Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Does Anybody Know……..

… how to centre  stuff in the sidebar please.

I am such a techie dimwit and I did look on Blogger Help but couldn't find anything. Maybe it can’t be done but I thought I’d ask you lovely peeps xxx.

Also just to let you know that I managed to put one of them there chatbox things in the sidebar cos my e-mail is still playing up and things don't seem to always get through. So if you have any questions etc,  just pop them in there and I’ll be able to answer them more or less straight away.

Thanks ever so and hugs to all xxx


Bettythebaglady said...

Congrats on the chat box thing-I've no idea about the centring thing but if you don't find out just go with the flow and maybe eventually it will dawn on you-after all does it matter? We do it for the love of crafting after all. Hugs BettyXXXX

SweetnCrafty Gal said...

yep i do, < center > at the start of your html and < / center > at the end, no spaces tho!!! xxx

Sharon Keanly said...

Thanks for this, I've been wondering how to centre as well. So pleased I follow your blog Dawny, to have picked up this tip.

Net said...

Its easy, do what I do.

Get a kid to do it!

Is that any help sweetie?