Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Compare & Contrast aka PMs v Watercolours....

Well the scheduled thingy didn't work ...... cos I mucked the time up.
But never mind!! You would have all fainted had I got it right lol xxx

So, following on from yesterday, I decided to do a like for like card using my PMs and also using my watercolour pencils. I thought I would do this for this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge, and this week it is a fabulous sketch by Nat - love it xxxx

Here's both cards. See if you can tell which was coloured which..

I think you can tell that the bottom one was done with the PMs cos the colours are more vibrant. But I have to say that there is something soooo relaxing about using the watercolours - I had forgotten just how much. That said, I still prefer the PMs.

What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

The papers are Prima Hybrid and PP, the ribbon and buttons are from my stash and the brads are Poppicrafts. I also used my MSBP and a Cuttlebug folder which I inked over with Stayzon.

Well I haven't long been back and I had a great day at the NEC. I saw lots of fab things and met lots of fab people. Unfortunately I didn't see the God of all things inky and crafty, a certain Mr T Holtz. I had decided that if I saw him, I was going to go and touch him, or stroke his hair - just so I could tell Kath that I had lol xxxx I also didn't see the God of all things flamboyant and fabulous, the very gorge Mr LLB (phwoarr) cos he was only there yesterday (cry cry). BUT I did see his new range and rather nice it is too. But I'd rather have seen him lol xxxx

I have also mucked up the diet good and proper cos I had pie and chips (classy bird) for lunch and I am guessing that they were not the low fat variety - doh!!!! Not only that, I had a mahoosive choc chip muffin for brekkie with a drink of hot choc - yummy!! Such a greedy girl!!

I ought to feel bad, but heyyy I dont :)) But come tomorrow when I get on the scales, I am guessing it will come back to haunt me - every last sweet gorgeous mouthwatering crumb :((

Right then, I'm off to do me Willow Sketchie challenge card - my team mate Heidi has done the most fab sketch and I'm dying to have a play. I may well be back tomorra with some cardy offering.

Ohh before I go, does anyone know a good website that gives hints and tips for beginners for making jewellery please pretty please. There were loads of beautiful beads and stuff last time I went to the NEC and I am so dying to get me some stuff and have a go. But I've never done it before and I just want to see what's involved before I blow the kids inheritance on anything.

That's it - over and out for now xxxxxxx


Kath said...

Fabby card matey...love the colour combo and I agree I prefer the PM's...more vibrant colours....oh what a shame you didn't get to see TH or LLB....abd hey so what..a pie and chips on the odd occasion won't do any harm...can't help you out with the beady thing I'm afraid
Hugs Kath xxxx

Dulcie said...

Hey Dawn! Wow, you've done the compare and contrast! I have to say both cards look great, and yes I guessed that the bottom one was with PMs.

About jewellery making, I've been doing this for a while now (before I did cardmaking) and I have to say I think it is a great craft. It is more fiddly than cardmaking because the beads are smaller and you have to do the fastenings at each end which are small too - but despite appearances it's not actually difficult at all - once you've learnt to do the fastenings the rest is just variations on a theme really!! The BEST bit is being able to wear your creations afterwards, you can't do that with cards!! And if you get compliments on it like 'where did you get that from?' it's really nice. So do have a go!! I never have any time to do it any more with all the cardmaking, but I wish I did cos the beads you can get are to die for... if I can help at all just shout! Dulcie xx

Kath said...

it's me again in my official capacity...sounds posh eh...fabby card for the sketch...love the paper combo and your super cute kitty...thanks for joining in the fun again this week at PBSC
Hugs Kath

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great card, love the colors and the image is supercute!!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi mate, great colours, just love these together and wow love that lace punch and of course, the buttons! That image is so cute, haven't seen him before. Can't wait to see your offering on the Willow Sketchie. Good luck with the jewellery making, will let you know if I come across any sites, take care, hugs Heidi xxx

Mandi said...

Fabulous cards...I htink I prefer the PMs, the more vibrant.But if chosing for myself Id opt for watercolour pencils every time cos Im naff with pens LOL

Bowing to your expertise
mandi xx

SallyB said...

I used to go to Stitches when I worked in retail. It's a great day out. I have met Mrs.LLB when I went to Port Issac a couple of years ago. They have a lovely shop there and a house along the main hill to the sea.
Just got some PMs and I love them. Can't wait to buy some more colours.

Cindy Haffner said...

I love both, great colors, so delightful.

Caryn said...

