Thursday, 10 July 2014

It’s Just NOT Fair :(((



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Good morning sweet peeps.
Dawny P
here and a happy Thursday to everybody.

I did the dreaded weigh in on Monday and I was not a happy bunny.
More of that in a sec.

It’s my turn to do the post today over at the DTDF Cutey Craft blog and my card features a very sweet lil poppet called Dawn : )

She’s Little Dawn to be exact (oooh I wish!!) and she’s a Nellie Snellen image.

Her full title is Little Dawn - Watering and here’s …..

001 copy_thumb[3]

… what I made with her.

I coloured her with the following Copics -

Skin – E000, E00, E13, R00, R02
Hair – E31, E34, E35, E50

The rest – E30, G0000, G000, G21, G94, YG00, YG03, YG95, YR02, YR04, YR20, YR61

and I outlined her with Glamour Dust.

The papers are from an Echo Park Sweet Day 6x6 Pad – such sunny colours : )


006 copy_thumb[2]

I thought I’d add a few clouds to mirror the paper here and these were made using the Joy Crafts Clouds set.
I gave them a bit of bling as well (sometimes I just can’t help myself!!).


00111 copy_thumb[2]

These blooms were made from the paper pad and I used a Die-namics Rolled Daisy die. 
You can just about see the
Francesca Border here and there’s also some leaves which I punched from a Martha Stewart Punch - Frond Branch.




I made a little bow arrangement thingie using some 23mm White Organza Ribbon, some Peach Seam Binding, an Aqua Small Striped Button and a bit of string I found in the bottom of my haberdashery stashery!!!

The ribbons and button are from my lovely Mary over at The Ribbon Girl.


002 copy_thumb[2]

I also used some DCWV hessian paper but I have to say I am not at all fussed on it if I’m being honest.
I couldn't get it to cut very well through the die cutting machine and it didn't guillotine well either – sorry, I’m just sayin peeps!!!


003 copy_thumb[3]

Well I was not happy on Monday I can tell you.

On Sunday, Rich and I sat discussing the weight loss thing – he is on the diet as well – and he fessed to having had  a Freddo bar AND a ruddy Ripple this last week. Well I told him that that was his weight loss down the Swanee fo sho. And then  proceeded to feel vey smug because apart from going out last Tuesday, I have stuck religiously to the diet.

So Monday is our weigh in day.
Guess who hadn't lost a single bloody ounce and guess who had lost 2lbs?

So the tables were well and truly turned and it was his Lordship's turn to feel smug while I just felt thoroughly hacked off.

Not a single drop of vino has passed my lips in weeks, no cakes, no choccie, no biscuits, no nothing.

I could have cried.

I was probably being paid back for being a smug old smart ass.
That will teach me I guess.
Next time I will just smile sweetly and say well done dear for having all the choc and 25 portions of pudding and  a huge plate of ribs with JD sauce (while I just had steak and veg) and still managing to lose weight while I have lost nowt, yadda yadda.

I’m not at all bitter, (cry cry) !!!

I haven’t told him but I had a sneaky weigh in this morning and there’s a 1lb gone – woohooooo : ))))

Right I’m off.

I’ll see you soon as soon,  have a great weekend and huggiest of hugs to all xxx




Beautiful card Dawny
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Malika said...

Lovely card Dawn

Gr Malika

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Beautiful card, such sunny colours. Don't worry you will get there, what diet are you doing. It is ok to have the occasional treat as long as it is occasional. xx

Ribbon Girl said...

gorgeous card, love that image and your colouring - the clouds are fab idea too - soooo sorry to hear about the dreaded weight loss - it's like the lady I stood next to in m & s food last night, my trolley was full of healthy and I was drooling ather basket which was so full of wine, chocolate, pastry, cakes and yumminess she could hardly carry it - and she was like a stick insect !! It's a good job that God loves us just as we are :-)

Debra Kenworthy said...

Such a cute card! Love the image and your card design is just fabulous.
Sorry you didn't lose weight this week but you might lose more next week. It's not fair but men always lose weight quicker than us women as we were built to store fat. I used to go to a weight loss class with my hubby but I soon put a stop to that as he always lost more than me. You'll get there and feel smug as you had to work harder at it than him so you'll deserve it more. Debra x

ginny c said...

Beautiful card love the colouring Never mind about SW you will lose it next weighing most probably more I always say it because showered & put body lotion on and made me weigh more

Tanya said...

Gorgeous card Dawny, the colours are fantastic! And I love the little clouds, I always put glitter oy my clouds too to remind myself that every cloud has a silver lining ^_^

Try not to feel too put out about not losing weight - there are so many reasons why you wouldn't have lost weight - if you've been exercising for example you may have lost fat but built muscle. Also as women, hormones have a lot to answer for! Water retention could be the reason, in which case when that settles down you'll probably lose loads in one go... And at the end of the day what really matters is your health, not your weight, and if you're eating healthily and not losing weight, that is definitely far better than eating badly and gaining weight and health complications right?

(Sorry for the essay, I just spent FAAAAR too long fretting and stressing and being anxious about what the scales says and I hate seeing other people being sad about it too!)

Tanya xxx