Wednesday, 10 August 2011

All White But Not Alright :(

Picture 004c copy

Hi there peeps and hope you are all OK and nobody has gotten caught up in this awful trouble we are having at the mo.

More in a sec. Firstly we have a lovely challenge for you over at the  Simon Says Stamp Challenge and it is

All White

And looks what’s up for grabs ….

.. fabulous.

Now my camera seems to have let me down a bit cos my card looks like it needs a good wash in Daz bur IRL it looks much cleaner …..

Picture 001c copy

… see what I mean!!! It looks quite grubby, soz :(

Anyway the image is of course Elf Tilda  and she was coloured with Copics and doused with Glamour Dust. The base card was made using Grand Nestabilities but I didn't add any design paper – I just scored the circular piece of card and added some liquid pearls.

Picture 003c copy

I made a rolled flower and added a little pearl and sat it in the middle of a  Magnolia Doily Flower.

Very plain and simple and straightforward :)

I guess you’ve all been reading about the probs we Brits are having at the mo and compared to the poor people of Somalia it isn't even on the same page. But it’s not alright and, like most decent peeps, it has gotten me so mad.

It would not be politically correct to say what I would do to these hood rats if I got my hands on them. In fact, it is possibly because of political correctness that we are in this mess now.  I would come down do hard on them and also their parents and it isn't an excuse to say that they don't know what their kids get up to when they are out of the house.  They are parents and they should know. I don't always know where my kids were but sure as hell I knew they weren't looting or robbing injured people or setting homes and shops on fire. Sorry but if my kids came in with watches and jeans and bottles of booze etc, I would be asking questions!!! Or am I missing the point do you think? Some parents probably encourage their offspring to go put and nick but most don’t. And the police looked like they didn't know what had hit them, because, well they actually didn't. My SIL is a policeman and he does riot duty etc and I’ve seen the gear they have to wear. How they even stand up in it is beyond me – it is so heavy.  I thank God that he and Emma are in Las Vegas at the mo or he would have been in amongst it all.

One of my work associates works in Manchester and they were sent home early yesterday. He lives in the city so he went from the frying pan into the fire. He told me that he went into his local Tesco to get stuff for dinner and just had a feeling that he had to leave so he grabbed a pizza and went home. 10 minutes later that shop was set alight and destroyed.

I hear that tonight will be more of the same and I hope and pray nobody gets injured.  How nobody has been killed in these fires is a miracle and people have lost their homes and all their possessions. I think we need to take off the kid gloves and get tough now cos this cannot carry on. I have no answers cos the causes are so complex but it is a sad state of  affairs for what was a wonderful country.  And it still is a wonderful country and I am proud to be a Brit – just not right now. 

Anyway we have her ladyship for a whole week while her mamma is away. She is downstairs playing on the Wii and putting make up on her Grandad (it isn't his usual look I promise!!)  so on that note and before she turns him into Mark / Marcia from Corrie. I better go and see what’s happening.

Have a nice day and hugs to all xxx


Moriony said...

i'm from Poland and I'm watching news; I understand Your point of viev and i hope it will be ended soon;it is so sad that in country in Europe, civilized and wonderful to live in such things are happenig; i hope my English isn't too messy :)
and the card is wonderful, as always :)

Denise and Louise said...

Gorgeous card - such a sweet image.
On your thoughts of what has been going on over the last few nights - I 100% agree with everything you have said. I live near Croydon and was devastated to see Reeves furniture store go up in flames - it has been there for as long as I can remember. Mindless thuggery and arson cannot be allowed to continue and there can be no excuse for this kind of behaviour.
Denise xx

Tracey T said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Dawny. What's going on at the moment is disgraceful. And as for the ones who are going out with their hoods up and faces covered ... ooh it makes me mad! Gorgeous card btw! xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

My 18yr old son is really mad about these thugs he has always been a good lad,it's how they are brought up. It is a pity there is not a great future for all kids/young people this government stinks...always trouble when they get in.
The last bit about your Grandaughter made me chuckle.
I gave up my blog awhile ago,jemcrafting blog,but still craft and cardmake like mad and lookin on card blogs.
Your old church in the port is being done up so they are sharing Little Sutton at the mo.Full house every Sunday.
Stay safe and happy crafting.janex

Sue said...

Hi hun
bring back national service give them something to do! Been bloody disgusting out n out theivin.
Totally gorgeous card as alwats, luv all the white on white, awesome colouring as always, sue,x

Sharon Caudle said...

Dawny, your card is beautiful, even if it didn't photograph well. I'm so sorry for what your country is going through right now! My thoughts and prayers are with you all! I truly hope the violence is stopped soon before any more loss of property, or God forbid, any loss of life. And I'm soooo glad your SIL is away from it all! Big hugs to you my friend! Sharon xx

yvon said...

Hi Dawny, first off all, your card is gorgeous. Love it.
And yes, i just don't know what's gotten in to everybody these days. Here in Holland, there was this women who said good morning to a person and that person just smashed her in the face and so on. I just can't believe that you can do all these things to other people, i mean, why should you burn a house down or hurt somebody, just for fun??
Hugs, Yvon

Creations by Shirl said...

Wow what a stunning Tilda Dawny!
Luv your coloring..

debby4000 said...

Beautiful, gorgeous card Dawny.
Words fail me when I watch the TV.

Riet said...

What a wonderful card Dawny.

Hugs Riet.xx

♥ Marlou ♥ said...

Hi Dawn , yes here here, I agree, it's all this P.C nonsense that has led to all this violence , we got a slap when we needed it as a child and it never harmed us, we where taught manners and to respect our elders and respect police and people in positions of authority, not now, they don't scare easy, a cop doesn't scare them, prisons are like hotels and it always the decent working people who pay their taxes will end up paying for the clean up operations :(
Glad you are safe and your friend who went to Tesco, Gods hand was protecting them.
Ok that's my rant over .... Lol
LOVE your card hugzzz xx

email: said...

This is so beautiful Dawny! I love the pearls, the shape of the card, and the rolled flower!! :)

Simon Says Stamp!

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous acrd Dawny :-) I love the shape and design ,, fabulous !! :-)

I have been watching in horror at the riots at home ,, absolutely dreadful and I hope the culprits are all caught and prosecuted ,, unfortunately most will get a slap on the wrist and told to not do it again !!

Lols x x x

Joy said...

You are so creative Dawny not to mention your colouring, love this card! hugs!

Christine said...

Hi Dawny! Your card is gorgeous. Love the shape of your card and the gorgeous pattern made with the Liquid Pearls. So sorry about all that is happening in your country. It really is a shame that they feel that it is alright to do what they are doing. So glad your family is safe even though it seems as if it is still hitting close to home. Take care!!
xoxo, Christine