Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Black & White & Seeing Spots xx

Back to normal again now - so it's time for the first Papertake Weekly challenge of 2009, which is Seeing Spots.
All you have to do is use circles or spots on your card and that's it.

The DT have made a plethora of spotty wonderfulness, so nip over and have a nosey :))

This is my spotty creation lol xxx
I was in a sort of black and white mood as you can probably tell. I used to use these colours a lot once upon a time and I do still love them, espesh with an accent colour thrown in for good measure, although there's not one on here!!!

The image is Blossom, one of the new Sugar Nellies Leanne Ellis stamps (I'm loving her spotty frock lol xxx) Papers are a mixture of PP and also a set by Marieke which I bought a while ago but they are fab. The spotty ribbon is Poppicrafts, (sale on girls, so fill yer boots xx) the old MSBP came out cos it has rested for long enough and the teeny bit of colouring was done with my beloved black PM pen. You probably can't see from the pic but there are tiny black beads on the flowers but being the dippy boot I am, I cannot remember where I got them from - doh!!!

It was our first card club of the year last night - the new club in Ellesmere Port. I must say that I thought nobody would turn up as the roads were lethal. Torvill and Dean could have done Bolero on one of them near here, I kid you not, and I did a spectacular skid at one point, which was a bit scary!!!

However, 20 lovelies turned up and I was soooo chuffed, including Shell who came all the way from Birkenhead, bless her.

The room was really cosy and toasty warm and we had a great evening. Poor Jan missed it cos she went flying on some ice yesterday - I think secretly she has been practicing for Dancing On Ice which starts soon and which we just love (we call it Skating On Thin Ice lol xxx). Hope you are ok soon Jan cos we missed ya xxx

I have made 3 resolutions this year, 2 of which will no doubt be broken
by then end of next week.

The first one was to re-organise the tip that is my craft room, cos peeps it was BAD. And thanks to a really ugly but sensationally practical storage unit thing from Costco, I have done that one - woohooo!!! I cannot tell you how virtuous I feel, and I get this sort of sickly smug smirk now when I go in there.

The second one which I hope I will stick to is to try and blog / blog hop a bit more regularly (mmm, well I will try!!)

And the third one which has about as much chance of being stuck to as me winning the lottery, is to lose some lardage (again!!). I did lose nearly a stone last year but due to my greedy girl antics and love of all things buttery, creamy, and generally unhealthy (you know, the sort of stuff that clogs up your arteries just by looking at it) well it all piled on again. Although in my defence (your Honour lol xx) I am still 3 pounds less than when I lost weight last time, so it wasn't a total disaster!!!

I might go back to fat club and I might not.

It sort of put me off when I hadn't been for 3 weeks or so and they send me a letter sort of saying that I was not to beat myself up for putting the weight back on, and basically they forgave me for being a weak willed fat bloater of a failure!!!!!


What did they know, cos I was still losing it without having to fork out 5 squid each week, so Mrs Slim Jim Marjorie Dawes, if perchance you are reading this, there was nowt to forgive.

But there is something about getting weighed each week by a scowling stranger that sort of keeps you on the straight and narrow a bit.

So maybe I will waddle down there next week.

But I probably won't cos I will probably be too busy stuffing my face with chips and cheese and Lurpack butter and bacon sarnies. Or even better, all of those things together on one humungous big butty lol xxx

Be back later with some cardage cos I am starting to feel the crafty thing again after the pooey last few weeks xxxx


Rach said...

lol Dawny you never fail to bring a grin to my face...lol..
will you wont you???
do what makes ya happy.
your card is fabulous..love the spottyness of it...totally awesome.
I really like the black and white cards..they always look so classy.
thanks for sharing hun..hugs rachxx

sharon said...

At least you can remember your resoultion..I've forgot mine already..no word of a lie..lol...good luck with the health kick. I chose to go on Weight Watchers last April, I did it online and opted not to attend any meetings just cause I couldn't be ars*d to go to them.x

scotspanda said...

