Monday, 20 April 2009

Thank You to ........

Jacqui and Suzanne for giving me this award.

I think it is just fab and I love it xxxx so big hugs to you both xxxx
I must apologise again (ohhh I am starting to sound like that ruddy Jody from HK lol and thank the Lord he has now gone) for taking forever to get this on here.

Things are a little calmer at the old pig sty now so I am hoping to get back into the swing of all things bloggy. So thank you to everyone who has coninued to visit me and leave me such wonderful comments despite me being the worse blogger in the world. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it xxxxxx

Now, I have to warn you that the next bit has the phoaaarrr factor (well to me at any rate lol xx)

I just have to say a mahoosive thank you to ITV for last night's Hells Kitchen.

Why, do I hear you ask?

Well not only was there Marco to swoon over, but they also gave us JCN who is even more drop dead gorge. I sat there with me glass of vino, happy as a (pink) pig in muck I can tell ya. And judging by the look on the faces of all the girlies in the kitchen, I was not alone.

So feast yer eyes girls and pray tell which one floats your boat lol xxx

The great White.....

The great JC....

And not only that, but these boys can cook as well.
Do ya reckon they are any good at housework cos if so, they probably come close to the perfect man (even though I know, that is an oxymoron!!!)

Although I have to say that despite having a very good imagination, I just cannot picture MPW donning a pinny and dashing round with the Pledge and the Dyson somehow!!!

I will be back for deffo later cos it is Papertake Weekly, but now I have to phone the dentist cos that filling that came out and was replaced a few weeks ago came out again yesterday. Can they not just super-glue it in place??????

See you later xxxxxxx


helen said...

JCN for me its the accent that does it everytime !!!! hope the trip to the driller killers is ok hon, nowt worse than toothache!!
helen x

Kath said...

well if anyon deserves this award it is you....and yeah hey 2 gorjuss guys for us to drool over....I think it's the accent with JCN...makes me go weak at the knees.....look forward to you being back in bloggy land again.
Big Hugs Kath xxxx

Sheena said...

Oooo, which to choose, which to choose...
I'd have to agree with you ladies, and say that the accent has to give the edge!!
Aaahhh, now I'm picturing them both in pinnies!!!

Ellepiggo by Vanessa said...

I'm sorry but Marco just doesn't do it for me!!

But......JCN definitely DOES every time!! LOL!

Well done on your award. :)


Diane said...

JCN is the one for me - altho' MPW runs a close second!!
I have found the Holy Grail - my husband cooks, cleans and does almost everything else in the house. I am left to do the laundry and ironing. Who's a lucky girl then??

Gayle said...

Hi honey..
Sorry been MIA for a while!
I'm with you on both...more JCN though (better accent and more importantly better nose!)
Wring my knickers out in a bucket! (oh dear did I just type that???)
You might want to censor!
Gayle x