Saturday, 27 December 2008

Truly Awful xx

Yes, that was our Christmas Day. You would not believe the day we had.
This was how it all began.....
This is our front garden after a drunk driver lost control of his car and ploughed into it at 1.30am on Christmas morning.

Richard and I did not hear a thing but Emma whose bedroom is at the back of the house was woken up by the noise, so I don't know how we slept through it quite honestly!!!

Emma and Richard went to see if he was ok - he was, although understandably he was shaken. While we were waiting for the police, Richard invited him in and offered to make him a warm drink. Emma and I were upstairs looking at the mess from our bedroom when we saw the driver running like Forrest Gump up the lane - gone!!! There was no sign of him when the police arrived but they traced the vehicle and went to his house. He wasn't there (surprise surprise!!) but they were told that his sister had gone to collect him from where he was hiding. It took the recovery people over half an hour to get the car out of the hedge.
So this is now the view from our front room.

What a mess!!

He won't be prosecuted for drink driving as he was not there when the police arrived so they are going to find it hard to prove he had been drinking, as he will no doubt say that his sister or someone else had given him booze to calm him AFTER the crash and that is why he was over the linit. The police said that he could even have said it was us as we had offered him a drink (obviously not alcoholic) but he could have said it was, and then it was his word against ours.

So be warned - if you are ever unlucky enough to have this happen, don't offer anyone a drink - it could go against you. Unless they do the cowardly thing and do a runner - in which case they will only get done for failing to report an accident.

We are in the hands of the insurance people now - IF he was insured. It was a new BMW so I am hoping he was. The police are coming back on Monday and no doubt we will find out more then.

But did it end there??? Sadly not.

We got back to bed about 3am -ish and we were up again at 7am when Kyla, who had thankfully slept through it all woke up anxious to see if Santa had been. Well of course he had and he brought her lots of nice things and we had a lovely (if very tired) time opening our prezzies.

About 9ish, Emma went outside and noticed that her coat and boots which had been in her car were strewn up the drive. Would you believe it, at some point between 3am and 7am, some nice person or people (not what I want to call them, I cantell you !!) had come onto our property, ignoring the security lights, and nicked her handbag from her car.

She had inadvertantly left it open as she had been collecting prezzies for Kyla on Christmas Eve and got back about 10.30pm quite tired. In her haste to get them in the house, she had left her bag in the car and had fogotten to lock it. And we had forgotten to re-close our gate after the drunk driver incident. So I guess it was partly our own fault. But what sort of low life would nick from someone on Christmas Day?

Her bank card and credit card had both been used but only to the tune of £30 on each - they had been used to top up a mobile phone. In a way, it was good job the shops were closed as it could have been worse. Forensics have been out and taken away some evidence which they are testing and hopefully we might stand a chance of catching them!!!


But would you believe it - twice in the space of a few hours.

I don't believe the drunk driver realised what effect it would have on our day. None of us really had the energy to enjoy it and had it not have happened, then our gate would have been closed and the thief might not have chanced coming into the garden. No doubt it was the last thing he wanted to happen, but it was his choice to get in his car after he knew he had been drinking.

But anyway, we tried to make the best of it and one little sausage remained thankfully oblivious and despite having a nasty cold, enjoyed herself loads.

Ohh bless her
Please note that the drum kit was NOT from Richard and I. But I have to say that she plays it like a pro!!!! And she is clutching her doctors kit here, which she also loves, so we have taken it it turns to be 'poorly' lol xxx

Anyway, I hope that YOUR day was a lot better than ours - let's face it, it could not have been much worse.

See you soon with some non -Christmas cards. Ohhh thank God for that - I was getting elf, snowman and santa fatigue lol xx

Hugs xxxx


Macpurp said...

HUGS xxxx
there are some right selfish B@$**ds out there, and I make no apology for the almost swearing there!
I have seen through nursing the devastation drink driver cause, been there to tell loved ones some ones selfish behaviour has taken some one they loved away. I would have no hesitation in reporting anyone I saw getting behind the wheel of their car after drinking!
And then to have the purse stolen.....HUGS
at least the wee one had a grand day!

I hope your new Year is quieter and full of Joy xxx

Michelle said...

Aaw Dawny, how awful. I feel really sad for you. How dare these people intrude on your special day and cause such upset. I hope it all gets sorted for you and they catch the thief. As for the drunk driver, well he should rot. Im soo pleased that Kyla wasnt affected by it at all and had a lovely day. Big hugs to you all,

Sam said...

good lord, what a start to your Christmas day!!! I am glad that your future doctor wasn't disturbed by the whole thing.

De said...

