Friday, 28 March 2008

I just had to share these pics of Kyla with you - cutie little sausage she is lol xx

Cheeky monkey dressing up in her Aunty Nicola's scarf. Don't you just wish they could stay like that for ever!!

Hunting for Easter eggs. The Easter bunny had been very busy in our garden


Cheryl said...

Aren't they just to wonderful for words sometimes!

Michelle said...

Aaw! What a little dinky dot, they are just sooo cute without even realising sometimes, arent they.
Hope your both well. Your recent batch of cards are just fabbytastic. You have been a busy bee today,

Stamp n Sparkle said...

Oh my she's GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Aaw little cutie Pie...looks like you had loads of fun:)x

Katty Bell said...

OMGsh! How cute! Reminds me of when my two were younger, bless.
They both say they believe in the Easter Bunny still... don't know if this is true or if they are just saying so to get the usual yearly bunny trail along with all the goodies that get left... lol!

leann said...

Aaaaw, what a cutie!