Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We Survived!!!!

Hi peeps and hope you are all OK today and that you had a great weekend.

We most certainly did – we did our first camping trip…. and we survived!!

Those who know me will be open mouthed at the thought of me even attempting this but I am a total convert now – it’s awesome!!

Before I go on I should explain that there is no card today as I have hurt my hand  - nothing to do with the trip – and it’s a bit sore, so I am resting it for a day or 2 and hope it will settle down. But I thought I’d share this with you.

So back to the trip (which ironically was how I hurt my hand – grrr!!)

My Emma and her partner are seasoned in the art of all things tent-ish  and had planned to go away for a weekend and asked us if we wanted to go, so we said  errrrr yes OK!!! We had no tent or any equipment but we decided to embrace it and we bit the bullet and bought  ……

Picture 001c

… this bad boy which was half price in the end of season sale at the camping shop near here and it was surprisingly easy to put up which we like!!!! I know it isn't perfect looking in this pic and we did have to make a few adjustments but we got there in the end.

Picture 004c

Kyla took her friend Olivia who is a lovely kid and here they are getting ready for bed.

Picture 008c

On Saturday we were having visitors so the girls decided that they would do a ‘show’ for us all and they had sorted out the ‘auditorium’ by 11am.


And after all that they forgot to do it lol!!!

Picture 011c

And here’s our gang – minus Tim and Emma although you can just see Tim in the background getting something out of his tent.

Tim and Emma’s friends,  Hot Dog (don’t ask) and his soon wife to be Michaela  who is Olivia’s mum were there.

Hot Dog’s folks, who are our friends as well, also came over …

Picture 014c

… and here they are.

Joyce makes cards as well so she is one of us and I have been trying to persuade her to set up a blog so one day you might be reading her posts as well :)  Come on Joycie, you can do it girl xxx

Also present were Michaela’s Mum and Tim’s folks and I was there of course, doing me David Bailey thing!!!

And a very nice evening we all had as well. Richard was on BBQ duty bless him  and thanks Richie Boy for keeping us all well fed xxx

And we are all going away again soon.

Hot Dog and Michaela are going  to the US  in August to get hitched and Emma and Tim are going as well – we have her Ladyship all to ourselves for one whole week :))))))) Then when they get back, the whole crew are going to Anglesey for a week’s camping (see, I told you I was a convert!!)

Marvellous :)

On Sunday after we had packed up, Tim’s brother and his wife and kids came out to see us and we took the girls horse riding.

Picture 023c   

So here is her Ladyship on Misty, bless her.

Picture 024c

Olivia is on Charlie ( and being down with the kids like I am lol, I know that you younger peeps will be sniggering at that but that’s the pony’s name!!!!)  Olivia has been riding for a while now so she is quite good - just like my two were when they were younger, this little soul is pony mad.

Picture 025c

Alicia was on April.

Picture 029c

And here they are after their hack out - awww.

We followed them on foot and had a lovely walk.

Picture 030c

This is a typical Kyla pose – I have lots of pics of her like this and she cannot help herself.

She had us in fits telling us about one of her friends at school who ‘likes the one out of JLS with the wind-ey hair and wants to ‘snug’ him’. We asked her what it meant and she said that ‘snugging’ was like kissing but your mouth went funny!!!!

Yes, quite!!!!

So after a nice Sunday lunch at a nearby pub, we all headed home and did the unpacking and cleaning everything before putting it all away again bit (not the best bit but there ya go – you have to take the rough with the smooth I guess)

So all in all it was a total success.

I realise of course that it helped  that we had quite nice weather but that said,  it did  rain heavily was really windy in the night.  Had it have been like that during the day then it may have been slightly miserable.  And the camp site was beautifully kept and really clean with excellent facilities which also helped cos I don’t think I could go without a shower or washing my hair. The down side was the ‘expletive expletive’ seagulls who decided to go for it in a majorly loud fashion at 4.30am. I am an animal lover and would never hurt anything usually, but  …….

Before I go, what a weekend for bad news. My heart goes out to the Norway and all of it’s people, and I still cannot get my head around the unspeakably evil thing that happened there. And then poor Amy Winehouse. A troubled soul for sure and I hope that she now has the peace that has alluded her for so long. You cannot give somebody that amount of fame and attention without it affecting them in some way. I felt so sorry for her folks – her mother looked destroyed. They for sure would have known that it was likely to happen at some point but it is still awful. And what a tragic waste of such an amazing talent.

So thank you for bearing with me if you got the end here!! It’s a bit like dragging peeps round to your house to see your holiday snaps I know,  but in the absence of a card I thought Id show you some of the pics. You have no idea how long this has taken to type out using one hand.

Have a great day and huggiest of hugs to all xxx


Mau xx said...

What a Fab time you seem to have really enjoyed your first tent fest.
I can see you going away every chance you get now, Love the Snug! bit...lol
Hope we see Joyce blogging soon tell her to get a move on, we want to see her creations xx Mau

Susie Little said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous trip. We are off for our annual camp in a few weeks and we can't wait. Oh and we've just bought the same tent!xx

Anonymous said...

This was so lovely to read Dawny and the fab time you had really comes across. Lovely photos and can't believe how much Kyla has grown!! I've never been camping and never fancied it at all. You've made it sound tempting, but only if there's somewhere to plug in my hairdryer!

Hope your hand is better soon

Sue said...

Hi hun
fabulous piccies, oh i tell you camping is the best, albeit i now have a caravan as kids we camped they were the best holidays ever, best bit goin to the loos in me jim jams n say hello to everyone, lol, sue,xx

Candy said...

Hello Dawny,
Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time :o)
I read through your delightful camping trip. Was waiting to hear how you hurt yourself - keeping it a secret? LOL
Hope your hand gets well very soon.
Hugs, Candy

Ribbon Girl said...

thanks for typing it all with one hand - looks like you had a great time! Love that you were all snuggling in coats/cardis sitting on the camping chairs! Hope hand fixed soon! hugs Mary G x

Pamela said...

If you're still away it explains the lack of Ribbon Girl Birthday Blog Hop post! Hope you're having a great time. Off to check out the next blog on the blog hop list!