Sunday, 14 September 2008

Power Cuts, Cats and Sadness xx

It's been a funny old day. More of that in a sec, but first, here's card I did for 2 challenges.

I used this weeks Sketch Saturday (sketch #16) and combined it with this weeks PBSC which is A Mans Card - No Blue (those circles are green btw even though, I grant you, they look a bit on the blue side lol xx). As I am still a PB pauper, I have used a sticker I found a few weeks ago and stuck it onto acetate. Due to bad lighting - well it can't possibly be the photographer can it lol xx, you can really see it here but in real life it is hardly visible at all. The papers are 2 of Summer's Boy Oh Boy collection. Thank you chicken, they are gorgeous xx The little animal brads are Poppicrafts, as is the ribbon. Aren't those brads tigger-tastic!!!! I have to be honest and say that I am not overly happy with this card, but I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that it would be for better and for worse and that I wouldn't not put something on just because I didn't like it. So it's warts and all I'm afraid lol xxx

Well like I said, it's been a funny old day. And not funny ha-ha to be honest. We have been without electric for hours today and I tell you, you don't half take it for granted that you can just go and put the kettle on or have a shower. And try explaining to a 2 1/2 year old that she can't watch Lazy Town because the telly doesn't work, although from our point of view, that bit was a definite plus cos I can live my whole life without ever hearing 'oopsh, shumone's in trouble' again.!!!!!! Yeah, big boy, it'll be you if you say that one more time!!!!

The supply came back on eventually but then my internet connection had to be sorted - it goes all doo lally and moody when it's supply is abruptly removed and sulks for hours lol xx Anyway we are back to normal. I shouldn't moan really cos in the great scheme of things it is nothing more than a very minor inconvenience and there are lots of people coping with far worse.

But I think the main reason it has all been a bit weird is that on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning 5 years ago today, my lovely Mum died. Now I don't know why it is, but this anniversary has affected me far more than the others, even the first one. Not sure why that should be but yesterday was particularly bad for me. Maybe cos I am just getting over the lergy and am probably still a bit low. And maybe cos there is a lot of sadness in Blogland at the moment.

I only really got into the card thing after she died and as she was one of the most wonderfully gifted and artistic people I know, I guess I feel a bit cheated that a) we never got to share this hobby - she would have been awesome, and b) she never got a handmade card from me, apart from when I was little, and milk bottle tops and bits of string and glitter don't really count, although I 'm sure those were priceless to her and she loved them as only a mother could!!! I also feel deeply saddened that she never got to meet Kyla . Not sure if I have told you this before, but Kyla was born on her birthday. I do think it's lovely that this child who has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives should share her birthday - I think that's just sooo nice.

Those of you who know me know I don't do maudlin and whingy stuff - not usually, and even then, not for long. So that's that I guess. So before you all grow beards, which are, quite frankly, NOT attractive on women, (and I'm guessing that not many men will be reading this, as there are not that many in Cardy -de la- Blogland and one of the few that are, a certain Mr T Holz, already has one and he wouldnt be reading this anyway and if he was, Kath would slap me!!!!), I'll say night night. I'm off now for a nice chilled glass of vino, Sauvignon Blanc and nicely chilled. I'll drink a little toast to my mum and to all the mums out there, my good self included, and I'll leave you with this thought ....

The best place to live if you like wine is Germany. Why? Cos if you ask for dry white wine, you get three lol!!!

Tararrr xxxx


Enfys said...

Oh Dawny, hugs to you. I so understand your feelings, the loss of your Mum always leaves a empty place in your life, but you know she is still right there in your heart. I often wish my mum could have seen some of my creations, she would have been so proud of me (not of all of them, just the best ones :) ) Anyway, without too much mush, lots of virtual hugs to you my friend xxx

Kath said...

What are you like Mrs - you had me in tears at the beginning about the loss of your Mum and how you feel it more this year than ever and believe me she is looking down and is ever so proud and then you have me in stitches at the end about the dry white wine and I tell you mrs it would be serious slapped legs if i thought TH was visiting you and not me. Thanks for your kind words today and I think you and I are just a couple of chicken hearted old moos......although i will admit I am the oldest. Big hugs and I am thinking about you my lovely friend

Love to Doodle! said...

Thinking of you Dawny...big know she'll be laughing at your blog posts as much as we all do (I always visit when I need a pick me up for sure - oh, I do visit other times too - lol)...and she'll be very proud of your lovely family and fun life you have together x

Kath said...

oops forgot I am supposed to be commenting on the card for the PBSC my official capacity as a member of the DT on PBSC.....I award this card top marks and hey what's wrong with using a sticker....use them all the time meself...thanks for playing along again this wee at PBSC

leann said...