Hi Dawn - sounds like the NEC was a success even if LLB wasn't there. I love him too - did you watch that show about him doing up his house? I loved that.

I think I'm going to go an order some PM's now. I have been using Marvy watercolours for years but think I'd like to try something new. Might get you to give me a bit of a tutorial on using them though - maybe when we EVENTUALlY get to meet at the club!! I'll try not to crash the car for the next one!!


Caryn xxx

Helena said...

Ooo! This is just the sort of comparison I need right now- THANKS!!!!

-I have always used water colour pencils (usually Derwent) but have just these last few days thought of getting ProMarkers. I have even found some on Amazon and got as far as putting them in my basket!!!

I can imagine that PMs are more convenient, though using a water-brush pen helps, but I do like the effect of watercolour better I think.... or do I? Oh dear! I still can't decide!

Maybe I shall just have to buy some and have a go :)

Marcea said...

Hi there chick, brill cards. First of all I thought it was a spot the difference competition, pmsl ... still looking!!!! Love them both!! Sorry you didn't get to see your dream boys but well, you can't have your cake and eat it ... well you did but you cant have your dream and drool over it!!!! No idea about the bead thingy but sure someone will come to your rescue. I am a happy bunny cos finally managed to order a MS doiley punch - woohoo!!!

Scrapmumur said...

OH....This is just gorgeous, Dawny.
Love the pretty colour and details.
Hugs, Mumur

cats whiskers said...

Hi Hun sounds like a good times was had by all, as for the diet s*d it for a day, got lots more day to make p for it. Love the cards, I have a the same prob never know whether I like DI or CVopics for colouring, I think it depends on the image
Have a great day hun (No choccie cake today)
Hugs Jacqui x

Zoe said...

Hello Dawny, I love the sweet penny black image and I love the layout.

Clare said...

I think I prefer the PM's too, but I know exactly what you mean about the therapeutic benefits of watercolouring. Pie, chips and muffin sounds great! Didn't get to go to NEC this year cos I was a bit busy, glad you had a good time! Love, Clare x

Sue said...

Glad you had good time at NEC ickle naughty now n then ok a little of what ya fancy as they say!!
Cards are gorgeous, like them both think im better with water colours still.LOL, sue.x

Kim said...

Well Chickilita, I love both... not much difference in the result really if you know how to use them to their full potential, and you use them to their full babe...


Love to Doodle! said...

Fab Dawny - love the colour combo/papers....and I prefer the PM's - didn't think I'd say that for a Penny Black either - just shows what the experts can do with the things huh!

You deserve a treat day as you've done so well...

I thought Marlene was a jewelery queen?

Looking forward to seeing your WSC too....xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Great cards...love the comapre and contrast..I love the PM one..has to be ...more vibrant, but I am a prisma girl myself..pens never look as 3D for me. i'm just pant at them :( Gorgeous card though!!
Judy xx

tracie said...

Hi Dawny, Oh I love this card hun... the black and red is gorgoeus and love the papers you've used and fab details - gorgeous, gorgeous !!
Thanks for joining us this week at PBSC
Tracie :)x

Stacey said...

Both gorgeous card and I like both effects for different reasons!

As for the jewellery, check out this site - http://www.auntiesbeads.com/Category.aspx?ID=b3f02c11-ddfc-4671-81c6-d9d0857a3b6f

It has loads of projects and videos for all sorts of projects ~x~

Pauline C said...

Hiya Dawny! Love the double whammy combo! Both cards have very classy lines and colours .. though I have to say my vote is with the watercolours cos I love the slightly soft look (maybe that's my soft brain! lol!) though both are fab - just depends on the old personal preference thing. Glad you had a great day and sorry you didn't get to see Th or LLB but I htink a slice of the old pie is only a fitting consoltaion. By the way .. thanks for joining in the PBSC this week lol!
Pauline x
PS can't help you with the jewellery making ... all I know is that whilst trying to open a jump ring for attaching a charm to a crd last night I was lucky not to take my fingernail off with the pliers pmsl!!

Jill said...

gorgeous cards Dawny, the PM are brighter in colours but I love the colouring on both of them, the layout is fab hugs Jill x

Dawn said...

Good grief Dawny I surely haven't been here for yonks - how did that happen - you have made such a lot of stunners in my unscheduled absence and well you know me and the felines and I love this black and red affair with the MS punch - it's a real striking card!
I used to frequent this blog when I had an interest in jewellery but never tried it myself - don't think I'd have the patience for it!!
Anyway here are the links