  So he has to unpack my shopping, all over the flamin’ floor, find the offending meat (yes the finest pork) and manually remove the tag.

Exit one very red faced piggy!!

So I will re-live the whole sorry incident as I am munching on me dinner later no doubt.

Right on that note I’m off. I’ll leave you with a little sneaky peekie of tomorrow's cardage …..


.. and say toodle pip.

Have a great night and enjoy IACGMOOH – maybe Eric will go tonight? Hopefully it wont be David – I think us girls are entitled to a few more nights of feasting our eyes on that particular bit of candy don’t you!!! Yes I am old enough to be his Ma, but I care not one jot. He’s damned attractive to any age fo sho!!! I’m quite glad that silly dippy Helen has gone. I could not endure another night of her and her breasticles popping out of the telly!!!

Put them away love – enough is enough they were way way wayyyyyyy too much!!

Huggiest of hugs to all xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hoppity Hop – And a Cute Bear Alert Too :)

Picture 003 copy

Good morning lovely peeps, rise and shine and I hope you are all OK today.

Thank you for stopping by and I’m so glad that you did because today we’re holding a

Lili of the Valley sneaky peekie DT blog hop

to celebrate the launch of the latest release of gorgeous new stamps! There are 18 of the cutest baby and animal designs (unmounted rubber) and also 2 new A5 sheets of clear stamps - a companion set and also an everyday version of the hugely popular Grungy Christmas Messages.

The stamps will be available to buy on the Lili of the Valley website from midday on Sunday the 25th November (UK time) and you will also be able to get them at the Lili of the Valley Christmas party at their showroom in Leeds on Saturday (24th) if you are able to make it :)

The fabulous Design Team are all taking part in the hop and you just need to visit us all,  following the links on everyone’s blog  and leave a comment on each card. We’ve used all the stamps between us so hopefully we can give you lots of ideas and inspiration.

So, what did I do then?

Well ……

Picture 001 copy

… here’s my card and the image I’ve used is called

Sleepy Time

It’s sooo sweet and these are the Copics I used -

C00, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, E50, E81, R85, RV0000, RV000, RV00, RV01, RV02, Y17

and of course there is a ton of glitter sprinkled about!!!

Picture 005 copy

The beautimous papers are all from the Bonnets & Bowties 8x8 paper pack 

I also used some Cheery Lynn dies and some pretty flowers which I got from the Lili of the Valley shop.

Picture 006

I’ve been at the ink again around the edges - it’s quite addictive lol!!!


Picture 006 copy

See the cute lil tag?

Well that’s on the companion set, along with some words which you can use to make up your own sentiments :)


Picture 002 copy

Picture 004 copy


OK so that's my card and now back to the hop.

We don’t know where the prizes are so make sure you visit every blog. We will let you know tomorrow evening which were the ‘lucky’ blogs and 2 winners will be drawn at random from all the comments that were left

There will be 2 prize winners, each winning the 2 sets of clear stamps and 6 rubber stamps of their choice from the new designs (each prize value £52.00) – what a fab prize :)

Here's a list of all the blogs taking part  ...and remember you will need to visit them all to have the best chance of winning;

Ideas To Inspire




Dawny P (moi!!)









Good luck with the hop and don’t forget to leave me a lil comment before you go onto the next stop :)

Have a fab day and I hope you enjoy seeing all the new images and the DT cards.

Huggiest of bloggy hoppy hugs to all xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Bit Of A Magnolia Fest :)

So hi there lovely peeps and hope you are all OK today xxx

It’s that time of the week when we head across the water and catch up with our friends over at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge and this week we have a little sketchie for you ……

… and it’s this one here.

Don't forget that you can flip it and resize the elements etc and as long as you can still see the sketch, it’s fine :)

As always, our lovely Heidi is giving away a fabulous …

… for one lucky winner to spend …

…right here (lucky girlie!!)

So ….

 Picture 001 copy  

… this is what I did. 

The image is  Tilda With Two Little Gifts and I coloured her with these Copics -

Skin - E0000, E000, E00, E11, E13, R00, R02

Hair – E31, E34, E39, E50

The rest – G99,  R05, R17, R17, R59, YG0000, YG00, YG03, YG23, W00, W1, W3

I added a bit of glitter here and there as well!!

Picture 006 copy

The papers are from the October Afternoon 8 x 8 HOLIDAY STYLE Paper Pad ….

*October Afternoon 8 x 8 HOLIDAY STYLE Paper Pad PP752

… this one here - it’s really nice I think.

*Colorbox CHESTNUT ROAN Brown Chalk Ink Pad

I inked the edges with this Color Box Fluid Chalk Inkpad in Chestnut Roan. I am doing this more and more of late but I still cannot decide if I prefer inked or un-inked!!!

Picture 004 copy

A pretty snowflake :)

And oops, I just saw that my machine missed a stitch!!

Why oh why do I never spot these things until I am doing me write ups peeps?????

 Picture 005 copy

The Ranger STICKLES DIAMOND White Clear Glitter Glue  I put onto the tree looks all sorts of colours on this and the next pic but  IRL it’s clear.

I blame the photographer!!!!

Picture 002 copy

Picture 003 copy

So that’s the old card done and here’s the rest of the supplies I used.

All the  pics are linked so you are just one click away from the right place at the Simon Says Stamp Store.

*Magnolia TILDA WITH TWO LITTLE GIFTS Rubber Stamp A Christmas Story 2012       *Magnolia SPRUCE Doohickeys Cutting Die      *Magnolia LOVELY FENCE Doohickeys Cutting Dies    *Magnolia TILDA LACE Doohickeys Cutting Dies    *Martha Stewart ARCTIC SNOWFLAKE Craft Punch M283007    

Right, that’s me done and and I’ll be back tomoz – yes I will fo sho because there is something a bit special going on so I’ll see you bright and early then.

Till then, have the fabbiest of days and biggest hugs and squishes to all xxx