Thursday, 26 June 2008

What rotten weather we have had here today - just miserable. I have a few cards done for a forthcoming workshop and will hopefully post some challenges tomorrow but before that, I just want to say a big thank you to Pixie Dust for having me as the Inspirational Blog of The Week on her Cardmaking Friends Craft Forum. I am truly, genuinely very flattered and thrilled that you like visiting here and have picked me for your first blog.

I have been tagged recently by 5 lovely bloggers. 4 have the same tag and 1 has another. More of that in a sec but before that, one of the lovelies that tagged me, Kathleen, had a link on her blog to something which just touched me and I just had to share it with you. If you get a sec, go here and have a read of this - it's called The Dash, by Linda Ellis - just awesome and it really made me think.

OK now the tagging bit. First the This and That Tag which came from Gina
Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream:
Vanilla - especially the reallly proper one flecked with vanilla seeds
Big Mac or Whopper:
Neither really - hate them both (sorry!!) but if I HAD to pick, it would be a Whopper
Coke or Pepsi:
Pepsi (especially with Bacardi lol xx)
Beer or Wine:
Oh easy peasy - wine, wine and more wine. Bring it on lol xxxxx
Coffee or Tea:
Neither - really truly hate them both although I will drink Earl Grey, not to be posh, but because it is quite nice
Apple Juice or O.J.
Facebook or MySpace:
Summer or Winter:
Winter, with log fires, mulled wine (there is a worrying theme here!!) and snow ball fights. I just LOVE it
Windows or Mac:
Cats or Dogs:
Oh cats, most definately cos I am owned by 1 - cat lovers will relate to this xx

And the 2nd tag which came from Sarah, Kathleen, Lavender Rose and Shell

Ten years ago:
I was at a really bad place re my life - dont ever want to be there again!!
Five things in today’s 'to do list'
Do this post
Finish designing the cards for the Christmas Workshop
Put some stuff in the post for 2 of my very best blog buds - they know who they are and I just adore them both xxxx
Do some ironing - grrrr : - (
Go for a facial - fab, they should be on the NHS : - )
Snacks I enjoy:
Cheese and Jammy Dodgers - not together of course lol xx
Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
Look after my family and make sure they had what they needed, then get me a nice shiny fast brand new car ie Aston Martin Vantage
Places I have lived:
Chester, Great Sutton and Wigan

Thank you ladies, and I'm now supposed to tag another 5 but there are so many lovely peeps out there that I just can't choose, so if you have never been tagged, consider yourselves tagged now. Back tomorrow hopefully with some cards. BFN xx


Anonymous said...

Fab to read your answers Dawn..the weathers rotten here too:(

Cheryl said...

Hello Dawny.....nice to have an insight to your personal traits.....I am with you on the winter thing.....
I had a face massage in Thailand once and fell asleep....I don't know what oils she used but I would have them again anytime!!!!!
Have a great time at wimbledon....Anyone for Pimms??????