Monday, 16 July 2012

Mahoosive Apols!!!

I’m so so sorry sweet peeps but it looks like someone has hacked into my Twitter account.

Tweets have been sent from me apparently to some dodgy website or other – I only just found out about it. So I’ve changed me password and hope they just bugger off and do something useful with their time for a change, the crackpots!!! I am so sorry if anybody was offended by anything they saw  - I didn't see owt (honest!!)  cos I didn't click on the sites  but I can imagine what it was about, judging  by the title – ooooerrrr!!!

I promise you faithfully that it was nothing at all to do with me.

Hope you are all OK and that everyone is having a nice day xxx.

Everyone  that is apart from you, rudey idiot spammer, whoever you are. Quite frankly I hope your fingers drop off, your pc blows up and that you develop the worse case of vomiting and diarrhoea ever (whilst at the same time suffering from raging piles and an ulcerated throat).

Smiling sweetly now, I’ll say tarra and see you tomoz and huggiest of hugs to all (apart from the aforementioned, natch!) xxx



Anne-Marie said...

Oh, flippin' 'eck.....I always miss all the fun....missed this, for sure, but hope it didn't bother you too much. Some folk just need to get a life, eh? Hugs to you, Dawny. ;p

Sharon said...

Your awesome Dawny - you made me chuckle with your comments about what you would do to these idiots. To be honest if I had received one of these comments from such scum I would never have believed it was from you.
Love Sharon. x

Sheena said...

Lol! No offence caused - I knew it wasn't you!


Sharon Caudle said...

ROFLMAO!!! You are so funny! I hope some day I get to meet you in person! (January in Anaheim perhaps??) So sorry you had that happen, darlin'!!
hugs, Sharon