Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ohh I'm Late xxxx

Cos it was Papertake Weekly YESTERDAY lol xxx
But things are a tad hectic here at ma maison right now :((
Mon dieu!!!

But anyhoos, here is my card which you will have seen if you have mosied (think that's how you spell it but it don't look right) over to PTW. This week our challenge was based on the Dawny sketchie above. I did this card for one of Kyla's little friend's birthdays

The papers are PP, and the stamp is a Penny Black Stamp coloured with my old mates the Pro Marker boys!! Buttons and those yummy scrummylicious ribbons are from the very fabulous Poppicrafts.

I'm afraid I've made a right cods of the colouring here - I went over the lines round the red bow and tried to do a cover up job with the white gel pen. Ohh errr - silly billy, what a mess.

No doubt Kyla's little friend could do better herself!!
I just noticed that the geeraffe is looking right at the mess - ohh give the game away, why dontcha!!
Here ya go - have another peek lol xxx You'll notice that I've kept the messy bit as far away and as blurry as poss lol xxx

Well it has been all go here - work is really busy right now cos it is the end of the tax year, as Moira Stewart keeps reminding us from her cupboard. Plus I have been preparing the cards for the next Creative Pastimes workshop. So I have been up to me bits ever so slightly.

In fact, I've been a ........

But it hasn't been all bad. Richard and I went out for dinner on Saturday night and I still lost another pound of lardage!! So my grand loss in the first week is 4lbs of blubber.

But I want more, oh hell yes!!!

So tonight I have been and bought 2 DVDs - the fitness types natch. One is Davinas and the other is Camilla from Strictly Come Dancing's dancey one. So I reckon that one will be great for aerobics and the other great for toning. I'm hoping it won't take me long to get back into it cos I am really ashamed to say that not that long ago, I was a size 8 and very fit, cos I used to play tennis 2 or 3 times a week, plus 2 or 3 spinning classes.

Where did it all go wrong??

Too many choccie biccies and cakes and sitting on my lardy a** watching Jeremy Kyle no doubt have turned me into Daisy Golightly. Anyone remember her from Candid Camera????

But that's all gonna change now cos I feel that I am on a mission. So now I will do my workouts whilst watching the Jez meister - et voila!! I keep watching that prog in the vain hope that one day I will see someone on there will a full set of teeth!!

So peeps, if you feel minor tremors near you about 10am on a weekday morning, fear not, it will only be me doing me exercises - boom boom shake da room lol xxx

Now I know Kath mentioned it on Sunday night, but did you all see Todd Carty on Dancing On Ice? I tell you peeps, I nearly choked. If you missed it, watch this - it is hysterical!!

And on that note, I'm off to have the last bit of grub of the day - a piece of Weightwatchers brown bread with a level teaspoon of Tiptree marmalade - fabulous.

I really know how to live don't I!!

And finally, I'm really sorry but I've been a badger - bad blogger lolxx - and I've also had some super smashing great awards which I have been slap dash at getting on here - sorry lovely chicksters, I'll sort that real soon.

Huggles xxxx


Sue said...

Oh PMSL at you dawny your post are so funny, gorgeous card i looked n i looked n i couldn't see ya mistake!!
I watched ice so funny nearly coughed me wine up but didnt want to waste it!!! Let me know what the dance dvd is like i keep umm n rrrring over getting one. Mind i keep buying get fit stuff but i think you need to use it not look at it!! i used to be alot fitter to much time sittin makin cards now!! Use to jog, couldn't jog round the block, well done on ya 4lbs hun. Have good nite, luv sue.x

Love to Doodle! said...

Oooh - you do make me chuckle ....

Love the fab, colourful childrens card and sketch - I shall be par-taking...Agree, thought the Todd thing was hilarious...bless him and well done on the lardage - I MUST do better too...(just ate a tube of smarties - I'm such a child - they're my faves lol)...xx

Diane.W. said...

Haha,Badger,that's my lil doggies name!!!
Your card is luvly,nice & bright.

Well done on the 4lb,go you!!! :o)x

Dawn said...

Dawny so funny!
I used to be a size 8 (in my younger days LOL!!) then ballooned to a 16 eeek!! - now I'm a 12 on a good day 14 on a bad!!!
But it is sooo hard to keep off the goodies - wires and jaw spring to mind!!!!