I'm sure she was just as proud of the bottle top & string cards as she would've been with your slighty more sophisticated creations of today!

Hugest hugs my darling Dawny x x x

Marcea said...

Oh sweetie, like all the others have mentioned, your mum would be so proud of you. It is strange how our emotions creep up on us when we think we are doing just fine. I also had a sad loss and on New Years Eve it will be 10 years since my little boy died. It would have been his birthday last week and it really upset me this year, more than the others. Just hang in there hun and keep plodding on. You sound like you have a wicked sense of humour and we can always shave our beards off sweetie if you feel the need to get things of your chest (feelings, not hairs, lol .... I presume your chest is hair free??)

Anyway, you know what I mean. You have lots of people here in this strange old place called blogland. Enjoy your drink hun and I look forward to seeing more of your creations ... with or without milk bottle tops

Sue said...

Dawny i love your card, and you have done wonders with so much on your mind.Sending you megga hugs darling. ya know Dawny,ya mam is watching over you and guding you babe,she will be so proud of you and don't you forget that,you're a lovely ,warm,kind and funny lady and a very talented think of your mam tonight with happiness and some of your fondest memories and when you go to bed tonight look up at the brightest star in the sky and that one is your mams... shining bright over ya.


cats whiskers said...

I will not go all mushy on you hun but I am sending you great big virtual hugs. You always make us bloggy buddies laugh so think you can be forgiven for being a bit down now and again, especially when you have good reason. Glad the leccies back on, its not having a cup of tea that would get to me. Have a dry white wine for me hun, going to try that joke on No 1 son, he thinks he is a wine buff.
Lots of Hugs Jacqui xx

Jovita said...

Sending hugs your way.

Your PBSC is wonderful, the kitty image is too cute and your coloring is fabulous. Thanks for playing this week.

Pauline C said...

Hiya Dawny
that's a fab card - really tiggertastic LOL! As I said in a previous comment, let me know if youw ant any PB's .. and let me know where your new card club is .. I'd love to come along if it's near enough to Liverpool and the timing fits in with work etc...

Sorry to hear you've had such a down day ... though it proves your mum is always with you .. she will always be there in your heart.
Pauline x

Cindy Haffner said...

Hugs to you Dawny.

Madge said...

Hi Dawny. Reading your thoughts about your Mum, really bought a tear to my eye. I know exactly how you feel too, and there are times when the sadness does catch up with you - but you then have to remember all the good things that you shared together and how proud she will be of you. xxx

Andrea, said...

Gorgeous card Dawny, I love that cute kitty.

SammieJay said...

The best "bittersweet" post I have ever read in blogland.I hope you will take it as a compliment that I smiled most of the way through and then gave a great big belly laugh at the end. We were also on the sauv. blanc last night -can't beat it when you want a fabby glass of white. I am so sorry for your heart ache, but understand the comfort in shared birthdays. Our oldest was born within hours of our best friend's 17 year old being killed in a car crash and also the same day as the death of the best great aunt who ever lived. It has been a comfort for all. He was 16 last week. Anyway, all this to say that I am with you in spirit (probably gin LOL) and I agree there does seem to be a high degree of sadness in good old blogland en ce moment. But isn't it great to know how many "friends" we have behind us" and with a quirky sense of humour like yours you bring a ray of sunshime into every life and we LOVE you.
Keep the old pecker perky, Pinky.
Much love,
SJ xxx

LOUISE said...

Fab card Dawny, love it, the image is so sweet! Louise x

Cathy said...

Fab card, and great stickeroo (I confess to using them too sometimes!!). Love the papers.
What a day you have - on the positive no Lazy Town - ohh I pray for a power cut when that comes on!!
Sorry about your Mum - she will be ever so proud of you.
Big hugs
Cathy xx

mueppi said...

Wow.... Dawny
what a wonderful card!!!!
I love your colouring and paper!!!
Hugs Gisela

debby4000 said...

I love your card, great colours ideal for a man. I'm sure your Mum was shining down on you yesterday, sending you huge cyber hug.

scotspanda said...

Aww Dawny what a crappy day you had you poor thing, although I have to admit to a certain degree of envy at you not having to watch Lazytown...... my 4 year old loves it. {{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}it is sad when the anniversaries of loved ones deaths come round, but as the others have said your mum will always be with you in your heart. had to laugh at the wine joke though.........mind you it sounds good to me lol

take care of urself hunni, hope today is a better day



PS I love your card, it is fabby

Debbie said...

Hi Dawny, our emotions have a strange way of turning us around and biting us in the bum...just when we feel that we are coping with things fine. Your mum will always be with you hun and she has obviously passed on her artistic talents to you... she would be mega proud of you and your beautiful creations. Sending you a big cyber {{hug}}. Debbie x

Beth said...

