Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ohhhh Please Dont Faint ……..

Picture 015c copy

…. but I think I am almost back to ‘normal’ lol!!!!

More in a sec but firstly, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year lovely peeps and hope that you all had lots of nice prezzies and  jolly festivities etc etc.

It’s been ohhh so long since I made a card but what better way to get back into card making mode  than with a bit of fairy magic in the shape of this week’s Lili Of The Valley Thursday Challenge

and this week our very own Lena Katrine has a fabulous sketch for us ….

… and it’s this one here.

So ….

Picture 011c11 copy

… this is what I did and you’ll be glad to see that some things never change cos I really struggled with the light and the editing.  I am so out of practice –  IRL this looks much nicer than it does on here.

The totally and utterly adorable image is Dandelion Clock and it’s one of the new LOTV images that are due to be released on January 11th – so not too long now and it’s a FAB release. They all are of course, but this is one of my faves I think. 

I used me Copics but no list sorry peeps cos it went in the bin :(   I’ll try harder in future but I’m just not used to this blog posting malarky!!!!!

The papers are Butterfly Kisses from Nitwits and the border punch was a prez from the one in the red suit (yes, Richard lol!!). It’s a MS Deep Edger Border Punch – Doily Trim – and it punches like a dream.

You can get them from Tracy at Dies To Die For and they are right here :)

I did go a bit mad with it on this card – I even used it to make the little corner pocket things

Picture 011c1 copy

The beautiful blooms are from the wonderful Wild Orchid Crafts and so are those pretty pink self adhesive rhinestones as well, and they are available in lorry loads of colours.

There’s a couple of cheeky punched MS Frond Branch leaves hiding in there as well. Yes, that was another Christmas prez and of course you can get them from Dies To Die For as well.

Picture 012c copy                  Picture 013c copy

Picture 014c copy

So that’s my first cardage since the beginning of December. I don't think I’ve ever gone this long without making something since I started the card thing.

So where have I been and what’s been happening? 

Well, not a lot really on the card making front, that’s for sure.

You may remember that at the start of December I had flu. So as it was getting near to the big day and there was still loads to do (and cos I am female), I tried to keep going as best as I could and was taking flu caps, cough medicine, decongestants etc etc till they were all coming out of my ears. I never usually take anything other than paracetamol  for a cold or flu but I just wanted to try and keep going to get it all done. But I was getting awful headaches and feeling queasy all the time and  generally unwell. Then I was driving Kyla back from a party  one afternoon when I got this pain in my head like I’ve never had before. I was literally panic stricken as she was in the car and I thought I was going to crash. This came on so suddenly and without warning and was so intense that it was scary. I did get us home but I was in tears and just had to go to bed and lie down for a few hours. The pain eventually went but it left me feeling rotten and I was in bed for days.  I put this down to some kind of sinusitis which I’ve had once before and it wasn't particularly pleasant. 

So I carried on taking the decongestants and after a few days I started to feel slightly better but there was always an underlying headache and nausea present which I could not shake off. I got through Christmas but we had to come home early on the actual day as my head was starting to hurt again. Then a few days later I was cleaning my teeth and a little bit of toothpaste hit the back of my throat which made me cough and sort of gag a little. Again from nowhere this awful pain started in my head – it felt like my head was filling up and was in a vice and I’ve never known anything like it. I was in such pain that I could not even speak (so it must have been bad!!!).

So I decided to go to the docs because to be honest, I was starting to think that there was something seriously wrong. Well to cut this long story short, my blood pressure was sky high. I’ve had this for a while now and I had really bad nosebleeds with it a while back. There was some talk of me going on tablets but it seemed to settle down again by itself so I didn't ever have them.  The doc checked behind my eyes and I was relieved to hear him say that there wasn’t anything growing in my head and that he was sure that these had things were down to the high BP.  In passing really, I mentioned to the doc that I’d put them down to the sinus thing and said that I’d been taking the decongestants etc and he looked aghast and told me that people with high BP should never ever take anything with a decongestant it. In fact, it can be dangerous.

So it was all my own fault – unwittingly of course – and rather than making myself better, I was actually making myself ten times worse. Of course, had I have known this, then I would never have taken them. So peeps, be warned,  if you have high BP stay away from them. I cannot tell you how ill I have felt. I am being monitored now and I may have to have tablets. The are reluctant to give them to me because I will have to take them forever if I start, but it’s better than feeling the way I have been feeling. It is coming down slowly which is probably why I am feeling better so we’ll see what happens.

Fingers (and toes and anything else) crossed that I don’t have another one of those head things again. But what a miserable month :(

Ohh lordy, this has turned into a bit of a novel. But before I go I just want to say a huge thank you to Liz at PP, Lisa, Laila, Bev & Jacquie at LOTV and Tracy at DTDF for bearing with me these last few weeks and not putting any pressure on me for my lack of work. Girlies, I really do appreciate that you did this and hopefully I will be back in full swing any day soon.

