Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wasn't I Lucky :)))))

As promised, here is the SP on yesterday. Grab a drinkie, pull up a chair and get comfy cos there is loads to see

It all started off well and I opened my presents with a little helper in tow who seemed to think that it was all for her!!!


It was all for ME :)))

Oh I could not believe what gorgeous things I got. Richard got me shed loads of craft vouchers. Creative Pastimes here I come, cutting a swathe through the throngs all the way to the Pro Marker stand, crying 'outta my way goddamnit, can you not see I am a woman on a mission?'.

He also got me a Cricut Design Studio, plus some CDs.


I got some beautiful gold and crystal earrings and a necklace from Nicola and the most delish DKNY handbag from Emma. Naughty girls for spending so much on me but they are both soooo drool-worthy and I just love them xxxx

And look what else I got from my lovely friends..

From Mrs Kath, one of my bestest ever blog buds - did I tell you she is Cardmaker of the Year ? Dead proud of her I am xxxx And she just about sums up one of my fave sayings - it's nice to be important but it is important to be nice. I have to say that Emma spied this and I think she might have designs on it, but ohhh no, hands off cos it's mine mine mine lol xxxx

From my friend Jacquie - she got these cos that pink is the same colour that my hair was not so long ago :)))

From my lovely friend Jan who loves pigs as much as me- check out that funky corkscrew!! Oh and there is a little something to practise using it on as well, slurp slurp!!

From the totally lovely and very sweet Mich, without whom there would be no pink pig sty

and from the lovely Jill, one of the nicest, sweetest girls in Blogland

So once Emma and Kyla had gone, Richard lit our stove and I made us a special brekkie - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast with a nice glass of bucks fizz - well it was a special occasion. It was so nice to sit there eating our grub watching the logs burning. Simple pleasures and all that.

Now I did find it all very emotional
but kept my blubbing in check - until my aunty (Mum's sister) came round
and look what she had made ...

It is the most beautiful star book and she has filled it full of photos of me as a baby, my mum, my beloved grandparents, my girls and Kyla and finally a nice pic of me and Richard. Well it just finished me off. What a lovely thing to do. She must have spent hours making it and as I always think that your time is the most precious thing you can give someone, I was just thrilled with it and it is just priceless to me and I will treasure it for ever.

So. blubbing over, I settled down to open my cards. I only put the handmade ones here but there are loads of others. Oh I am soooo lucky :)))
From Kath (CMOTY xxx), Jill and Mich

From Muriel, Jackie & Jane & Jacquie

From Pam & Jane, Aunty Mary and Jan

From Rach, Mary and Cath

From Dawn and Adele

From Barb - the pic at the top is the inside and the bottom one is the front. You may not be able to see it from my photo but it opens up to say 1958.
What a marvellous vintage that was lol and what a clever card Barb.
I just love those pink pigsxxx

And I also got 2 e-cards

From Liz and Gayle

So, all in all, and as that old wrinkly Brucie would say, 'didn't I do well???' Mind you , he would also probably say 'who are you calling wrinkly, you old bat?'

And there was more .....

My boss came round early evening and brought me a bottle of something rather fab and also some M&S vouchers.

But it didn't end there. I had told my girls that I didn't want a big fuss, and bless them they kept it all nice and calm for which I am ever so grateful.

But they did get me a cake and unfortunately we ate it before I took a pic lol xx But I can tell you it was a ginormous gadunga Mr Kipling French Fancy - in pink, natch. OMG how fabulous. It serves 12 apparently, although seemingly not in this house lol xxxx

Then the girls decided to give me my surprise prez. They said they had scoured the length and breadth of all the shops around here looking for the ultimate old lady gift.
And this is what they got ......

Ohhh yes, a pair of nanna slippers.

Who needs designer handbags and jewellry when you have these babies!!!

