Friday, 16 October 2009

A Whiff Of Stamping With Fun :)x

I think my one remaining brain cell has gone to sleep cos I couldn't think of anything witty for a title :(x

But you get the drift!!

I've combined 2 challenges here, namely Whiff of Joy which is to use Die Cuts - I used nesties for the frame and also the blooms - and Stamping With Fun which is a lovely sketch.

I've had my WOJ Lizzie stamp for ages and I thought it was about time that it saw some ink cos it is sooooo sweet. I coloured her with my fav PMs, literally, cos I used Blossom and Soft Lime and I love these 2 colours together.

So complete with shadows, cos the light, is so bad here today, here is me card.

The papers are from the new PP Fairy Lights Christmas collection. This is what I love about Liz's stuff - Fairy Lights are for life, not just for Christmas :))x

I made these paper flowers from the two smallest scalloped nestie circles. And the 'button' is just a punched circle wth a bit of thread, which I coloured with a black PM!!

Bit of a neat cheat me thinks!!!!

I used a MSBP (you can get them over at the ever so fab Dies To Die For btw) some black stick on gems and of course, the absolute fave ribbon was recycled.

Oghhh funny light here in the arty farty shot!!!!
And I was doing so well for a change!!

Well I had an absolute nightmare yesterday (rant alert peeps!!). I ordered a Cricut Cartridge from the US and I have been a bit worried about it to be honest, with the post being how it is.

Anyway, yesterday, I got a card through the door saying that it was at the sorting office and I needed to go and pay £11.28 before they would release it. Mr Customes & Excise had got hold of it and slapped this charge on it. I think the limit is about £18 and this was about £4 over.

So off I went, not very happy about it but it still worked out cheaper than in the UK shops so hey ho. The sorting office peeps were fabulous and they gave me a number to ring for C&E cos they said that they do sometimes reduce this. Well the C&E lady was sooo helpful, she really was. She explained to thicko here that the charge from them was actually £3.28 and the other £8 was the Royal Mail handling charge.


I already paid the ruddy postage in the US ($13).

So I rang the Royal Mail and got through to the rudest person I have ever had the misfortune to speak to. She was so high handed and 'explained' to me that they had to go and get this parcel for me from Customs and this incurred charges. Included in it was their interest charge cos they had to pay the C&E up front.

So I asked her what APR they were charging on £3.28and she told me that 'she was not prepared to discuss that with me'. So I then told her straight that I thought this was an absolute disgrace, the charge was disproportionate to the value of the goods and that I did not like the way she had spoken to me, she was rude and unhelpful. I pointed out that if I ever spoke to any of our clients like that, I would be out of a job. She then all but shouted that she had handled my call courteously and had not been rude - haaaaa, yer think so lady!!!!! She then said 'thank you for your call, goodbye.' I then told her that I had not finished yet.

And she put the phone down on me!!!!
Clearly I had finished!!!

So I rang Consumer Direct who told me that the OoFT were aware of this charge and that it was being looked into. They urged me to write to the Royal Mail and outline what had happened, which I am going to do today at some point.

It isn't the dosh cos as I said, it still worked out cheaper, but if they are charging us, I think the least they should do is give us a breakdown at how they arrive at their figure.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask eh!!!!

So rant over, and that's me done lol xx
Now I'm off to do a bit of work, make a bracelet that a very nice lady has ordered (I might put a pic on here if I get a sec) and then try and source a donkey outfit for Kyla's nativity.

She has been upgraded cos this year she is the litle donkey (she was a star last year). Ahh bless!!! But I have to admit that the shops are not exactly brimming with Neddy outfits, so we might have to resort to a 'Grandma' special.

Poor kid, let's hope I find one.

Have a fab Friday - wooohooo, the weekend is nearly here!!!!


Julie said...

Gorgeous card Dawny love the colour scheme. I've not seen that MSBP before might have to investigate it.

