Monday, 30 July 2012

A Little Update For You

Hi sweet peeps and hope you are all OK today and that you had a fab weekend:)

This is just a quick update on the little fish and chips jumpers.

To date, we have collected 581 jumpers and 576 beanies and I am totally and utterly gobsmacked by how many kind folk there are out there. And this isn't counting a box of over 400 and another box that has a fair old few in – they haven’t yet been counted.

When I put the call out, I have to say that I sort of expected a couple of dozen but never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would end up with so many and once again, the biggest most mahoosive thank you to every single person that has contributed here, either by knitting, or spreading the word.

The shipment is going out to Africa in September so these all have to be sent to where they are going first (Preston I THINK?) and then they will weave their way across the sea to the little mites who need them.

So my contact has put a deadline which some of you know about  via emails etc of mid August for us to send them the last lot so if anybody has any lying about that you want to post to me, it’s probably best to do it now rather than wait. I would die if any tuned up after the cut off point as I just would not know what to do with them :(

The downside of all of this wonderful generosity is that I intended when I started to photograph every single one that arrived at chez Piggy,  but it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to be viable – I would still be there now with me camera!!!!  It also means that I haven't yet gotten around to saying thank you personally to everyone because I have been so busy getting them in and packed and over to my contact. But once the last lot have left here, I will sit down and say thank you to everybody properly so please bear with me peeps.

Finally just before I go, just a quickie to tell you about the most FABULOUS giveaway from our Mary & Andrea over at The Ribbon Girl. You can see it here so don’t miss out but here’s something to whet your whistle in the meantime ……

… is that beautimous or what!!!

Nip and have a mooch if you get a sec peeps and I’ll see you back here tomoz for a bit of Papertake-ee type fun!!

Have a fab day and huggiest of hugs to all xxx


Diane said...

I've just sent you an email, Dawn - this is an amazing achievement!
Diane x

Anne-Marie said...

What a fab result for the jumpers and beanies...woohoo! I hadn't knitted for ages, but it was a real pleasure to contribute....and don't worry about personal's too short...haaa!

Shazza said...

aww it's great to hear this news, hope mine arrived safely x

Mrs A. said...

Sending mine off to you tomorrow.
Hugs Mrs A.

Crafty Susy said...

I made two jumpers and hats after seeing it on your blog but handed them into our local sainsburys who were also collecting them.

Macpurp said...

fantastic!! I can't knit at all, but how wonderful is that !!!

Love teen xx

Annie said...

Ooer I have 3 more sets to post to you so much get them sorted today.
A x