Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blimey O’Reilly It’s Warm !!



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Good morning sweet peeps and is it hot today or is it HOT!!!

It’s my turn to post over at the DTDF Cutey Crafts blog today, and here’s ….


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… my card.

It features a Bildmalarna image  and this one is the sweet Mimosa Guitar.
I’m not sure that I’ve ever coloured one of these images before but they are  just gorgeous, and I coloured her with the following Copics -

Skin E000, E00, E13, R00, R02,
Hair E31, E35, E39, E50
The rest B0000, B05, B23, B32, B39, B93, B97, E30, E41, E42, E43, E50, E87, R00, R045, YG00, YG03, YG95

 So just one or two then lol!!!

The beautiful papers are Maja Design - Coffee in the Arbour - White Daisies – verry pretty I think .



See the border there with the lace on?
Well this is the strip on the bottom of the plaid paper …


Maja Design - Coffee in the Arbour - White Daisies

… you can see it on here.
I thought it was too good not to use.

The beautiful lace is from Mary at The Ribbon Girl.
I’ve forgotten which one it is (doh!!) but I will update this when I’ve sorted my two brain cells out !!!


This wide grosgrain type ribbon was off of a bedding set I bought recently from BHS.
The crafter in me couldn’t bear to part with it and I'm glad I kept it now.

I topped it with one of Mary’s 14mm Acrylic Gems.

The daisy, which isn't in this pic, is also from Mary and it’s a 40mm White Mulberry Daisy


002 copy_thumb[3]

I haven’t used it for a while I now but I thought it had been idle for long enough!!
Yes I’m talking about the good old
Magnolia Doohickey Leaf and Swirl die.

In fact, I thought that as it had been slacking for soooo long, I would use it twice : )


003 copy_thumb[3]


So that’s my card for today.

It’s been so muggy these last few nights that I bet none of us have slept properly. I have a fan going in our bedroom all night which annoys the hell out of his Lordship because he says it gives him a sore throat. I guess it’s better than the headache he would get from me moaning it if wasn't there though. It has to be strategically placed so that not one iota of breeze blows on to him.

Anyway last night I had one of those eureka moments.
Now this is how dim I am at times peeps cos really it is plain common sense.
I used a wet flannel to dampen my skin and then the breeze from the fan chilled the wet skin right down.

Yayyy, result.

I was cool at last,  or rather cool enough to get some zzzzs.

Talking of dim,  I am not without intelligence (no, really lol), but there are times when I do the daftest things.
If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will know this fo sho!!

So the dope struck again last week.

I decided that I would get an electric mincer …


.. this bad boy here from Lakeland (not cheap but a mincer is for life and not just for Christmas, I do believe).
The reason I got it is that doing this diet (a stone of flab gone up to now, wooohoooo), I’ve got a few recipes for stuff that used mince. I am a really fussy mare about mince and I never quite trust what’s in it from the supermarket.  Plus you can make sure that there is zilcho fat involved if you do it yourself.

So we got it home and I decided to make some burgers.

To be honest, they were not very nice because I didn't put in enough seasoning but hey ho, we live and learn and anyway, I’m digressing.

So the dope here didn't read the instructions properly and bunged all the moving parts into the dishwasher.
See that lovely shiny silver bit on the actual mincer? Well it is now dull and grey. I could have cried because to be fair, I am usually very verrry careful about stuff like that and I do generally look after me stuff!!!

So I rang Lakeland to ask if they sold anything that would restore it to it’s gorgeous shiny self again. They didn’t - there isn’t anything unfortunately – so I asked the nice lady if I could buy some spares. She said she would see what she could do but she couldn't promise and she would get back to me.

That was last Thursday and today, Mr Postie has brought me some a parcel of lovely shiny new parts. My machine now looks as good as it did before I ruined it, and better still there was no charge.


Now in this day and age where most companies do not know how to even spell customer service, I am truly impressed.

So a massive huge big up to Lakeland – they have restored my faith in human nature and I think they are completely and utterly awesome.

So on that happy as Larry note (whoever he is), I’m off.

Have a fabulous day, stay cool and I’ll see you soon as soon.
Huggiest of hugs to all  xx


Dotty Jo x said...

Great card Dawny, and what good service from Lakeland - good to know that kind of thing still happens! Jo x

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Dawny, love the card it's just stunning as usual!!
happy you got good service from Lakeland!

Debra Kenworthy said...

Lovely card Dawny! Love the sweet little image.
Brilliant service from Lakeland, I think it's because it's still a family run company and they still care about their customers. Hope you get your burger recipe to your liking. Debra x

susiestacey said...

Lovely card Dawny, isn't she a sweetie.
Hot??? l am melting here and should have lost half my body weight with all this heat - but no - not an ounce lol. Hope you are keeping well, have a good weekend x Susan x

Julie said...

Cute card Dawny, must admit I try not to buy stuff that won't go in the dishwasher.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A beautiful card Dawny, I love the stitching and layers.
Your blog is always entertaining to read and although I don't always comment I do visit here often for a laugh :)
Glad you have your mincer restored to it's full glory and hope you enjoy your day.

Rebecca Bradshaw said...

This is so pretty, I love these papers! The image is adorable too and you've coloured her so beautifully.

ionabunny said...

Always nice to share when you get good service. Well done you on making your own. I am getting to the stage where I don't even trust the meat I buy and try to make everything from scratch. Why do they have to mess with the food?? Just so they can make a bit more money!

Tips for the burgers. Fry just a little piece of the mix before you make up the whole batch and try it. Then you can add a bit more whatever if it needs it. Happy healthy eating