Leann said...

Gorgeous card Missy - lubs it :)

Heehee - I've complained recently about RM's ridiculous fees, not about to type what I thinks of 'em in case I offend those with more delicate ears than ours... ;)

Biggest hugs x x x

Ooooooh, have ya looked on the new Woolies website for a cossie for Kyla? I can remember the stores having donkey ones a few years back.

BlueRose said...

Your card is just darling Dawny and what a great idea on the flowers, going to have to give them a try.

Sounds like you did have a time of it at the RM, I can't figure out why they have to be so rude!!!!

Have a great weekend♥♥

scrappyjacky said...

Beatiful card....such lovely colours as well. You'd think with Royal Mail losing business right,left and centre.....they'd be a bit more careful in how they treat their remaining customers!!!I'd check that customs charge as well.....I thought the allowance had recently gone up.

Pauline C said...

Fab card Dawny - love Lizzie and the gorgeous colour scheme. OMG about the RM charge ... they've got a bloody cheek considering the level of service (not!) I know the lady putting the phone down is a disgrace but you've got to laugh - you can't complain that she didn't make her position clear, eh? Hope you get some joy - the charge is a bit of a shocker!!
pauline x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh your card is just so beautiful!
So sorry that you had a spot of bother so glad you are going to write!
kim x

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Daylight robbery hunni, what can I say!!!!!!!!!
The bloomin cheek of it........

Fabulous card love your fav colour combo and those flowers are great are they a scalloped nestie?
very clever!!

for a donkey outfit keep an eye on as they always had fab dressing up stuff in the stores at christmas my mum used to work there and Jack always had the fabbiest outfits

Emma xxx

Biscuitlid said...

I love your faux buttons, they look great.

Go for it with the charges, what a rip off


Marianne said...

Well I bet you're glad you got that off your chest! Good luck with that search for a donkey costime. Oh, and that card is grat, fab colouring. Isn't it a pain now it is so dark, trying to get a good photo. Marianne x

Cheryl said...

wow another beauty love the colours you have used on this hugs cheryl xxx

cats whiskers said...

Oh I just love this card Dawny dear, fabulous colours and great image, RM are getting beyond a joke it makes me so mad oh don't get me started on this subject!"!!!!! have a great weekend dear
Hugs Jacqui

Arty Party NI said...

Ah Dawn this card is lovely, so clean and fresh. But oh boy the story of the post office had me in fits, you go get them girl, I'm right behind you on this one as I got stroked big time when I bought my cricut expression from the USA, another whopping £48 I had to pay to get it released, again it was cheaper than buying it from here. Pop over and tell me what you think of my card, would luv to hear your comments. Karen xoxo

Jill said...

ehh Dawny you do half make me chuckle hun, I love to read you antics lol.
Aww I'm so sorry about the post office hun, I had a similar thing with Virgin and he took put the phone down on me! Great customer serive.
ohh onto the card it's gorgeous and I love the colour combo and those beautiful flowers have a great weekend hun hugs Jill xx

debby4000 said...

Oh what a darling of a card and such wonderful details, must have a go at making those flowers.
I agree about the ridiculous the RM charges.

Caz said...

Dawny, keep your eyes open in Tescos as last year they had donkey costumes....I had to get Georgia a sheep one....and they did them too. I think they will be out as soon as Halloween is over.

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my...what a time you had! So sorry they gave you such a fit, Dawny! Rude people just chap my hide!

On a lighter side.... LOVE your card! The colors are beautiful and the design is fabulous! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!! hugs to you!

Love to Doodle! said...

Such beautiful colours....and your flowers look fab.

Grrrrr re that awful customer service...but hee re the donkey ending....good luck with that one...xx

Claire Ellen Designs said...

just love your colour combo and those flowers are amazing, thanks for playing at WOJ this week, hugs, Claire xx

Mimiko said...

This is so cute and lovely, those colours work really well together :)