Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Angels & Demons !!!

I think this funky angel is fabulous!!!
And she has a figure like me as well lol xxx

Of course that last bit is totally a lie, and my legs have never been that thin, probably not even when I was a newborn.

But heyy a girl can dream!!!!

Over at Papertake Weekly, our challenge this week is Angels And Fairies - I'll get to the demons bit in a sec lol xxx - and I thought she was just perfect for it.

She is part of the Just A Dream angels set which you can get from Kathe from The Angel Company. These stamps are really wonderful to use - they are nicely cushioned and you get a crisp image every time. I love them!!!

And if you order between now and the end of September, these stamps are on offer - check it out here . This is an offer that Kathe is having and isn't an offer from The Angel Company btw. You can also check out her on line store here :)

And here's the cardage.

Skinny Minny was coloured with PMs and Glamour Dust.
But I bet you knew that already :))xx

The papers are a mixture of Nitwits and PP. The black and white borders were done using PP Stripes in black and white, natch, and cutting it into fine strips. It's a whole heap load easier than drawing them on by hand and I think it frames the image and card nicely.

I ransacked another card to get me hands on a bit of this ribbon and that little button was in a big bag of buttons I have.

A bit of bling and dimension and there you have it.

All the PTW cards this week have been made using images from this set and also Hear The Angels and they are stunning I think. Nip on over and have a mooch if you get a sec xxxx

I must have an angel looking after me I reckon cos I have had a little run of wins in the last few weeks. Firstly, I won over at Just Magnolia. Then I won over at LOTV. Then this morning I got an e-mail from my lovely Kath to say I'd won over at Get Funky - wooohooo!!!

Do you think I should do the lottery at the weekend then?

But where there is yin there is also yang. No I haven't gone all mystic and started balancing me chakras!! I've done the good bits and there are sadly some not so good bits as well.

Ohh is this a rant coming on? Weeell, yes I think it is.

I love animals.
I really do as anyone who knows me will testify.
I have a cat and although I don't have one now, I have had a dog for most of my life.

I mention this only so that you know I'm not some kind of animal hater.

So yesterday we took Kyla to Tatton Park to a country fair that was on. I should say that the poor kid is terrified of dogs - this upsets me a lot as I don't want that for her. But she copes ok-ish when they are on leads. We've taken her to a few events like this where there are usually lots of dogs and over time she has been getting a little more confident being around them, which is good.

We got to a point yesterday when she actually walked betwen 2 of them. This might not sound like a big deal but when you are only 3 and scared, it's quite a brave thing to do I think.

So we had a lovely afternoon - apart for the rain!! We were walking back to the car eating our ice creams when a young labrador came running up to her - it wasn't on a lead. The owner in her Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies that had never seen a drop of mud in their lives walked on totally oblivious to Kyla screaming, absolutely hysterical.

The people around us were trying to help us and they were as annoyed as we were. There were cars leaving the park and OK, they weren't travelling very fast, but the poor dog could have run in front of one - it was a youngster and a bit daft like they are at that age. And so potentially could Kyla in her panic to get away from the dog, even though I had hold of her hand.

Richard, who is the most mild mannered man ever, gave this stupid woman such a look and she just said 'what?' He told her that her dog should have been on a lead and she just said 'no it shouldn't. Why should I put it on lead?' R tells her that her dog has terrified Kyla and her answer? You shouldn't bring a child to these places if she is scared of dogs!!!!

Now there is an argument for that which I can see and which I understand, but then you end up feeding the fear, which just makes it worse.

We saw hundred of dogs yesterday and every single one was on a lead - except hers. I cannot believe she didn't see that for herself. Did she not wonder why she was the only one? If she didn't care about Kyla then she should have thought about the safety of her dog who could have got hurt. I truly could have slapped her one right across her kisser on both counts!!!

The likes of her give responsible dog owners like most of us are a bad name. And now thanks to this idiot, we are back to square one.

Sorry about the rant but ohh I was seething. I'm also seething about something else but I'll save that for tommorow.

Oh what a moaning old trout I am!!!!

Anyway I hope your bank hol was fab and I'll see ya manana on a bit of a festive theme.

Hugs to all, especially the fabulous dog lovers out there xxxx


Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Beautiful card hun such an unusual but pretty image......

And that woman sounds like she should have been on the lead!!!!! poor Kyla

Emma xxx

jacque4u2c said...

I love how this all came together!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh totally fabulous card Dawn!
Love your gorgeous image and your colours are just wonderful!
Such a brilliant design and love your ribbon and button perfect!
So sorry about poor little Kyla.
kim x

Kath said...

the minute I saw this image...I thought of you..how lucky we are...us women with perfect figures..gorgeous card and you need to chat up your friend and get more of this gorgeous ribbon...wink..wink..and oh these high and mighty bloody dog owners make my blood boil..what a horrible experience and poor little mite must have been terrified.
hugs kath xxxxxx

Suzanne said...

Card is fab as always, Dawny and you are totally right. We have a black lab by the way, very boisterous dogs! And, I know that she would frighten any 3 year old whether they had a fear in the first place or not. All dogs should be on leads - for their own safety if not for others. Hope you can calm Kyla down and start over again. Looking forward to tomorrow's rant, lol
Suzanne x

Anonymous said...

Hello hunniebunnie!!
Wow, your card is a big Wow and I'm loving the angel too!

Poor Kyla, shoot the barkin mad so 'n so!!

Have a fabulous week hunni,
Hugs, Marlene x

Renata van Miltenburg said...

this dogowner totaly understands what you mean! I think she had to have her dog on a lead even if it was just because of his age. Young dogs are overenthousiastic and can jump against anyone with mudd on their paws or if you don't pay attention you can fell over or something. Just because it was a big event she should think!! Good luck with Kyla, maybe you have to take a little dog so she can see dogs are VERY nice ;))

Lovely card, nice image and I love the black and white ribbon with the yellow button.

Liefs, Renata

Riet said...

What a beautiful card Dawny,i love the image and colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.x

gina g said...

Hi Dawn Thank you so much for your get well wishes they are very much appreciated. Love the card fab image and colours. Sorry to hear about little Kyla i too love animals but it annoys me when peeps don't keep them on leads or clean up behind them grrr. luv gina xx

Mary J said...

Hi Dawny - firstly, love the card! Secondly, as a lab owner myself I know that they would lick kids to death before biting one, but I also know that they are big strong hairy balls of energy! That dog owner was obviously very self centred, unlike most dog owners (like myself of course!! LOL)! I hope this hasn't put Kyla off dogs!

Lynne said...

Aww what a shame. Poor little thing. This happened to us 2 years ago - a young lab, not on a lead, jumped on our 13 year old dog, ruptured her crutiate ligament and cost me nearly £3,000 in vets bills to which they didn't contribute one penny. I kid you not. Not the dog's fault, he didn't know but these people drive me absolutely nuts.

Gorgeous card - love your Skinny Minny and the ribbon's fab.