So sorry to hear of your demise! Sometimes its hard to look at the positive but atleast no one was hurt. That's the most valuable thing. But it's disgusting to think how people can be like that, especially on Christmas day. I hope the insurance comes through! And maybe the thieves will atleast be caught. If they used it to recharge a cell phone, maybe it can be traced?! Good luck and sorry that these incidences happened to yoU!

joey said...

oh Dawny, what a day!, I cant begin to imagine how you all felt, I cannot believe the lengths some people go to, I do hope the police catch whoever it was who helped themselves to your daughters belongings. My gosh I hope the fence gets fixed and it is such a shame that the man cannot be proved as drunk!. I hope you can have a better new year. joey xxx

Madge said...

Oh Dawny I am so sorry to hear of all the incidents you and your family suffered over Christmas, it must really have dampened the whole event for you all - but it good to see that Kyla still managed to have a great time. Well I suppose now you need to look forward to the New Year and lets hope that the celebrations turn out to be much happier. xxx

Cheryl said...

Dear Dawny.....what can I say......I always try and look at what didn't happen, and thank God none of you were hurt.....

I have no time for people that drink and drive....they mess others lives and walk away so often.....
as for thieves, they just don't realise how many problems they cause by their thoughtless actions.....

All I can say is I hope that 2009 is a good and happy time for you and Richard.......

Sending you lots of love and hugs.......and lots of positive thoughts......

Diane.W. said...

OMG!That is just awful! Poor you lot.They don't understand just how upsetting it is to the victims & the impact it has,grrrr!
At least lil Kyla had a good day,bless her!!! :o)x

Nikki said...

Awww sorry your christmas was spoiled by a few selfish people....heres to the New year!
Love and hugs Nikki x

Sue said...

Aww Dawny
so sorry to read this, what a dreadfull shock for you all, what an a... the law is at time if he wasn't drunk why would he run!!!! If he was my brother i would pick him up and take him straight to the police station.
I hope they find the g.. who stole the handbag.
Glad the little one enjoyed Christmas, hope the new year starts off better for you all, hugs sue.xx

Kimberley said...

I'm so sorry your day was spoiled through the selfishness and - lets face it - crimes of others.

Not a very nice end to the year - so may I be the first to wish you a happy new year for 2009.

Mrs Wonka said...

Oh Dawny how awful! One you won't forget in a hurry! I am just so pleased that you and your family wern't hurt by the drink driver. It looks like you managed to pull off a fab day though(according to little ones face!)
Z xxx

Penny said...

Flipping hell Dawny! As if the drunk driver wasn't enough to have someone steal from you and on christmas day especially, what can I say? Apalling, selfish low-lifes. I am being polite here.

I hope your 2009 is much more peaceful xx

Jilli said...

How cr@ppy is that?! So sorry to hear what happened to you. Lets hope the drunk driver and the thief get what they deserve one way or another! At least Kyla was obvilious and had lots of fun with all her toys .... why do these grandkids end up so spoilt? I know mine little poppit had the contents of toy r us, not off us of course lol we got him an apple and orange pmsl! Jillix

Julia said...

I've just come across your blog and thinks it's fab! So sorry to hear of your ruined Christmas, that was so awful to read. I hope some justice is done and that things return to normal for you. x

Eileen said...

So sorry to hear about your terrible start to Christmas Dawny. Let's hope you have a better new year.
I do not find it hard to believe there are such people as that about as we have had our share of being burgled and conned etc and I have probably become quite cynical whereas my husband totally trusts everyone and thinks there is good in everyone!! I suppose that is quite good to be like that really but it does leave him well open to being conned by low lifes.

Rach said...

Sending big hugs to you all Dawny,
so Glad that you all were safe and that no one was hurt...
your little angel looks like she had a fabulous day.
Thank you for my christmas card sweetie, it is lovely. Happy new year to you all. huggles Rachxxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Dawny I am so sorry that you had to deal with all that dreadfulness. I can't believe that you had two horrible things happen one after another what are the chances eh!
Thank goodness your little angel had a fabulous time wow brilliant pressies.
You take care and I really hope that they can trace that thief!
kim xxx

Dawn said...

Oh My Godddd!!
That is one heck of a day you had Dawny!
I think I would have tied the Bug**r to your bloomin' gate so he couldn't have got away!**!
A new BMW as well - he knew what was coming to him and can't believe he's gonna get off with it too - Grrr!!
So sorry to hear all this - it's unbelievable really you couldn't have dreamt this up!
Well glad to hear Kyla had a great time loks like she got loads of goodies!
Hope you have a better New Year Dawny!
Sending you love and hugs


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

What terrible and frightening things to happen to you. I'm so glad the drunk driving incident wasn't worse for you all and no-one was injured. I hope you find time to enjoy each other amongst sorting out all the details that go along with these things!
Judy xx

Terrie B x said...