Oh Dawny, I'm sending you a great, big, fat hug! I hope you're feeling better!

(Love the card by the way, thanks for joining in!)

Rach said...

Big hugs to your Dawny,
I can't write much as i can't see!!!!
I have tears rolling down my cheeks...(so glad that i am home alone!)
I know how you feel hun..keep your chin up...enjoy your crafting as your mum would be so proud.and i am sure the bottle cap cards meant the world to her...
Big hugs Rachxxx
your card is awesome hun as always...has me drooling every time..xxxx

MeandLilG said...

We are a lot alike, you and me... I lost my Dad in a car crash 4 years ago (another lovely sunny morning the day he died) and he never saw my stuff, either.

AND we're both utterly barking, which I find helps in these circumstances....

So hugs to you from me... xxx

Penny said...

Anniversaries are always so hard . I am sending positive and warm thoughts your way xx

Now I do love your little cat card, not sure why you don't like it 'cos I think it's sweet!

CraftyC said...

A purrr fect cardr!

Jilli said...

Dawny, I think its all been said by everyone before me... ready your post and everyone's reply bought a tear to my eye ... it has nothing to do with the bikini line wax my darling daughter just gave me honest lol! Sending you lots of big cyber hugs Jillix p.s. your cards fab too!

Jill said...

aww Dawny, so sorry I didn't read this yesterday, my heart goes out to you, I'm sure you mum will be watching over you. It's funny you should say that 5 years has been one of the worse anniversarys, it was 5 years for my dad this year and I felt like that. Glad you got on line and sending you the biggest pink hugs Jill x

Bev said...

Dawny, I don't knowif I'm sorry or glad that I read your latest post before this one (I think I'm glad cos I know know that however sad you've been feeling you're on the up again). And you don't need to apologise for feeling down - we're all entitled to days like that sweetie. xxx

Lov your card, and as Kath said, what's the matter with a sticker - I love it!!

Bev x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Your card is gorgeous Dawny and the kitty image is adorable, I'm so sorry I didn't get over to your blog yesterday but big Hugs to you and I am thinking of you,

Love, Nikki x

Lesley said...

Hi huni...i Know how ur feeling i lost my dad really suddenly 25th April 2007...and he was my world...we were really close...i felt cheated as i was only 29...and felt like a little girl lost...but fortunately he got 2 meet and adore my cheeky little monkeys lol (my daughter Ellie was born on my grans birthday, my dads mum)....strange...anyway ur Mum would be extremely proud of u and ur creations as they are gorgeous...big hugs 2 u and glad i'm not the only person who doesnt like Lazy care babes and enjoy ur glass of vino...xxxxxx

carolann said...

Superb card I really love the colours
and image you have used WTG xxxx

Macpurp said...

Anniversary's are hard aren't they....I think they catch you off guard, make you wonder where the time has gone, and all the things the person you loved has missed out on.
I am sure your Mum watches over Kyla, and you and your family too.
much hugs xxxx

Jo said...

((hugs))to you, I hope you are feeling a little better today, but you know, sometimes, feeling low and missing loved ones shows just how much those people touched your heart as well as you in theirs.
Your mom would be so proud, your card is truly lovely.
Thank you for joining in with us at Sketch Saturday
Jo xx
I did giggle at the dry white wine comment! :D

Dawn said...

Aww Dawny what a lovely post, you have such a way with words, and your card is fab despite what you think!!
So sorry to hear about your mum she sounded like a lovely talented lady just like her daughter..
I was ROFL when I red the TH and Kath post - I could just imagine Kath hot footing down the motorway!!
Heaps 'o' Hugs


Els G. said...

A real tigger-tastic card!
It's strange how we can be seized by feelings of loss when we least expect it, isn't it! I don't really know how to say it in English,but a big hug from me and I have a lot of respect for your sense of realism and humour in difficult moments.

Linda Elbourne said...

Fabulous card Dawny and a (((hug))) from me too X

Gill said...

Aww sweetie, I'm sending you a big hug, can you feel it....sorry about your mum, anniversaries are always tough, I lost my dad 5 years ago too and it just creeps up on me every now and again even after all this time, it is true that these must be the people who we hold in our heart and never truly let them go. Your mum would certainly be very proud of you not just for your amazing creations but for everything else in your life and she will be smiling down, holding that bottle top

Hope you enjoyed your vino, thanks for making a gorgeous card and joining us at SS
lv Gill x

Mandy said...

beautiful card

xx mandy

COCO said...

wo very nice card and funny
thank for participation !!!!