Friday, 4 July 2008

This is just a quickie cos I am just in the middle of finishing my cards for next Saturday's Christmas card workshop - ho ho ho lol xxx

Fisrtly, I have set up a feed link on here, and I have also disabled that annoying word verification thingie that used to drive me absolutely up the wall trying to decipher the letters - I bet it did the same to you!!!!!. Well I never realised that you could actually shut the damn thing off, but you can, so I have lol xxx And this was all thanks to the lovely Kath who explained to l'il old thicko here what to do. So big hugs to Kath xxxx

Kath has something on her blog which I think is absolutely wonderful - and it is a lovely way to use up any cards you don't want to help her friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer to raise money for her local Maggie's Centre. Check out the details HERE

Thanks a whole heap you lovely fantabulous bloglies mmmwwwaaahhhh xxxx


Emma said...

Hello. Hope you are having a fab weekend! Off to read about the cards for cancer...thanks for the link. Hugs Em.x

Julie said...

Hi Dawny glad to hear you had a great time at Wimbledon, just stopping by to say congrats on being a PP finalist.