Oh Dear!!!!sorry for the upset sweet..glad you are all safe and well...Look at little Kyla bless her I bet you all had soooo much fun together...
Have a great Evening...lots of love:)~X~

Heidi said...

What a day- this story was so sad to read. Hope you all have had some better christmas days after this!

Hugs from

Kim said...

Oh lordy the flaming Gits, both that drunk driver and tealeaf!! Well I hope they have a rotten new year ahead of them....

At least your little one enjoyrd her crimbo... Bless her!!
Love an hugs to you all...

scotspanda said...

oh hun what a shi**y start to your Xmas Day!!! Although by the look on the wee yins face she had a ball and didn't notice anything amiss. Also lets be thankful that because the car was open at least it wasn't a smashed window and a stolen purse to contend with.

Here'e to a less troublesome New Year


Amanda xxx

Love to Doodle! said...

So sorry to hear this Dawny - stupid, selfish people! Arghhh...
Glad you are all ok and that Kyla enjoyed her day with you.. All the best for the new year xx


My dear Dawn, i am so sorry to hear about your experiences over the season of "goodwill to all men" obviously some people were totally unaware of this!!!! I can not believe that people can be so selfish, but unfortunately there are no doubt plenty more where they come from. I can see from the photos your little darling was having a fabulous time, im glad it didn't ruin christmas for her I hope you get the insurance sorted hun and sorry that you had all this to contend with on what should have been an enjoyable day! lets hope 2009 starts on a much happier note!!! Big hugs to you Linda x

Jill said...

aww Dawny so sorry to hear you news' some people are awful, I don't know how they sleep at night. At least Kyla had a good christmas, hoping you have a great New Year hugs Jill xx

Pauline C said...

OMG Dawny ... how truly awful!! I'm so sorry to hear this bad news. Just be thankful that the drunk driver didn't skittle a treasured family member on your prperty, cos that's what they seem to do so often. What a coward to run off like that. I hope he was insured, but whatever at least you are all safe and well. And as for the thief ..lowlifes like that are just not even worth contempt. You are worth so much more that them ... hope things calm down for New Year!
Pauline xx

Sue said...

Have left you something on my blog Dawny. Sue.xx

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh Dawny! I'm soooo sorry you had such a day!! Bless your heart! At least noone was hurt. And Kyla ended up having a wonderful day! Hugs to you!!!

Amanda's paper palace said...

Hi Dawny so sorry to hear you had such an awful day.Hope your new year is a much more happier one.hugs amanda xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

OMG what a horrible way to start a christmas day. There are some right bloody nasty people out there and I cant understand anyone who drinks and drives and it is always someone else who it affects and not them. Glad the little one had a fab day though, some of those presents look very familar to what Abbie had, I think they are very simlar ages. Luckily she didnt have a drum kit, but did have a keyboard,and a musical kit with a little drum, tamborine, maracas etc in it. They not been opened yet though not sure why lol!!!.
Hope you get everything sorted soon.
Lyndsey xx

Clare said...

Oh my lord! There are sime dispicable people about aren't there? I feel so sorry for you - twice in one day!

Let's all hope you have a better New Year!

Love, Clare x

Kathy said...

Wow!! What are the odds of that happening!! Sorry to hear of your misfortunes but it looks like your little princess had a fab time!!
Well I wanted to wish you a happy and healthy New Year filled with lots of love, laughter and creativity! Thanks for all your inspiration in 2008!! See ya next year! :)Kathy

Tara said...

OMG what an awful time you had, hope you are over the shock a bit now!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Sue said...

OMG Dawny,what a terrible shock for you all,but thank goodness you were not hurt thats the main thing.
Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy new Year and thanks for being a regular visitor and leaving comments on my blog...hugs to ya :-)


Andrea, said...

Oh Dawn, I'm sorry about all the bad things at Christmas, I hope the New Year brings you better luck.
Take care and best wishes to you and your family for the New Year

Love to Doodle! said...

Hope you are all ok now Dawny after your awful ordeal....wishing you all a wonderful and happy

Kim Dellow said...

Good Grief! I've just seen this and it just sounds horrific. You poor things.

It is just unbelievable how low some people can be and how they will only thinks about themselves.

I'm so glad no one was hurt and I hope that everything gets better. Have a good New Year and hoping that you can put this behind you going into 2009. Kimx

Enfys said...

Oh Dawny, I am so sorry that you had all this crap to deal with, on Christmas day as well. I hope you are all feeling much better now.
Enfys xx

Cj said...

Oh my god you poor people I hope everytthing in 2009 will bring you a lot of love and