Monday, 11 November 2013

A Rather Fab Day :)

Hi there me darlins and hope you are all OK xx.
Winter is creeping towards us isn't it - it's quite dark and gloomy here today

Did anybody go to the NEC at the weekend?
I managed one day only this time and went on Saturday. It was a really nice afternoon though cos I was taking part in the

Great Fiskars Craft Off

which was a hoot - I LOVED it

The idea was that in true Great British Bake Off tradition, we were given a pack of bits and bobs (including some Fiskars dies) and we had 15 minutes to make a Christmas card' from scratch which would then be judged by Mel & Sue (aka Kath - aka my cyber twin - & Hina from Fiskars).

Taking part were .....

the sweetness that is Barbara Gray ....

...  the newest member of the Granny Club, Joanna Sheen .....

... my FABULOUS friend Enfys and .....

... yours truly, cutting a dash in her leopard print jumper!!!

Here's a pic of our Kath .....

...oh sorry, I should say Mel!!!
She was sorting me out with some narrow ribbon, bless her!!!

And showing no signs of a soggy bottom, we even had our very own Paul Hollywood ......

...although you will know him as Rob aka MDF Man.

He was hilarious - we all had forfeits and mine were the hobnail boots which he dumped on my desk - you can see them in the pic. En had a life jacket (no idea why),  Barbara had one of them dust mask things and I'm not sure what he gave Joanna!!

Anyway how lucky were we because we got to have a play with the new Fuse and I tell you folks, it is one seriously good piece of kit. And by 'eck it's a REAL sturdy boy AND it cuts through all sorts of stuff in no time at all. Kath said she did 38 sheets of paper in one pass. That is amazing and I am thinking how much time this will save me if I can cut that many things out at once.

Plus it turns with very little effort - all very smooth.
And you can use it with your other dies as well. I cannot wait for mine to get here so that I can fiddle away - wooohooooo!!

So what did I do with me 15 minutes then?


This is the old card and it's not like me to use Kraft card, I know lol!!!

I wasn't unpleased with it considering I didn't have time to fuss and faff like I usually do ( and also not choosing the stuff I used meself).

Here's some more pics ....


I used the Fiskars Scalloped Circle and Snowflake dies.
The snowflake die can also overstamp an image onto it as well but I used glittery paper so I didn't do that bit, but it would look fab in silver etc




That circle is actually quite thick plastic - like plasma. It went through it like a hot knife through butter.




A cute lil snowflake punch and a bit of bling :)





So there you are and that's me done for today and major thank yous to everyone who came to watch and cheer us on. It was a bit scary I can tell you !!!

And also,  a massive thank you to those lovely peeps who came and said well done for the telly on Saturday. It was really nice of you, bless your hearts, and I do truly appreciate it. It makes things a lot easier knowing that there are so many friends out there xxx

I will be back soon as soon so enjoy the rest of your day and huggiest of hugs to all xxx



Claire said...

This is a great make Dawny. I was there on Saturday and had a fabulous day. Hugs, Claire x

Sammy said...

Oh Dawny... You make better cards in 15 minutes than most manage in an hour! And I now want me one of those fuse-thingamabobs. Not that I'd have anywhere to put one, but I figure we don't really *need* a sofa in the living room... ;-)

Looks like a fab time was had by all! x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I was there Thursday, would love to have met you and seen this too x

Enfys said...

It was such a hoot wasn't it, tell you what, your card looks a lot more finished than mine did - I never did get the hang of that blooming red tape stuff. Will be watching to see what you do when the machines arrive (yippee)
En x

Shazza said...

looks like a fun time was had x

Sue said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time Dawny, I have heard lots of talk about how much fun it was. Your card is fabulous too, such a great design and gorgeous colours.
hugs Sue xx

Debra Kenworthy said...

Wow, it only took you 15 mins to make it! Sounds like you had a fab time and the Fuse sounds amazing.
I'm very sad to say that I missed your last C&C show and cause I had a very early start to get to a hospital app. I forgot to record the show. Will you be putting the cards you demo'd on your blog? Debra Kenworthy x

Katie Berberich said...

What a lovely post and I love your card Dawny.
Hope you are all set for Xmas, I actually just started my Xmas cardmaking at the weekend -I'm a little behind lol!
Hugs, Katie xx

Marjorie said...

Fabulous card Dawny, the fuse sounds like a serious bit of crafting kit.. and you all look as though you had a fabulous time!! Wish I could of seen it in action!! Thanks also for the lovely comment on my blog:)xx
Marjorie xx

Kath said...

loved you card Dawny but then I love everything you make...thank you so much for being such a good sport and taking time out to join in the fun...have fun when your Big Boy arrives...big hugs kath xxx

Emma Sheppard said...

Brilliant Dawny! Thanks for the photoshow, it helps make up a little bit for not being able to be there! The Fiskars Fuse sounds brilliant. Of course your card is great - for 15 minutes flippin' eck! I need about 3 days per card!

Macpurp said...

I bet you had a rare time!!
love teen x

jean said...

Hi dawn glad you enjoyed the N E C to far for me to travel I went with my daughter to Harrogate Oct they had a craft off to wjth well knowen in the process of making Wreaths at mo and will try the snowflake one this week there is a pic of one I,ve sent to Ausrtalia yesterday on my blog very stormy up North tonight snow forcast w/kend lovely.takecare.