Wednesday, 20 February 2008

If at first you don't succeed ............................. give up and re-post!
These SHOULD open now xx


SammieJay said...

Hi there!
Hope you had a better day yesterday and today. Thanks for the heartfelt encouragement and the warm welcome to "blogland". Oh, the inspiration (and frustration!) I've found here....

I truly adore your "mum" card -it made me melt inside. Those colours -and that perky little ribbon perched on the top there. Jumps out from the screen with a smile at you.

SammieJay :-)

Cheryl said...

Hi...Thanks once again for visiting.
Lovely, lovely cards, I like the 'Mum' card to. Such soft and pretty colours.
Yes grandchildren are a blessing, They really do light up my life. If I think of them I always find myself smiling.
They did get mucky, by the time we had finished there hands were so covered in mud I had to hose most of it of before we went in. And mine to, I am definately not the glove wearing brigade. I love the feel of the soil and am a very touchy feely sort of gardener.
Its lovely to get to know you and visit your creative blog.
Have a fun day. x

Cheryl said...

Look forward to seeing your beautiful birds.....let me know when it is set up.
Sorry to hear about your Mum, you must miss her.

Michelle said...

Loving these - they are beautiful, especially the Hettie, she is fab isnt she? Having a lovely time with the little dinkies, thank you. Hope you are keeping well, thanks for adding the banner to your blog.
Big hugs,

Kim said...

Gorgeous...... loving ya blog...