Monday, 23 September 2013

Can Anybody Help Please?

Morning sweet peeps and hope you are all ok today and what a glorious weekend it was :)

A while ago now, I was demoing at Lili of The Valley  and there was a lovely lady who came along and she was telling me about an organisation that you could send your unwanted craft items to where they would be used by crafters who gave up their free time to make cards that were sold for charity. I thought this was such a good idea and the lady emailed me with the details but can I find her email?

So does anybody out the in the land of Blog know of an organisation that I can send stuff to please? I have loads here plus some stuff of my aunts as well. It's just sitting there and it could be put to such good use.

I'm hoping to have a card for tomorrow - wonders will never cease lol - so with any luck and if today doesn't chuck something awful at me, I'll see you then.

Have the best day and huggiest of hugs to all xxx


theCook said...

I'm quite sure I've heard of that before but I don't know the organisation name... I never have unwanted supplies! Even if sometimes it takes a long time to get the inspiration to use some of my supplies, I always end up using them!

Sammy said...

I have no idea, but would be very interested to hear if anyone knows! x

Wendy L said...

I cant help but I send all my bits to the local school, even ll my cut off bits of card and paper. xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sorry can't help but what a great idea. I sent some stuff recently to somebody who was having a craft table for children at a charity event. Amazing what we all accumulate isn't it and we keep buying more. Look forward to a card soon x

Debbie said...

Sorry Dawny
I cannot help with your question. But, I give all my old stuff including my 12x12 paper stash and card I do not need any more to my local Playgroup/Nursery, they are ever so grateful for it. As I used to run a Playgroup I know how you need stuff for the children every day and especially when they make Mother's Day/ Easter stuff.
Just a thought if you cannot find this ladies email.
Hope to see you at GNPE if you are attending.

Tracey T said...

Wish I knew the answer to this one, Dawny but if you do find out, could you let me know? I've got tons of stuff that I'd be more than happy to donate. Hugs, Tracey x

Gail said...

Hi Dawny This link might be helpful .I'm sure Leigh would be delighted if anyone has any spare stuff. Leigh may also know of other organisations who would benefit.


Jane Savage said...

I send all my unwanted crafty stash to my local playgroup or school. They are always very grateful and the goodies are put to good use. xx

Jane Savage said...
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Caroline Jeffery said...

Hi Dawny

Do you remember me.. it's Caroline that was pink blossom creations (well still am)
Can you shoot me your email address so i can email you with something that i am doing..

Caroline x

lion_tamer said...

Hi Dawn I am in a small craft group that meets and makes and sells cards from our neighborhood library. We have recently donated to the Freeman Hospital pediatric heart transplant unit (quilt cover sets), breast cancer, Alzheimer's care home (tools for gardening) and hospice bereavement support counselling and advisory service. We would really appreciate any contributions to help us make our cards xx