Monday, 10 March 2008

Ohh wow. This is so nice - another nice award. I feel very very privileged yet again, and a big thank you to Pink Angel Tracie for awarding me this. I don't suppose I can send this one back but I love looking at your stuff Tracie xx

OK - cos I am new to this as I have only been going for just over a month, I don't know that many of you lovely bloggers out there. So I hope it is OK to do what I am about to do :-) I will send this one out now to ten lovely peeps that I know and save the other 10 to give to new people that I come across as my blogging journey continues. I will keep count and won't cheat lol xxx

I guess that some of my 10 have this already but here goes -

One of my best blog buddies who I just love - All Pink Girl Dawnie - cos she really does make my day and she is so awesomely talented, very very kind and she just makes me laugh soooooo much -luv ya Dawnie girl xxx xxx
The wonderful Terrie B whose work I have admired for ages and now she visits my blog and says such lovely things about my stuff - thank you xxx

Michelle at Poppicrafts for not only supplying the best embellishments going (and now the sweetest cutest stamps) but for being responsible for me starting the blog in the first place - its' true - and she is such a sweetie. Oh and her stuff is just fabbie as well xxxx

Cheryl who is Michelles mum cos apart from loving the natural world like I do, and being such a lovely lady, she takes the most wonderful photos which are so gorgeous, and she always leaves me nice comments which I really appreciate xxxx

Marieke whose work never fails to make me smile - it's like looking at the sunshine and her use of colour is just stunning xxxx

Liz at Pink Petticoat cos she makes my day every time I check out her website and there is another fabulous download. And she is very nice with it xxxx

And the lovely Leann - I just love and admire her creations - she's so clever xxxx

Rachelle cos her drawings are just tooo sweet for words - what a talent xxxx

Melissa at Pink cat Studios cos her stamps are and anyone who loves animals is just fabbitastic in my book xxxx

The lovely Katty cos like Leann her creations are just stunning xxxx


Melissa said...

Thank you for the award Dawny!!

Cheryl said...

What do I say but thank you. I feel very humbled by all the good things people do. That was a lovely surprise to wake upto,

Kath said...

Hi Dawn

Love your blog and your wonderful creations. Like you I am fairly new to this blogging lark but love it - it's great seeing what other folks do - just not enough hours in the day to do it all. I am afraid that card orders are suffering and I have to work late into the night to get them all done.

Anonymous said...

thanks for thinking of me...sooo kind of you.. cant wait to see more of your creations :)
"Have a lovely day":)

leann said...

Aaaaaw, thank you SO much Dawny!
Big ((hugs)) for you :)

Michelle said...

Aaaw! Thanks Dawny - you are so kind. You definately make my day too. Love popping over to check out your fantabulous creations. Thanks for your emails, Its great to have a chat sometimes.
Huge hugs coming your way,

All Pink girl said...

Thanks so much Babe lov ya right back ,you make me sound so nice LOLxxxxDawnxxxx

Dawny P said...

That's cos you are so nice pinkie pops lol xxxx