Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Utterly Mahoosive Indulgence


Morning sweet peeps and hope you are all OK today xx

This is one of those totally indulgent posts where I go all 'proud Grandma' on you so I hope you'll forgive me!!

It was Kyla's birthday yesterday - she is now 8 and I just cannot believe where the time has gone.  I have a special bond with this kid for several reasons really. Some of you will know all of this already but, I never ever thought I would be a Grandma. My eldest is sadly not able to have children and my youngest always told me she didn't ever want any.

Famous last words!!!

So when Emma told us that she was pregnant, well I was almost lost for words (almost but not quite!!). Then when she told us that her due date was 10th January, I was sooo thrilled that she was due to be born on what would have been my Mum's 73rd birthday.  But babies being what they are,  they arrive when they're good and ready so although we hoped, we didn't really expect it would happen. It was also a sad time for my eldest because a few weeks earlier, she had had another miscarriage and this was to be her last pregnancy. Life can be so cruel at times.

Emma went into labour late evening on 8th January so we kind of expected it would happen on 9th, but midnight came and went, and at 03.10am our precious little bundle finally arrived. I was there at her birth and it is one of best moments of my life, as well as being one of the scariest and I feel hugely privileged that I saw her take her first breaths. And I have always felt that she was sent to us - a gift really. There were lots of 'if onlys' especially concerning my mum and I still do feel deeply sad that she never got to share in the joy that Kyla has brought us. But you can't change these things so you just have to accept that sometimes things don't work out the way you would like them to.

Kyla has been nothing but a constant source of joy to me from the moment she took that first breath and has turned out to be a really sweet, caring, thoughtful and well mannered child (and Emma is a fantastic mum as well and her Aunty Nik is amazing with her).  She has her moments of course and is quite spirited at times but I think this will stand her in good stead when she is older. She makes friends very easily and there is a little group of 6 of them who call themselves the BFFs (bless em!!), and you never know - the may all stay friends forever. Emma has a group of friends that she had since school, and these include her best friend and her partner, so it does happen.

Kyla and Emma lived with us until she was just turned 4 and the day they left was very emotional for me.  On the one hand I was so happy to see Emma settled but I missed them so much - still do - and it was very strange not waking up hearing her singing (every morning she did this) and snuggling up after her night time bath for a last cuddle before bedtime. But she stays over lots and it's always nice when she is in residence again.

So you probably guessed that I just love this kid to bits. It's quite weird being a Grandma because grandchildren are like your own - you feel the same love for them as you would if you gave birth to them - and yet they are not your own. Not in the truest sense. You get the odd flash back as well when they do something that reminds you so much of their mum (this is especially true with little Thea) . But the good thing is that when they act up etc, you just hand them back!!! So it's the best of both worlds really.

Anyway, here's a snapshot of those last 8 years, including her first journey home form hospital, Sudocrem-gate (we still shudder), her first time out on her new bike, her first day at school and the last pic I  have of her taken at Christmas.

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Thank you for these last wonderful 8 years sweetheart ( I wonder what the next 8 will bring). And thank you for being the best granddaughter I ever could have asked for, bless your little heart. We love you lots and lots xxx

Later on today, we are going out for lunch. Kyla and the BFFs and a few others are going to the pictures with Emma and we will have Miss Thea,  then we will go and meet up with them all.

I hope that you have a great day, whatever you are doing and thank you for bearing with me - I don't do it too often but sometimes I just can't help meself lol!!

I'll see you soon as soon and huggiets of hugs to all xxx


Joey said...

Happy Birthday Little Lady :) xxx

Dawny if when my time comes I can be half the Grandmother you are I will be so happy, the love your post oozes is beautiful to read. Joey xx

Kath said...

you indulge yourself all you wonder you are so proud of your gorgeous granddaughter...being a Grandma is the bestest job in the world...sending big hugs to the birthday girl xxx

Sue said...

Awwww Dawny. What a lovely post today. Thank you so much for sharing the joy that Kyla has brought to your lives, I have come over all emotional just reading it and she certainly sounds like a very special little girl.
So, Happy Birthday to Kyla, I hope her day if full of fun and happiness.
hugs Sue xx

Jane said...

Dawny our first grandbaby Daisy Jane arrived 9 weeks ago your post rings sooo true. How wonderful a grandbaby is and goodness me how much we love them. Many happy returns to your sweet princess what a darling girl xx

Sammy said...

You have every right to indulge, and I don't think anyone can blame you! She looks like the sweetest young lady, and she's lucky to have such a fabulous grandmother! x

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Kyla!
There is nothing wrong with being a proud Grandma and showing it!! The photo's look fabulous, it's lovely to look back on all those special moments. I feel the same with my children as I was always told I couldn't have any....Tom will be 9 next month and Emma's is now 6...when did that happen!! lol
Have a lovely weekend
Lorraine x

Wendy L said...

So beautiful Dawn. I envy you the time with them, I miss mine soooo much. Hugs. xxxx

Debra Kenworthy said...

Oh Dawny you made me cry! What a lovely post. Kyla is so beautiful and has a wonderful Grandma who loves her to the stars and back! I've just lost my mum in November but she felt the same way about my lads so I'm happy she got to see them become lovely young men.

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kyla. I hope she has a wonderful day. xoxox Debra x

Judith said...

Aw what a gorgeous post! - so glad I joined the blog hop and found this post by happy accident - I too am a proud grandma - the best thing ever - and you put it into words so well - I just signed up as your latest follower - a like heart! Hugs Judith x

Loopylou. said...

Dawny she is just gorgeous, she totally has your spirit too, I can tell from the piccies!
Happy birthday Kyla poppet
huge hugs Lou xxxx

Annette said...

You're allowed a little indulgence hun, They're fab photos of a beautiful birthday girl. Hope she had a lovely day.

Lesley said...

Aww, such a fantastic post, u had me in tears, my daughter was 9 on the 10th January, and she was born on my grans birthday (my dad's mum) who sadly never got to meet our little Ellie, my dad has since passed, but I know he would be so proud of our precious little star, sending u a huge hug. All my love Lesley x

Julie Kitchener said...

I enjoyed reading your post Dawny, it's fab being a grandma and love the pics!

Debs said...

Aww Dawny - love this post - you should be so proud of your beautiful Granddaughter and I love the photos you have shared with us :o)
Hope the birthday girl had a wonderful day.
Debs xx

Ribbon Girl said...

she's gorgeous - you are truly blessed! Mary x

Sharon Caudle said...

Ok, I am sitting here tearing up at this post! I know EXACTLY how you feel as our first grandson and my daughter lived with us until he almost 4. Oh we could talk about this forever!! LOL! I just adore you! What a wonderful post!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!
Love you! Sharon