Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Had a rotten day yesterday with one thing or another (It never ceases to amaze me how some people just have to stick their oar into other people's business and cause them grief). But that's life I guess.

Anyway, enough whining Dawny!!!

Bought some Woodware stamps at the weekend. I'm not a good stamper - more into my papers - but I just thought they were really pretty. Had a bit of a play with them last night even though my heart wasn't really. I used some PP Blooming Doodles paper in black and white and blossom and the Woodware stamp is Dotty Flowers JRCL304. There is a bit of Glamour Dust on the top one, plus one of Michelles lovely little brads.

Then to cheer myself up, I got Hettie out again!! I can't look at her without smiling. The paper is PP Lola's Boudoir Rainbow Collection - boudoir stripes in lovely (and it is!!) and then I used a large and small Henrietta to look like mum and baby. I finished it off with some ribbon bits, a punched flower, a bit of glitter (naturally) and a Henrietta sentiment

And that was that!!!.

Good news today is that I have lost another 2lbs - woooo hooooo!!! The total now is 10lbs so I will stick at it for another week or so and see if I can do the stone. The M & S puds are still doing my head in and IF I lose the stone, the first thing I will do is have the gooey-est one I can get my mitts on. Haaaa!!

Yummmy xxxx


Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Another so talented crafter, I marvel at your artistic talent I really do. You breed birds of prey, how wonderful. I see a lot here, merlins, sparrowhawks, kestrals and my most favourite in the whole world, the barn owl. Just going to bed now...I will be back to view your blog properly.
Nite nite
Michelles Mum x

All Pink girl said...

wow these 2 cards are so cute ,love how you have used the hetti's to look like mummy and babby ,i have been making cards with these tonight xxx
well done on the weight loss i am thinking of going to weight watches which one do you do xxx
please let me know there is a e-mail link on my blog

Katty Bell said...

Both lovely cards!
I know what you mean about Hettie, she is so cute.X

SammieJay said...

Sorry you had a rotten day. People with oars can inflict a lot of upset. However, just to let you know that you made my day when I got home from rehearsal this evening and found your comment on my blog..... now I've had two!!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I mean that even though I 've been battling with that 3,2,1 challenge and just thought my card was taking shape when I saw your entry. Gorgeous!!!

In my dreams.... although (surprisingly enough!!!) mine does say "mum" on it too... BUT it's illegible!!! It's nearly finished, so I should post it tomorrow if I can work out how to do the link thing...

I love your "mum" card and will keep an eye open for you in future. Fingers crossed for you for the challenge!


Anonymous said...

both beautiful cards:)x