Monday, 12 October 2009

Ohhh What A Job .....

... I had editing these pics!!!!

So this has turned into the 'how many different shades of blue can you turn one card into' post!! Not intentionally of course.

So please excuse the dreadful quality here. I might re-take them tomorrow when the light is better (I always say that and I never do, but it sounds good lol xxx)

So I got a lovely bundle of goodies from the sweetness that is Tracy at Dies To Die For and this lil poppet and her blueberries was in it. How could I resist?

So I've used her for this week's Just Magnolia Challenge which is a sketch by Mina - and a fab one it is as well. And the challenge is sponsored by Tracy as well so it all fitted together nicely.

So this is the card and shade 1 - a bit of a cornflower blue tone in this shot. I used PMs and did the bling thing.

Check out Tilda's blue suede shoes (don't step on them will ya lol xxx)

OK, shade 2 here.
We've now got a bit of airforce blue.

I think I should point out that IRL this is a gorge colour. It is PP, Stripes and the colour is'blueberry' (to match the image cos I am such a saddo!!).

And wooohooooo, the MS doily punch is back in use.
And there's a sneaky bit of Cuttlebugging going on as well!!!

The ribbon was from the local floristry warehouse that I go to - cheap as chips as his orangeness David D would say :)

Ohh now I'm not sure what you'd call this shade - periwinkle maybe?
Or is that a tad pretentious?

It's in between the cornflower blue and the airforce blue so how about cornforce blue.

Ohh I am just rambling now!!!!

But this is the shade that is closest to Liz's blueberry.
Pretty isn't it.

Ohh I give up!!!!

So now for the excuses, nay reasons for the cock up that has been the pics.

OK, yesterday I ran out of batteries for my camera (which was why I was late with me Anya card). I ended up getting some from our village shop and I reckon they must have been in there since World War 2 cos they had about as much life in them as a comatose sloth!!!

So today, I make me card and get it finished just as the last of the good light is fading. I take a couple of pics and then the flippin sloth batteries die. So I legged it back to the village shop and bought some new ones, got back and tried to take some more pics. But it was heading towards dusk - not good - so I ended up putting the lights on.

Result? Crap pictures.

So some are too dark and some have a lovely yellowy tinge that make them look like they've been in a room full of Capstan Full Strength chain smokers. Sorry peeps but I hope you get can get the general idea.

And on that sorry note, I am off to sort out me card for tomorrow's Papertake Weekly. Now you don't want to miss this cos we have a very special guest designer tomorrow. She's very verrrry famous - that is all I will say. Tune in and see who it is if you get a sec. And you might even see a decent pic from me if I shape meself and get the pic done before the twighlight zone set in!!!!

Have a fab night and see ya tomorrow xxxxx


Biscuitlid said...

I'm going to guess it might be Liz!

I'm probably very wrong!


Kath said...

what a palaver you've had but between you and me I always find blue a horrendous colour to photograph...never mind what shade of blue it's fabbby...big hugs kath xxxx

Sam said...

ha ha very funny!! I too have trouble taking photos even though I have one of those lightbox thingies - still not enough light you see!!

Julie said...

Well whatever shade of blue it is, it's a gorgeous card! Juliex

Sam said...

Gorgeous card, whatever shade of blue it is...
Looking forward to the PTW challenge tomorrow.....
Love reading your blog, you never fail to make me chuckle!
Sam x

Leann said...

Oh Sweetheart - they're all gorgeous pics. Cos it's a fablassly gorgeous card ;)

Must admit I had a nightmare blue photo day today, gave up in the end. After swearing lots obviously...

Lotsa huggles x x x x

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Fab card as usual, just love all the blues!
great image as well
Hugs caroline xx

Beth said...

Oh well, we can all see that your card is fabby as always - technology eh?!

Beth xx

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Ohh I always have this problems when I want to take pics of green or purple cards... But your card is wonderful anyway!!! Thanks for joining in the fun!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

ROFL hunni!

Oh bless you no matter whats gone on in the day for me reading yours and another 'dozy mares' (I know you both wont mind me putting that lol!!) blog always managages to cheer me up no end!!!
my camera eats batteries too lol and it wont eat cheap ones either when it gives up the ghost with the expensive ones i can still get a good evenings family play on them in the wii control lol!

Fabulous shade of Cornflowerairforceperiwinkleblueberry blue,I think letraset may just have found a new shade of promarker ha ha....

Fab card hun and that image is absolutely gorgeous.......

oops soz,rambling!!!

Hugs Emma xxx

Cheryl said...

oh what a mess about the batteries hun but it still looks btrilliant love it to bits,such beautiful detail,i have one of those daylight lamps that you can buy they are brilliant as i take pics of my cards at night as takes me all day to decide what papers and images i am going to use he he have a great day hun love cheryl xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Such a beautiful card Dawn!
Gorgeous colours and detail!
Whatever shade is still looks stunning!
kim x

debby4000 said...

Glad I'm not alone trying to get the right light for photos and now with the nights drawing in, I can see trouble ahead.
Saying that you card is gorgeous and what a wonderful Tilda.

Sharon Caudle said...

LOL! You are just too funny. LOVE this card, Dawny, and I don't care WHAT shade of blue it is. Hope you're having a fabulous week my friend! hugs!

craftymum said...

Love this card. It has a fresh crisp feel to it. The photo's all look great. Thanks for more inspiration
Love Sarah XXX