Thursday, 3 July 2008

Wimbledon and Blog Candy

Right firstly, the lovely Steph has some fab and yummy blog candy to celebrate her 20000 hits - wowwwwww!!! So pop over to her blog and check it out. A bonus is that as well as the lovely blog candy, she does the most beautiful cards so lots of eye candy as well. No wonder she has just had a double page in one of the mags - go Steph xxxx

Now Wimbledon!! Well I dont know if it was because you all kept your fingers crossed but we had the most glorious sunshine - I got sunburnt on my arms - ouch lol xxx We had a fantastic day and saw Nadal and Safin. I gave you all duff gen cos our seats were right behind the umpire and just to the left so everytime the cameras were on Nadal or Safin during the change rounds, we were on the telly!!! We saw David Mellor in the Pimms bar and literally bumped into Serena Williams' mum. Then as we were walking back to get the train, I side- stepped a very immaculate and tall man and I looked round at him and it was Peter Jones from Dragons Den!!! I wasnt brave enough to speak to him though.

High points were sitting sipping Pimms and eating my strawberries and cream in the sunshine and watching Nadal and low points were leaving our hotel to come home only to discover we had one very flat tyre and there was a docking great nail through one of the others!!!! Oh well - we survived.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny.....fancy seeing so many famous people in a short space of time. I wish I had watched the match...just to see you and Richard. Did your family see you???
Shame about the tyres on the car....there is always something, isn't there.