Anyway your card is gorgeous that's a fab image!!
I couldn't believe when Todd Carty came on I was watching it - and got a bit cringy watching him so nipped to kitchen and bloomin' eck missed all the fun!!!


Pauline C said...

Fabby card as ever Dawny .... I'm so tickled thinking about you shaking your booty to the funky Strictly beat ... you do know how to tell 'em girl!! just for that you've been tagged tee hee! Deatils on my blog :-)
pauline x

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny....such a cute little card, perfect for a little one...

Well done with the weight.......it all goes wrong when you reach late forties and is due to hormones....those dreaded hormones.....
Apparently we need less calories, anything we eat over our daily intake lays down as fat....yuk!
Great getting older isn't it??lol

Strictly come dancing was hilarious.....Mr P and I couldn't speak....we had tears rolling down our face......
Can't wait for next week......

Amanda's paper palace said...

fab card and good luck with the weight loss i am also trying to eat healthier and tone myself up again i feel like such a frump lol.I have one of davina's workout video's and it is fab really works i was aching for days the first time i did it but it gets better and i started to feel great think i might get it out again.hugs amanda xx

Caryn said...

Dawn, I was watching Dancing on ice and the bit where he just disappeared off the back of the set and you just get the faintest glimpse of him going A over T - lordy that was hilarious!!

I loved your wee sketch this week and got a card made pronto - I can't believe I have only just really started using sketches - takes all the procrastination (of which I am an expert) out of it. Looking forward to the next one.

Caryn xxx

Anonymous said...

Your card is just `gorgeous` Dawny the colours...
Hey I`m the worlds worst at being late!!!as you well know...lol...
Oh you brought a giggle to me faCce reading this post!!!lol..
Have lots of fun anyways chick:)~X~

Kath said...

fantabbidosie card as always and hey I never noticed anything wrong with the bow...congrats on the losing of those nasty pounds and hey no earthquake moves tomorrow please....I am wielding one paint brush and don't want wonky walls.

Macpurp said...

I love the contrasting papers and didn't notice the mistake till you & the Giraffe pointed it out!
you do make me giggle!
love tina x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Oh you are funny Dawny, Your card is gorgeous and fun and love the image, Hugs, Nikki x

Sharon Caudle said...

Girl....you are so entertaining! I always get my chuckle out of you. I can't help but laugh, which leads to my daughter asking me what I'm laughing at, which always leads to me reading your posts to my daughter while we sit here and giggle up a storm. LOVE this card! So much so that I'm going to HAVE to go find that stamp!! hugs to you!!

sharon said...

I only watch the skating for Todd...and he creases me up...he really does..infact I think he's the most entertaining to watch, I'm pleased Jeremy went...I just wasn't feeling the vibe with him..(you know how you don't with Roxanne).

Well done with the lardage...I've been eating WW bread for almost a year now..and I have to say I prefer it...(see..see how easy it is to say it when you brain wash yourself..rofl.xxx)

Rach said...

hi Dawny ,
love to come visiting you crack me up with your humour..
you made a fabulous card hun, adorable..hugs rachxx

Jackie said...

Your cards are lovely Dawn.

We watched DoI too.....the Todd Carty bit was just brilliant! :)

joey said...

Hi Dawny, fabulous card, gorgeous colours, I looked and couldnt see a mistake you did make me giggle. joey xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Dawny just love your fabulous card!
Love those images and great papers and detail.
Good luck with your mission!
kim x

cats whiskers said...

Better Late than never hun, and it was well worth waiting for a great card love those colours. Good luck with your mission hun and send some of those pounds down here, but after lookin g at that programme last night looks as if I might have to say a skinny sting bean, even the no smoking hasn't added a pound.
big hugs dear
Jacqui x

Jo said...

Firstly Dawny, let me say your card is fab! Secondly, I love visiting your blog as you always bring a smile to my face.....not an easy thing to do with the cr*p I'm experiencing at the moment but you succeed every time, and today, well,good job I had a Tena pad near by!! I'd missed Dancing on Ice and even while I'm typing this, I'm still giggling. Thanks so much for cheering me up!!

Well done on your weight loss!!

Jill said...

gorgeous card Dawny I love your sketch and I'm hoping I get time to join in before Monday, love the colours and image hugs Jill x

Helen said...

Fab card! Thanks for a great sketch too!
Helen x