And finally to everyone who left messages on here and who emailed me, hugest of thanks to you.  It was nice to know that you were thinking of me and it cheered me up no end.  I am still working my way through the emails so sorry if I didn't reply to you.

So all being well, I’ll see you tomorrow with something Tilda-ish and with hopefully some better pics!!

Huggiest of hugs to all xxxx



Squirrel x said...

Beautiful card Dawny, love the soft pastels and all your fabulous detail and, of course, the adorable LOTV image, simply brilliant. So sorry that you have been so poorly - my doc put me on beta blockers six years ago for high BP and I have to say it has worked wonders - I've not had a single migraine since starting them. The down side is that, as you rightly point out, you have to be so careful with other medications and decongestants are a complete no-no. I'm glad you are feeling better now sweetie and sorry that you had such a horrible scare. Take care babes. Hugs, Sxx

Diane said...

So sorry to hear about everything that's been happening to you on the medical front, Dawny but you're back with a flourish and a great card! I'm so looking forward to this new LOTV release - I do hope the girlies are well stocked with rubber because I think they'll be inundated with orders!
Please don't be scared of starting medication for the BP. I was very releuctant but have been on meds for about 4 years now and have text book BP and no side effects - brilliant!
Diane x

Marion said...

Hi Dawny,
Firstly, wonderful card and one of my fav images of the soon to be released stamps.
Secondly, so glad you went doc's in the end. You take care and at a slower pace until BP is down to a much better level.
Happy New Year

Rosietoes said...

Dawn that all sounds absolutely awful and I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. Thank you for sharing it as it is a timely warning to those who have high BP to be careful. I wouldn't have dreamed that decongestants were a problem at all.

Hopefully each day will see you getting better and better. Here's to a Happy New Year.

Edna x

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

that sounded really bad Dawn, hope the BP stays down. Takecare of yourself.
It's lovely to see you back with your fabulous cards.
Happy and healthy New Year wishes.

craftymum said...

Great card Dawny. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell though. But thanks for letting us all know about the BP and decongestant thing.
take card
hugs Sarah x

Donalda said...

Oh it is so good to see you back dear. And so glad to hear you are doing so much better. Just take it easy dear and get back to feeling 100%. This card is just adorable dear.And it looks like the one in the red suit done you real good. Going to have to go check out the LOTV challenge. Hugs dear and take care

Marg said...

A lovely card (all yours are!)I'd missed you postings. I'm sorry you've been poorly and hope you are soon feeling in tip top form. Take care!

Susy said...

This is so beautiful!!!
Have a nice day!
Hugs Susy

debbies said...

Oh my goodness sweetie! I feel terrible for you because this is a path I've been on too. I did not know about NOT taking decongestant tho, so thank you for sharing this information! HUGS and your card is super cute!

Kat said...

Gorgeous card Dawny. I love the new LOTV images and can't wait till they go on sale.

Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. Hope you're on the mend now.

Kat x

Rachael said...

Beautiful card as always Dawny!
So glad to hear from you, was starting to get worried. Sorry to hear you have been so ill especially over Christmas but glad to hear you are on the mend.
Hope you have a good day :)
Rach xx

Chris said...

Happy New Year Dawny and so glad that you're feeling and better and found out what the problem was. Scary about the tablets and thanks for posting that as I'm sure it will come in useful to someone if they read it. Love your card, so gorgeous and girly and your colouring is so delicate and beautiful. Take care of yourself sweetie, hugs, Chris xx

Unknown said...

Hi Dawny, such a great card, and I love the papers you used!! It sounds like you went through quite an ordeal+ glad to hear you´re doing better now!! HUgs, Frea

Cherie said...

Hi Dawny, Happy New Year,
Wonderful card with awesome colouring, love the layout.
Sorry to hear you've been poorly, take it easy and don't rush back to full speed.
Thank you for the info on decongestants, i'm on BP med and didn't know about this.
Looking forward to more creations when you're ready.
Big hug Cherie x

Jane said...

Blimey!!! Glad you're back...missed your fab work...Happy New Year xx

Jennie said...

Oh Dawn I am so so so glad that you are feeling better. I was so worried about you.


Sharon Caudle said...

Oh I'm soooo glad your feeling better, Dawny! I've been worried about you, chickie!! Yep...decongestants can really raise your blood pressure. You even have to watch such things as eye drops for allergies as they will do the same thing. People tend to think that just because they only go into your eyes, that it won't affect anything else. Not true.
Your card is beautiful! Love that deep edged punch you got and your coloring of this adorable image is spectacular! Take care hon, and continue to get better!
big hugs! Sharon

Crafty gal said...

whoooohoooo, welcome back..I think those in papercraft land were a wee bit worried here is abig hug
Hope you are well on the mend you have been missed and your lovely card ideas..
take care

Jacee said...

