Tuesday, 20 January 2009

In Honour Of Our American Friends

Another post - twice in one day!!!

Like many people I have been glued to the telly today. This is such an important and historic thing that has happened and I found it all quite emotional, especially the final prayer. How much nicer this world would be if we all lived by those words.

There are quite a few US blogs that I visit, and I have got to 'know' quite a few lovely American people, and one lovely lady, Mary Dawn who visits here regularly, left me a comment on my last post which really struck a chord. She said .......

'i love what you said about my new president! i just realized that when i tell my kids "yes, you CAN be anything you want to be" that i can MEAN IT! i'm so proud and so hopeful'

And I thought, yes, that is sooo true. And how far have we come, cos being an old fart, I remember those images of burning crosses and I remember the evil that was apartheid. But in the great scheme of things, I am not that much of an old fart and it wasn't that long ago really. But maybe we can now all sleep a little easier, even though it's pie in the sky to think that this one man holds all the answers.

But you never know .....

I could not send a card to all my American friends to say congratulations, so I thought I would do one for you all. Except it isnt a card, it's a digi LO, but it is sent with love.

This is LO no 3 and slowly I think I am starting to twig . The papers and elements are from the Freedom kit by the beautiful person that is Summer Driggs. I have even added text to this one - that's a first lol xxx. Still not perfect, but I feel as if I am making progress.

And that is what today has been all about.

Hugs and love xxxx


Kath said...

Oh Dawny...now you've got me in tears....like you I have been very moved by the whole day and I love the sentiment on your LO...lots of love to all our bloggy buds wherever they may be.

Dawn said...

Aww Dawny what a lovely post and I agree with everything you said..
Brilliant LO to do for the US bloggers

Donalda said...

That is just so sweet Dawny!!! It sure was an amazing day. I just hope he can get us out of this mess we are in right now. I never got to see the Tv today for I did get to go to work but heard it was very touching. THanks dear

Mary Dawn said...

Thank you, Dawny...and your layout is gorgeous...what is twigging? *needs a british dictionary*

Sharon Caudle said...

Dawny, what a moving, wonderful, thoughtful post! I usually know that when I come here, I'm going to get a good chuckle with your wonderful sense of humor. This time, I was moved to tears with your wonderful thoughtfulness! Thank you. It's been such a wonderful day for America. I don't think this country has had this much hope and optimism since the Kennedy era. Thank you for such a beautiful layout and tribute to freedom!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh! And I forgot to say that I posted your Pooh's today! (that sounds quite funny, doesn't it??) LOL!!! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to do the American card. I t was all so emotional, hope we can all rise to the challenge Obama's setting us.Just found the free papers fom making handmade cards, thanks to a link from you. They're so yummy.I m learning lots of new stuff thanks to you.

Supermum said...

I think you've made a great job of your LO. I watched the ceremony too, very emotional to see the seemingly never ending sea of people - amazing!
Sue. x

Maria Matter said...

This is beautiful! In art and thought! Thank you!
Blessings, Maria

cats whiskers said...

Oh you soppy old fart you have had me in tears and I can hardly see this keyboard. I really am an Old fart!!!! not like you a pretend one lol and this is just like a miracle to me, when I was young the class system was rampant, you knew your place and you mostly stayed in it, but now everyone has the chance to improve there lives and that of their children and nothing is impossible, we are so lucky to have lived to see this fabulous day. Just hope he can put an end to Iraq. I hope this is a new start for the whole world.
Sorry I have gone on dear
Hugs Jacqui xxx