Monday, 11 April 2011

And There’s More …..Plus A Lil Message

Picture 008c copy

Morning peeps and hope you are all ok and that you had a great weekend.

Firstly, I have a message for you. from the loveliness that is Marcea. She has asked me to let you know that she hasn't fallen off the edge of the earth or been hijacked by the Moonies or eaten by a great white whilst surfing off the coast of Hawaii (although one did get a bit close lol!!) No, her router has died and she is having to wait a week for a new one to be delivered so she is MIA for the next few days but as soon as she is sorted, normal service will be resumed.

Flippin technology!!

Okee dokeee, it’s the start of a brand new week and time to head over to the Wild Orchid Challenge to see what the girlies have been up to.  Our new challenge is


and of course I was still in butterfly mode for some reason so it suited me perfectly!!

There is of course a fab prize …..

WOC - 11042011

…. and a couple of new rules,  so don't forget to check them out chicksies :)

Picture 001c1 copy

This is my card and I really do love lilac and lime together – they look so clean.

Sorry but I did the usual and chucked away the Copics list, dope that I am!!! I do know that apart from my usual hair and skin colours, I used some YGs and BVs!!

And see further down for some fab H&S news :)

Picture 005c copy

The Marianne Design Creatables - Butterfly Style 3 which you can get from Dies To Die For was blinged up with Glamour Dust and then I added some of the pretty self adhesive rhinestones – I used lilac.

Picture 006c copy

I did one of me arrangement things and the Wild Orchid Crafts  blooms I used here are …

Gardenia Stem Flower25mm open rose, 20mm open rose, 10mm open roses, tea rosebuds and some 5mm closed rosebuds.

Picture 007c copy

You can maybe see them a little better on this pic here.

Picture 009c copy

I’ve been at the Safmat again – well I had some left over and it was still on my desk so I thought ‘waste not want not’ and all that!!

Picture 002c copy    Picture 003c copy

Picture 004c copy

So there’s me card done peeps.

Can I just say that there seems to have been a bit of an influx of nasty comments and spiteful stuff going around the land of blog these last few weeks (and I do realise that I may be setting myself up here, but face, bothered etc etc)  but I was so shocked to see what somebody had written as a comment on the blog of  one of my blog buds last week – and rarely am I shocked. Oh My Life it was horrible and I feel sure that the ‘author’ wasn’t a crafter cos I’ve always found other crafters to be some of the nicest peeps ever, and I have met quite a few in my time. This poor girl had been on the receiving end of these comments for quite a while now and kept putting up with it and quietly removing them but then she decided to leave one on.  I wouldn’t say anything but she is one of the most inoffensive girls out there  and does lovely work  so it was quite undeserved I felt.

Is it me or is this like cyber bullying? I  can only guess that it is fuelled by jealousy?

What I don’t get is that of course our individual styles and cards are subjective so what one person likes another will hate. Some like fussy and some like plain, that sort of thing. It’s what makes us all different and that is a good thing IMHO. But if you don't like somebody’s work, why would you stoop so low as to write something so hurtful and nasty when all you have to do is click the back button and go and visit someone else?  You actually don't ever HAVE to write anything at all. Of course, this person did not leave a name – it is all ‘Anon’ as you may expect!!! 

I know there have been little campaigns to try and stop word verification which although is annoying, is not really hurting anybody. But do you think that the time has come to try and stop all of this nastiness? I have no answers as to how this can be done or what we can do because these low lives do not have the cajones to put their names to their spite so we cannot name and shame them, as well they know.  But maybe somebody else does.  Does anybody know of a way to find out who these people are – can a moderator see who they are possibly by their IP address?  I know the thing about free speech and all that but when it hurts somebody else, I think you have to question if it’s right. . 

Sorry for venting peeps, I really am,  and I rarely do vent, but this left such a nasty taste in my mouth I can tell you.

On a nicer note, there is some good news for all you hAnglar fans out there. I found out that the new shop is open -   see here - and they are now shipping worldwide – woohooooo :)  I am LOVING this!!!!

Have the sunniest and loveliest  day lovely peeps – cos most you you are lovely peeps – and see you tomoz for a bit of Papertake malarkey!!!

Huggiest of hugs to all – especially to the nasties cos maybe they need them more than most xxx.


Squirrel x said...

Here here Dawny, I echo your sentiments completely hun. Life is far too short and if it is down to something as pathetic as petty jealousy then perhaps "Anon" would be better placed improving his/her own skills rather than being hurtful to those who are good at something.
Great card btw sweetie, loving the purple and lime together, and such a superb butterfly and image, magic. Hugs, Sxx

Victoria said...

hi hope the sun is shining where you are too, lovely card adore the flower arrangement and good on you standing up to these bullies whomever they are.

Anne said...

Hi Dawny, totally agree with you, don't understand what people get out of being so hurtful to others. Fantastic card as usual, and a million thanks for sharing the H&S site. Hugs x

Chrissy said...

Such a nasty person...Would be interesting if anyone else has been suffering with this 'nitwit' if not could be a personnal thing.I have seen a couple of 'Anon's' about..but nothing really malicious.
Great card Dawny... love the colour combo, and your flowers are so perfectly placed..always.