Lord you do make me laugh hun! I saw your card on PTW and I just adore it............the stamp looks fabulous in B&W and the paper/ribbon are just lush :o) Good luck with the possibility of weight loss


Amanda xx

Julia said...

Beautiful card, it's really striking. I had to giggle at your antics even though I haven't 'known' you for long!! x

Amanda's paper palace said...

I'm so glad i found your blog, reading your antics certainly cheer's me up lol.i really love this card... even uncoloured she looks fab!i had her 4 xmas and love her!think i may try doing a monochromatic card they look so clasy!hugs amanda xx

Donalda said...

oh girl you are a HOOT!!!!!!! I always love reading your posts.
Trust me I am fighting the diet too lol
Love your card dear I think the black and white is just gorgeous . Beautiful art dear

Lorraine A said...

ha ha ha , loved reading this :-) almost everyone plans a january diet n very few stick to em !! Life's too short for lettuce!! bring out the walkers n wine ;-)
I used to live in Birkenhead,, my son was born there n my hubby used to work at Arrowe park too. I also worked at vauxhall motors at ellesmere port !! ( as a nurse not makin cars ;-) ) wish I was there for your card club ,,,,
Bet you REALLY wanted to know all that eh ha ha !!!

Diane.W. said...

Beautiful card :o)x

Pascale said...

Love the monochrome look to the card! Lovely layout too.Pascale:)

Kim Piggott said...

Dawny thank's so much for smile on my face with your witty banter!
I love your fabulous card!
Those papers and that image are so gorgeous!
kim x

Nikki said...

Gorgeous card Hun!

Kath said...

love your scrummy spotty creation...fabulous...I have so many challenges I want to do include this one...but can't get myself crafty motivated one little iota...and well done on complete at least 2 of your resolutions...and good luck with No 3.

Cheryl said...

Dawny.....that was so funny........you sound like Michelle.....I would drive you crazy, I am that healthy option......

Weather is sooooo cold, isn't it? Our local ponds are frozen.....the country lanes are slippery.....it's not nice. What happened to global warming??

Love the card.....it reminds me so much of the sixties.....when I was a teenager and actually looked liked that (well a bit)......

Have fun.....

Pauline C said...

Fab card Dawny! Glad so many people managed to toboggan on down to your craft evening :-)I reckon we all need our fuel in this perishing weather ... that is my ecuse for the Kit Kat I necked on my way home whilst waiting for the (late as always) train whilst standing on a perishing station!!LOL
Pauline x

Alison said...

Stunning as always Dawny, love monochrome. image is fab.

Macpurp said...

am glad you are feeling better and crafting again after the crappy start!
I love your card!

oh and I got my pro markers in yellow and pastel green and it makes a scrummy green right enough!

much love xxx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Fabulous card Dawny and just love the black and white. Happy New Year, Hugs, Nikki x

Bev said...

Dawny, no matter how crap the day has been - I just need to read one of your posts and I need a Tena!!! Girl you are way too funny pmsl. My gobful of tea went all over the screen when I got to the Marjorie Dawes bit you bad girl you!!!

Okay, now to THE card! I so love what you do with PP papers, you are the PP queen for sure!! Fabby card babes and I love her spotty dress.

hugs and thanks for the belly laugh (cos it sure wasn't a giggle lol)

Bev x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Dawn, I love the B&W card its lovey. Looks really classy. Love your posts you always make me smile with things you have to say.
Lyndsey xx

Marcea said...

Hiya hun, I just love your ramblings ... err you knowe what I mean, you complete nutter of a woman. Fab card, loving the black and white - so stylish. I am being a good girly and also on the make yourself miserable diet - but it is working so heyho!!!
Have left something for ya on my blog sweetcheeks
have a good evening

Sharon Caudle said...

