Saturday, 17 May 2014

Easy Peasy Card in a Box :)

Morning sweet peeps and what a gorgeous morning it is too :)

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the washing is blowing on the line, the cat is fed,  Richard is at work until 6pm and I have a couple of hours before the two horrors descend so I am going to make the most of it with a spot of crafting, yayyy!!!

Last Saturday was the Lili of The Valley 10th Birthday and it was FAB. I had a great time and it was nice to see some old friends, plus I made some new friends as well. It was lovely to see so many of the DT, including Dena and Mary who I hadn't met before. There were so many people who came to the shop, it was quite something. Then after we closed up, we all had a special dinner in the evening which was just brilliant. There were 26 of us and the time just flew by.  We all went to bed tired but very happy I think.

Sunday was full of incidents but more of that in a sec.

Saturday also saw the release of the sweet new fairies and it seems that lots of you love them as much as we do.
We also released some brilliant new
craft kits which include a picnic hamper, a mini basket and a gorgeous fold over tag card. They are made from the beautiful Promises paper, they are all pop outs so really easy to use and are they are perfect for just about everybody. Kids will have a blast making them up and the more accomplished crafter will really be able to go to town with them. You only need glue and your imagination!!!

The kits all come with full instructions and they all  have a sheet of sentiments and a sheet of flowers for you to decorate your finished  projects. But these are also available to buy on their own. Again these are pop outs and you get 19 sentiments and 39 flowers and these sheets are just  £1 each : ))))

You can see the Flower Blossoms here and the Sentiments here.

So anyway, I thought the blossoms sheet would be perfect to make one of them there card in a boxes which are so popular at the mo.

So that is ……

… just what I did.

This is my first go at one and I rather like it. 
Colour is the thing that always grabs me and I love the soft lilacs and pretty mint greens in these papers.


Some of the flowers here were die cut and I made a couple of rolled roses and scruffy fluffy flowers (I was in a faffing sort of mood !!), but the majority were made from that one sheet and I still have loads left to add to another cards or to make another one of these.  You can chop into them,  layer them up, the world is your lobster : )  And because they all match beautifully,  you can put any of them together and they’ll work.



This is from the Sentiments sheet.

I used this just as it was – straight from the sheet. 
The one at the top of the post is also from the sheet and I just chopped into it, added it to one of the flowers and then added some liquid pearls


Here’s another view : )



You can just about see the Magnolia fence die here.
And I also added some punched leaves which I made using a MS Frond Branch punch.

I also added some beauties from The Ribbon Girl.
I wrapped some
15mm Orchid No 910 Microdot Ribbon round the front and topped it off with a bow made from some pretty 23mm Lilac Organza Ribbon.

So really, with very little effort, I’ve ended up with something quite nice I think.

Right, back to last weekend.

Gretha and her friend Karin and I had breakfast and then I said I would take them back to the hotel where their other friends had been staying over in Pudsey. So we all checked out and off we went., It should have taken us about 15 minutes max but we didn't bank on the fun run that was taking place there and basically it had been organised in a big circle around the area we were in so lots of roads were closed, including the main one we needed to get onto.

So nobody could get in and nobody could get out - we were stuck!!

We tried various routes but they all led back to this one main road which was closed. We even asked a local and he said that there was nothing we could do except park the car and wait it out, which is what we did. I pulled over down a side street where there was a large grassy area and rang Rich to let him know why I was going to be late back. Just as I finished the call, an old guy with an equally old dog appeared at my window. He gave me a bit of a start to be honest but he told me that it was OK and he wasn't going to do anything (????). But then he proceeded to shout at me for parking on the pavement.

Now I have to say that 2 wheels were over the kerb but I wasn't blocking off the pavement in any way shape or form. It clearly was a ‘thing’ he had because he told me that he was sick off me and my friends doing it. What friends I asked him? The other ones that were always doing it he told me and ‘don’t do it again’.  I pointed out that I was not responsible for anybody else and that I only pulled over to use the phone  but he was having none of it. I thanked him (yes, it was in a very sarcastic tone) for letting me know and his parting words (equally sarcastic)  before he shuffled off were ‘that’s OK and I will be sure to tell you if you ever do it again’. Then he crossed the road and went into his gate where he pretended to close it but we could see him peeping through it, watching us.

Not often that I am lost for words but I was quite speechless!!

We sat there sort of looking at each other, not really sure about what had just happened. Anyway eventually the roads were opened and an hour and 15 minutes later we were on our way again. I dropped the girls off then headed for the motorway thinking that I would be home in just over an hour.


I got snagged up with all the footie traffic around Manchester and then again just before the junction with the M56 (no idea why??). But I got home eventually and even that messing about wasn’t going to spoil my weekend.

Right, what a loooooooon post today. I’ve waffled more than usual, (sorry peeps), so I’ll get off and leave you all in peace.

Enjoy your weekend and huggiest of sunny hugs to all xxx


Angie said...

Hi Dawny what a fab box card love the colours. Pay no heed to Victor Meldrew he probably spends his whole life complaining. He would have found something to rant about even if you hadn't parked on the curb. Miserable old goat. Deep breath and release.
Hugs Angie x

Debra Kenworthy said...

Beautiful box card! I love this paper, it's my favourite. Your flowers are all so lovely.
It was great to meet you at the birthday bash.
It sounds like you had a fun time on Sunday, meeting the local wildlife (he was very odd),enjoying your tour of the area(over and over again) and the footie traffic (for me another reason not to like football). I hope this weekend is a good one for you. Debra x

susiestacey said...

Gorgeous box Dawny, beautiful colours and the flowers look fab.
What a shame about your journey and the obnoxious man - l am reading this thinking you could have dropped them at mine for a couple of hours crafting and wine lol, l am only minutes from juncs 26 & 27. Lovely to catch up with you last week and l had an amazing time watching the DT & l won the fairy card comp too so a good weekend all around. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend x Susan x

Whisper said...

Oooo fabby flower box and i so love that paper pad too.

Sounds like the guy who had a go at you, was having a bad day, Luv Sam x

rachel said...

wonderful work Dawny - this is gorgeous - so glad you got around to making one - they're stunning xx

Debs said...

Debs xx

Rebecca Bradshaw said...

This is so gorgeous, I love the colours in the Promises pad. The flowers look beautiful!

Patri said...

Bellissima card...colori teneri teneri.brava.

jasann said...

Love these "card in a box" and yours is so pretty, just love the colours!