I could have slapped the pair of them if I hadn't been laughing so much. I apologise here and now if anyone has these actual slippers cos I don't mean any offence and I'm not laughing (much, snigger snigger) BUT I have to say they are real old gal boots ie not so much one foot in the grave, but both feet and up to the knees in it!!! I bet even my gran would not have gone near them.

But in a strange sort of way, they are ever so slightly fab and loaded with funkity funk dontcha think??


Surely not.

But I will keep them and treasure them, and you never know, one day .........

But just not yet eh!!!

On a serious note, I really do have to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and most sincerley for all the cards, giftage, best wishes and nice words. I could not have asked for a nicer or more perfect day. I had no idea when I started this crazy blog thing just 10 months ago, that I would meet so many lovely warm, kind and generous people and I feel blessed to have made so many friends.

Loads of hugs


All Pink girl said...

Oh wow babes what fabulous cards and gifts you had xxx you are such a special pink piggyxxxxhugs Dawnxxx

Emma said...

Lol at the slippers.
Gorgeous cards and gifts....now turning 50 wasn't so bad was it??!!
Emma x

Marcea said...

oh wow hun what a fab day you had and so many wonderful gifts and cards. I am standing in the naughty corner sweetie because I have been a bad girlie and didnt send you a card. As punishment I will go and purchase a pair of your fab designer slippers and wear them for 1 hour whilst chanting some appropriate apology.
big hugs

Kath said...

Dem dar slippers are just so.....can't think of the word.

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dawny! Glad you had such a great day and was spoiled with so many wonderful gifts and gorgeous cards, Hugs, Nikki x

Dawn said...

Aww Dawny - it sounds wonderful and so many gorgeous cards from all your bloggy buds!!


Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Dawn, Im so glad you had a fab day. Seems like you really enjoyed yourself. Now you naughty madam whats wrong with those slippers!!!!!! I cant type anymore for laughing at them aswell. Naughty girls.
Lyndsey xx

Chris said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday Dawny and my goodness, such wonderful pressies, you must be thrilled to bits! I think the granny boots stand out as the pressie you'll never forget, they're fab LOL! Chris x

Anonymous said...

Well Dawnie..You were very lucky indeedy!!!Beautiful gifts and presents to!!!
Glyou had a lovely Day...I will be sending a card toyou this week!!!So sorry twill be late......
Have a lovely Wednesday:)~X~


Hello Dawny i am sorry i missed your birthday, but you had the most perfect day by the sounds of it. What lovely gifts you received from your family, and friends. I am with you the friends i have made through blogland are the most wonderful people ever. I can truly say that blogging has been the best thing i've ever done. Well hun, here's to 2009, and by the way, i have a pair of those slippers, but i realize they're not to everyones taste. Hugs Linda x


Hi Dawny, me again, just wanted to let you know i was only joking about the slippers, don't really have a pair, but have some equally nice ones, will post you a photo on my blog later. hugs linda x have a lovely day hun.

Madge said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant birthday Dawny, with lots of fab presents (I think my favourite is probably the slippers!!! - lol). xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Wow looks like you had the best day!
Brilliant cards and pressies to die for.
Thank's so much for sharing.
kim xxx

Kim said...

Aww Happy Birthday Dawn, sorry it's a day late but it sounds like you had a fabulous one!! I am just 5 short months away from my half century too!! I did chuckle at the slippers though!! Best wishes, Kim xx

Mrs Wonka said...

Wow how spoiled.....and you deserve every second of it. I must have been running around in dream land as I completely missed that it was your birthday! I'm so sorry that I didn't send a card. I'm pleased you enjoyed your day.

Mrs W x

Gayle said...

Hi Dawny...
Glad you had a lovely day...I see Snail Mail are being their usual helpful self! Your card was actually posted last Friday...I have a friend who supplied your address (hmn...might be papercrfater of the year!)
So not just an e-card chicken! Hopefully it'll arrive safe and sound...I couldn't miss the momentous occasion!
Gayle x

Jilli said...

