Friday, 23 March 2012

I’ve Done It At last!!!!!!!!

Hi there sweet peeps and hope you are all OK today.

Tis Friday and the weekend is almost here. Tomorrow I am off to the NEC and will no doubt be frequenting Wetherspoons for most of the day so if you are about, come and say howdy. I cannot wait to catch up with everyone again :)

I don’t have any cardage today but I just wanted to say happy weekend to y’all and also to let you know that I have joined the 21st century at long last and thanks to the loveliest of lovelies Miss Marcea, I am now officially an ebay seller!!


I am a real technical dimwit (it is sooo true) so this gorgeous girlie helped me to set it all up  - thank you sweet cheeks – you are the BEST, mmmmwaaaahhhhhh xxxxxx

I am quite chuffed to see one of my cards on there. 

Just the one mind!!!

Poor Billy No Mates it is. I do have others but I have yet to list them but they will be on there soon. There will be no stopping me now and the family better watch out or I will be selling them on there next!! Mind you, whoever got my Richard would soon send the begger back!!!

Bless him – I wouldn’t sell him really!!!!

So have the best weekend and don’t spend too much if you are going to Brum. Actually, yes, do spend loads and loads. It’s only twice a year and we so deserve a little splurge don’t we lol!!

See you soon as soon and huggiest of hugs to all xxxxx


Marcea said...

check you out miss eBayer ...... cleer girlie that you are. OMG your card is just too beautiful and I now hae to stop myself bidding on it rofl - you naughty little pigster!!! Hae fun tomorrow with out me, sob sob. Hope to see you soon and we can maybe just get drunk together and laugh like a couple of lushes hehehe.
Adios senorita

Elaine said...

OOOH have a great time there, while im stuck here...moan moan .
Have fun , dont spend too long in weatherspoons :) Hugs Elaine

Lindyloo said...

Well good on you girl, I look forward to seeing what you have to sell.
Have a great weekend and lets hope the sun keeps shining. Can't be at the NEC but I hope it's great for all who do.
Hugs Linda x