Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Two For You And Swine Flu To xx

Yes, one of us has it and no doubt there will be more of us before the week is out. It was only a matter of time, and how apt for a pink pig!!!
But more of that in a sec.

It's a bit of a pic fest here today peeps cos I did 2 cards, so get comfy :)

Ay, it's time for another Papertake Weekly Challenge and this week it's one of the old Dawny P sketches - this one in fact ..

And our sponsor this week is the fabulous ....

Plus we have Liz as our very special guest and she has done a gorgeous card for us. And our girlies have, as always, created some stunning work to inspire you, so don't forget to check it out when you get a sec.

So this is my first card.

This image is from the Sweet Cheeks image stamps collection. I coloured it with my old PMs - ohh some of them are starting to go now, bless, so I guess a trip to Creative Pastimes is in order to replace the worn out ones lol xxx

And while I am there, I think I'd better get me some more Glamour Dust as well!!

The papers I used are from the Ice Cream Curls and Little Big Dots collections. Both very very gorgeous I think.

And I did a triple layer with the MS punch again.

The ribbon is from the warehouse I go to near here.

The sentiment was done on the computer and just cut out and stuck on.Easy peasy!!!

I thought I'd do a second card this week - well you know how I loves me PP stuff :)

And this little lady is one of my faves, although I haven't used her for a while and I forgot just how fabulous she is!!!

Of course, it's Hettie xxx

Now I have to confess that I did sort of nick the idea of the extended centre strip from Liz so I hope she doesn't mind. But I thought it was perfect for this card.

And once again, I coloured her (Hettie, not Liz natch lol xx) with the bad boys and sprinkled her with bling and sparkle!!

The flower was part of my Simon Says Stamp prize and the pearly brad is, I think, Making Memories ( note to Dawny - do not chuck the packet out until you've used them all, you ruddy dope!!)

The papers here are again Little Big Dots and also Big Fella - they aren't all just for the blokes!!! Fabulous aren't they

The ribbon is from the US - I will so cry when it runs out!!! And the pearls were from Creative Pastimes.

Ohhh yes, they do!!
And I should know lol xxx
I did this on the computer again - spot the Queen fan!!

And that's me cards.

Now, about this swine flu.

Daughter No 2 was sent home from work yesterday with it. Her friend came into contact with someone who had been in contact with someone who had it - if that makes sense.

She went to work on Monday and felt unwell and as she works for the NHS, they did the checks and then that little piggy cried wee wee wee, all the way home.

She has to stay away from all forms of human life for 5 days, but sadly, we do not count as human life. So she isn't staying away from us and no doubt we will probably be next.

To be fair, you are not that ill with it, or at least, she isn't - apparently regular flu is worse. I am getting a bit paranoid though cos I keep thinking that this headache I cannot seem to get rid of is the start of it.

I've been round the house with the good old Dettox anti-bac spray, spraying all the handles, phones etc and we are all over-killing the anti-bac hand gel.

We are hoping that Kyla doesn't get it - the kids version that is ie Little Swine Flu lol xxx Ohh if my Grandad was here now he would give me what for for saying that, but it makes me smile a bit!!!

So on that note, I'm offski. If I'm not back in a few days, you'll know that l'm sitting in me sty somewhere, feeling sorry for meself, with aching trotters and sniffing and snotting like a good 'un!!!

Hope everyone is well and hugs to all xxxx


Elaine Livesey said...

Firstly, I love both the cards (love me PP too).Secondly, terribly sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she feels better soon and doesn't pass it on to the rest of you. Thirdly, I'm so very sorry to report that I laughed my sock off!! Not at the illness of course, but your description - (does that make me a bit of a swine?)Boy, you cheer my days up!
Elaine xx

Lil Sis said...

Cards are brill Dawny.

hope your headache isnt the start of the piggy flu!

hugs Beccy x

Rach said...

fabulous card Dawny, love how you have the flower attached ..
sorry to hear that the swine flu has struck, hope that you all keep snuggled up and get well soon..
Paul's sister has also just been diagnosed with it!
hugs Rachxxx

Penni said...

Fab cards Dawny.

Hope your daughter gets better soon.


Tab said...

Wowee, just love your cards hun, the layouts, colours and images are delish!

Oh dear, sorry to hear that its effecting your DD, fingers crossed you don't all get it too!
Hugs Tab xxx

Kath said...

gorgeous gorgeous cards as always sweetie and this dreaded swine flu...do hope that the rest of the family can escape it....Big Hugs....Kath xxxx

Jenny S. (UK) said...

Oooh! Love them to bits, I too am a PP fan. The pram is soooo sweet.
Sorry to hear that your daughter has can't this flu. xx

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh, I am in love with both cards, but I have to admit that I'm favoring Hettie with that big ole flower on her butt!!!

So sorry about your daughter having the swine flu, and hopefully she won't share it with the rest of you! Big hugs!

Sue said...

