Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Never Ever Forget

Hi there sweet peeps and isn't it a glorious day today.

No card from me today but instead I am posting here to remember another day 25 years ago which was also glorious but which ended in the most awful way imaginable.

Let me say that Hillsborough for me is very personal.

I knew one of the victims  - he lived 3 doors down from me and I still see his sweet sister occasionally. And my daughters went to school with the brother of another. Growing up where I did and where I lived back then, it's hard not be have been personally touched by what happened on that day because most people knew or knew of at least one of the 96.

20 miles away in Liverpool this is even greater.

I've said it before and no doubt I will say it again but it isn't right that you go to a football match and not come back. And then to have to fight for the truth, fight to protect the good name of your loved one, whilst trying to come to terms with what happened, well I for one cannot imagine what that must have been like.

But fight they did and they have and they still are and now there are now new inquests. I hope and pray that this time the families may finally get some peace in their lives -  25 years is an awfully long time .......

I posted about this back in 2012 when the truth at last was coming out - that post is here. I mentioned in that post  the other victims that we may not always think about, but they are victims nonetheless.

So today I am sadly remembering everybody that was hurt by what happened on that terrible day.

And the last word here goes to the my fellow Liverpool supporters ....



Denise Rand said...

I was at the stadium of light in Sunderland on Saturday where Everton visited. The whole ground stood for the minutes silence and we were shocked that the away supports (not all but many) started jeering. What a sad indictment that these people had no compassion for their own countrymen just because they supported a rival team.

Wendy L said...

I totally agree, my OH is a staunch Liverpool supporter, ever since being a child.

jiminy japes said...

OH GOD Dawn.
It gets you right in the gut doesn't it, that song?
Never was a truer word spoken for the Hillsborough 96 families. They kept walking on, together, and hopefully they will walk on to the end, when finally the truth will out.
God bless the 96, and their families and friends.
You'll NEVER walk alone.

Tracey T said...

The courage of those families just blows me away and my heart goes out to them. I truly hope they get the justice - and peace - they deserve. Hugs, Tracey xx

Viv's Visuals said...