Monday, 23 April 2012

Look At These Little Sweeties - I’m Sooooo Proud Of Ya xxxx

Hi there peeps and hope you are all okay today.

This is just to give you a quick update on the jumpers that you wonderful, lovely people have been knitting for the African babies.

I'm going to take this batch of jumpers to the lady in the village tomorrow who is collecting them,  but I couldn't let them go without taking some piccies to share :)  It's wonderful to to know that every single one of these will make a difference to those poor little mites,  and I think each and every one of them is  fabulous.

I also checked out about whether we should keep on knitting and she told me yes yes yes please. She said that a bulk consignment of them will be leaving the UK in September and will take them to where they are needed.  So if anybody wants to keep knitting, please feel free cos there’s plenty of time yet.

So sweet peeps, feast your eyes on these little beauties …….

Picture 026c Picture 001c  Picture 003cPicture 004c Picture 005c Picture 006c Picture 007c Picture 008c Picture 010c Picture 011c Picture 013c Picture 015cPicture 016c Picture 018c

 Picture 021c Picture 022c Picture 023c Picture 024c

….  and every single one of them made with love :) x

Hugest of thanks to you for doing this and I’ll take a pic of every single one that I get and put it on here before I take them to June.

Before I go, just to remind you that I’m doing my draw tomorrow for my ribbon  giveaway ….


… so if you haven't yet had a go and fancy a bash, there’s still time if you nip over now  - you can read all about it here. It is a yummy prize for sure.

Right, I’m off to put the finishing touches to my card for tomoz so I’ll see you then and thank you once again.

Huggiest of hugs to all xxxx


Crafty Susy said...

I made 2 jumpers and hats too
A very good cause.

Crafty Susy said...

I made 2 jumpers and hats too.
A very good cause.

Ali said...

I've got another batch ready to send x

Gaynor said...

Am busy knitting and now have my Mum in Law on board which is a result.....Will ensure all that I collect will be mailed to you prior to September....xxGaynor

Ribbon Girl said...

I'm nearly finished my jumper, might be September before I finish the hat! only joking, I'll crack on with it - well done everyone, your knitted jumpers and hats are gorgeous - I can see the love knitted into each garment - crafters are such a lovely bunch of people! Mary G x

Hazel said...

Dawny and all the talented ladies that made these wonderful creations for such a goo cause:

You are all so talented - if I could knit I would be right there with you clicking away.

You are all so generous. Well done to you all.


Hazel x

Anne-Marie said...

They look fabulous! I see somebody got the same wool as me...haaa!...the multi-coloured stripy.....will be heading your way, soon!

Mau xx said...

What a fab lot of People Crafters are, these are gorgeous Dawny.
I posted 4 sets out today, from my daughter and myself Should be with you tomorrow xx Mau

Anne said...

Fantastic! I'll get some more to you before September. Hugs x

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

How clever you guys are and so generous. Linda x

tilly's crafts said...

Just posted mine at the post office! hope I'm not too late? They all look great - aren't crafters nice people??!
Kim x

jules said...

AaW! Well done! and all the ladies taking part wish i could help but cant knit!

Shazza said...

awww these are great. I am half way through my jumper, just a plain one though.It's been a lot of years since I knitted so don't think i'd manage the stripy/colourful ones :-)
I will e-mail you for your details once I have something ready to send Dawn x

Sapphires-Crafty-Cards said...

hi Dawn.. my mother-in-law as knitted me a few of these jumpers for me to send..i will email you for details were to send them to :) x