Gorgeous cards Dawn, from another PP fan, just lurv them all/
I do hope your daughter is soon well again and that you are walking around with a anti bac spray firmly attached to your hand, lol. Seriously, I hope you don't get it and have to suffer any ill effects, would miss your posting on the blog.
Sue xx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Dawn your cards are just beautiful!
So love your amazing designs and such beautiful colours and wonderful detail!
Lordy I so hope you don't get that naughty swine flu. Hope your daughter is better soon.
kim x

katy said...

Both beautiful cards Dawny ! You always create stunning cards :)

I do hope your Daughter recovers well and you look after yourself too,
I was just saying to O/H earlier that whilst i was out at the supermarket this aft i sneezed down the aisle and the looks i got !
Hugs Katy x

Suzanne said...

Both cards are fab but Hettie is absolutely fantastic. Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. Think you should stay well away, Dawny. I need you here to make me laugh, lol
Suzanne x

Happy Crafter said...

Your cards are gorgeous, i do hope your daughter makes a very fast recovery and you dont all end up with it, you made me giggle how you wrote abut it though :)
Healing hugs for all of you Val xxx

Vicky said...

Fab cards Dawny! Love the papers and images {especially cute Hettie!}! Hope your daughter is feleleing back to her normal self soon and that you don't all catch it too!
Hugs, Vicky ~x~

Cheryl said...

wow 2 stunning cards so sorry to hear that your daughter has this awful swine flu hope she is much better soon hun love cheryl xxxxxxx

leann said...

{whispers - I'm not giggling. I'm not giggling. I'm not giggling...} Big hugs for all you poor piggies - hope all are well soonest.
I was listening to li'l Horror play yesterday, while I was crafting - he had dinosaurs all over the place & they all had swine flu apparantly...it was one of those - seriously? You now invent games that have swine flu in them? moments!

Gorge fabby cards as always babes - biggest hugs x

debby4000 said...

Oh what a fabulous cards and I especially love Hettie.
Hope DD get better soon and it avoids the rest of you.

cats whiskers said...

Wow Dawny these are simply stunning you ROCK hun. Oh sweetie I do hope you don't all come down with this awful piggy flu thing, look after yourself, lots of cream cakes chocolates and yummy drinks and one of those fantastic fruit pies are called for I think, sending you gigantic hugs
Jacqui x

Riet said...

What a beautiful cards Dawny,l love the images and colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.x

loftylass said...

Lovely cards Dawny - I too am a PP fan, can't seem to get enough!!!
Sorry to hear about your 'piglet'
and hope you are immune. You did make me laugh tho - but then you do most days..

Marsha said...

I love both cards there are fantastic. Sorry to hear that your daughter has swine flu hope she's better soon and that the rest of you don't catch it. xx

steph said...

Love the cards Dawny! Hope the swine flu is over soon x

Maria Matter said...

Oh, these are fabulous!
the baby card is so soft looking! love it!
Your zany hippo card is such fun and I love that sentiment!

Prayers that you won't get sick and your daughter recovers quickly!
Blessings, Maria

Love to Doodle! said...

Eeeek....sorry to hear your daughter has caught the nastiness...hope all is well soon.

Gorgeous cards Dawny - amazing details as always.....and PP images are truly fab......xx

Jacee said...

The cards are fabulous Dawny, as ever, but I was sorry to read about your daughter, I'm sure she'll soon be back to her old self, l hope you don't get it.

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Hunni!

There is a little something for you on my blog....

Emma xxx

Cheryl said...

Lovely cards Dawny....very soft and pretty.....

Do hope swine flu stays away.....and that daughter is soon feeling better......

Have a great weekend.....

Susie Sugar said...

Fantastic card dawny
sorry to hear your daughter has the s/flu I hope she is better soon
hugs Susie xx

Donalda said...

both of your cards are just gorgeous as always dear, you always just put so much into your cards.
I do hope you all don't get sick I will keep you in my prayers dear.
Been on vacation this week and working here at home like a mad women getting things done that hadn't been done lol Hugs dear friend

sam said...

beautiful cards! love the images!

Andrea, said...

2 wonderful cards Dawn, I hope you are all keeping well

SallyB said...

Trotters crossed that all is well in your pigsty soon!
Love your cards..and what a great idea having that big flower and charm coming out of the bottom like that! Gorgeous!

Katty Bell said...

Hi Dawny,
Hope you escape the evil swine! (flu) and hope your daughter gets better real soon.
I've missed visiting as numpty-head here has not had my SSL settings right and so I kept getting the nasty explorer message.... all sorted now so I can peruse your bloggy loveliness at leisure. Sweet cards and I'm almost sure I can see Hettie's rear end tassle swinging :)

tiggertastic said...


I can't say what i love the most, your work is excellent.

Sarah x

Dawn said...

Wow these are just STUNNING - the designs and papers just ROCK!!!


Risa said...

Wow....both of your card are super stunners Dawny! Your images are the cutest and the layout and details rock!

Kellylouj said...

Both of these are amazing xxxx