Thursday, 6 March 2008

Easter Bonnets

It was our monthly card club meeting last night and each month we have a little challenge. The challenge for this month was to create an Easter Bonnet with the hat template provided. There were no restrictions on colour and they didn't HAVE to have an Easter theme. There was an Easter egg for the one we liked best and we asked our ladies not to put their names on them before we had a chance to have a good look, to make it fair.

Well, were we impressed!!! As there were so many gorgeous cards, we had to ask our wonderful Dorothy to nip out and get another egg cos we just couldn't choose - thank you Dorothy. You look after us all and you're so lovely!!! Just take a look at these - they are in no particular order. I hope my dreadful photography does them justice cos they are all wonderful, and our ladies would love to hear your comments peeps xx

Glenys Salmon - what pretty spring colours, and the most gorgeous trim. I love it.
Jane Mallon - I love the way she's punched the bottom of this hat and used pale blue card underneath, and what pretty colours -it's fabbie!!
Dawn Pemberton - this was our winner cos it's just too cute for words ...
...and she decorated the back. Check out that funky chicken lol xxx A fantastic card Dawn xx
Sandra Davies - I love the colours that she has used cos they are not typical spring colours, but it works so well, and aren't the 2 little bunnies just fabbie. What a hat!!

Margaret Reade - this was our runner up. Those colours, and all that quilling work!!! We loved it cos it's so pretty and beautifully made
Pam Mallon - Lilac and pink, with a touch of silver - how lovely. And I love the fact that she has raised those tiny flowersto give this card dimension,
Kath Edwards - what stunning paper!! It's just so Spring - ey!!! I think the flower embellishement is perfect and what a lovely hat - I'd wear it !!
Katherine Pook - just look at those gorgeous lemon colours - how pretty is that!! I forgot to take a photo of the inside of this (sorry K) but Kath has used all 4 sides of the card and this was so nearly our runner up because of that
Jean Sirett (my Aunty Jean xx) - I love the fact that she hasn't stuck to typical Spring colours and I think that dusky pink goes really well with the black and white. And what a gorgeous embellishment
Guess who didn't put her name on this - so I can't give credit :-( I did say they didn't have to so perhaps this lady is shy. She should be very proud cos it's a gorgeous card and I love the fact that she has stuck it onto the card rather than leaving it upright. Those pretty pastel colours and all those Easter eggs.... yummy
Thank you to all our Saughall ladies who took part in this challenge. As always, they are gorgeous and we couldn't find a nicer group of ladies if we tried. I'm so glad we've got you all xxxxx


Cheryl said...

What an absolutely lovely display, so colourful and so easter. It was a really pleasure studying them, and looking at all the wonderful detail. I really enjoyed that post.

Dawny P said...

Thank you so much Cheryl - I too think they are lovely and I'm very proud of what the ladies have done. Glad you enjoyed it xx

Anonymous said...

beautiful cards the ladies have created Dawny..thanks for sharing:)x

Dawny P said...

Thanks Terrie. They really are a lovely bunch of ladies and some of them are very new to this card making thingy and I hope that they wouldn't mind me saying that some of them have got their bus passes!!!! So as Brucie would say, didnt they do well - marvellous!!!! lol xxx

Stamp n Sparkle said...

Oh my! These are FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing them - SO CUTE!

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny
Could your lovely Richard pop over and identify either the greater or lesser spotted woodpecker for me. I never can tell the difference.

Em said...

WOW - what gorgeous cards!!! It must have been really hard to choose winners from that lot, they are all so different and so fab!

No wonder you are feeling so proud!

traciejane said...

Wow Dawny, fabulous display of gorgeous cards they are all so yummy. Congrats to you all for making these wonderful cards and congrats to you for a lovely post of them :-)x

All Pink girl said...

Topwork ladies ,very beautiful cards ,love them ,Dawnxx

Lydia said...

WoW!! What a lovely lot of gorgeous cards!!

I was just on a 'blog walk' and stopped by ^.^

Julie said...

Wow these are all fab cards, but my favourite is the lemon one with all the flowers

Kim said...

Wonderful creations, my fave is the black and white scroll one.....