Friday, 19 September 2008

Guess Who Is Back????

At last!!!

Her building work is done, her craft room is ready and now she is back.

Of course I am talking about the very talented and also very lovely Mich (Miss Poppicrafts).

And her first post for ages didn't disappoint.
Check it all out here

Some of you may not know that this lovely girl was the reason I started blogging cos her stuff just inspired me to start a blog of my own. So it's her fault that you have to put up with my inane (or should that be insane - it's only an S away after all lol xx) ramblings and cardage!!

Mich, I am so glad you are back darlin - Blogland just wasn't the same without you.

Hope you are all having a fabulous evening. Me and my hot chocolate are just off to bed for a quick shufty through my Beautiful Cards mag which arrived today, along with 3 parcels of goodies about which I will tell all tomorrow (intrigue intrigue). In my wynciette pj's, fluffy dressing gown, bed socks and 3 inches of heavy duty anti wrinkle cream, I look every inch the sex kitten.

NOT lol xx

Poor Richard!!

But on the plus side, I make a briliant burglar deterant cos if one got in, he would take one look and his screams of terror would alert every policeman within a 50 mile radius.

So if you hear anything tonight, you'll know what's happened lol xxxx

See ya manana xxxxxx


Macpurp said...

sweet dreams lovely xx

Dawn said...

Oooh you DO paint a lovley picture!!

Night night!!


Marcea said...

night night hun - wanna see a piccie posted tomorow, lol

Enfys said...

Dawny, you are sooo funny. You just painted a pccy of me going to bed, except here in florida take off a couple of layers - doesn't make me look more sultry though :)

Diane.W. said...

You make me laugh,lol!!! :o)x

Sue said...

lol what are ya like



Cynde said...

Dawny you make me laugh when I read your blog...I love it! Your so talented in your Art and in your writing. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

SammieJay said...

Will you post some wicyette pics? I could put them up in my windows and then you would be burglar proofing two houses LOL! Sorry -in a very silly mood last night and today!
Lots of love,
SJ xxx
P.S Mich was also responsible for me learning how to blog back in Feb. She has a lot to answer for!