Beautiful card Dawny. love the colours and the flowers look gorgeous.

Sorry to read about you not being so well but sounds as if you could be on the mend now, thank goodness you discovered what it was, at least you know now not to take anymore.Look after yourself.
Hugs Jacee

Miria said...

OMG, Dawny you passed terrible moments! Happy you're better now and back to blogland with this gorgeous card! All the best to you for 2011! Miria

Sol said...

WOW! What a month you have had! So glad you are feeling better! Keep it up.... Looking after yourself... Your health is the most important thing!... We are to good to ignore warnings... And maybe especially before Christmas... As everybody knows that we girls.... Do Everything before Christmas!!... We do not stop until we are Finished with everything... As well as ourselves...

Take your time.. It takes some time to get back in old shape after something like that... Concentrate on YOU!!!

I love your card!... Especially the red flowers on this card! They really stand out... But also Matches Well with all the other soft colours!!
The image is sooooo Cute.. And you have coloured her Lovely!! :o)

Tracey T said...

I'm so glad that you're OK - reading some of the other comments maybe going on the meds would be the best thing for you to do. Do please take good care of yourself - this isn't the dress rehearsal, you know! Very chuffed to see you've made a card 'cos that means that you're back and I can my regular inspiration fix. Biggest of hugs, Tracey T xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card Dawny, have missed you and your lovely cards. Pleased to hear you are on the mend, what a scary time you have had, thanks for the heads up about the decongestant and high BP.

Take care and welcome back!!

Hugs, Barbaraxx

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous card sweetie!!

Angie said...

Hi dawny you have been through the wars my fingers are crossed.
I love this card the colours are perfect and the image is sooo cute can't wait till next week when they are released.
stay well
Hugs Angie x

Cazza said...

Oh Dawny poor you, you have been in the wars hon :o( So glad you're feeling better now and fingers (and everything else) crossed you'll be completely fit soon, ((( ))) big hugs!

Absolutely gorgeous card hon, I love this stamp and can not wait until the 11th!! Love your papers too :o)

Take care Dawny,

Henriëtte said...

first a verry good, healty as possible and creative year to you and your familie.
What a nightmare to end the year Dawny, glad to here that you feeling better and that you made a card to show, love your card, I only see lovely cards on your blog.
Hope everyday is going a bit better and when you get medication that al your problems are history.
Big hug, Lidy

SallyB said...

Hi Dawny
WOW...So pleased to hear you found out what was wrong before it got any worse! This is a Christmas you will never forget! Isn't it amazing the things you find out from bloggers. I didn't know that if you have high BP you shouldn't take decongestants...Thanks for sharing your experience with us all and Welcome back!

cardmaking bird said...

Oh my goodness, I was getting worried about you cos it's never like you to not post for soooo long. Sorry to hear you've been so ill - you must've been terrified, but so glad that you've got it all sorted!! My mum's on tablets for HBP and she's always been told not to take things with decongestant but I guess unless you're actually on the tablets you wouldn't be told..... unfortunately for you!! I really hope you're back to your best now!! Take care of yourself!!! Love and Hugs, Marie xxx

Sharon said...

Aw hun you've certainly been through the mill these last few weeks!!
I'm having my BP monitored at the mo & have been told that if it doesn't come down in the next month I'll have to go on meds!! :-( like you though I'm reluctant as it's for life but as the doc says if I don't bring it down the consequences are alot worse!!
Who said crafting was relaxing lol!!
hope you're soon 100%
Sharon xx

Unknown said...

Hi Dawny,
Wow! It's very very beautiful Card.
Love! Love! Love!

Happy New Year
Aux Doigts Agiles

allex said...

Beautiful card as always Dawnie. I am waiting patiently (?) for the new LOTV stamps and I can see why I love them so much now !!
Sorry that you have been proper poorly but glad to hear that you are back and, hopefully, fighting fit again. Hoping to join you soon and get back into the swing myself.
Hugs, Sandiblu xx

Sarah said...

Gorgeous card as always Dawny!
I'm sorry to hear that you've been so poorly but am also pleased to hear that you're on the mend. It must have been so scary for you.
Make sure you take care of yourself and take things easy.
Sarah xx :0)

Suzie Q said...

hi Dawn,
oh my goodness how awful for you and no i never knew that about high BP and decongestants which makes me feel the need to tell everyone i know now
i hope you sort it all out and feel a lot better soon x
nice to see you back
suzie Qx

Agnes van Hensbergen - agnesstampcards said...

Youre card is beautiful, love the colors and this sweet new images.
I hope you feeling youre soon better.
Hugs agnes