Friday, 30 November 2012

A Bit On The Fussy Side!!!

Hi there sweet peeps and hope you are all OK today :)

I had another fiddle last night with my new stash from the NEC and came up with  ……

 Picture 004 copy 

…. this bad boy!!

It’s a bit on the fussy side for me but I quite like it and I think it works because of the colours.  I like the red because it isn't too bright. I know someone who will like it so I will send it to them for Chrimbly :)

I used some of the proddies I’d used on yesterday’s card, mainly cos I haven’t yet put them away (lazy mare), but also cos I quite like ‘em!! So what I did was cover a chipboard ring with some spotty paper which I got from Anna Marie Designs, inked the edges and then arranged some natural green moss around it.

Then I arranged some punched holly leaves  made with the Super Duper  Holly Punch (Sir Stampalot), added a few rolled roses and then some branches punched out of  kraft card using Martha Stewart BRANCH Craft Punch M230367 (Simon Says Stamp).

I wanted it to look a bit ‘twiggy’.

Picture 007 copy

A few gems and a sentiment and we’re all done!!!
It didn't take long at all to be honest – rolling the roses took the most time. And it doesn’t use too much paper / card either.



Picture 005 copy

If you didn't want to stick the finished wreath onto a card blank you could tie a bit of string onto and hang it up I guess.

Picture 006 copy

So that’s the card for today.

Well girls Dishy Dave didn't disappoint last night did he (and that is fantastic alliteration there by Miss Piggy, if I do say so meself!!).

Now, I’m not saying that I am a perve or anything but if you really really wanted a replay of the shower scene (and we are not talking Bobby Ewing / Dallas here), you could go over to Youtube for another look. I would put it on here but it might offend because there is a bit of bare buttock-age on display!!!! Nothing full frontal  of course so why you have to declare your age on Youtube is beyond me.  Every year we have heaving breasticles and bikinis in the shower – think Myleene, Katie Price, Helen Flanagan etc etc)  and the camera seems to linger for quite a long time on certain bits, if you get my drift. But the merest hint of bare male ass and it’s a different kettle of fish!!

As Dec would say, verr verr sexist!!

Anyway it certainly put a smile on my face fo sho. That man (Dishy Dave btw, not Dinky Dec) has buns of steel and a six pack not unlike my own. OK I lied about that last bit but I did have a four pack once when I was thin and fit.

Ohh how times have changed!!!

Anyway, my fave bit last night was Charlie talking to her dink. I bet that shocked you didn't it cos you probably thought I was going to say something else there (that was my second fave bit). The delight on her face was fab cos I really felt for her the other night when she was so close to her child but hadn’t known. She’s nowt like Janine is she!!! Note to self – she is an ACTRESS!!!!

Right I better go.

We are out for our tea tonight with Emma, Tim and the horrors in between washing the curtains/ cushions/anything that doesn’t move etc all ready for Christmas. Have a fab evening and see you soon as soon.

Hugs to all xxx



Tracey T said...

Love this, Dawny. Ordered a pack of Craftwork Cards wreaths yesterday after seeing what you did with yours! Hugs, Tracey x

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Breathtaking Dawny

Ali x

kanda said...

Fabulous wreath Dawn. Definitely one to habg as a crimbo deccie xx

Tanya said...

Dawny your posts crack me up, you're so funny! Love it! The card is fantabulous as well, so Christmassy and festive! :D

Tags xx

Louise said...

Gorgeous card the flowers look fabulous
Louise xx

Tonya said...

This is so beautiful.

PaperDaisies said...

Love those rolled roses. Just beautiful. Hugs Nina

sassy said...

love your acrd hunnie ...its not at all fussy just gorgeous and very festive....and yep why did they not linger a little more on his gorgeous body even had a hot flush cor!!!!!! moment or two.....wonder how he will far tonite....hugs sassyxxxx

Sue - bearhouse said...

WOW! Your card is wonderful Dawny. I love the wreath design and the gorgeous festive colours. The rolled roses are beautiful.

Oh yes, Dishy Dave certainly was the business last night. I think my children may be wondering why this is the first time I have watched the whole series until the end!!

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and thanks for making me smile.

Hugs Sue

Anne-Marie said...

My oh my....what a beauty! Looks absolutely delish, Dawny....great job!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Dawny P this is so stunning, should be hung on the wall , you clever lady.

Planetsusie said...

First of all I should say that your card is lovely - not too fussy at all. Verr verr nice.

As for the Delectable Dave - coo he could be my Christian Grey any day!!! I'd never noticed him before but he is gorgeous. Ooops now you've set me off on one!!!

Big hugs to you Dawny for speaking up!!! LOL.

Sue Pxxx (refer to 50 Shades in my latest blog - would love you to have a look)

ania said...

Imponująca, wspaniała kompozycja i klimat:))