Dragonlady said...

Hi Dawny

Wow I totally agree, there is no need whatsoever for nasty comments. I really hope sombody can come up wit hsomething to solve the problem.
Fabulous card hun, love the colouring and layout as ever. Thanks for the link to a hanglar site too - more money to spend!!!

Hugs Ali x

Pops x said...

Oh fabulous card sweetie, love the image and the papers, big hugs Pops x

Marg said...

Your card is fabulous, great colours. I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on commenting and feel if you can't say something good then you shouldn't say anything at all x

kath said...

another stunner dawn and I love that colour combo....and yes I totally agree about these low sad they have nothing better to do but be nasty....jealousy or ignorance who knows but it's time they crawl back under the anonmymous stones from whence they came....good on you girl for kicking a bit of butt....big hugs kath xxx

Little K Smith said...

Well said Dawny! There's absolutley no need for it!
Anyway, this card is stunning, love the lush colours, gorgeous flowers and love the beautiful sparkly butterfly too :)

Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi There are always nasty people out there I asked my fella as he is a computer whizz and he said you would need special technology to trace them but then they could just keep opening new accounts too.I think ignoring them is the best way hopefully they will get bored. I love your butterfly so very pretty. The flower arrangement is pretty cool too. I am off to nosey at H & S. Kitty :)

sandiblu said...

Well said Dawny, there is no need whatsoever to diss someone's work - if you don't like it .... walk away. Jealous is a bad place to be and a lonely one to boot but please ...... don't insult someone 'cos you are there all alone !!!!

Stunning card as always Dawny - I too love lilac and lime !!

Hugs, sandra xx

Riet said...

So beautiful card Dawny,I love the image and the colours.
So gorgeous papers and the details.

Hugs Riet.xx

Sue said...

Hi hun
aww totally gorgeous card, lovely image & colouring, pretty papers & embelies, fab papers, sue,x

Hunnybunnycards said...

Gorgeous card Dawny and totally agree with you, its a pity these sad people have nothing better to do. I agree that the best thing to do is ignore it, they will eventually get bored and go and do something constructive with their sad little lives! Rant over!! lol

Barbara xx

yvon said...

Hi Dawny, i totally agree with you. These people are just jealous and have nothing better to do with there lives. I can't think of anything else.
Your card is stunning, as allways. Love those colors.
Hugs, Yvon

Tab said...

Beautiful card, hun! Love the sweet image and coloured beautifully too!

Oh dear sounds like "anon" is doing the rounds again, I have heard of one of two getting grief again, "anon" obviously hasn't got anything better to do....such a shame they have to cause others so much upset to get their kicks!

Fingers crossed I will see you in Nov, babe :o)...looking forward to it already LOL...
Hugs Tab xxx

Kellylouj said...

Hi Dawny just love this and I agree with what you say as they sign on as "Anon" they obviously cannot put a face to the name and are quite pathetic in a way.
Feedback is good may it be positive or negative but there is a way for it to be done.

Well said to you! Oooh and I am finally booked into a class this sat! OH is on babysitting duties, freedom at long last!

Anne-Marie said...

Bee-oo-tee-full card, as always....never tried that colour combo but looks realy fab!
Totally agree about the poor souls who have no life/talent/friends...suppose we should pity 'em, but can't be bothered, lol. Such a shame that their vitriol gets to spoil someone's day, though.

Sharon Caudle said...

Gorgeous card Miss Dawny!! Love the purple and lime combo and your layout and fabulous details are always amazing!

I clink my glass to you my friend! There is no need to be nasty, just a click of your mouse and you can move on.

I have been watching H&S closely! There are no singles on there yet, but I keep checking. :)
See you tomorrow (where it looks like we had the same mojo going this week LOL!).
love and hugs

Donalda said...

Girlfriend this is just breath taking. All the detail in your card and that color OMG it is gorgeous dear. Hope you are well dear

debby4000 said...

Wonderful, beautiful card Dawny.
I agree totally about spiteful comments.
You can go into comment setting and not allow Anon to comment. I was getting about 10 spam comments a day till I got so fed up I stopped the Anon comment, now I get none.

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Fabulous card hun,
sorry not been commenting much but I have been visiting your beautiful cards...

Em x

ginny c said...

beautiful card dawny, havent got a blog but i would never dream of putting hurtful comments on anybodys blog i think every
blog i visit have stunning cards and give lots of inspiration, keep up the good work. Hugs ginny xx

Aurora said...

Hi Dawny,
I'm not much of a commenter but thats because I so lazy but I love all your work and visit your blog daily. I really don't understand the cowards who leave negative comments on any blog ......jealousy is a nasty thing. We all have different tastes and the world would be a boring place if we all agreed on everything but at the end of day we have all have choices. When we don't like something we can just walk away, look away or move on but obviously this person is just a bully and feels strong b upsetting people. Arrghh I detest bullies......anyway enough of me on my soap box and sorry for the long Absolutely love the colour combo and your photography is always so clear.
Dawn x