I would love to just sit and listen to you for a whole day! You always make me laugh and feel happy when I come here! Love your card Dawny! My resolution this year was to NOT make resolutions. And you know what? It's the first time I've ever made it through the first week without breaking my resolution. HUGS !

Tara said...

I love that you chose to go monochrome for your card, it's stunning! xx

Julie said...

Fab card Dawny, wish I lived near enough to come to your club oh well.

Dawn said...

Hee Hee you are so funny!!
Your card is soooo striking - I just love B&W!!
I had a massive clean up today of the crafty corner - well the parents were coming so I thought I'd better let them have a seat this time!! Last time my dad had to sit on my craft seat which twirls around!!
You did well Dawny with the slimming and hey I have been there a hundred times - it is so hard to stay focused isn't it!!

Caryn said...

This one popped out from the other dt for me ones because I ADORE black and white cards. These new stamps are great and they look so simple to work with. Lovin the MS punch too - that's one of my favourite things at the moment.
So looking forward to meeting up with you next month. Can't wait to see your work in real life.

Sue said...

dawny this is sensational,i love black and white cards and this is just so beautiful.

I love reading your posts too,they are sooo funny,you always make me smile:)


Jo said...

You do make me giggle Dawny!! Think we're all feeling like big bloaters after Christmas!!

Your card is fab as usual! - gorgeous image and just love the punch you've used. Happy New Year!

debby4000 said...

Brilliant card, love the black and white its so striking. Laughed through the rest of the post, good luck with the Fat Club.

Vicky said...

Stunning card Dawn. Love the monochrome look and her spotty dress is fab!!
Good luck if you decide to go back to 'fat club' as I call it! :-) I joined Weight Watchers last July and have so far managed to lose 2 st 4lbs. I have another 7lbs to lose to get to goal, which I will hopefuly do before 1st March when I go to Kenya to celebrate my 30th Birthday! I have never felt so happy with my body and how I look. I tried and failed several times to lose weight by myself as I didn't want to spend £5 every week. Going to class each week and having to get on the scales in front of someone has really worked for me!
Good luck with whatever you decide to do, you have to realy want it or it just won't happen!
Happy new year.
Hugs, Vicky x

Mrs Wonka said...

This is super smashing great!

I have a little something for you over on my blog!

Mrs W x

cats whiskers said...

Hi dear, you make me laugh so much, s*d the weight is what I say and you Can certainly do with out insulting letters, silly moo what a cheek!!!!!!.
Glad you will be back with a vengance dear miss your lovely posts. I adore this very classy Black and White card, I do so love this look, must use it more myself, Enjoy the Buttie!!!!!!!
big hugs
Jacqui x

Jill said...

aww Dawny I love to read your antics you a so funny, and I've sure you are perfect in size. Love your gorgeous card the black&white look fabby hugs Jill x

LOUISE said...

Fab card Dawny, love the Black and White combination! Louise x

Emma said...

Pmsl....what is it about that stranger weighing you at fat club?? I think oh I can do it on my own, I don't need to go get weighed...but can I hell!!
Good luck...
Fantastic card...love all the spots.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Oh My Dawny I lovE reading your postS you sooo bring a smile on my face!!!!rofpsml.....
Love your card It is `gorgeous`
Your creatons are sooo beautifully put toghether the card I recieved is absolutly `beautiful` I love it!!!!
`THankyou` sooo much I WILL TREASURE IT:)~x~
Hey I must get to fat club...but I`m so with ya on the sarnies and butter!!!lol...
`good Luck` with your Health Boost...
lots of love my freind:)~X~

Andrea, said...

Fab card Dawn, I love the elegant black and white. Hope the weight loss goes ok, I think I will have to join you as I have eaten far too much and it's a struggle fastening my jeans!!

lola rose said...

My New Years resolution (again) is to lose weight - ha! Same every year ...
Gorgeous card : )

steph said...

Gorgeous card Dawny! x

Janna said...

I am so in love with is card it is not even funny! The black and white color combo is perfect and so well executed! I am drooling all over the keyboard!