Sorry I missed your birthday too Dawny, but look what you got! How lucky are you? Congratulations on reaching dare I say 50, I hope when I get there I will be as blessed with friends as you are! Jillix

Diane.W. said...

Aww,sounds like a luvly day.
That cake sounds yummy!!!
What about customising the slippers?!!! :o)x

scotspanda said...

OMG what a haul of prezzies you have got there chick!!!! You lucky thing you. As for the baffies (ask kath, Dawn or Gayle if you need a translation!) Get a few pink prima flowers and some glitter on those babies and I bet you would look fabby lol Could have been worse they could have bought you incontinence pants roflmao


Amanda xxx

Rach said...

so glad that you had a wonderful birthday Dawny, you certainly was spoilt..what wonderful gifts and cards you received.
I think that the slippers did it for me....they are ...what shall i say.....well . i am lost for words..rofl.
big hugs rachxxx

debby4000 said...

What a brilliant day you had and I love your new slippers!!!!!

Sonia said...

So glad you had a fab day Dawn, loving the slippers lol!!!
So special cards there for you to treasure :)
Hugs Sonia xx

Sue said...

Aww sounds like you had a lovely day with lots of goodies n lovely cards, luv the slippers! sue.xx

Lorraine A said...

OOhh love all your gifts, even yer slippers re fun ha ha.The first Christmas that I was married my lovely husband bought me a dressing gown that would just look fab with those slippers, I must have it stuffed in a cupboard somewhere , will fish it out n post it to ya !! ha ha
Happy Belated birthday :-)
Lorraine x

Jill said...

aww Dawny you got some wonderful gitfs hun, so pleased for you and glad you had a great birthday hugs Jill xx

Tracey said...

Wow you were very lucky! Enjoy all your lovely pressies Dawny & glad you had a fab birthday :o)


Cindy Haffner said...


lola rose said...

Wow Dawny, what a FANTASTIC day! All that love just for YOU ... and a fab new handbag! It'll go really well with those slippers!

Michelle said...

Nothing more than you deserve - you are one top chick, even with your funky slippers, how cool are they, lol...
I had to send you that christmas card with the old faithful MSBP (nudge, nudge, wink,wink) Im glad you had such a wonderful day. If I dont get time to speak to you before, I wish you all (espesh Kyla) a truly fantatsic christmas full of peace and joy.
Great big hugs to you all and dont forget lunch for the donkey.

Macpurp said...

Beautiful cards and gifts my lovely!
Glad you had a good day.

much love and hope my wee card turns up soon !
much love Tina xxx

Jo said...

Oh wow, what fab things you got Dawny - sounds like you had a fantastic day! Love the slippers!!! When you've worked out the Cricut Design Studio, let me know 'cause mine's been sat on my desk for a couple of months now - perhaps that could be my New Year's Resolution!

Stacey said...

What beautiful presents?! Did you do so well? You deserve it all so enjoy ~x~

Sara x said...

Belated Happy Birthday Dawny - it sounds as if you've had a fab time and been spoilt rotten - which should happen to everywoman on her birthday don't you think!?

Big Birthday Hugs


Cheryl said...

Well dear Dawny....no more than you deserve......we all love you for the very special person you are. Your bubbly personality and that lovely soft side of you, make you a very special person.

I love the slippers by the way....made me laugh....even I'm not wearing those yet....lol

Breakfast sounded great by the way......

Donalda's Blog said...

Here is one of the links dear

cats whiskers said...

Oh wow hun what a fabulous day you must have had, sounds wonderful!!!!, sorry I didn't send a card hun no excuse just a naughty lazy b*****r, Hope you have a fabulous christmas and wonderful New Year
lots of Hugs Jacqui xx
ps do you mind I have those slippers (no not really, think you should donate them to help the aged)

Sue said...

Oh wow dawny what a lucky girl you are such fab and gorgeous pressies and such lovely friends you have too.

So pleased you enjoyed your special day:-)


Pauline C said...

Wowee so glad you had a fabby day Dawn :-)
pauline x